On The Flat Earth

“Spot The Earth” Competition!




“Eh! We are being lied to?

The Earth is flat – perhaps even hollow?

Who would ‘ve thunk?”


Yes, we are being lied to – and on a massive scale! This has been going on for a very very long time! Don’t get me started on religion! Let’s just look at science, so-called!

From Heliocentrism to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to NASA’s exploration and conquest of space from Psychiatry to Modern Medicine, from ……., well, you get my drift! It’s all bullshit! The bulk of what passes for science is nothing but a fraud and a joke!

How is this as proof that NASA is lying? In the picture below you see on the left Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit and on the right his footprint on the moon. Yeah! Boots and footprints really do match, don’t they?

Heliocentrism, for instance, is one of the elite manipulators’ wet dreams. Our Earth is presented to us as a tilted globe spinning around its axis and circling the sun which in turn circles around the centre of our galaxy which circles around … and so on and so forth ad nauseam.


The producers of this “Globe Earth” blockbuster are the priests and sponsors of the “Church of Scientism” – a motley collection of miscreants. And the dumbed-down captivated and awe-struck congregation?  That’s most of us!

As I research the Flat Earth I am growing ever more certain that, while still a bit rough around the edges, it is the only model that gives us a reasonably accurate picture of the world we live on. To be sure there are plenty of questions left but there is no doubt in my mind that we will find the anwers once we start using the brain that God or, if you will Nature, gifted us with instead of outsourcing our thinking to self-appointed “experts” who clearly have a Luciferian agenda.


Websites and blogs on the Flat Earth have mushroomed. If you are new to the subject you may feel overwhelmed. There are many sites to choose from; some are excellent, some are rather pedestrian and some are no more than presenters of disinformation. Check out as many of them as you can and then judge them for yourself on their merits! Use your own mind instead of somebody else’s!

I am neither in the habit of re-inventing the wheel nor do I plan on competing with the excellent sites which I link to below, so I will not go too deeply into the matter of the Flat Earth. I just want to whet your appetite for more. So let’s put on our thinking caps and let’s have a very brief look at a few selected “smoking guns”. Here is a real gem of stupidity:


Science poster boy Neil deGrasse Tyson is on record as saying that the Earth is not actually a sphere but an “oblate spheroid”, or more precisely: it is “pear-shaped”, i.e. wider in the so-called Southern hemisphere. This man is a scientist? Really? You could have fooled me! After NASA has been showing us pictures (paintings and CGIs!) of a perfectly spherical Earth for decades it has now been discovered that the Earth is really pear-shaped? Amazing!


Are they really that stupid? No and Yes! No – they are not stupid enough to believe this bullshit themselves! Yes – they are stupid enough to believe that we – the “hoi polloi” – are stupid enough to believe this bullshit!

And now on to some serious thinking:

The 240 BC experiment of Eratosthenes is regularly cited as proof of the Earth’s rotundity. For a start he did not want to prove that the Earth is a sphere: he only wanted to measure the Earth’s circumference. He started out on the assumption that it is round and that the Sun is very far away. Unfortunately for the globeheads his experiment works just as well on the assumption that the Earth is flat and the Sun is very very close and much much smaller than the “science” fraudsters would have us believe! In fact, it can even be made to work on the assumption that the Earth is hollow! There is nothing wrong with making assumptions and formulating hypotheses but you then have to go and do the research and prove your assumptions.

As evidence for the Globe Earth model Eratosthenes’ experiment on its own is thus totally worthless. It proves nothing. Globe Earth believers (and believers is exactly what they are since they cannot prove their claims!) have just picked the “result” that suits them!

Modern astronomy is, like most of the other so-called sciences, nothing but hot air! In brief – it is a religion!

Quoting “Terra Firma” by David Wardlaw Scott:

“Copernicus himself, who revived the theory of the heathen philosopher Pythagoras, and his great exponent Sir Isaac Newton, confessed that their system of a revolving Earth was only a possibility, and could not be proved by facts. It is only their followers who have decorated it with the name of an ‘exact science,’ yea, according to them, ‘the most exact of all the sciences.’ Yet one Astronomer Royal for England once said, speaking of the motion of the whole Solar system: ‘The matter is left in a most delightful state of uncertainty, and I shall be very glad if any one can help me out of it.’ What a very sad position for an ‘exact science’ to be in is this!”

 Not exactly a compliment, is it?

Another old and tired canard is this: The Earth is round and ships that sail away from us disappear below the horizon due to the curvature of the Earth! Let’s look at a video created and uploaded by someone who calls himself dazzathecameraman – a video purporting to debunk the Flat Earth model.


It does no such thing! Is the man an ignoramus or a liar? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now and look more closely at two pictures of the cruise ship Diamond Princess which features in his video.

In order to measure the alleged curvature of the Earth the following equation is used: 8 inches times the distance squared. The Diamond Princess is 16 miles off-shore. If you are good with numbers you can use the above formula to work out exactly how much below the alleged horizon the ship will be. If not the picture below gives you a rough idea.


Let’s assume you are observing a ship that sails away from you. As it moves into the distance it gets smaller and smaller. Soon the hull will start to disappear while the superstructure still remains visible. Eventually the ship will be lost to sight. This is NOT because it has gone over the horizon. Use binoculars or a telescope and it will come back into view. Eventually even the strongest telescope will not show you the ship any more.

“On a clear day I can see forever” makes for beautiful poetry but in our physical reality it doesn’t work that way. Just because the Earth is flat does not mean I can see from Australia all the way to New Zealand. Our eyes, marvellous as they are, are limited, and furthermore there are atmospheric conditions and above all the laws of perspective that enter the equation!

Consider the photo below:

If the Diamond Princess were really going down over the alleged horizon it would – considering the angle at which it is moving away from you – dip down bow and port (left side) first while stern and starboard (right side) would be raised. Right? Right! That’s not what you see! THE SHIP IS LEVEL!

Due to the limitations of our eyes, due to atmospheric conditions (think of a warped road surface on a hot day!) and due to the laws of perspective the ship may be perceived as going down. In reality it just moves out of range! That’s all there is to it!

16 miles off-shore and perfectly level!!!


Fact is: If the Diamond Princess were really over the horizon and on its way “down”  it would be LEANING AWAY from you! It isn’t!

In his video Dazza the Dazzler conveniently provides us with a second photo perfectly superimposed on the one above proving just how level the ship really is and thus demonstrating, albeit unwittingly, that it has NOT gone over the horizon – because there is no curvature!

So Dazza – what are you? An ignoramus or a liar? You have not proved the Earth to be a sphere – you have just proved that you have a fancy camera with a powerful zoom function!



One last thought: There are myriad examples of man-made structures, islands, mountains and other landscape features that you can observe with the naked eye at distances that according to the globeheads are simply impossible. Here are some examples:

The Statue of Liberty in New York


2074 FT below the horizon? And you can see it from 60 miles away? If you really believe that why don’t you contact me? I have an Opera House in Sydney I can sell you cheap!

How about this?

You can see the island of Reunion from Mauritius and vice versa from a distance of  almost 250 km! Yet, it is said that despite the distance it is possible to see one island from the other.


At the distance of almost 250 kms NO part of one of the islands should be visible from the other.

Or this? The salt flats at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia are 100 miles wide at one point and they are  totally flat. You can see from one shore to the other – a feat that according to the globeheads is just plain impossible!

Or this? According to an OFFICIAL! – repeat: OFFICIAL ! – US geological survey Kansas is 400 miles long and – you guessed it – flat!

And – finally -here are two real gems – irrefutable proof that the Earth is flat!

Here is the picture of a typical scientist at work! Trust him to know what’s what and trust him to tell you the truth! Trust him! You know you can!



You have a choice:

Believe Your Own Eyes – Trust Your Own Mind And Reasoning Ability!

 And Walk Away From The Mind Controllers And Their Bullshit!

Or override common sense and let yourself be fooled by silver-tongued con-artists:

Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons and Occultists and their brain-dead camp followers.

You may ask: “Why would they do this?” The answer seems obvious to me: To get us to believe that there is no Creator, that everything is just a meaningless cosmic accident and we are insignificant specks in a vast Universe that gives a damn about us! Ignorance of our true nature and of our true power makes better slaves of us! That’s why!

If the Earth is indeed flat and stationary – possibly underneath an impenetrable dome of glass or crystal or metal or energy (think Van Allen Belt which even NASA admits it cannot penetrate!) – everybody will immediately recognise the setup for what it is: an artifact! Which, of course, raises more disturbing questions:

“Who created this and for what purpose?”

“Is this a Paradise created for us by a benevolent God?”

“Or is it, in fact, a prison”

The Psychopaths That Be do not want you to go there!

Do they, perhaps, know the truth about the world we live in?


Why not start your research with Eric Dubay, the man who – single-handedly – rekindled the interest in the Flat Earth cosmology?





200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball!

(free 6 MB e-book)

by Eric Dubay

Beautifully illustrated!


Other excellent sites:



On Flat Earth History and Research – Part 1


On Flat Earth History and Research – Part 2:



Interesting E-Books:

The Arctic Home In The Vedas (2 MB)

The arctic origin of the Aryan race as per Hindu scriptures

Paradise Found

The Cradle Of The Human Race At The North Pole by William Warren (20 MB)

Not a Globe

Earth Is Not A Globe (4 MB)

Terra Firma

Earth Is Not A Planet Proved From Scripture, Reason And Fact by David Wardlaw Scott (6 MB)

Kings Dethroned

The History Of Astronomy – A Series Of Blunders And Errors  (2 MB)

Sea-Earth Globe

Another refutation of modern astronomy (1 MB)


Below you will find material which reflects my main interests and which I consider important!

Left in the Dark

The Biological Origins of the Fall From Grace Left in the Dark outlines a radical yet simple diagnosis of the human condition and brings with it the possibility of a relatively easy human scale solution. by Graham Gynn and Tony Wright

Brief overview: On The Golden Age And The Fall From Grace On DMT – The Pineal – On Consciousness And The Bi-Cameral Mind Ancestral Diet – Junk Food And Degeneration On Sleep Deprivation and Ecstasy

(222 pages – 3 MB)


On the Sun And Sungazing

Miracle Of The Ages (1 MB)

Sun Mysteries (1.5 MB)


Here is the link to a video on a slightly off-topic subject: the evidence for giant trees in the Earth’s ante-diluvian days. It is mind-blowing, to put it mildly, and a damn sight more plausible than the so-called scientific explanations geologists come up with.


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