Confessions Of A Thought Criminal


Wikipedia entry on thoughtcrime:

A thoughtcrime is an Orwellian neologism used to describe an illegal thought. The term was popularized in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, first published in 1949, wherein thoughtcrime is the criminal act of holding unspoken beliefs or doubts that oppose or question Ingsoc, the ruling party. In the book, the government attempts to control not only the speech and actions, but also the thoughts of its subjects. To entertain unacceptable thoughts is known as crimethink in Newspeak, the ideologically purified dialect of the party.[1] Crimestop is a way to avoid crimethink by immediately purging dangerous thoughts from the mind.


Confessions of A Thought Criminal

by Kalle Koala

What do you do of a night when you just can’t fall asleep? Do you toss and turn and count sheep? Do you listen to relaxing music? Do you recite a mantra? Do you review the events of the past day or make plans for the next one?

The other day – just to amuse myself and hopefully ease my transition into sleep – I hit upon the novel idea of reviewing the number and the types of thought and hate crimes I had committed that day from the moment of opening my eyes to the moment of going to bed.

Far from being amusing and relaxing as I hoped it would be this exercise turned out to be a veritable nightmare!  I couldn’t sleep at all because there were just so many of these crimes! I gave up counting.

I have to admit that I was shaken to the core, mortified to realize just what kind of wickedness I am capable of.

Please do not expect me to reveal everything here for some of these thought crimes are highly personal and far too embarrassing to even mention them in polite company! What’s more, a public and detailed confession of my crimethink, expressed in unforgivably rude and aggressive language, could in itself be deemed to constitute a thought and hate crime as there is the possibility of offending the sensibilities of all those tender little souls out there that might chance upon it. Just learning that somebody has …. unkind  thoughts about them could do these dear people irreparable harm.

I am utterly ashamed of my depravity. And overwhelmed, no! crushed! – by a sense of guilt. The only way to atone for my wrong-doing – well, make that wrong-thinking! – is to confess, turn myself in to the thought police and accept the punishment. I throw myself upon the mercy of the kind reader and can only hope that you can forgive me.  So let me confess some of my crimethink.

For example:

In a conversation with friends I referred to Jews, not just once, but several times, as parasites and I used the highly inflammatory expression kike. Shocking, isn’t it?

I laughed about the dangerously childish antics of those retards in Washington and Berlin and Tel Aviv – the likes of Trump and Merkel and Nutter…   Nutter…    yes, that’s it! Nutteryahu. These nitwits seriously believe they are a match for true statesmen of, for example, Hitler’s and Putin’s intellectual and moral stature.

I referred to the incumbent German Chancellor as a nation-wrecker and as ‘Merkel Das Ferkel” (Ferkel is the German word for piglet). Actually, I thought she is a fully-grown … but that doesn’t rhyme so Ferkel it is.

In another conversation I described supporters of the LGBT agenda as perverts, applying the pejorative designation poofters and faggots to them. I also used the denigrating term nigger three times. What depravity!

But the worst of all that crimethinking was this: I was watching an old German movie set in a pre-WW2 Germany that had a Chancellor named Adolf …. I forgot the name, sorry ! but I remember that he was an honest man and much loved by his people quite unlike the crop of despicable professional snout-in-the-trough politicians we have these days!

As I was watching I became rather sentimental and emotional and I felt nostalgia for and pride in a time and a world long-gone – mind you, a time and a world which I haven’t even personally experienced as I was born after the war. A time and a world I wish I could have lived in rather than in the cesspool the world is now!

A time when the country wasn’t overrun by niggers and Third World trash. A time when men were men – not pretty ladyboys! When women were true women – not such hideous critters like this one:

I thought wistfully of a time when marriage was considered a sacred bond between a real man  and a real woman both for love and for the raising of children – not a sick form of mix-and-match sex entertainment.

A time when a woman could walk alone after dark without being accosted, molested or raped by niggers and/or Muslim thugs. A time when sexual offences against children and women were harshly punished instead of being whitewashed and made excuses for by the Talmud-and-Sharia inspired sewer ethics of modern Western courts.

A time when policemen were more honest and for the most part were indeed what they claimed to be : “Die Polizei – Dein Freund Und Helfer!” (Police – Your Friend And Helper!).

That was then!                                                     This is now!

A time when children could play “Cowboys and Indians” in the school yard and could pretend to shoot one another without fear of being dragged to the principal to be reprimanded for … for what actually? For being children?

A time when a child could enjoy a ham sandwich and didn’t have Jewish or Muslim classmates whose kosher or halal sensitivities had to be respected. Just think of it: those poor little souls could be damaged for life watching somebody eat pork! Can’t have that in this brave new world.

A time when you did not have to profusely apologize to every nigger for being a white man or a white woman.

A world where you could be a German without having to kowtow to every kike, ask his forgiveness for a crime which neither you personally nor your people committed. A world where you didn’t have to pay him and this genocidal Rothschild fiefdom aka Israel compensation for the damage that HE, I repeat that, HE and his ilk caused you and your people.

A time and a world where you did not have to be ashamed of being German, where in fact you could be proud of your people’s contribution to Western civilization: in architecture and the arts, in science and technology, in philosophy and …. well, you name it and you will find Germans, not kikes, in the forefront.

In brief: a world where you could love your people, its language and culture, where you could be proud of its history, where you could look forward to a bright future, a world where you didn’t have to debase yourself and genuflect before those that are not fit to hold a candle to you.

“Although I am a Koala I am at heart a German and I am proud of it!”

Such were my thoughts then! Oh, the shame, the shame! I humbly apologize now to everybody I may have offended and humiliated: I am truly sorry!

But I really do not want to wallow in regret and remorse. That’s not productive. What is needed is a change of attitude. Therefore I have decided to re-invent myself. I have resolved to turn away from thought crime.

I will never ever again think for myself but always faithfully believe what the government and the mainstream media tell me (mental note to myself: must get myself a TV set!). From now on it’s the straight and narrow for me – as laid down by the Powers That Be. They only want what’s best for us, they do! Never again will I question them!

“I want Big Brother to be proud of me! Yes! Really!”

I used to think that there is a cabal of rich and powerful men behind our governments conspiring to usher in a so-called New World Order, really nothing more than a euphemism for “enslavement of mankind”. But I have seen the light and know better now! True, there are inexplicably weird things going on in the world and I don’t blame you for being suspicious – but believe me it’s all just coincidence and nothing to worry about. And Jews have absolutely nothing at all to do with any of this.

As I surfed the Internet last night I came across many a blog that brought me face to face with the wrong things I used to believe.

There are, for example, activists – backed up by misguided scientists – that deny the plainly obvious truth of disastrous climate change and would have us believe that fluoride and vaccination and chemtrails and GMO products are bad for us. Can you believe such pigheadedness?

The suffering of the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, of Libya and Syria, of Yemen and the Ukraine and so many others is, as I now understand, entirely self-inflicted. If they would only whole-heartedly embrace the high ideals of the Western world – you know, freedom and justice, democracy and capitalism, globalism and cultural marxism and all of the other …isms – we wouldn’t have to kill them and they would be as free and happy and as rich as we in the West are.

I used to think and speak ill of Jews but I understand now that Jews are and have always been the innocent victims of those irrational haters known as anti-Semites. There has never been in history a people that suffered as much as the Jews did. The holocaust during WW2 has been referred to as “The darkest hour in human history” and rightly so.

Many tribes and nations have been hated and persecuted and viciously slaughtered but how – pray tell – do the paltry millions upon millions of Russians murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution and the paltry millions upon millions of Germans killed during and after WW2 compare to the humongous number of 250000 to 300000 Jews that died in concentration camps of disease and malnutrition – the unfortunate, unforeseeable and wholly unintended consequence of the war?

One of the new-fangled fads out there is the belief in a Flat Earth. Flat Earth? Are they serious? Scientists tell me that the Earth is a spinning globe. All I need to do is to look through a fish-eye lens. That is all the proof  I need that Flat Earthers are crazy because I can see the curvature! And after a few beers I can really feel the Earth spinning on its axis.

And how about this then: some people claim that NASA lied about the moon landing. We never went there? Oh yeah? Perhaps you should look at the picture below:

On the left is Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit – now kept in a museum. On the right is the photo of his footprint on the moon. It is self-evident that the two do not match! As far as I am concerned that’s irrefutable proof that we were indeed on the moon!!!

The list of thoughtcrimes is endless. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. You can see by now that I am really a reformed koala.

I assure you: Nobody and nothing will ever destroy my new-found faith in the Powers That Be!

I Am A True Believer Now! A Born-Again Moron!  Hallelujah!


Comment by Bernard Weckmann:

I leave it to the reader to decide whether Kalle’s confession is to be taken serious. I have known him long enough to have my doubts. He is a bit of a rascal with a rather twisted sense of humour and a sharp tongue. He is given to hyperbole and fibs and prone to creating mischief. I have the feeling that he will relapse – if he ever even meant it in the first place! So take it all with a grain of salt.


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