The Most Dangerous Creature On Earth

Name The Most Dangerous Creature On Earth

by Bernard Weckmann


a) the black mamba of Africa

b) the salt water crocodile of Australia

c) the anaconda of the Amazon

d) the Bengal tiger of India

In fact, there are many more dangerous life-forms that could have gone on the list. But no matter which creature you choose …. you would be wrong!  Animals can be frightening, yes. And some, like the ones named above, can deliver the kind of death no decent human being would wish for another but they are not our enemies! Compared to man’s true enemy they are – I think – really quite cute and cuddly.

Cute and cuddly, really? Why is that? Although animals can and do – from time to time – attack and kill and/or devour humans man as a species is NOT on the menu given to them by Nature.

The number of injuries or deaths caused by animals – wild or domesticated – is limited and almost always the result of either freakish accidents or the unfortunate consequence of all-too-human stupidity. Injuries and deaths inflicted by animals are never by design, never motivated by malice or base desires.


“Eh? Didn’t I tell you not to put your hand into that hole in the ground?”

Didn’t I tell you not to tease that pit bull terrier?”


There is, however, one creature that is more deadly than any animal by many orders of magnitude: MAN

The harm man causes his fellow creatures, be they other human beings or animals, is all too often by design, all too often unprovoked, all too often motivated by sheer malice and  base instincts and desires.

And amongst such dangerous men none are more dangerous than the Jew and his psychopathic camp followers!


“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization

Then be prepared to accept barbarism.”

Thomas Sowell


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