In Defence Of Free Speech

Gentile anti-Semitism and Jewish anti-Gentilism sound like two mutually exclusive concepts, don’t they? In actual fact, despite their outward differences, they are but two sides of the same coin. Put differently: they are both weapons of the Jew in his war against the world.

For the criminally insane secular and religious leaders of Jewry anti-Gentilism is a vital tool, a wedge of fear and hatred of Gentiles driven between Jews and the rest of the world’s peoples. Without the segregation encouraged, nay enjoined by anti-Gentile Talmudic tenets, the tribe would have assimilated and disappeared entirely a long time ago. But that would leave the sinister parasitic power behind Jewry without a host and without the zombie army needed for their agenda of world-conquest. What to do? What to do?

Anti-Semitism to the rescue!

Not to mince words here: so-called anti-Semitism is but the anti-dote to the Jewish poison! The response of a healthy immune system to a disease-causing organism! This healthy response on the part of the non-Jew is then cunningly manipulated by the Jewish leadership to further increase fear and hatred. Oy vey! Oy vey! There is a Haman and a Hitler lurking behind every corner, behind every bush! Thus, wherever anti-Semitism does not exist as a naturally arising response to the obnoxious conduct of Jews it will be “false-flagged” into existence, conjured out of thin air, exactly as Jew-owned Reserve Banks all over the world create their fiat money out of nothing. Anti-Semitism is as vital to the Jewish leadership as anti-Gentilism – they are the twin pillars of their control over the Jewish sheeple and the rest of mankind

Here is a video on how Jews indoctrinate their youth into their anti-Gentile hatred!


Anti-Gentilism is an incurable brain-rotting malignancy that afflicts most Jews be they religious or atheist or agnostic! One of the most conspicuous symptoms of the disease is known as cognitive dissonance. It is this cognitive dissonance that causes the indoctrinated rank-and-file member of the tribe to view anti-Semitism as a disease and prevents them from understanding that it is they who suffer from a mental affliction of their own creation that is as debilitating and as dangerous to them as it is to non-Jews.

Then there is, for instance, the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy which leads Jews to believe that they are a special people, intellectually and morally superior to all others, a people appointed by the Almighty Himself to rule the world.  Here are two examples of their total lack of a sense of reality:

“One thing that Judaism has which other spiritualities lack is innocence” Andre Neher

“You will understand nothing of anti-Semitism if you fail to remember that the Jew, that object of so much hatred, is perfectly innocent, nay harmless.” Jean-Paul Sartre in “Anti-Semite and Jew” 1946

They also  believe that they have a mandate from On High to remake the world in their own image.

“The great ideal of Judaism ….. is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear!“ The Jewish World” of Feb 9, 1883

Now I ask you: “Are they meshugge? Or are they meshugge?” You decide for yourself! For myself I can only say that I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry about such idiocies.

As a sane man I have no problem dispassionately shrugging off such Jewish delusions of grandeur in the same way that I can dismiss the melodramatic posturing of a cocky teenager. But these delusions are neither hilarious nor harmless when they are translated into action. And attempting to remake the world is exactly what Jews have been doing throughout their existence! They are dangerously close to achieving their objective!

The two main carriers of the disease of anti-Gentilism are the Tanach (Hebrew version of the Old Testament) and the Talmud (both Yerushalmi and Bavli) where the vicious parasitic meme of racial-ethnic-religious-cultural superiority has been incubating for literally thousands of years, in plain sight, but  “camouflaged” as “ethical monotheism” and “moral law”!

From Tanach and Talmud the virus spreads into the body of Jewry via intermediate carriers known as rabbis, the self-appointed teachers and interpreters of Jewish law who even presume to promulgate new laws in God’s name. How is that for overweening pride and arrogance?!

“Do not confuse rabbis with rabies, although – PSSST!  Just between you and me! – I could – ahem! – think of a connection!”

This parasitic meme, once established in a brain, takes control of an individual and causes him or her to behave in a way which is destructive to virtually everything and everybody he or she comes into contact with, ultimately even one’s own self! Jews and Judaism are the cancer on humanity, not White Christian European civilization as they would have you believe!

I don’t think you have to be a qualified and licensed psychiatrist to see that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Jewish psyche. Commonsense is quite enough to recognise the symptoms:  paranoia, megalomania, inability to engage in honest self-reflection, lack of compassion, self-righteousness, hubris, self-pity, mendacity, utter lack of a moral compass ….. do I really need to go on?

Jews Are Mentally Sick

Jews are psychopaths and while it is true that you can find such soul-less creatures amongst all races and ethnicities it is also true that Jews have far far more than their fair share of them. Which shouldn’t surprise us as it is their so-called religion that is the source!

Now, don’t just take my word for it- do your own research! There are even Jews (rare, yes, but they do exist) who can see that there is something about their people that is, to put it mildly, deeply disturbing, to wit:

“Only psychiatrists can explain Israel’s behavior.” Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (2010)

“Israeli Jews’ consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians, and insensitivity to their suffering” Akiva Eldar (Operation Cast Lead against Gaza, 2008-2009)

Jews are the people that consider themselves innocent, the saviours of mankind. They label those who justifiably reject and despise them as suffering from a mental disease called anti-Semitism. Very well, then, if having a conscience, if knowing right from wrong is a disease then I am happy to be labeled sick by Jews!

But, just out of curiosity, how does a “healthy innocent” Israeli behave? Let’s have a look:

Make no mistake! The atrocities and injustices Israeli Jews routinely inflict on the Palestinians and routinely get away with are but a dress rehearsal for the implementation of the Jew World Order and a sign of what is to come for the rest of us!

Anti-Gentilism is alive and well and living in your very own neighbourhood! If you are a non-Jew you ARE in the Jew’s sight! As simple as that! Unless, of course, we put an end to the parasite once and for all. How can we do that? I cannot tell you what you should do! Everybody must decide this for himself. But I could suggest to you how you might start.

Free Yourself!

If you really want to be free you do not wait for anybody to set you free – you do it yourself! Don’t wait for Jesus to return or another Hitler to arise to kick Jewish ass – do it yourself!

Start by shaking off the shackles of the political-correctness ideology that is designed to control what we think and say, read and write. It is designed to turn all of us into cowards and moral imbeciles that are easier for the Jew to manipulate.

Freedom of thought and speech is the foundation of all other liberties! Freedom of thought and speech is anathema to the kike and his Satanic religion and that is why he is so busy introducing his “hate crime” legislation and censorship all over the world.

“I will not allow anyone to gag me! Just try it, Mr Jew!” 

Speak out about the Jew and his brain-dead-ass-kissing-bleeding-hearts camp followers and their nefarious agenda of Jew-created and Jew-sponsored cultural Marxism. There is no need to fear these miscreants. Don’t be afraid of being labelled a “hater”or “holocaust denier”or an “anti-Semite”. These are just words that no longer have any meaning if they ever had.

No! Don’t just speak out! SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

The so-called Powers That Be (in my dictionary they are the Psychopaths That Be) have no power other than what we grant them via our explicit or tacit consent. They know it and now you know it, too!

I, for one, don’t want my country to be run by, for example, pedophiles and/or LGBT – ahem – what do you call these creatures since they are clearly not quite normal men and women? I don’t want my country to be the plaything of Jewish and Freemasonic shysters and conmen. I don’t want to see Australia turned into Australistan! I don’t want Australian women molested or worse raped by fake refugees – niggers and Muslims!

I do not want the world’s races and ethnicities, their cultures and religions turned into a jewified hodgepodge. Although I am not a Christian I do not want White Christian European civilization supplanted by some Third World nigger culture. Neither do I want to see Hinduism, for instance, and its profound religious ideas and practices turned into a shallow NWO-concocted-One-World-New-Age religion. I could go on and on ….. but you get the idea!

And above all else I do not want the White race in general and the German people in particular to be swamped and miscegenated out of existence by jungle bunnies and camel-humping Muslim thugs.

Free speech is my right AND yours and I – for one – WILL make use of it!

We have the real law on our side!

So what are YOU waiting for?!

“That day will come! And what a glorious day that will be!

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