On Rape And White Women

From: Orion [samizdat@telkomsa.net]


Baghavad Gita of ancient India. Circa 5000 BC

A friend in the USA was discussing the disappearance of the bisons with an old Indian man who said: “ It is not the White man who slaughtered the bisons. We did it ourselves. We killed the young females for their skin which would get us a higher price. In time with no females to reproduce, the bisons disappeared” .

The sex scandal of Rotherham involved some 2000 White young girls which were abused , molested, raped and sold for sex to adult clients by Asian and African gangs in Northern England. Eventually 8 perpetrators were arrested and given jail sentences but those who used those girls escaped justice as Naz Shah, female  Member of Parliament for Bradford West explained:” Those sex abuse victims should “SHUT THEIR MOUTHS FOR THE GOOD OF DIVERSITY”. If those girls had been Asian or African, it would have been a scandal and the perpetrators would all have ended in Jail, but they were just little White girls, in invaded poverty- striken neighbourhoods, with little protection from their poor parents, who dared not complain, for fear of being branded as “racists”.

Added by Bernard Weckmann:

“Naz Shah! Perhaps You’d Like To Be Raped By White Men?

Purely For The Sake Of Diversity, Of Course! How About It, Eh?”


White women are just considered prostitutes , to be used and abused from a tender age. Looking at the faces of those children, they could be ours and if we do not look after ours, they will become like those girls. With 750 000 White people living under the poverty line, there are a lot of children and young women to be prostituted!

If you look at the visual media, it is always a white woman with a black fellow, never a white male with a black woman. You find the same in the adverts. The message is clear: white males are no good, therefore white women should go with black fellows who are more masculine and stronger and would be able to give them beautiful black babies. Those so-called refugees in Europe are quite blatant about it. White women are game and their purpose is to impregnate them with alien babies.

Then we have the alien celebrities who “buy” their “white meat”. What they usually get are gold diggers, but those women produce darkies. They are supposed to be an example to our women to rather join the winners than to stay with white losers.

The regime is busy changing the school system to deny us the right to chose where we want our children educated and more important, by whom. Black teachers and principals will be forced onto our schools in the name of diversity. At the same time , those schools will be forced to accept hordes of black pupils, who will lower the standard. But like Washington DC mentioned in another mail, there will not be enough white boys to defend our girls, so they will be forced to accept the advances of black males. Teachers are role models for our children, but if those role models are aliens ,

Our children will be taught the alien ways, with all that entails. It is being done all over the white world in schools, universities, through advertisement, etc. The purpose is to destroy our race, through miscegenation. The White male is constantly ridiculed, while the others are presented as paragons of virtue which our women must emulate. We see the results in America and Europe and here as well.

The latest fad is adoption of black kids. They are so sweet with their beautiful hairs. Die Burger, the Cape Town Afrikaans newspaper, regularly has a full page advert titled


from a crowd called National Adoption Coalition showing a couple named Renier and Lise-Marie Keyser, vergenoegde aaneemouers, so happy with their new found  find. There are at present some 3 million Aids orphans, so there is a lot prospects for adoption. And they are so sweet. Just wait when they are grown up. No such advert is placed in their newspapers. The whole purpose is to get white couples,  rather to adopt those aliens instead of producing their own babies. And of course like the Webster we used to watch on TV, they are so bright and they can show those white parents how great they are. Of course mongrelisation is the purpose of the exercise. Brought up in white surrounding they will want a white partner, further damaging our breed. And those idiots fall for it!

The role of the churches is even more criminal. Those churches all the years supported with white funds, realised that the market for Christians was saturated in the white community, so, in order to increase their members, they would have to go for other communities. In order to do so, they twisted the Bible to suit their purpose. Adultery in the Old Testament had nothing to do with cheating on one’s partner.  It had much to do with race mixing. The new version of the Afrikaans Bible was changed to accommodate new thoughts. The Bible used to say that mixed breeds (zwir) could not go to heaven. No problem. The text was changed to accommodate the new realities. In fact the OT was all about adultering one’s race. Not anymore. Those missionaries did their jobs so well that the majority of followers is not white anymore, so the Book of God must be altered to the new reality. But they still expect us to pay their salaries and to contribute to their work. Then they promote “outreach” programs, whose purpose is to get teenagers to mix with those aliens and intermarry with them. The purpose of business is to make money, that of churches is to make converts. If your breed is destroyed in the process, it is of no interest to them. When I was young, those missionaries used to collect money and postage stamps for the missions, so that those “noble savages who were wide open to conversion” as they called them,  would be able to receive the word of God, never mind what the OT said. As it turned out, those noble savages turned out to be real savages who are now planning our destruction. They read the Book as it is written, not what they were told by bleeding heart missionaries, to our greater sorrow!

But not to worry! We can still practice our religion, THE RELIGION OF MATERIALISM. There will be no tomorrow as expensive motorcars and holidays are more important than thinking about the future and making children!


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