The Way Of The Dodo …or… When Niggers Rule

Today’s post is an email I received from a South African contact. It confirms to me yet again what every intelligent and honest observer throughout history would not and could not deny: when niggers and fuzzy-wuzzies rule it’s downhill all the way! The way of the dodo!

Take the example of Haiti. When it was a colony of France the island of Haiti was flourishing, a tropical paradise, and it would be no exaggeration to call it a veritable “bread-basket”. After the revolt of the negroes and its subsequent independence Haiti embarked on an ever accelerating downward path. Now it is not a “bread-basket” anymore but a “basket-case”. Why?

The answer is simple : niggers ruled and genocided Europeans!


from Wikipedia:

The 1804 Haiti massacre was carried out against the remaining white population of native French people and French Creoles (or Franco-Haitians) in Haiti by Haitian soldiers under orders from Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who had decreed that all suspected of conspiring in the acts of the expelled army should be put to death. Throughout the nineteenth century, these events were well known in the United States, where they were called “the horrors of St. Domingo” and they polarized Southern public opinion on the question of the abolition of slavery.

The massacre, which took place throughout Haiti, occurred from early January 1804 until 22 April 1804 and resulted in the death of 3,000 to 5,000 men, women, and children. Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families.

Even French colonists who had been friendly and sympathetic to the Haitian population were imprisoned and later killed. A second wave of massacres targeted French women and children, because the massacre was aimed at destroying all French civilians still living in Haiti.


As of this writing Black African nations are going the same way as Haiti. And with the Jew-sponsored mass immigration of niggers and Third World trash into Europe, the US, Australia and ………. well, what the heck do you think will happen if you do nothing about it?


“You really want to be a dodo?”



Dear Bernard,

South Africa is insane. This is what happens when Liberalism & Communism takes hold of blacks and they get to behave either the way they’ve been taught to (by Commies, Jews, Liberals) OR, they begin to think for themselves and they have been taught (falsely) to believe in their own bag logic. Then a nightmare takes place. Check out the train stuff. It will blow you away.

I enjoy it when the blacks disembowel themselves. I love it when they score “own goals”. They do this on a bigger scale than you can imagine. It just boggles the mind.

Most whites get depressed over this but I just laugh because I know this is not us. We are not doing this. Blacks are destroying the very things they got from us (which we should never have given them – but let’s not cry over spilled milk).

WE COULD SAVE OURSELVES IF WE CAN KEEP OUR HEADS AND BEHAVE AS A GROUP. We could defeat these blacks more easily than you realise. The BIGGEST problem are the Liberals/Jews who come to save the blacks or give them monies from the USA+Europe, etc. If we whites could just leave these blacks to themselves, we would have the most ENORMOUS racial victories within a few years. I’ve watched as blacks have been saved in Africa dozens (more likely hundreds of times) when in fact THEY WOULD HAVE DIED IF LEFT TO THEMSELVES. Hundreds of millions of blacks would have died within a decade or two easily if the Liberals/Jews of the West did not save them. I’m not joking. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS would have died in short order.

Liberals are the biggest thing preventing MASSIVE white racial victories across this planet. They give the blacks advice and they SAVE THEM with monies from other whites outside Africa. If only this could be stopped it would be awesome for ALL whites across the planet. You keep your money, and our black enemies over here DIE and we all win quickly. You have no idea how easy this would be.

If we whites in South Africa were MALICIOUS (which none of us are), we could take advantage of so many things and help to sink them very fast. If we whites were directly malicious towards Africa, we could collapse it in short order. Most of it is teetering on the brink.

RACIAL VICTORY FOR WHITES IS EXTREMELY EASY ACTUALLY. Its Liberals/Jews/Elite who are PREVENTING real easy victories for us.

I watch in fascination as the Liberals in South Africa and the Mass Media are doing their utmost to overthrow Zuma. Now I don’t care two hoots for Zuma or Ramaphosa. But what astounds me is how easily Liberalism can work OPENLY to overthrow and change governments. Also look at Iran and the Jewish fomented revolution there. There are Jews in Iran. Look at how the USA is openly stoking revolution in Iran to destroy it for Israel’s benefit.

What of all this so-called “democracy” that the Liberals/Jews and assorted scum said would work all by itself and which they would respect? It should be as clear as daylight that the USA and the Jews overthrow anyone the hell they want anywhere in the world.

But America’s performance and strength for a super-power doesn’t amount to all that much. General Clark has said the USA intended overthrowing 7 regimes in 5 years after 911. i.e. Iraq, etc. But those 7 regimes are really Third World nations and the USA has spent unbelievable sums of money trying to control these third world nations and its still busy with wars that are not ending. I must tell you I don’t think much of the US military. If a bunch of 3rd world rag heads supplied by Russia can keep the USA this busy for so long while costing TRILLIONS of dollars then I say the USA can be defeated more easily than you think. The White race can easily destroy this evil global USA that is constantly fighting wars for Jews.

I don’t believe the USA is invincible at all and I think the US must be destroyed by whites in order to free all whites. The USA is the primary military vehicle at work on the planet doing the work of the Liberals/Jews/Elite. It is therefore the enemy of all white people in my view – and it is the enemy even of the whites who live inside the USA.



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