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Comment on today’s post by Bernard Weckmann

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. ”  Elie “The Weasel” Wiesel

I wonder, Mr Weasel: if you were still alive would you protest the egregious conduct and miscarriage of justice of the Jew-manipulated German judiciary? Given your sleazy character, given the fact that you were a fucking liar when you still disgraced this Earth I dare say you wouldn’t!

To those Jews who still have a soul and a conscience: Stand up and be counted while there is still time! Educate yourselves on your true history throughout the millenia! Think for yourselves and end your witchhunts of those who do not sing your praises and do not kiss your arses. Come out from under the heel of your criminally insane religious and secular leaders.

If you do not cease and desist I have a warning for you: Non-Jews in general and Germans in particualar will have JUSTICE! So start the weeping and the gnashing of teeth! For we are coming for you! This is NOT a threat so don’t waste your breath trying to twist and warp my words! This is a prediction of the future based on the lessons of history – lessons you are apparently too stupid to learn and will therefore have to repeat! And where, pray tell, are you going to run to this time? Now that the whole world has your measure who do you think will speak up for you???


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Monika’s incarceration actually offers the Jews the opportunity to prove their possible innocence and good intentions by simply getting her out of prison

…by Jonas E. Alexis and Alfred Schaefer

 JEA: You said that your sister, Monika Schaefer, whom we interviewed in the past, “was arrested on January 3, 2018, in the very heart of ‘Holocaust country’ while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz.”

Describe the situation for us here. What was the “crime” that the German lawyer Stolz committed? And how did the thought-police and what David Irving calls “the traditional enemies of the truth” recognize Monika? Did she speak during the “inquisition hearings”?

AS: We were attending, as quiet spectators, the inquisition ordeal that Sylvia Stolz was enduring.

As for the “crime” that Sylvia Stolz committed, the thought police did not approve of some of the words that she had spoken in a speech she delivered in Switzerland at the AZK (Anti-Censorship-Coalition) in 2012. It was a very eloquent speech in a crowded hall, and has garnered much attention worldwide.

Keep in mind that Sylvia Stolz was put in prison for three and a half years for defending the late Ernst Zündel at an inquisition in Mannheim Germany in 2005 – 2006. She was arrested after the inquisitor had demanded that she stop presenting further evidence during the trial. She was told that any evidence that contradicts the Holocaust narrative is illegal.

That did not stop her and she continued presenting evidence until they dragged her into the dungeon. This is not a horror movie, this is the reality of our world today, and it will continue to get worse until we stop it.

Here is an excellent link for more information about Sylvia Stolz’s case.

Sylvia Stolz Holocaust Death Knell

Back to Monika and the inquisition we were attending as quiet observers. They were talking about laws and paragraphs and interpreting them in the strangest way. For me, quite frankly, I could not make any sense out of any of it. I only noticed that whenever Sylvia Stolz and her attorney presented detailed explanations of something, that the inquisition would brush it aside and reply with some jibber jabber that made no sense.

This is what is now done to all those who have the courage to speak up about their logical conclusions after understanding the historical data and the evidence.

What the Jews fear more than anything else is people understanding the big picture. This big picture goes back several thousand years, and to understand our predicament today, we must go back at least to the French Revolution in the late 1700’s.  Very important is to understand the true nature of what we call the world wars, as well as what communism and the iron curtain was all about.

The Holocaust lie has been much more than only a financial fraud. The money that the Jews extorted out of not only the German people is one of many benefits,[1] but certainly not the most important one.

The primary reason for creating this myth was to divert attention away from the genocides that the Jews had engineered, fomented, and perpetrated behind the iron curtain under the guise of communism and Bolshevism.[2]

The Iron Curtain divided our world into evil communism and sacred democracy. For the other side, it was the opposite. Sacred communism and evil imperialism.

We in the West were told only truth and we were the good people, and on the other side of this iron curtain were only bad people who were told lies. This is how the world order was interpreted for us as we were growing up in the post-World War west.

The very large land mass on the east side of the Iron Curtain had experienced a true barbarism under communism which we now know was a Jewish construct. Under that system, any mention of Jewish control was defined as anti-Semitism and carried the instant death penalty.

The photographic evidence of the genocides that took place out of our view behind the iron curtain were later interpreted for us as pictures of innocent Jews murdered by those evil Nazis. All Germans were evil Nazis with the exception of Mr. Schindler.  This was taught to us in school, in the media, and was continually being ramped up.

The Jews know why they must control all the media. It is the window through which we develop our perception of the reality in the world.

It is the instrument through which everything is interpreted for us. Each population is fed the interpretation that fits the role that has been planned for them in the Jewish agenda. This is as true today as it was in the past to foment wars and revolutions.

This indoctrination was carefully seeded and ramped up long before hostilities came and went in what is now known as the big world wars. Here is a website that articulates how they react when this is exposed:

When Brainwashing Fails Throw Her In Jail – Canadian Violinist Monika Schaefer Who Dared Apologize to her Deceased Mom in Heartfelt Video

Back to Monika and her arrest:

My first thoughts about Monika being arrested in a scenario that would propel this story onto the world stage was: There were some insiders who want to finally get this lie over with, and they know that Alfred will make a big deal out of this, so we will serve this to him on a silver platter.

Reading the MSM narrative a few days later proved me wrong. They were gloating about how clever they were to spot a Holocaust denier at the trial of another notorious right wing extremist Holocaust denier, and they were patting themselves on the back at their own sneakiness and bravery in calling for a surprise break to trap and arrest Monika. They were also amusing themselves at the simple minded stupidity of one Holocaust denier coming to see another Holocaust denier and then getting arrested. Anyone that stupid deserves to be arrested. That was the tone in the Jewish controlled newspaper.

After seeing how this has now aroused indignation worldwide, they are not patting themselves on the back anymore.

The only words that Monika spoke the entire time was when she protested that she is a free person from Canada and has done nothing wrong. The inquisitions State Prosecutor told her: “If you wanted to remain free you should have stayed in Canada”.

Remember, this is not a movie about the dark middle ages, it is Jew occupied Germany today.

JEA: In his book The Jewish Century, Jewish historian Yuri Slezkine begins by saying that “The modern age is the Jewish Age, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century.” He adds that “Modernisation” is essentially “about everyone becoming Jewish.” Is it safe to say that when everyone becomes “Jewish,” then freedom of speech and expression invariably diminishes? Is that what’s happening to Monika and countless of others?

AS: When we become Jewish we become morally corrupt and spiritually empty. We become a total negative and destroyer of everything that is worthwhile and good. The Jews themselves are the least free of all people. If you read the late Israeli academic Israel Shahak’s works, he warns us about this.[3]

When Jews are amongst themselves they keep getting more insane, since it is the insanest of the Jews who always coerce the more moderate Jews to follow them down the path of increasing insanity. They practice ritual defamation against all those they see straying from the very narrow path laid out for them. That is how these most radical Talmudic Jews operate, they become increasingly intolerant of any and all that are not as insane as themselves. These most radical Jewish rabbis are taking their own tribe and all of humanity with them over the edge and into the abyss.

They have duped many people to swallow their Hate speech and political correctnessswindle to destroy our free speech.

To put Hate Speech into context. For over one hundred years now, the Germans have been subjected to increasing and pervasive hate speech in the form of unrelenting atrocity propaganda. Now that the Jews themselves are becoming the object of hatred as general awareness rises, they think they can stop a natural response by outlawing it.

The propaganda that has destroyed our natural defence instincts has been inculcated into our minds from before we were even born. The Jews even made money doing this by making movies like “Schindlers List” or the Holocaust series, and having our children watch these. This is presented to them as historical fact, when in fact it is nothing but fantasy.

In Germany itself, the indoctrination ran under labels such as de-Nazification or re-education. In Iraq it was called de-Bathification. Parallel to this, the Jews started putting laws into place that make exposure of their re-education illegal, with Holocaust denial or Hate speech laws.

Because the Holocaust lie can no longer be maintained, the perpetrators are moving the goal posts during the game by redefining any violation of their thought laws as “incitement“ or “hurt feelings” without even mentioning their Holocaust lie.

The chutzpah of this moving of the goal posts is clear when reading the official justification for the last raid on our house here in Germany in the summer of 2017.  They stated that my work is Undermining the Trust people have in our Legal system.

In this raid they stole all the video and computing equipment that they could find. All my cameras, microphones, storage devices, computers, even my wife’s computer.   They also stole all of my stockpile of AE911-Truth brochures and DVD’s even though these do not mention Jews. Any description of the empirical evidence of what happened on September 11 2001 has now been defined as incitement to hatred and is thereby illegal.

They have never returned anything that they have stolen from me, ever. Not from the first raid in 2016 and not from the second raid in 2017. They are trying to silence me by making it impossible for me to make any more videos.

Freedom of speech is something we have lost. Speaking the truth is now punished more severely than if an invader rapes a German woman. In fact, the invaders are encouraged to do just that by the intimidation meted out by our system, against any German who dares complain. This is true in all white countries to all European descendants. This is fulfilling the Jewish desire to breed down or exterminate the white race.

JEA: You said that “they have moved Monika Schaefer to the high security prison in Munich and will keep her there indefinitely. Monika is accused of making an apology to her own dear mother.” You also told me: “When my sister protested that she is a free person from Canada and had done nothing wrong, the ‘State Prosecutor’ told her, ‘If you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada.’” Doesn’t that tell us something about the two countries?

AS: The Jews are now demonstrating their power by openly flaunting National Sovereignty. They stand above any entity that calls itself Canada or Germany. In my video “1984” the Jews flaunt this power. For them, the world is divided into Jurisdictions. Here at minute 6:00 in this video they talk about the Jurisdictions of Canada and Germany.

JEA: I looked online to see if any of the Zionist organs out there would even remotely mention what happened to Monika Schaefer, but her name was completely blacked out. What does that tell you?

AS: The Jewish establishment is trying to hard wire their fake history into our collective memory. This is necessary for their new Jew world order where the fictitious “Holocaust” is the foundation of everything. The Holocaust is the center of the universe. They have completely blacked her out, except in the context that I described above where they gloated about having caught another of these wretched Holocaust deniers.

What the Jewish establishment has somehow overlooked is the fact that the Holocaust lie that they keep ramming down our throats is in fact the noose which is wrapped around their own neck and is tightening with every day that they continue to foist this on us. They seem not to understand what it means when people are ignoring their media, leaving them screeching hysterically to themselves their conditioned rats as the world is waking up.

JEA: I have been reading the works of Steven Pinker of Harvard for years now. He tells us in The Better Angels of our Nature in particular that violence has declined, despite the fact that Pinker never talks about the Israeli crimes in the Middle East, despite the fact that terrorist cells have increased since the invasion of Iraq,[4] despite the fact that Israel has been sterilizing Ethiopian women against their will, which resulted in a fifty percent decline in their birthrate,[5] despite the fact that Israeli authorities were engaged in systematically torturing four to six thousand Palestinian prisoners every year,[6] despite the fact that at least thirty thousand of them had gone through that new gulag process since 1987,[7]despite the fact that car bombings and explosions are killing people virtually every day in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.[8]

Pinker has a book coming out in February titled: Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress. I doubt that he will even mention the persecution of Holocaust revisionists. Do you think that these people are producing serious scholarship? Aren’t they propounding propaganda in the name of scholarship and “reason”?

AS: People like Steven Pinker are pseudo intellectuals whose mission is to mislead us, much the way Noam Chomsky did this very successfully for many years. All of these people are being exposed in shorter intervals than ever before and these people will all be held to account. Steven Pinker will never mention the role of Talmudic Judaism in any of this. He writes of 9-11 as being the worst terror attack on the USA without qualifying it as being a Jewish false flag attack on the USA. This he has written as late as 2016, when no serious intellectual would put his name on a statement like that.

He is defined as a cognitive scientist and linguist. Of course, just like Noam Chomsky is a professor of linguistics. These people specialise in linguistic manipulation to deceive us.

A great deal of today’s propaganda is focused on making sure that no group of people, in particular the white European people, are able to find any racial or national cohesion.  Everything that Jews write must be seen within the context of their larger agenda, which is to transform the world from one of nations and races to one of dumbed down individuals and consumers. They want to have all people on earth being reduced to self centred consumers with no bond to any group. The purpose of human life on this planet to be reduced to being a consumer that feels bad because of the fake Holocaust. Any behaviour that deviates from this narrative is muted.

The only group this would leave is the Jews. But even here they are deluded, because a parasite, when it no longer has a host population to leach from, feeds on itself. A world of dumbed down and confused individuals will no longer be able to produce anything of value, leaving nothing to nourish the parasite.

As is described in Israel Shahak’s works, more Jews have died at the hands of other Jews, than have died at the hands of the Goyim. Steven Pinker’s title, “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress” is typical for Jewish feel-good propaganda.

The title is the complete opposite of the actual condition and direction of our civilisation today, in 2018. How much Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress is there in not understanding which gender you are, since the physical evidence is supposedly no longer relevant?

How much Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress is there when my sister Monika gets arrested and thrown into a high security prison for apologising to her own mother in a heartfelt video with the title “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”?

The realities of Iraq, Syria, Israel, the countless false flag terror atrocities, the plight of the Palestinian peoples, all of these things do not exist in the Jewish controlled media.   They interpret everything for us based on the question; “Is it good for the Jews and Israel, or not?”

As George Orwell warned in his famous novel 1984, War is Peace, Lies are Truth, Hate is Love, Enslavement is Freedom. In this context, our Hate Speech and Political Correctness hysteria all makes sense.

JEA: Why do you think the Holocaust establishment is afraid of just one person (Monika)? If she is espousing lies and fabrications, why don’t they just produce serious historical truths? Or if she is telling the truth, why are the people who keep telling us that they believe in “democracy” and “freedom” putting her in prison? Is it guilty conscience?

AS: The Holocaust establishment is not afraid of Monika, but very afraid of the message that she is articulating. In their cowardly hubris they are frantically trying to stop this message, and like a little child that covers its own eyes and then says, “Now you can’t see me,” they think that putting Monika in an isolated cell in a high security prison will stop the message.

They think they can continue to intimidate others from talking about the fact that the Holocaust is nothing but a massive Jewish scam, which every thinking person now knows anyway. They are behaving like a small child caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

The genie is out of the bottle, and by trying to get it back in by arresting innocent Monika, they have in fact amplified and increased the value of her message.

Her arrest was the most spectacular own goal I have ever seen. Many people who would have been content to keep sleeping if this did not happen have now been jolted out of their complacency. This level of advertising would have cost us many millions of dollars, so we are grateful that they have given this to us.

You ask if “guilty conscience” has anything to do with Monika’s arrest.

No, psychopaths do not have a conscience as we normal human beings do. All the talk about democracy and freedom is nothing but empty talk to keep us docile and quiet. Monika’s arrest is supposed to intimidate others from following her footsteps. We are supposed to be too afraid to think and then to speak out about what we have learned.

People are supposed to believe that Holocaust denial must be evil. Otherwise, why would someone go to prison for it?  The farther the Jewish establishment takes this, the worse the outcome will be for them. This is not about Monika, or you, or I. This transcends all of us alive now, on this planet. This is about human beings being able to sustain life and civilisation on this planet.

Fortunately, we are now able to observe a very predictable natural phenomenon. This matrix of lies and intimidation coming to its inevitable end. Whether overcoming an illness ourselves, or whether a monoculture eventually suffers from a surprise scourge, the outcome is always the same.

All monocultures have short lifespans. Judaism ruling the world is a monoculture, or in this case an anti-culture.

Healing processes always begins after recognition by the host that there is in fact a problem. We now find ourselves well advanced in this phase, which is always the precursor to the actual healing. Humanity has gone through this struggle with this parasite well over one hundred times before. The event that defines the healing process is known throughout history as the expulsion of the Jews.

The only difference this time is the magnitude and the destructive potential since the parasite allegedly has hundreds of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. And yet, humanity has no choice in the matter, as the parasite has openly declared its desire to exterminate the white race.

Your final question: Is it guilty conscience?

Again, psychopaths have no conscience. To function successfully as a parasite within our societies, one of the basic requirements is to neutralise any empathy. This mindset is a prerequisite for running the money system and doing what they have been doing since their emergence on this planet as a parasite.

To ensure that the male perpetrators never do have a conscience, or empathy, they are subjected to a painful and traumatising ordeal at the age of precisely 8 days. Metzitzah b’peh, or ritual circumcision. When a baby is born, it has just come out of a world where its entire universe has been the mother’s voice, hearing the mother’s heartbeat, everything was warm and protected. At birth, the little infant is suddenly faced with the real world of everything that it encounters outside of the mother’s womb. In a natural environment this baby would find itself in its mother’s arms, able to breast feed, and very protected.

When the male babies are then subjected to the ordeal of circumcision and a Rabbi sucking the blood off of the fresh wound, this has a very traumatising effect on the babies trust for those it trusted most.

It has been proven that this trauma has a permanent effect on the child. It does irreparable damage to the infants trust in his fellow human beings. In Israel, parents pay a fine for each day that they are late in circumcising their newborn baby boys. It appears that the 8th day is the most effective in maximising the trauma.

A proper psychopath has no trust in any other human being.

JEA:  Back in 2004, flaming Neocon David Horowitz, who still believes that the US liberated Iraq in 2003, complained that there needs to be some “intellectual diversity” in academe.[9] Why do you think these people don’t say the same thing about Holocaust revisionism? E. Michael Jones has argued that academe has essentially become Talmudic.[10] I think it’s a fair assessment. Your take.

AS: Jews like Horowitz will always articulate these things with the Jewish agenda in mind.  They don’t believe what they say, they know they are lying as their Talmud instructs them to. He believes what he is saying about as much as Irene Zisblatt believed the stories she told us about hiding her diamonds by eating them and finding them again in her excrement, cleaning them and eating them again so that the evil Nazis would not find them.

This was how she interpreted her “ordeal” for us, as one of the millions of Holocaust survivors. She told these stores as if she believed it, knowing all along that they were lies in the perceived interest of Judaism.  Some of us were foolish enough to believe these lies.

So, no, he does not believe that the US liberated Iraq in 2003. That is what the Jewish establishment does. They lie to advance the Jewish agenda. It was the Chomsky video in an article by Kevin Barrett years ago, that made that clear to me, and set me off on my new career which has now resulted in my sister in high security detention and myself in the crosshairs.

When they see a former country lose its sovereignty and be subjugated for Jewish rule and money system, it is labeled as being liberated. Germany was “liberated” in 1945, because it then became a Jewish colony. It lost its independence and is now crippled. The once proud and independent Germans have been reduced to docile zombies, much like all the European peoples have, whether in Canada, the USA, France or the UK. When Jews exterminate a people they do it incrementally in the hopes that the victims don’t wake up in time to defend themselves. Now, all of us whites are marked for slow extermination.

The establishment always howls for diversity and tolerance, but will persecute anyone who “diverts” away from their Holocaust lie. Their tolerance for this diversity is zero.   In fact, their tolerance for truth and evidence is zero.

A population that is unable to define an existential threat for what it is, has forfeited its own future and existence. If our great-grandparents could see the utter nonsense that is being taught to our children they would not believe we could have allowed this to go so far.

We have our 10 year old children being taught about anal sex. This is force-feeding pornography to the most vulnerable in our society, and there is no resistance. This is only possible because the parents of these children have already been demoralised themselves and do not feel the need to speak up. They are in a comatose state as our civilisation is sliding deeper and deeper to the point of total collapse.

Students that grow up with this level of corrupted morals will not be any threat to the new Jew world order, but they will also not be able to keep our civilisation functioning, or even prevent their very own genocide.

E. Michael Jones is spot on when he calls our Academia Talmudic. Yuri Bezmenov had articulated this very well in the interview he made in 1985 after having left the Soviet Union 12 years earlier, and assessing conditions in the United States.

Bezmenov recognized the USA as being hopelessly subverted and demoralised already in 1985, and since then the subverters have had an additional 30+ years to make us what we are today. This is alarming, and only drastic remedial action will prevent the genocidal blood baths that will be our future.

Here is the most important footage of Yuri Bezmenov’s dialog in my Pavlov’s dog and behaviour control video explaining the subversion:

It is a do or die, a them or us, situation. It makes me sad to think that it will be our generation that will have been responsible for the loss of our civilisation if we remain asleep. We need to go from fun and games mode into survival, responsibility and accountability mode.

We have thousands of generations behind us who have braved and succeeded hardships we can hardly even imagine, and now it is up to us to ensure that there will be thousands more in the future. Our failure to get this right will make us the generation that was unable to maintain what we have inherited from our ancestors. We were too busy having fun and let it all burn down.

2018 will be decisive in setting our course.

What makes me optimistic is the fact that people are waking up at an explosive rate, and people who do understand the facts have a much higher energy level and sense of purpose than do the zombies, and it will be out of this newly energised population that new leadership will emerge that will be able to rally the people behind a meaningful purpose. Our survival. Nobody goes back once they have woken up. Democracy as we know it today is dead. It has utterly failed us. The explosive awakening was a very predictable thing, a natural phenomenon. I talked about the exponential processes in my Brainwashing 3 video as you can see here.

We will reconfigure our societies with institutions and leadership that are accountable for their decisions. In today’s democracy there is no accountability, it is all anonymous and secret.

The citizens are made as dumb as possible and told what to vote. It is like asking pre-teen children at home how your home should be run. They will vote to eat chocolate pudding every day and then play.

In closing, I want to revisit the Talmudic Jew Noam Chomsky who has been thoroughly exposed here at Veterans Today. We speak about this man in this interview:

History Reviewed Alfred Schaefer Imprisonment of Germans

Here is what he has been up to in France:

Chomsky Faurisson Liberte Dexpression

These Jews seem not to understand where this is leading to. The healing process that we can observe globally will make life very uncomfortable for those Jews who have not yet spoken up about the mother of all lies. These Jews are being used by their very own people to act as a human shield when the inevitable retribution comes.

This natural phenomena is unstoppable. In my own dialog with Chomsky in 2013, which led to my first video production, I advised him to explain the difference between a Zionist and a Jew, rather than lie to his audience. He ignored my advice and called me arrogant.

Monika’s incarceration actually offers the Jews the opportunity to prove their possible innocence and good intentions by simply getting her out of prison. They may not get a better opportunity to prove their innocence as human beings.

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