Deadly Disconnect


When abusive government fails to protect its own people, revolution is inevitable

By John Kaminski

We, the ordinary citizens of the United States, have no connection to the government that insists it speaks in our name. The only way we can get its attention is with large amounts of cash, all of which gets stuffed into the pockets of the elected extortionists, and none of which goes to the original purpose of whatever request we have chosen to make.

We ordinary citizens also do not get valid information from our news media, which are corruptly connected to the government they are supposed to be covering objectively. Journalism has always been afflicted by ulterior motives hiding behind a plausible veneer, but never moreso than now, when the world’s news gathering organizations are all controlled by a handful of Jews, and our disintegrating reality is being shaped by their subhuman compulsions. CNN is made in Israel, and so are all the other networks and newspapers.

On both on NBC and NPR, I heard the news readers mention the 6 million lie again as if it was established fact. It is not. The quantification of the Jew scam can be measured by the difference between 6 million and the 271,000-plus the Associated Press reported in 1947. The AP is now owned by the Rothschilds, and you can’t find that information anywhere.

Today, first among the inconvenient stories corporate media ignore is the tragedy of the Bundys and their friends, who stood up for Constitutional justice and have been destroyed by the government and ignored by the public. Truth tellers take note of your probable fate.

The Constitution supposedly guarantees that except in cases of murder, no one can be denied bail. Yet the Bundy entourage, which only tried to spotlight the illegal federal takeover of Western ranchlands, has mostly been held in solitary confinement for more than a year. When four were found innocent despite a rigged trial, the government tased their lawyer and filed new charges to keep them in jail.

And Ammon Bundy, after 13 hours naked in a cramped shower, got two dislocated shoulders. His supporters believe the government is trying to kill him, just like it murdered Lavoy Finicum, an exemplary human being whose truth terrified our criminal government.

Today the drama continues as government deceptions appear to be aimed at dragging out the legal process indefinitely for those patriots still kept in solitary confinement. For Cliven Bundy at 72, incarceration amounts to torture.

And of course for Lavoy Finicum, as honorable an American who has ever lived who was murdered by the FBI, there is no bringing him back to life even as his killers go unpunished.

The thing I had wished happened initially was that during Donald Trump’s long campaign harangue of Hillary Clinton he would have mentioned that it was the $450,000 the Clinton Foundation received for brokering a deal to sell the uranium on the Hammonds’ ranch in Oregon that actually put the Hammond men, father and son, in jail on a trumped up charge from a kangaroo court (aren’t they all?!).

A contract they were forced to sign stipulated that when they sell their ranch, it would have to be to the Bureau of Land Management, which is at the center of all this persecution of patriots merely trying to defend their rights as citizens.

But this is typical American justice. And you never hear about it on TV. Much of the real news, especially news embarrassing to the government, never makes it to the evening broadcasts.

So too with Donald Trump, who has handed over America to the Lubavitchers, the most violently deranged among all the twisted Jewish denominations. Like all of his immediate predecessors in the White House, Trump has sold out America to the Jews.

And therein lies a tale of America’s quadrennial insanity. What winning presidential candidate has ever remembered his campaign promises? None. So now Hillary is a nice person instead of one of the great criminals in political history, blamed by scholars for the murders of Vince Foster and Muammar Qaddafi.

Trump won the election because the electorate was convinced Hillary was going to start World War 3 with Russia. And how long did it take for the Deep State to totally disrupt Trump’s plans for peace with Russia? This John McCain-Lindsey Graham insanity has ruled the U.S. since the Gerald Ford administration, Cheney and Rumsfeld, even back then, quintessential employees of the Deep State that rules America and the world.

It took less than 100 days for the Deep State to totally denature Trump’s apparent plans for peace with Russia. Either Trump knew it would happen or he is not as smart as we thought. When he bombed Syria for no valid reason except his Lubavitcher daughter’s crocodile tears, he lost all those voters who voted for him because they thought he WAS smart.

Really, all Trump ever was was a really good real estate salesman who had his Rothschild godfathers erasing every mistake he ever made.

Anytime McCain and Graham are happy, humanity has lost another round.

And America is now run by a Lubavitcher couple — the Kushners — heavily in debt to the mob and wholly owned by the worldwide Jewish murder machine.

Welcome to your worst nightmare — America, gone bad. We have a government intent on putting us in jail, and we can’t trust anything our government tells us. From the Food and Drag Administration to the Centers for Disease Control — we can’t trust a thing they say.

This is the real Jewish contribution to America — you can’t believe a thing most people say.

When abusive government no longer protects its people, revolution is inevitable.

If only Americans could be roused from their cognitive slumber . . . ah, but no, there are simply too many people on one kind of government assistance or another, too many preachers with tax-exempt status to protect, and too many high priced executives pulling down big checks for government jobs that shouldn’t really even exist.

Because the USA has lied, cheated and massacred the whole world during the last two centuries, it should have come as no surprise that it would eventually lie, cheat and massacre its own citizens, which it is now doing, especially to those critics who point out all the crimes our government, controlled by a foreign power, continues to commit.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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Beware The Rule Of Lawyers

The brilliant George Carlin pictured below referred to the American Dream as a dream “… because you have to be asleep to believe it!” While this scathing observation targets Americans and their utterly infantile or, more accurate, deranged way of life the deeper message it conveys really applies to all of us.

We are asleep dreaming that we are awake!

I go further: 21st-Century life is not just a bad dream but quite literally a hellish nightmare we are all caught up in! Almost everything we believe to be real is but a chimera! A grotesque product of somebody’s sick imagination. Whose imagination? I’ll let you work that out for yourself.

We have, for instance, the world’s religions and their absurd teachings:

God chose my tribe above every other!

My God let himself crucified for me to cleanse me of my sins!

Nonsense, all of it! My God commands me to kill all you Infidels!

We have politicians who tell us that we live in a democracy and we are free. They can even prove it. After all they let us have elections and referenda every now and then, don’t they! Yes sirree! And most of us believe this crap!

Then we have the inanities of what is euphemistically called science: from St Darwin and Evolution to St Einstein and Relativity, from NASA and Space Exploration to Climate Change from …! And so on and so forth ad nauseam! Most of us mistake these dreams for reality! After all, it is scientists that tell us and they know, don’t they?

Yes, it did! What does it take for you to wake up?

We live – all of us – in a dream world, a kind of prison. But because it has no walls we do not realize we are in a prison! The guards are known as law enforcement (police and the legal profession) and they are heavily armed …. with the law!

While you are still free – well, sort of free, for now at least – to question what religions and sciences teach us you are not free to challenge the law.

This law has been skillfully crafted, not for the common good – God forbid! – but for the express purpose of containment – it’s a corral, if you will. There is womb-to-tomb manipulation and above all exploitation for the benefit of the sinister power behind the government sock puppets! We are somebody’s food.

For the most part we only have ourselves to blame.  Yes, you and me! We were born sovereign human beings and this sovereign status is an unalienable right. No, that’s not the same as “inalienable”. Unalienable means it CANNOT be taken away from us neither can we give it away.

Well, if it can’t be taken away from you and you can’t give it away “How come” you may ask “we ended up in such dire straits?”

 We are asleep dreaming that we are awake and free! That’s how!

We fail to vigorously assert and courageously defend our rights, mostly out of ignorance. It’s not in the interest of the secular and religious authorities, so-called, that we should know about our rights and our inherent power and so they suppress that information and use all means at their disposal to prevent us from waking up! They are parasites and they do not want their sustenance to just walk away. They let us dream on that we are free and that therefore there is really no reason to do anything, is there?

Scare-mongering also plays a huge part. Just like children are kept in check with threats that the bogeyman will get them we have been conditioned to fear courts of law and the punishment they can mete out. These “gods” in black robes and silly wigs have our insignificant lives in their powerful hands or so we are led to believe.

Forsaking our God-or-Nature-given intelligence and free will, we have allowed ourselves to be tricked into trading our status of sovereigns for the lesser status of citizens – slaves, actually! But it doesn’t have to be like that! What was stolen from us – Sovereignty and Common Law – we can and must reclaim! The alternative is eternal slavery!

Common Law is the only true law there is; everything else is “color of law”, i.e. make-believe law! Common Law is a social contract, albeit unwritten, with our fellowman in which we pledge to act in such a way that each of us can enjoy maximum freedom while respecting the rights of others to do the same.

In a nutshell: under Common Law you are free to do anything you please, as long as you do not infringe on the life, liberty, property and rights of others. In other words: my rights end where yours begin.

That is Common Law as well as Commonsense!


 “There is but one law for all, namely that law which governs all law, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equity – the law of nature and of nations”.

 “I wish the country to be governed by law, not by lawyers.”

 Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797


What would Burke think of our present setup if he knew? Instead of the rule of commonsense law, i.e. the immutable law of God or if you will Nature, the law of justice and humanity, we now have the rule of the crime syndicate known as the BAR, the professional association of lawyers, most of whom are Jews or Freemasons and oftentimes they are both. And a disturbingly large number of them have close ties to the banking sector and big business.

PS.  For BAR read Bastards And Robbers

In my considered opinion the driving force in this Unholy Trinity of Jews, Freemasons and lawyers is Jewry! The Jew’s goal is world domination for which he has a Divine mandate – or so he thinks. The law as it stands now is but one of his many tools of manipulation and mind-control. In this scheme non-Jewish lawyers and Freemasons are nothing more than the Jew’s ass-kissing stooges! These morons apparently do not understand that once they have served their purpose the Jew will discard them! But bad as this legal system is it is no more than an interim solution intended to be eventually replaced by the obscene Talmudic Noahide Laws!

Jews, Freemasons and lawyers are not only over-represented in mere law enforcement but also in most of the world’s governments and thus they have successfully turned themselves into makers of law! They have manoeuvred themselves into positions where they can actually create their self-serving statutes and sell them to us as “The Law”.

 “Eh? What are you? A conspiracy nut? That’s all just coincidence, that is!”


There were 40 lawyers in the English Parliament of 1422, 60 in the House of Commons in 1593, 75 in the Parliament of 1640 and so on and so forth. Can you see where this was leading?

My own country Australia, despite its rather short history as a nation of just a little bit more than a century, has had 14 Prime Ministers so far that were lawyers. In fact, that is half – repeat: half! – of all Prime Ministers we have had. What a coincidence! Let’s not forget lawyer-studded State and Federal parliaments, Senates and the myriad government agencies. The number of lawyers in Parliament and Senate hovers around the 30% to 40% mark.

If Australia is truly a democracy and Parliament represents the people of Australia am I to conclude then that 30% to 40% of all Australians are lawyers? Where the hell are the representatives of real Australians, you know, the kind of people who actually do some real and productive work? Where are the farmers and labourers in Parliament! The nurses and truck-drivers? The fire-fighters and shop-owners?

Over the centuries lawyers have stealthily and incrementally introduced Admiralty Law, aka the Law of the Sea, into the legal system. Those arrogant clowns known as judges, for instance, have usurped the power not only to interpret and administer law but they actually presume to have the right to legislate from the bench! Let’s get this straight! The power to make and enforce laws and to annul bad laws belongs to the People and the People’s Common Law courts! Basta!

Lawyers are dedicated to the implementation of Talmud-inspired laws and the destruction of our liberties and as of this writing they have largely succeeded in this task.

Of course, they don’t think of themselves as thugs and crooks: former Australian senator Amanda Vanstone, a solicitor, opined in Lawyer’s Weekly that it is a “sense of justice” that draws laywers into politics: “Law gives you a sense of fairness and equity”. Really? Well, you cold have fooled me, Amanda!

Here is a taste of the fairness and equity that draws lawyers:

In some countries you can be fined if you refer to homosexuals and lesbians as perverts or to coloured people as niggers or wogs or fuzzywuzzies. The purpose of such laws is not at all the protection of some individual or some minority group but to gag you, to take away your right to speak your mind. You have that right even if you are wrong and even if your language is not politically correct!!!!

In Germany, the country of my birth, you can be jailed for up to five years for denying the so-called holocaust. It doesn’t matter to the judiciary that your denial may well be based on facts. The court will not even allow your own lawyer to bring to the attention of the court material which might help your case as German defence counsel Sylvia Stolz had to learn the hard way. Truth and justice are irrelevant in a case of holocaust denial. What matters here is the opinion of the author of such perverted laws, the Jew! The sole purpose of the law is to crush dissent, to eliminate freethinkers, to prevent anybody from investigating Jews, their sordid religion and their millenia-long history of murder and mayhem on a grand scale.

Sylvia LionHeart Stolz

But it gets worse:

 US Justice Antonin Scalia (3rd from right):

In a 1993 death penalty case (Herrera v. Collins) Scalia wrote that a condemned man awaiting execution did not have a right to another trial even if new evidence showed he was actually innocent of the crime. Scalia reasoned that because the condemned man’s original trial had been free from procedural error, he’d have to die anyway, guilty or not.

“There is no basis in text, tradition, or even in contemporary practice (if that were enough) for finding in the Constitution a right to demand judicial consideration of newly discovered evidence of innocence brought forward after conviction.”

Justice Scalia is openly and unashamedly declaring here that in the American justice system, legal procedure – the mind-fucking games played by lawyers – is more important than truth and justice, more important even than the life of an innocent man. America, of course, is not alone in this. By the way, this sordid critter, this sorry excuse for a human being, while a Catholic, was interested in and fascinated by Talmudic law. Just another coincidence I am sure!

Think about this for a moment!

A man can be executed although known to be innocent!

This is the depth to which jurisprudence in the Western world has sunk!



 Welcome To The Jew World Order!


What can we do to remedy this dismal state of affairs? “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” said one of Shakespeare’s characters but that’s not a solution for us. We aren’t barbarians let alone Jews!

Instead – We Wake Up!

For what it’s worth here is what I personally believe to be true: we were given free will by the Creator (I mean the real one not that counterfeit god known as Yahwe) and nobody can interfere with your exercising it! It is a kind of Cosmic Law, if you will. God WON’T interfere. Why would He? He is, after all, the author of this law! His adversaries on the Dark Side on the other hand CAN’T interfere, much as they would like to, because they, too, are bound by this law and they know that they will suffer the most serious consequences if they violate this fundamental law.

Being prevented by Cosmic Law from directly interfering they resort to subterfuge. It is said in occult lore that vampires, for example, and other demonic forces, cannot cross the threshold of your home on their own. They need you to first grant them permission, to invite them in. And that, folks, is in a nutshell, the modus operandi of the Dark Side!

Its psychopathic agents, – be they lawyers or politicians, priests or rabbis, doctors or psychiatrists or even family members or neighbours – cannot directly interfere with your free will but they can and do employ deception and a host of unsavoury practices in order to ensnare you, e.g. misdirection, withholding of information, lies, illusions, intimidation, sleight-of-hand. They desperately want and need your consent and cooperation! If you neither consent nor cooperate the Dark Side is quite literally powerless!

The prison does have an exit! The gate is not locked and never was.

As a matter of fact, the prison only ever existed in our minds.

It’s a bad dream!

Let’s Wake Up! And Let’s Walk Away!

  For more info and downloadable material read my article LAW


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Germany Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Rape Committed By Muslim Men

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Recently, a German judge has acquitted a Turkish drug dealer, fully understanding that he forcibly and undeniably violated a woman for four hours to the point of incapacitation. The reason for lack of conviction was that the perpetrator was presumed to not culturally understand what rape was. As described, due to the “mentality of the Turkish cultural circle” (note Turkey is more than 95% Muslim), the Turk was simply participating, in his opinion, “wild sex”. In the justice’s words, “A conviction is not possible, because no intention is demonstrable.”

The defendant maintained that he would never do such a thing because he himself had female relatives. The victim herself, who personally described her direct refusal and the subsequent brutality, when asked “Could it be that the defendant thought you were in agreement?”, agreed. Acknowledged as a “heavy blow” for the injured party, the violent sex was not considered rape and the charge dropped..

Image result for europe is the cancer islam is the answer

Europe’s Rape Crisis

This is not a unique event. Rape waves have been reported everywhere Muslim refugees have been allowed, and mainstream media always remains silent, if not attempting to defend or falsify the offenses when forced to. However, the particular incident is notable as an official declaration of the German, and likely all Western European, government.

Let them come, and let them rape without consequence.

The leftist narrative has indoctrinated German natives so strongly that their inclusive multicultural respect and bureaucratic conformism is even able to warp what is beyond doubt rape into an offensive cultural question, a question both a legal authority and the sexually assaulted woman answered yes to.

Nothing was hidden, nothing concealed; all evidence was confirmed and understood, only to be disregarded as an ethnic misunderstanding.

After importing real rape culture into their societies, the people of Germany are rarely successful at reporting cases against Muslim miscreants, and even more rarely at winning them.

Police would rather cover up these crimes, including rapes of their own women, than risk their careers and income, for fear of being branded an Islamophobe in a multicultural society.. One national study showed that less than ten percent of men that are accused of rape are convicted (expectedly, religious and ethnic background were not distinguished)

Where is the national outcry?

Despite the liberal media’s best efforts to eliminate accusations and convictions of migrant crime, the engines of truth render such information indestructible and available to all those who search for it. Those who do know, though they may personally defend their friends and family, lack the political influence and population to change their crumbling society. Some leave, knowing they are unable to eliminate the newfound threats of their ancestral home, becoming refugees themselves of their invaded nation.

Image result for angry german rape

Enraged German men protest against police for their incompetency against combatting Muslim rape

As the Islamic state is given free reign to accomplish cultural dominance, the useful majority continue with their lives, unconcerned about the very existence of their people. The harsh fact remains that the patients offered the red pill have always been in the minority. There is no outcry because the people who are capable of action, the men, have been raised from birth along with their women in pacifist, draining environments, and indoctrinated in multicultural acceptance and enthusiasm.

How does the liberal institution portray these events?

The issue with promoting a narrative of lies is that you must handle the flagrant inconsistencies your followers see.

Silence is a simple tactic to to allow your pawns to never even notice events they would otherwise be outraged at. It is for those who lived pampered lives and would never deign to search for anything beyond their popular “news”, who would readily deny and attack the existence of anything beyond the institution’s instruction.

However, hiding the violent realities of multiculturalism is impossible. There is one far more powerful strategy, one heavily evident in this case: distortion. Warp the mind of the culture, and you are able to do anything, even the most heinous acts out in the open and in front of the faces of those you control.

Leftist schooling appears to explain away all events as ludicrous, an exceptionally rare accident, a racist misunderstanding, or a complete fabrication entirely. Few escape the system, and most who do are directly scarred from personal attacks.

Image result for german protester muslim

The culture war is a fight for truth, and the innately arduous conversion process takes decades to enlighten a significant portion of men. But as the years pass in decline, does the process hasten in immediate realization or stagnate as the nation falls deeper into institutionalized ignorance? The choice is yours, Germany.

Read more: Congratulations To Feminists For Helping Import Actual Rape Culture To Germany


Comment by Bernard Weckmann:

What the fuck can you expect from those whores in law enforcement aka police and legal profession? They service the Jew!!

Make no mistake! They are in your country, too, wherever you may live!!!

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Trump A Crypto-Jew? Wouldn’t Surprise Me!


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The Trump family  has the largest number of Jews in the first family All three married children of Donald Trump being married to Jews

Trumps parents  were Fred Trump (1905–1999) and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

Donald Trump with his parents Mary and Fred Trump 1994 © Barry Talesnick/Retna, Ltd. USA

Donald Trump with his parents Mary and Fred Trump 1994 © Barry Tale

Donald was a brunette in 1994 Now he is a flaming quasi orange blond Daddy Fred does look a bit Ashkenazi


The Trump (original surname Drump ) foray into America supposedly begun with Fred Trumps father Frederich Trump who emigrated to the US from Germany in 1885 His (married sister ) Katharina had emigrated in 1883 Her married surname was was Schuster  which is a German and Jewish surname  Another of Trumps grandaunts married a man named Freund which is Jewish surname

Grandpa Freidrich or Fredrick ‘s Trump’s career path was of a distinctively Jewish nature He moved to areas with the Gold Rush never mining himself but “mining the miners” He moved to the Seattle area in 1891 and set up a restaurant /brothel in the red light district there .In  1894, Trump sold the Dairy Restaurant/brothel , and moved to the emerging mining town of Monte Cristo, Washington,where there was a mini Gold Rush Instead of taking part in the rush Trump serviced the miners rushing in with another restaurant/brothel and again made money In 1898 Trump started yet another restaurant /brothel named The Artic Horse servicing miners in Bennett, British Columbia,Here Trump entered into a partnership with the Jew named Ernest Levin

Donald Trumps grandfather ran three brothels in three different cities the last one with a priestly jewish Levite


Elizabeth Christ and Fredrick Trump

Trump the brothel keeper then went back to Germany picked a wife Elizabeth Christ from his town of Kallstadt and came back to New York where he became a real estate speculator with the money he had made from his three brothels Donald Trumps father Fred was born in 1905 Fredrick died in 1918


Fred Trump went on to become a real estate developer and a landlord  Fred Trump according to his nephew had a lot of Jewish tenants  Fred Trump was also allegedly involved in a KKK march not against blacks but against the Catholic Police of New York  . Washington Post. Michael Cohen Donald Trumps special counsel emphasized Fred Trump’s “close connection to the Jewish people,” noting that his father, the real-estate developer Fred Trump, “was also highly recognized and praised by the Brooklyn/Queens Jewish communities.

Donald Trumps mother Mary Anne McLeod supposedly was the daughter of Scottish fisherman from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland Her arrival in New York was also the direct result of a scandal that struck her family at home – the sister who hosted her in New York, Mrs Catherine Reid, gave birth out of wedlock in Scotland in 1920. Mary Anne had two other sisters resident in the USA at the time, Mrs Christina Matheson and Mrs Mary Joan Pauley There’s nothing in the media about Trumps Scottish  cousins in New York the Mathesons and the Pauleys

donald-trumps-father-fred-trumpFred Trump who donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center discusses the impressive future with the assemblage Source @sotohito

Both of Donald Trumps parents Fred and Mary Anne died in the Long Island Jewish Medical Centre in New Hyde Park.

Fred’s rise in New York real estate was intimately tied to the success of Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum, his longtime counsel and his son Sandy , and Abe Beame, the first Jewish mayor of New York.Both Lindenbaum and Beame were intimately tied with the New York politics of Tammany Hall


Bunny and Sandy Lindenbaum , Abe Beame and Howard Rubenstein

Beame had known Trump’s family for 30 years.In the beginning, Donald Trump used Beame’s closest political associates — publicist Howard Rubinstein; lobbyist, lawyer, and fund raiser Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum; and Bunny’s son Sandy — now part of a large Manhattan law firm — as the major political brokers on his Manhattan projects.

Bunny Lindenbaum was an orthodox and fanatical Zionist Jew. He was president of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, and the Brooklyn Jewish Center (BJC). The BJC is connected directly to United Synagogue of America, the World Zionist Congress, United Jewish Appeal, National Jewish Welfare Board, and the MOSSAD.Source 

The NYT says in the 2012 obituary of Samuel Lindenbaum: Mr. Lindenbaum cultivated a scholar’s knowledge of the Zoning Resolution, the arcane document that governs development in New York. As a result, he was able to bend the resolution to his clients’ will without breaking it. And because his clients were major builders and landowners — among them Harry B. Helmsley, Harry Macklowe, Larry A.Silverstein, Jerry I. Speyer, Leonard Litwin, Steven Roth and Donald J. Trump; the Fishers and Tisches and Rudins and Roses.

With the exception of Trump all the rest are overt Jews Why would Lindenbaum “shower his blessings” on only one Goyim in New York ? Could that that Goyim not be so Goyimish after all?


As Donald took over from Fred Roy Cohn and Louise Sunshine gradually replaced the Lindenbaums and Rubinstein as young Trump’s primary resources and agents.The Manhattan hard sell has supplanted the friendly, shrewd, understated style of the old Brooklyn days.

donald-trump-1979-village-voice-story  cohn-pepe

Cohn (Cohen) besides being a gay pedophile was one of those major Jewish figures with his fingers in multiple pies.Cohn also had a fetish for Green Frogs Cohn became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy‘s investigations into Communist activity in the United States during the Second Red Scare.Cohn was McCarthy’s chief counsel and gained special prominence during the Army–McCarthy hearings.

After leaving McCarthy, Cohn had a 30-year career as an attorney in New York City.Cohn’s clients included Donald Trump, Mafia figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti, Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Texas financier and philanthropist Shearn Moody, Jr.,and the New York Yankees baseball club. Studio 54 was linked to Mayer Lansky


Cohn was known for his active social life, charitable giving, and combative personality. In the early 1960s he became a member of the John Birch Society and a principal figure in the Western Goals Foundation. He maintained close ties in conservative political circles, serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

20161026_171552-635x357 jason-dov-greenblatt-e1468979795941-635x357

David Friedman Jason Greenblat

More of Donald Trump’s Jewish associates include Jason Greenblatt Greenblatt has worked as a real-estate lawyer for Trump for 19 years,is an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva University graduate, Greenblatt studied at a West Bank yeshiva in the mid-1980s and even did armed guard duty there. David  Friedman, 57, son of a Conservative rabbi is the Trump’s longtime attorney Friedman lives in Woodmere, New York, and owns a house in Jerusalem’s Talbiyeh neighborhood

wilbur-ross rene

Trump Wilbur Ross and David Rene de Rothschild head of Rothschild Inc

Another important event in Trumps business career was the mess in Atlantic City that nearly destroyed Trumps career Trunp was at one time owned a quarter of Atlantic City’s casino market. But Trump was heavily in debt, and he started missing bond payments on his — and Atlantic City’s — largest casino, the Taj Mahal, in 1990.  Wilbur Ross, then an investment banker working for Rothschild Inc., helped bondholders negotiate with Trump , whose finances were unraveling. The final deal reduced Trump’s ownership stake in the Taj but left him in charge, and bondholders were unhappy when Ross presented the plan.LA Times

“President” Donald Trump has three wives and five children (that we know of)  Four of these five children are adults and three are married

Two of Trumps three wives, Ivana Zelníčková and Melania Knauss are from Eastern Europe  ,  where many Jews like John Kerry (Kohn) and Madeleine Albright (Jana Korbel) “converted” to Catholicism and started using Christian names Marla Maples  despite supposedly being Christian keeps Shabbat, eats kosher, and studies Kabbalah

landscape-1485447615-trump-ex-wives-inaugurationTrumps wives Ivana Zelnickova Melania Knauss and Marla Maples . Both Ivana and Melania both have a certain Khazarian look

Ivana Zelníčková was born in the Moravian town of Zlín , Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Miloš Zelníček, who was Czech, and Marie Francová. Moravia and Zlin have a long history of Jews  If you drop the second e in Zelnicek you get the Jewish Zelnick

Ivana Trumps marriage to Trump was her second marriage Her first was to  an Alfred Winklemeier, who was a real estate businessman


Trump has four adult children three from Ivana Trump and one from Marla Maples Three out of four are married toi Jews and Tiffany Trump is dating a Jew

Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kusher both of whose parents are Jewish Jareds father Charles Kushner is a convicted criminal and possibly a Mossad asset


Donald Trump Jnr is married to Vanessa Haydon, 38,  who is a designer and the mother of five children Vanessa’s mother is Danish and her late  father  Charles Haydon was  Jewish Charles Haydons original name was Charles Hochberg and he was  a lawyer


Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska  who has two Jewish parents


Tiffany Trump is dating Ross Carpenter both of whose parents are Jewish


Four Generations of the Trumps beginning from Freidrich Trump (or Drumph) have had close business and personal associations with Jews

ALL four of Donald Trumps adult children have married /are dating Jews That is no mere coincidence its a cohencidence


When the Presidential Election Process begun no one gave Trump any chance of becoming President Yet there were the Jewish controlled networks giving Trump incessant coverage which seemed to be more then all the other candidates combined

The real deal wasnt getting Trump or Clinton elected It was making sure the choice was limited to one between two very blackmail-able and malleable candidates ie Clinton and Trump

Like many others I mistakenly believed Hilary Clinton was the Chosen One The Puppet Masters probably dint care if a obedient Clinton or an obedient Trump is “the President”



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Ivanka – The Shiksa

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Pronounced SHIK-seh, to rhyme with “pick the”. From Hebrew: sheques: “blemish.”
1. A non-Jewish woman, especially a young one. (Source: “The Joys of Yiddish” by Leo Rosten)

It’s been a very bad month for the Trump administration. Immigration patriots, America First patriots, race realists, populists and nationalist and just intelligent, healthy sane Trump voters are all lamenting the 180% reversals of President Trump:

The border wall is no longer a priority.

There was a missile attack on a Syrian, Russians airbase – we’re apparently now supporting ISIS.

The cursed Neo Conservatives and Goldman Sachs have apparently restarted the Cold War with Russia – probably something to do with Vladimir Putin not embracing the LGBT agenda and giving bad movie reviews to the Feminist remake of “Ghostbusters”.

President Trump’s “shlemiel” son in law Jared Kushner is apparently the top “macher” directing National Security – only he seems to have absolutely zero interest in promoting American national security, doing sensible things like keeping out Islamic extremists. Kushner’s beautiful “shiksa” wife Ivanka (President Trump’s daughter) has been sent on a propaganda tour to Germany to remind the world of the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust and to plead the case that the United States and the West must rescue tens of thousands of Muslim “Syrian war refugees” – or these poor Syrian Islamic women and children might suffer another Holocaust at the hands of the Russians and Syrian president Assad who’s supposedly just like Hitler. Ivanka has not made any statements suggesting Saudi Arabia or other wealthy Islamic countries should take in any of these Syrian Muslim refuges, nor has she suggested Israel take in any – not even allow them in to the Israel occupied Golan Heights recognized as part of Syria.

Some of our OD readers might notice that I am using some Yiddish words like “shlemiel”, “macher” (some big shot insider who arranges, fixes things and has connections) and “shiksa”. I do so because Ivanka Trump and President Trump are operating in a very New York, Jewish media/political world where Yiddish ways of talking, thinking and operating dominate. Back before Donald Trump entered Presidential politics he and his beautiful daughter were able to negotiate this New York Jewish world without too many problems. Donald Trump used to be a popular host of Saturday Night Live, now he’s the butt of constant SNL abuse. Howard Stern (1/2 Jew and often fair to our White working class people) commented a while back that he thought the US Presidency would destroy Donald Trump because Trump loved to associate and be liked by the entertainment, celebrity world – which is overwhelming Liberal Leftist, hostile to Conservatives, Republicans, hostile to Whites in fly over states.

So President Trump’s 180% reversals on the border wall, the Dream Act, Russia, NATO, Syria can be seen as a move to get the American Jewish/Leftist media off his back. Or, you can think that Donald Trump just sold out our people. Both are probably true.

Now back to Trump’s Shiksa daughter Ivanka. It’s just reality that wealthy, powerful and influential men desire beautiful, White Nordic looking young girl friends, lovers and sometimes wives. Hollywood producers, Black UN Consular Generals, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Michael Jordan, Arab Kings and Presidents like Syria’s Assad, or the son of Harrod’s owner who was “shtupping” (fornicating with) Princess Diana – they all want and can get our most beautiful women. This causes huge resentments in Jewish women, Arab and Muslim women who get passed over. Jewish American women like Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Bella Abzug, Tamar Jocoby – they deeply resent these beautiful Shiksas who get the richest and most powerful Jewish men – they go in for the worst forms of anti White, Leftist feminist politics out of envy and open hatred of attractive White Gentile women.

How will it end for Ivanka? Who knows – it didn’t end well for Marylyn Monroe. It’s less common for a Jewess woman to marry a White Gentile power man, but it does happen – often with terrible outcomes for our people/civilization. Read up on the book of Esther and also the reign of Roman Emperor Nero – Nero’s Jewish wife is often blamed for the terrible persecutions of early Christians during Nero’s terrible reign.

As Bad as Hanoi Jane Fonda?

What should we do with Ivanka?

M’thinks we should make her the most hated American woman since Hanoi Jane Fonda! Unless Ivanka makes her own 180% change and promotes building that border wall, keeping out the Islamic terrorists, or doing charity fundraisers for poor girls in Kentucky coal country or works for peace with Syria and Russia – Ivanka is the Shiksa whore who’s destroying our country, our people our civilization. Let’s burn her in effigy.

How come we stopped doing this great form of social protest – burning someone in effigy?

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Will The Real President Please Rise!

Zionist Neocons Completely Take Over Trump Administration

State of the Nation

A very stealthy and slow-motion coup has been executed in Washington, D.C. The coup plotters staked out the West Wing long before Donald Trump ever set foot in the Oval Office.

This still ongoing coup has been a fairly quiet affair because it took place within Trump’s own family first.  The prime mover of this overthrow is arch-Zionist Neocon Jared Kushner.  His wife — Ivanka Trump – is also playing a crucial role, specifically as her father’s “most trusted advisor”.  As always, there are numerous agents of Deep State who are assisting with the clockwork implementation of every aspect of the takeover.

Steve Bannon exposes Jared Kushner

Jared Corey Kushner is the son of Charles Kushner, a heretofore major contributor, bundler and bagman for the Democratic Party.  So loyal was he to the Democrats that he went to prison for an illegal campaign finance scheme and the subsequent cover-up crimes.

Jared Kushner: Boy with a mission

If this bloodless coup d’état has one foreign agent who has deeply infiltrated the Trump Administration, it is Jared Kushner, a hardcore Zionist Neocon.  Although unusually young at 36-years old, his adulthood experience is quite deep in causes that advance Zionist extremism.

Trump’s Son-in-Law Bankrolls Extremist Zionists

Kushner was primed for the advocacy of Jewish Zionism during his college years. His involvement with the college-based Chabad was a particularly important part of his resumé-building.  Chabad House is well known to be an outreach arm of Zionist extremism.  It’s common knowledge within intelligence circles that Chabad Houses worldwide provide safe haven to Israeli agents (especially the notorious Sayanim) during times of urgent need.[1]

Chabad Houses have history of criminal activity

The Chabad Lubavitch sect is an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race.  However, their real work is better understood by those members who often appear to function as an extension of the MOSSAD.  Although religious by their own description, the Chabad House leader in Washington, D.C. — Levi Shemtov — is one of the biggest political operators Inside the Beltway.

Is Trump’s Jared Kushner connection to the Chabad Lubavitch sect
the cause for his dramatic U-turn?  
The sect is deliberately fomenting
a prophesied Third World War.

(Source: Kushners Belong to Jewish Supremacist Doomsday Cult)

In the ‘advisor’ of Jared Kushner, everything points to an individual who was strategically positioned within the Trump family to achieve the eventual and total control of White House.  It appears that he has almost accomplished that lofty goal as of April 13th, 2017. But who is he really working for?  His carefully constructed political network tells the story.

JARED KUSHNER: His Powerful Political Partners

In order to better understand just how complete the Trump administration takeover is, the following two exposés are offered for their penetrating insights.  Each one provides a different but vital perspective on what is now known as the “Kushner coup”.

Jared Kushner: A 36-year old kid takes over the West Wing

Kushner: A Zionist Neocon running the White House

Soros’s Inside Man

The Right should have known that Jared Kushner was the Democrat’s inside man planted within Team Trump.  After all, Kushner and his brother Joshua received a $250 million investment from the Godfather of Liberalism himself—George Soros.

George Soros Backed Jared Kushner Venture Cadre With $250 Million

Hence, it was only a matter of time before the key planks of Donald Trump’s oft-repeated campaign platform were converted into political firewood.  The April 6 missile attack was intentionally staged not only to reignite the Syrian War, it has moved the president’s domestic agenda to the back burner. Even the high crimes of WitetapGate have been conveniently pushed off the front pages, now likely to be forgotten.

The growing threats of a Purple Revolution were purposefully fabricated as an incentive for Trump to relinquish and/or trash his most important campaign promises. Fictitious MSM polls pushed his approval ratings to unprecedented lows in order to encourage Team Trump to make a dramatic foreign policy shift.  Warmongering almost always engenders fake patriotism that creates reflexive support for a sitting POTUS.

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

Even the MSM reported that it was daughter Ivanka who convinced Trump to launch the illegal missile strikes against Syria.  Given her conversion to husband Jared’s extreme form of Jewish Zionism, it ought to be obvious who influenced Ivanka.

Welcome to the Kushner presidency!


Everything has changed.

With such an egregious and indisputable war crime committed against Syria hanging over his head for the next 4 years, Trump is toast.  He killed his presidency with one fatal blunder and exceedingly reckless mistake.

No matter what Trump does from this point forward, he has proven himself to be a pathological liar who cannot be trusted.  He has likewise staffed his administration with serial prevaricators.  Trump’s blind rush to judgment, without any factual evidence whatsoever, reveals him to be without conscience and devoid of common sense.

Given this unfortunate state of affairs, the American people are effectively leaderless once again.  In the ensuing chaos, the nation is being stampeded into more foreign wars on behalf of Israel.  Trump has been relegated to nothing more than a puny pitchman for the Greater Israel project.  And his prominently positioned son-in-law is but a messenger boy relaying the orders from Tel Aviv. (See: The New White House Chain of Command)

State of the Nation
April 13, 2017

Editor’s Note

The following article lays bare Jared Kushner’s extremely telling journalistic agenda, particularly regarding the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  He is the owner and publisher of the New York Observer which he bought at age 25 for $10,000,000.  There is perhaps no more dangerous truth to the Zionist Neocon agenda than 9/11 truth.  Is this why the Observer has consistently published articles which ridicule ‘truthers’?[2]  After all, theirs is a massive body of conclusive evidence that contains deep research and high-integrity investigations which link Israel directly to the 9/11 false flag operation.

Trump Son-in-law Publishes Article Bashing 9/11 Truthers


[1] SAYANIM: Israeli Operatives in the USA

[2] Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law Publishes Newspaper Story About 9/11 Truthers

Recommended Reading

TRUMPAGEDDON: The Real Back Story Behind U.S. Missile Attack On Syria


Why Did Trump Really Go Ballistic And Commit A War Crime In Syria?

Trump Bombed Syria For Israel

How Much Of Jared Kushner’s Financing Came From George Soros?


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President Swamp Drainer And The Holohoax

The president of the United States is blocking me.

reposted from:

The last email I sent him was about the Law to kill American Christians, set up by the Chabad Lubavitchers.  No response, no explanation, no correction if that is needed, nothing. I am simply blocked. They use a trick: I never use emoji in my emails or posts. Yet the President’s website insists, after several tries, that I do and I cannot get my message through to the president. I was sending a short version of the text below due to the limitation on the size of web mail. It is clear to me, that after two days of trying, that I am being blocked as contact after sending several messages to the president informing him about very important matters, namely the law signed to kill American Christians; Chemtrails, the Satanic wailing wall and a few more things.


The part in blue is what I tried to send off to the president because of limitation on their web mail:

Open letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

In response to your speech about the Jewish Holocaust (there are many others), I must say, Mr. President, you are not informed, like most people, about true European and Jewish history. This comes from the media not to be willing to look at a story from both sides. Imagine being in a court of law and just listening to one side! That’s what most people do, even you, dear Mr. President. And that’s what was done in Nuremberg under the disguise of looking at both sides.

This claimed Holocaust of the Jews, if it had existed, would not be “history’s darkest hour.” The darkest hour was for the Russians when the Jews overthrew Russia and made it into the Soviet Union, killing between 66 Million to 100 Million Russians, including Millions of German Russians (and my family members)! The next darkest hour was the 50 Million Chinese that were annihilated by Communist Jew Chairman Mao. After that, it was the nearly 14 Million German civilians (including soldiers as POWs) murdered by the Allies in the assignment by Jew Dwight Eisenhower, Commander of Europe, AFTER WW2 was over, because the Jews planned, initiated and perpetuated both world wars, specifically to drive forward the Jewish Communist world power by eliminating the most successful white people in Europe, primarily in Russia and Germany. All in all Germany lost 20 Million people in WW2 that Germany never started. England and the Jew bankers planned it, and Polen started it. Does this make the jews victims or perpetrators? Using logic, they are the perpetrators!

Best regards,

_with my full I.D. and address__

And they are the perpetrators of almost all wars since 1945 the U.S. has been involved in with their LIES AND DECEPTION. They have turned the United States into a Rogue country as England once was.

All the truth is repressed by the Jewish-controlled media to hide the Jewish crimes. Mr. President, you claim to be a Christian. Jesus called the jewish priests sons of Satan. The State of Israel is an undying monument to the Jewish genociders and robbers. The Jews were not oppressed in Germany; matter of fact Germany treated the Jews better than any country in Europe. Yet, the Jews declared war on Germany in March of 1933 because they did not succeed in overthrowing Germany, making another Soviet Union out of it! Our American soldiers are dying for the greed of the jews who are planning to eliminate almost all of us in the very near future: read their orders by their Satanic god in the Talmud and in the Old Testament to eliminate all peoples on the earth and take all their possessions. [visitors, read WE ARE FIGHTING TO WIN!]

The American Veterans of WW2, unfortunately, did not know that they were fighting for Jewish Communism to gain a hidden hold in the world.  Those who have exposed history truth, have been defamed, ruined, or murdered. No, Mr. President, the sacrifice of the American Veterans in WW2 has not helped preserve freedom for the entire world! Just look at the endless American wars!!! The American people do not want these wars! Who the devil does?  Going along with these wars has instead helped destroy our freedom and liberties, putting us under the control of Jewish pedophiles, genociders, war mongers, and haters of all peoples. All the small countries are slowly being taken over by the jews via instigated “civil” wars.

I know that you have no evil intend, Mr. President, you have simply been filled with lies and poisoned against truth. I am now more hopeless than I was in the early days of your presidency. You are doing the opposite of what I had hoped for.  The Jews got you were they want you to be and that is to perpetuate jewish wars and jewish lies and the jewish New World Order. I have only watched for a few minutes because it is just too much to bear to hear you cater to the Jews.

[I might watch the rest of the video later and comment on it when I have recovered from this first disappointment.]

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