John Kaminski

Allow me to present to you John Kaminski’s new website. Although we have never even met I think of him as a friend? Why’s that?

Anybody who is not afraid to have a long hard look at the upside-down-inside-out Western civilization (so-called!), anybody who is not afraid of those who created this foul-smelling swamp and who benefit from it, anybody who is not afraid of pointing the finger at those bottom-feeders or naming names IS a friend I haven’t met yet!

Some of his articles have been reposted on my blog but why not go straight to the source?

His hard-hitting eloquent articles are a pleasure to read – despite the rather disagreeable things he writes about.

“Head over to John’s site! NOW!

That’s an ORDER! Move it! Move it! Move it!!!

To whet your appetite here are some of John’s videos:




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