“Ze Goyim Are Our Misfortune”

Throughout history, most people – all over the world and regardless of race or ethnicity, regardless of nationality or religion – have been and are even now nothing more than sheeple, following some shepherd/s (usually self-appointed!) without ever questioning the true identity, the true nature and true agenda of their shepherd/s.

Jews are no exception! The image they have of themselves is a delusion, carefully crafted and inculcated and ruthlessly maintained by some sinister force working through a system of mind control euphemistically called a religion: Judaism. And no, it is NOT God who created Jews and authored the Bible! So if God did not create the Tribe who did? You have three guesses!

Jews boast of having survived the great empires of antiquity-  such as Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome and so on and so forth. Great as these were they are, in the Jews’ benighted mind, obviously nowhere near as impressive as the Jewish civilization. They love to present themselves as the creators of a civilization of the mind and the heart.

excerpt from: ECAJ-Antisemitism-Report-2017


When people think of great ancient civilisations, they often think of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, India, China, Greece and Rome. Many of these civilisations developed along a great river – the Nile, Tigris/Euphrates, Yangtze, and Indus – or in lush mountains. Great monuments were built and left behind – the Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, Great Wall of China, Pantheon, and Coliseum. Also famous are the great monuments in other civilisations at Angkor Wat, in Zimbabwe in Africa, as well as those of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans in the Americas.

In bookshops and libraries, schools and universities, there are many books about the great civilisations of the world – ancient civilisations and their monuments, their armies and conquests, their gods and governments, and their great material achievements.

However, one civilisation of lasting influence and impact on the world did not develop along a major river or amidst lush vegetation, but was born in an arid desert, in a no-man’s land, and was founded not by kings and conquerors but by pastoral nomads and runaway slaves. This was a civilisation that left its imprint not so much in material achievements – monuments, buildings, military conquests and empire – but rather in the human heart and mind.

This is the civilisation of the Jewish people. Its principal achievements and lasting legacy have been in the realm of ideas, values, ethics, laws, and a vision for humanity. This Judaic vision is based on the foundational concepts and values in the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible), given to the Jewish people at Sinai 3,500 years ago. The Jewish festival of Shavuot (literally, “weeks”) celebrates the giving, and receiving, of the Torah.

Much is written about Greek and Roman culture as the foundation of Western civilisation. However, most ‘Western’, and increasingly most global, civilisational values and ideals, derive from Judaism, from Jewish values and Jewish laws. These were adopted and adapted by Christianity and Islam, the two daughter religions of Judaism, and spread by them. Some of these Judaic values are becoming increasingly widespread, such as human rights; while others have only more recently started to gain ground, such as environmental protection and animal rights.

The Jews, through the  Torah, brought these, and many other, unique and revolutionary concepts and values to the world:

ethical monotheism

brotherhood of humanity

the inviolable sanctity of human life

the dignity of each person

individual conscience

social responsibility

individual rights

equality before the law

a vision of a society founded on justice

universal peace as an ideal


These are indeed noble concepts but …. they do not originate with Jews and, in any case, most of them do not actually practice what they so haughtily preach to others.

The stories and moral laws you will find in the Old Testament are neither the Word of God nor are they even the creation of Jews. In nearly every case the Jews adopted these stories from their neighbours, repackaged them and now pass them off as their own heritage. And the moral laws such as “Do not steal”, “Do not kill”, “Do not bear false witness”, “Honour your parents/elders” etc.etc. are pretty much the common property of almost all tribes and nations. There is really nothing special about the Ten Commandments.

Their much-vaunted ethical monotheism, for instance, is but a twisted version of  Pharaoh Akhenaten’s Atenism – plagiarized in toto and polluted almost beyond recognition as happens to everything they touch. Traces of their plagiarism can still be found in the Bible.

They carried off  the gold and silver of Egypt when they fled the country and ever since – to this day! – they have been plundering and looting the material and cultural wealth of the countries they dwell in while fraudulently passing themselves off as the helpless victims of anti-Semitism.

The Tribe’s secular and religious leadership certainly knows the sordid truth about Jewry’s origin. They know the identity of  its true master and they know the agenda. But, as I said before, the masses are sheeple – blissfully ignorant!

Immature, uneducated, utterly clueless and brain-washed as the rank-and-file members of the Tribe are they revel in their delusions and are even more thrilled when they succeed in getting others to acknowledge Jewish “uniqueness”, to flatter them and to sing their praises. The extent of their cognitive dissonance is absolutely mind-boggling. Let’s eavesdrop on Reb Moishe Oofnik and Reb Shlomo Nudnik, two very typical tribesmen:



We gave the world the Torah and such noble concepts as “ethical monotheism”, didn’t we?


Yes! Monotheism is a form of spirituality far superior to every other kind and it is especially ethical! Everybody knows that! We Jews don’t have to prove anything to anybody! Never mind the blood-stained history of the so-called Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Never mind the wars and genocides and forced conversions inflicted on the pagan world in the name of  the one and only true God, our God! All this was necessary to bring the pagans to the right kind of worship in order to save their souls! But do they thank us for this magnificent gift? Some even claim that monotheism predates us and as proof will point to Pharaoh Akhenaten and Atenism, the religion he instituted! Poppycock! Although he lived well before we appeared on the scene he stole his ideas from us! And isn’t that a fact!


Furthermore, didn’t our prophets give the world the ideal of the “Brotherhood of Man”?


They did, indeed! And in Talmudic parlance MAN means JEW and those not of our fold are ….. well, goyim, likened unto the beasts of the field. Therefore, not being men but beasts, goyim are naturally excluded from the Brotherhood of Man! That’s self-evident. No problem here!


Then we have the inviolable sanctity of human life. Our IDF, the Israel Defence Force, the most moral army in the world, proves this on an almost daily basis, doesn’t it?


Yes, it does! Brutalization and indiscriminate slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Gaza or the Occupied Territories? Never! That’s anti-Semitic atrocity propaganda, that is! Jews don’t do that sort of thing! They also didn’t murder Tsar Nicholas II and his innocent family and they aren’t responsible for the Armenian massacre and the murderous rampages of the Bolsheviks and the Holodomor. They didn’t  massacre the residents of Deir Yassin. They didn’t attack the USS Liberty. They had nothing to do with 9/11. They didn’t ……. Well, you name it and we didn’t do it!


Goyim always accuse us of cruelty and heartlessness, don’t they? Some claim that the trauma of childhood circumcision without anaesthesia is at the heart of what they say is our psychopathology, our hatefulness, our aggressiveness. What do you make of that?


That’s meshugge, all of it and lies, too! These fucking idiots make me so angry I could bash their bloody heads in! Fact is we are the gentlest, the most peace-loving and most compassionate people in the world.

Our Talmudic sages assure us that circumcision, for example, is entirely painless and, in any case, of great medical benefit to the child and later to the man.  As for ritual slaughter, shechita is without doubt the most humane method of slaughter. It has been outlawed by Nazi Germany, for example, not because it is cruel – it isn’t! – but because Nazis and anti-Semites everywhere just love chicanery, they love making life hard for Jews. I know that there have been studies that purport to prove that animals feel the pain of shechita and halal slaughter. But these studies were done by non-Jews. What the heck would the goyim  know? Anyway, no animal that has its throat cut ever utters a cry of pain. Doesn’t that prove our claim that it is painless? What do they want? Another holocaust?


Let’s not forget “equality before the law”.


Yes, let’s not! Any Palestinian, in fact, any non-Jewish resident of  Israel will – if he knows what is good for him – testify to the impartiality of Jewish law. Admittedly, a Jew, for instance, cannot marry a non-Jew in Israel! But that is of no consequence. What is important here and a fact usually not appreciated by our enemies is this: a Jew can marry any Jew regardless of  background. Whether he or she is a Liberal or Orthodox Jew, whether he or she is of Russian or French or whatever origin. It doesn’t matter. Now that’s what I call equality before the law!


And what about the vision of “a society founded on social justice”, a vision of “universal peace”?


What about it? If those pesky goyim would just graciously acknowledge our moral and intellectual superiority, if they would just accept our divinely mandated mission of remaking the world in our image, if they would just allow us to rule them as is our right then we would already have universal peace and the Brotherhood of Man.

But are they capable of understanding what we are doing for them? Of course not! Our beloved Rothschild family and other Jewish financiers skilfully and selflessly manage the wealth of the goyishe nations – for the greater good, naturally! – and those bloody ingrates begrudge us our small profit margin, a just recompense for our services!

Jewish lawyers and civil-rights activists, Jewish liberals of every stripe and our politically-correct Gentile friends, above all Freemasons, work hard to infiltr…. to enter politics in order to create laws that will bring freedom and justice to all.

I ask you, Moishe! Now that same-sex marriage has become acceptable almost everywhere with our unstinting help do we really find it in us to leave anybody behind? What could be nobler than liberating those poor souls that are, as we speak, still oppressed, marginalized and even criminalized such as child molesters? What could compare to the satisfaction of having freed corporate high-flyers from the irrational constraints of antiquated ideas of social responsibility? What could be more worthwhile than saving lives by imposing vaccinations on everybody without consent?  It’s for their own good, after all!

And then think of this: isn’t it a beautiful labour of love and heart-warming to help all those millions of shwartzes and Muslims to find new homes and welcoming neighbours in Europe and the USA and Australia. What could be more rewarding than the knowledge that we Jews with our money and finely-honed and time-tested mind-control …. ahem …. social-engineering skills contribute substantially to the genetic upgrading and moral betterment of the White Race? And goyim have the chutzpah to call it a conspiracy to commit genocide of Whites! Also think of the benefits of diversity. All those different cultures and religions peacefully and harmoniously co-existing under our Jewish aegis. What a beautiful vision of brotherhood!!

However, the most important thing, Moishe, the most important thing is TRUTH. As our beloved St Weasel so succintly stated: there are some things that never happened but are nonetheless true. So it is with the holocaust! The truth about what never happened must be unyieldingly and mercilessly protected by laws all over the world. Goyim in general and Germans in particular must forever be made to feel guilt and shame, must forever be compelled to support us Jews materially as well as morally as a just compensation for all the atrocities they didn’t inflict on us.


Speaking of Germans. .. didn’t those horrible people have an anti-Semitic slogan, something along the lines of “Die Juden sind unser Unglück” (The Jews are our misfortune). That’s hate speech, isn’t it?


Of course, it is hate speech! It is really the other way around. And I will not shy away from saying it: “Ze goyim are our misfortune!” And when we Jews say something like that it’s not hate speech but the plain truth. Let me quote to you from the REPORT on ANTISEMITISM in AUSTRALIA 2017

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, in his book Radical Then, Radical Now: On Being Jewish, writes:

“The Jewish people in its very being constitutes a living protest against a world of hatred, violence and war … [I]t is a protest against the world that is, in the name of the world that ought to be.  From this refusal-to-accept eventually emerged the most sustained of all man’s attempts to create a social order based on individual freedom and collective grace, a society of equal access to dignity and hope. Judaism is an ongoing moral revolution that began by challenging the great empires of the ancient world.”

 It is this “moral revolution” that antisemites cannot stand. They want to maintain the freedom to conquer and kill, to dominate, exploit and oppress, to recreate a world where might is right and where power and brute force are the idols to be worshipped. They oppose a world where individual human life has meaning and value, where coexistence and cooperation are norms, and where the ideals of social justice and a common humanity are pursued. Across the span of history, these objectors rise and fall, leaving in their wake a world bloodied by hatred and violence. Whether they are the conquerors of old, or supersessionist religions, or in more recent times, the adherents of totalitarian and supremacist ideologies of fascism, communism, Nazism, or Islamism, they are manifestations of the same evil.

There you have it! These morons just do not get how obnoxious their conduct is, how depraved they are. They want to kill and exploit and oppress! The very things they accuse us of! Oy vey! Our poor misunderstood people! The fault is with the goyim, not us. That’s self-evident, isn’t it? The good rabbi – a Lord no less – says so and so it must be true! It is really true: The goyim are our misfortune.

Over the long course of our glorious history we have been expelled, for no reason other than sheer Gentile malice, from well over a hundred countries although we never did anything wrong. Never! You hear me? Never! Let’s talk tacheles, shall we? The truth is that Gentiles simply cannot abide to have the noble and high-minded Jew living in their midst as his presence is a constant and painful reminder to them of their own lack of righteousness, their lack of a moral compass. So there, now you know!

But we are nothing if not  compassionate. When Jews rule, when Jerusalem is the political and spiritual centre of the new world we will show our boundless mercy to all those who accept our benevolent Noahide laws and cleanse the world of all idolaters and anti-Semites who didn’t die in WW3 that we .. I mean they , especially the Russians, work so hard to bring about.

The Torah  gives us hope for a better world. Trust me, Moishe, we will usher in a time of peace and love and harmony for mankind even if we have to kill ALL the goyim!



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