Vale Ernst Zundel

Here is the link to a beautiful tribute to Ernst Zundel, a man who had more honour in his little finger than this entire Middle Eastern tribe known as Jewry has had in its entire millenia-spanning history.

 Vale Ernst Zundel


Text below is an excerpt from the above-mentioned newsletter published by the Adelaide Institute.

It deals with an article by Mark Bonokoski, a Toronto Sun columnist. This weasel passing himself off as a human being is doing exactly what he falsely accuses Ernst Zundel of – preaching hatred! – and he expresses regret that Zundel did not die in agony!!! What a fine sentiment! And so quintessentially Jewish!


As historical footnotes go, one of my proudest contributions was the exposing of Ernst Zundel as a neo-Nazi.

From that point onward, the secret world of this notorious Toronto-based anti-Semite began to unravel, leading to years in court fighting extradition as a security risk, and finally his deportation to a German jail where he served time for inciting racial hatred and for being a Holocaust denier, a criminal offence in Germany.

It has been learned, through a posting by his estranged wife, that Zundel — odious to the core — died of a heart attack Saturday at age 78 at his home in Germany’s Black Forest where he lived after his release from   prison   in   2010   following   five   years   of incarceration.

In the end, he had been deported from both the United States and Canada, and was wanted by no one. Germany had no choice. Zundel was one of theirs.

It began for me in 1978 when a TV mini-series on the Holocaust saw the sudden appearance of Ernst Zundel being quoted in all the media as a legitimate and seemingly benign spokesman for a group called Concerned  Parents  of  German  Descent,  who  argued that the Second World War was long over, and that Germans were being tarnished yet again by the sins of their forefathers.


Text of my email to Mark Bonokoski:

Dear Mark,

Regarding your disgusting article on Ernst Zundel: your diatribe reveals to me a mind unhinged by vindictiveness and malevolence. You urgently need to see a psychiatrist because you are – as your article clearly proves – not of sound mind!

Your knowledge of history is, to put it mildly, woefully inadequate, your sense of reality is seriously warped and your moral compass seems to be entirely missing.  My guess is you are a psychopath.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is help for you – although I am not holding my breath!

Now let’s be clear on this: if somebody is odious it is you. You and your ilk couldn’t have held a candle to Ernst, not even if your miserable lives had depended on it!

What’s more: you are probably not bright enough to understand that so-called anti-Semitism is but  a sane and self-respecting non-Jew’s fully justified self-defence against the megalomaniacal Jewish supremacist ideology and against the irrational genocidal hatred of Gentiles harboured by Jews and which they act out every so often, to wit:

There was, for instance, the savagery of the Jewish-led Bolsheviks during and after the so-called “Russian Revolution” and there were the real holocausts inflicted on Germany and on Japan by the Jew’s attack dogs, the USA, the USSR and the UK. The latest example of Jewish wickedness and insanity is the on-going ethnic cleansing of Palestine carried out by that abomination calling itself Israel. These are facts!

Jews will deny all of that, no doubt, and I wouldn’t expect anything else! They cannot allow mere facts and the truth to get in the way of profitable sob stories such as their countless fake holocaust narratives.

You can rail and rant and spit poison all you want but the peoples of the world are waking up and Jewish lies are not getting traction any more. Only the intellectually challenged still believe the Jew’s holocaust fairy tale and only the morally bankrupt defend Jewish crimes.

That’s why Jews are so desperate to enact their lunatic hate-crime legislation all over the world. Bullying and lies and smear campaigns – that’s the Jewish way! If that fails drag the goyim into a kangaroo court and throw them into jail. Proof of wrong-doing? Piffle! Isn’t it enough of a crime to cause Jews to feel “offended and humiliated”?

Oh, how Jews must yearn for the glorious days when the Noahide Laws will be the Law of the Land – you know: Off with their heads!

There is a hauntingly beautiful song in the movie “The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey” called “Song of the Lonely Mountain” and Jews would be well-advised to ponder the refrain and its implications:

“Some folk we never forget – Some kind we never forgive!”

Vengeful we are not! But we will not forget and we will have JUSTICE! So start the weeping and the gnashing of teeth! For we are coming for you! You have been warned!

Have a nice day, Mark! And for God’s sake, man! Seek help!

Bernard Weckmann

PS.  For your information: the text of this email has been posted on


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