To All Niggers (White Or Black)


More White Privilege Stuff from a preacher

I tell you that being a nigger has to do with character, it isn’t about color. (Some of you get mad because I have the gall to reconfigure the meaning of words as I see fit. Get over it.)

This video is powerful, whether you can connect with every aspect or not. This man (Reg Kelly) speaks about many of the core values I was raised with and poignantly explains what has happened to society (culminating in a rash of niggerdom). No, he wouldn’t use that word, but he is preaching and I ain’t. However, it is certain that he sees the difference.

You act Goofy. You look goofy. You’re disrespectful. You’re proud. You’re cocky. You’re arrogant. You come off as a lazy no-account thug, watching for what you can steal from somebody. Your hat’s on backwards… your pants are hanging down. Your rap music is blaring out… stupid music that you listen to… crazy, that would make anybody insane (that would listen to it). Your whole focus is on a one-in-a-million dream of being a sports star… or its on drugs, or its on immorality. You’re smart-mouthed. You come across as smirking and extremely bitter, with a feeling that you are entitled and that everybody owes you whatever you think they owe you. And you come off as the most rabid, racist people … I could hardly imagine… full of hatred.

Sounds like a nigger to me

Listen on. He offers answers that are worthy of consideration. Then again, maybe its just ‘Boomer babblings that the young folk aren’t interested in.

And for a little different perspective:

PS: I constructed this post at 8:04Am on 9/23. I set the publication for 12:08AM on 9/24. If you don’t see this post then you know the world ended on 9/23

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