My Kind Of Fascist!

Adolf Hitler is called a Fascist by the Enemy!

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One must first know that after Germany surrendered in WW1, hatched out by jewish traitors, Germany was invaded by jews taking over most of the highest offices in Germany in all walks of live, including government. The German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II., made the disastrous mistake of surrounding himself with Jews as advisors and trusted them to the utmost; something he later regretted and wrote about. This was not unusual as the jews have infiltrated most kingdoms and aristocracy in Europe by buying their ways into financially ruined kingdoms with loans. Of course Kaiser Wilhelm II was deceived, as so many other kings. After the jews flooded Germany, they attempted several times to overthrow Germany with Communism, like Russia was overthrown by them. But they only partially succeeded. Jewish leaders are Communists for their underlings; but the greatest Capitalists in this world for THEMSELVES. They rob the people and the land making them equally poor and desparate. In the West the Jews suck us dry with interest, inflation, and taxes. When they can suck no more blood from us, they create a crash, or a civil war, or a major war. Then Martial law descends on the poor people. And then Communist takeover is easy: Become a Communist or starve to death!

If it had not been for the awareness of a young WW1 soldier, Adolf Hitler, of what was happening to his country  Austria, and then Germany, the West, including far off America, would have fallen to Communism much earlier; but it seems now the West is losing the battle to stay free.

This fascist, Adolf Hitler, hated Communism, the International Idea, loved the German people and brought them out of great poverty after WW1. Millions of Germans starved to death by the Jewish-British food blockade after WW1; he fought to rescue them. Watching in his youth the Jews pimping starving German women and girls on the street corners, he awoke to the fact that the Jew is a parasite. He protected the German people from usury by the Jewish bankers and their henchmen by cutting them off. He brought forth the first animal protection rights and environmental protection laws. He forbid the cruel Jewish slow and painful slaughter of animals. He closed the nightclubs were women disgraced themselves dancing naked, or Homosexuals were playing out their fantasies. He got rid of pornography and open homosexuality. He elevated women to an equal stand with men as it used to be in ancient Germanic tribes, but showed women their true roles as mothers and homemakers instead of being eaten up by the industrial revolution as their husbands were. He provided the working class with an inexpensive purchase of a home without interest and a car; free cruises in Europe once a year for the workers. The rest of Europa was envious, an envy fired on by the Jewish media. Of course he provided for free healthcare. 95 percent of the negative things you read about Adolf Hitler and his people are nothing but lies to bring down the head of the white race, Germany via guilt and punishment, and then the rest of the white race, and most of all the other races as well.

That’s my kind of fascist!


Hitler is my kind of fascist, too! And to hell with the effing kike and his moronic camp-followers! (comment by BJW)

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