Ex Oriente Lux?

An old article of mine:

Twentieth-century man, in his boundless arrogance, sees himself as the highest expression of evolution – in every respect! Stone Age Man is viewed more or less as a brutish club-wielding slobbering grunting cave-dweller and our immediate ancestor is seen as little more than a country bumpkin, an unsophisticated superstitious yokel who believed that the Earth is flat and the Sun is circling the planet!

But … our ancestors did get it right, after all! Watch this documentary on Eric Dubay’s site:


Eric has also written a book on this topic.

Modern man presumes to be in possession of true knowledge, something he calls “science!” His “science” is essentially a belief-system akin to a religion, backed up by lots of faith, a few brazen lies, a bit of legerdemain and very little solid proof. It even has its own Inquisition, euphemistically referred to as “academia”. It might be more accurate to call this system “Scientism”. A case in point is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution for which there is not the slightest shred of evidence but woe to you if you confess to be a non-believer! Doubting the Theory of Evolution is almost as bad and sinful as doubting the sacred Holocaust! Shame on you! And off with your head!

Then there is “spiritual truth”. Without hesitation Jews, Christians and Moslems will tout their god as the one and only god – and they are ready, at the drop of a hat, to impose this god on you. Where is the proof that there is only one god? Where is the evidence that monotheism is superior to any other form of spirituality? Where is the evidence that the three Abrahamic religions, so-called, are, as they claim, supremely ethical?

The monotheism of Judaism and its daughter religions is neither superior nor is it inherently ethical. Even a cursory glance at its blood-stained history irrefutably proves the claim of intellectual and moral superiority to be utterly fraudulent and absurd. This claim is, to me, a symptom of a serious mental health problem!

There is one form of spirituality that is at the heart of many a religion, ancient and modern. There is one universal religion that is the matrix from which most of the others developed, or more correctly, from which they devolved and degenerated. That “ur”-religion, if it may be called thus, is “sun worship”.

Before we proceed I need to define “sun worship” so that there is not the slightest misunderstanding as to how I use the term.

Do Jews worship the scrolls on which the Torah is written? Does a Christian worship a piece of wood or metal in the shape of a cross or the statue of a saint? Does a Moslem worship a piece of black rock in Mecca? Does a patriot worship his country’s flag?

Of course not! Scrolls, cross, rock and flag are symbols! They are representations, visual and tangible, of abstract concepts. They serve to focus attention. They are, if you will, hitching posts for the mind. Why would we think that ancient man was any different from us?

The religions of antiquity agree that the visible sun is but a reflection of the light of the invisible spiritual sun which is behind all material phenomena. This invisible sun is the source of life, light, and truth. The sun, being supreme among all celestial bodies, is a symbol of the Creator Himself.

The Jew honours the scrolls of the Torah, the Christian honours the cross, the Moslem honours the Ka’aba, the patriot honours the flag. By the same token a “sun worshipper” honours what the sun stands for. As simple as that! Followers of solar religions did not then nor do they now worship the physical sun

There is, however, quite a bit more to “sun worship” than mere reverence and that something more may well be the real reason that “sun worship” is demonized by the sinister forces that created Judaism and its daughters, Christianity and Islam.

“Sun worship” is far more than a set of aesthetically pleasing rituals and ceremonies; it is more than poetic prayers and uplifting hymns; it is more than philosophical musings. It is nothing less than a practical tool for physical, mental and spiritual evolution. That is what “enlightenment” means!

Compared to what ancient man was – and what we will, hopefully, be again! – we are the country bumpkins; we are the yokels. Man has a past far more glorious than we are led to believe and no! we do not need ETs to explain it. Could we – today – create something like the pyramids? I think not!

In his book Solar Revolution, German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case for the spiritual impact of the Sun and its transformative power. He points to scientific evidence that shows a clear correlation between increases in solar activity on the one hand and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities on the other.

Ancient man knew this and used ceremonies, rituals and sun-gazing to empower himself physically, mentally and spiritually. What the ignorant Bible believer considers to be primitive pagan “sun worship” is far from primitive; it is an important part in our evolution and has always been.

But what most modern men and women seem to desire is this: easy-on-the-mind delusions rather than truths which can be uncomfortable. They want their mythologies to be true; they want signs and miracles to wonder at and rules and regulations to abide by; they want illusions about this world and the one to come; they want scapegoats to blame for whatever goes wrong; they want punishment, such as everlasting damnation for the bad guys (naturally, that’s never them!) and rewards for the good guys (that’s them, of course!). They want leaders to think and make moral decisions for them.

Into this empty-mind vacuum created by the abdication of our responsibility to do our own thinking and to make our own decisions all kinds of secular and religious “makers and shakers” and leaders (read: parasites, the lot of them) will step. They contain us in a corral. They do not want us free; they do not want to lose us; we are their sustenance! We are their cattle! As parasites they cannot fend for themselves. Without us they will perish! And that is the reason that our evolution is exactly what they are aiming to prevent! That is why “sun worship” is demonized for it is the only way up!

Here are two points you may want to ponder and do some research on:

Only a fool will deny the fact that the psychopaths in power are spraying a cocktail of toxic chemicals on us because to them we are no more than bugs or weeds. Chemtrails in the sky are the clear evidence of this criminal act. These chemicals, whatever their exact composition may be, are intended to either reduce the overall amount of solar radiation or to screen out parts of the spectrum or both. Let’s not delude ourselves: they don’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts. This ain’t done to protect you from any negative impact of the sun!

In many parts of the world fluoride is added to drinking water and many everyday products, such as toothpaste. While it may not, as is often claimed, make you docile and submissive it WILL harm you. How? The pineal gland, deep within the brain, is your portal to higher dimensions of reality. It is the seat of the soul as some would say. It has a direct connection to the eyes and – guess what – it absorbs light via the optic nerve leading from the eyes to the brain! The ancient art of sun gazing was practised by Pharaoh Akhenaten and his good lady, Queen Nefertiti. Sun gazing stimulates the pineal. And hey! – surprise, surprise! – fluoride accumulates in the pineal and severely reduces its efficacy or shuts it down completely thus severing your connection to higher dimensions! The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the sun are no longer available to you! Exactly what the NWO thugs want!

OK. But what does Judaism have to do with “sun worship”? Simple – much as Jews hate to face facts regarding their past – the plain truth is that it is an offspring of Atenism.

Every 28 years, according to Jewish tradition, the sun returns to the exact location in the sky it was in at the moment of creation. A blessing (Birkat Hachama – Blessing of the Sun) is recited as the sun rises; if it is not visible due to inclement weather the ritual is postponed to the following day although a minority view holds that the blessing can be said even if the sun is not visible. The last time this happened was Wednesday, 8 April 2009 and the next time will be on Wednesday, 8 April 2037.

ברוך אתה ה’ אלהינו מלך העולם עושה מעשה בראשית

“Blessed are You, LORD, our God, King of the Universe Maker of the Works of Creation”


The congregants are encouraged to look at the sun, if ever so briefly. Needless to say, this is not an act of worship. It is not the sun that is blessed but the Creator. I find it impossible to see in this anything other than a residue left by the polytheistic stellar creeds of Canaan or – far more likely – of Atenism, Pharaoh Akhenaten’s solar religion.

Enter Pharaoh Akhenaten:

In 1369 BCE Amenhotep IV took over from his father Amenhotep III, changed his name to Akhenaten and set about his agenda of transforming Egypt. His reforms changed Egypt’s fear-based superstitious polytheism ruled by a powerful – and corrupt – priesthood to a religion of the heart and the mind, free of graven images, free of the unhealthy obsession with the afterlife, free of magic. No animals were sacrificed; instead offerings were made of flowers, fruit and incense. The only image displayed in Atenist temples was the sun disk with rays that ended in hands, some of which held the ankh, the symbol of life.

In 1899 Egyptologist Flinders Petrie declared:

If this were a new religion, invented to satisfy our modern scientific conceptions, we could not find a flaw in the correctness of this view of the energy of the solar system. How much Akhenaten understood, we cannot say, but he certainly bounded forward in his views and symbolism to a position which we cannot logically improve upon at the present day. Not a rag of superstition or of falsity can be found clinging to this new worship evolved out of the old Aton of Heliopolis, the sole Lord of the universe.

What a beautiful tribute! But, unfortunately, Atenism did not last! When the Israelites left Egypt they took with them Akhenaten’s religion. That’s one scenario. Another one, far more likely, is that the Israelites weren’t even Israelites at the time but the persecuted followers of Akhenaten who fled for their lives after Akhenaten died – or was killed – and Egypt purged itself of Atenism. A third scenario holds that Moses and Akhenaten are one and the same man. Akhenaten/Moses chose the Hebrews to give his religion to since his own people did not want it. We may never know the truth, unfortunately.

In the centuries and millenia that followed Akhenaten’s death the man himself was forgotten and his legacy, the flower of Atenism, withered and died. During the so-called Babylonian exile a new religion was created and imposed on the Israelites by the Levites.

How To Conquer The World In Three Easy Lessons

Lesson 1

Take as many superstitions as you can, authoritarian political and religious ideas, unsavoury teachings and practices from the cultures around you, of Sumer, Canaan, Assyria, Babylon and Persia – in fact, steal from everybody; throw in a good measure of the most interesting myths and legends of said nations; season with generous amounts of fear and guilt, greed and overbearing pride; stir well; top it all with a dollop of xenophobia and genocidal racism; decorate everything with murderous intolerance; backdate this concoction to a time lost to memory so that nobody can refute anything you say; claim the whole caboodle as your own history, and as your own God-given religion and voila – you have just created Pharisaism aka Rabbinical Judaism, a tool for ruthless mind-control.

Lesson 2

Backed up by the financial resources of the King of Persia and the might of his army trek back to Canaan and to the hoi-polloi left behind when you went into exile. The next part is crucial, so do pay attention, please! The people know and understand that you are offering them dogmas and precepts Moses never taught them so you must force-feed this pigswill to the unwilling populace; enslave and punish and eliminate mercilessly anyone who resists (that is known as trauma-based conditioning) – and lo and behold! – you have created the “Jewish people”.

Lesson 3

Once the nation has become enured to rape and pillage, theft, murder and genocide it can then be relied upon to carry your sick ideas around the globe. Release them amongst the Gentile nations so that they, too, may be devoured by Yahveh. If the goyim, not unexpectedly, resist … repeat Lesson 2 as it pertains to oppression and punishment. And while you are at it … don’t be dead serious. Enjoy it! Have fun! Think of all the Purims you can celebrate!

That’s all there is to it! As they say: piece of cake!

But the rabbis were never able, no matter how hard they tried, to eradicate entirely the old ways. These either went underground and were practiced clandestinely or they were simply repackaged and integrated – in the same way that Christianity integrated the pagan ways of old Europe.

The ritual blessing of the sun is by no means the only evidence of pagan elements found in the Jewish religion. The swastika, for example, which is a symbol of the solar disk, is found amongst the most diverse cultures all over the globe and it hails back many millenia, probably well into the neolithicum. It can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago and … you guessed it … it can be found in many an ancient synagogue in Judea.


The Ein Gedi synagogue, for instance, features the zodiac and the swastika.

The sun god Helios shows up in the synagogue of Beit Alpha (left) and of Sipphoris (right)

There are also many traces in scriptures that irrefutably prove that reverence for, if not actual worship of, the sun was at one time a firmly established part of the Israelite religion. To mention a few:

Deuteronomy 4:19 forbids the worship of heavenly bodies, which would, of course, include the sun and Deuteronomy 17:3 commands that worshippers of heavenly bodies be stoned to death.

The very fact that the Torah rails and rants against such a pagan practice is clear-cut proof that it existed! You do not have to forbid something that nobody ever does, do you? The prophets, too, tirelessly preached against the Israelites’ pagan practices. There are far too many examples to enumerate them. Just peruse the Old Testament.

The Gemara (part of the Talmud) states that the entrance to the tabernacle court in the Jerusalem temple was oriented towards East. To catch the rising sun, of course!

It doesn’t come any clearer than the following passage:

Ezekiel 8:16  And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

 In conclusion:

Judaism is to Atenism, its progenitor, what the polluted water of the Nile’s delta is to its clear and sweet headwaters deep within Africa.

It is not “sun worship” that is of Satan, always assuming that Satan exists! It is Judaism that is spiritual darkness and anti-life! The very opposite of what Atenism and other solar religions stand  for!

Judaism is a highway to perdition!

Ex Oriente Lux! Out Of The East, Light!

The light of the rising sun – yes!  The light of Far Eastern religions – perhaps!

The light of Judaism? Christianity? Islam? – No!


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