Vaya Con Dios

Dear Reader!

This blog is now closed. The reason is two-fold:

For the life of me I cannot see anything that could still be said about Jewry and its Satanic religion that hasn’t been said before – a thousand times, most likely! I really do not want to waste my time and energy on re-inventing the wheel or chewing the cud!

The time for talk is long gone. What is required now is ACTION! Each of us is a sovereign human being! Together We The People, have the power to beat the Jew World Order and, in fact, any other kind of tyranny!

How? Remember Who You Are! To jog your memory go to the post I consider the most important one on this blog: LAW There is material there for download that can set you free! Carpe Diem!

“Vaya Con Dios!” (Go with God)

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