Live And Let Die

Below is the text of an email I received the other day. Have a look at the articles and/or videos linked to. Honestly, I can’t quite agree with the assessment of South African Whites being stupid nor do I think that Whites anywhere – Europe or the US or my own country, Australia – are really stupid. Most White people can simply not fathom the low cunning and utter depravity of the parasites that have infiltrated and taken over our civilization. The real problem is that we are too kind-hearted and too generous for our own good.


Dear Bernard,

It appears to me that the Australians, even the Jew-wise Australians, have no idea how many Jews are in their midst and their unbelievable power. Many of them are ex-South African Jews! A pal of mine in Australia was telling me about a Jewish Rabbi who is a billionaire mine owner! A Rabbi … the lowest piece of garbage that crawls upon the face of the earth. The Australians have no idea what’s coming their way…

For the record: A Jew is a sick mind in a sick body.

One of my longest standing, loyal supporters sent me some fascinating quotes from the late great Revilo Oliver of the USA who said that the stupid whites of South Africa will disappear off the face of the earth FOREVER. Like Rockwell, Hitler and others, Oliver was decades ahead of his time. Hitler was CENTURIES ahead of his time.

There is a big war being waged for Net neutrality. It seems to be as spontaneous as the whites in South Africa who stood up for the farm murders.

One of my supporters in Germany asked me to re-release my video Strategy Vs Tactics. I’m very happy at his interest. This is a video that’s important and much is hidden in it for the serious. In fact, I intended it for Europeans.

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We Whites have allowed ourselves to be turned into scapegoats for all the ills of the world by the one who is really responsible for most of them: the master criminal of the ages, the kike!

Just to give you two examples:

a) Jews were responsible – as instigators and leaders – for the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians. These atrocities were carried out by their brain-dead spineless Turkish minions but ALL Turks were subsequently burdened with the blame.

b) ALL White Americans are made to feel guilt and remorse for their history of slavery when it was actually Jews who dominated the slave trade and it was for the most part rich Jews that owned slaves.

Need more proof? Study history! Study the Jew’s machinations that led to the revolutions and wars of the last two or three centuries. Study the recent history of Russia or Germany.

Right now Jews have the White Race in their sights. But no matter what racial or ethnic group you belong to – don’t delude yourself: you WILL be next!

Their battle-cry is: We want it all! The Jew’s insatiable lust for and ruthless pursuit of wealth and power, his obscene disregard for the rules of civilized conduct and his deviousness in his dealings with others has made him the target of well-deserved hatred!

I have in the past always considered anybody who thinks in black-and-white or good-and-evil categories as simpletons. Turns out that I was totally wrong! In the life-and-death struggle with the Jew it really IS that simple, it really  IS either black (dead) or white (alive). There is no middle ground!

So folks: my advice to all White men and women is: LIVE AND LET DIE!


Excerpt from: Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen

 I am looking forward to the time when the White Race will be able to exercise its wonderful productive and creative genius without having upon its back all the leeches that now suck the very lifeblood from out of our veins.  When I contemplate the coming of this wonderful era, our future looks rosy beyond anything that has ever been imagined before.  In fact, a heaven on earth would not be too expansive a description of the exciting future that awaits us.




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