President Swamp Drainer And The Holohoax

The president of the United States is blocking me.

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The last email I sent him was about the Law to kill American Christians, set up by the Chabad Lubavitchers.  No response, no explanation, no correction if that is needed, nothing. I am simply blocked. They use a trick: I never use emoji in my emails or posts. Yet the President’s website insists, after several tries, that I do and I cannot get my message through to the president. I was sending a short version of the text below due to the limitation on the size of web mail. It is clear to me, that after two days of trying, that I am being blocked as contact after sending several messages to the president informing him about very important matters, namely the law signed to kill American Christians; Chemtrails, the Satanic wailing wall and a few more things.


The part in blue is what I tried to send off to the president because of limitation on their web mail:

Open letter to the President

Dear Mr. President,

In response to your speech about the Jewish Holocaust (there are many others), I must say, Mr. President, you are not informed, like most people, about true European and Jewish history. This comes from the media not to be willing to look at a story from both sides. Imagine being in a court of law and just listening to one side! That’s what most people do, even you, dear Mr. President. And that’s what was done in Nuremberg under the disguise of looking at both sides.

This claimed Holocaust of the Jews, if it had existed, would not be “history’s darkest hour.” The darkest hour was for the Russians when the Jews overthrew Russia and made it into the Soviet Union, killing between 66 Million to 100 Million Russians, including Millions of German Russians (and my family members)! The next darkest hour was the 50 Million Chinese that were annihilated by Communist Jew Chairman Mao. After that, it was the nearly 14 Million German civilians (including soldiers as POWs) murdered by the Allies in the assignment by Jew Dwight Eisenhower, Commander of Europe, AFTER WW2 was over, because the Jews planned, initiated and perpetuated both world wars, specifically to drive forward the Jewish Communist world power by eliminating the most successful white people in Europe, primarily in Russia and Germany. All in all Germany lost 20 Million people in WW2 that Germany never started. England and the Jew bankers planned it, and Polen started it. Does this make the jews victims or perpetrators? Using logic, they are the perpetrators!

Best regards,

_with my full I.D. and address__

And they are the perpetrators of almost all wars since 1945 the U.S. has been involved in with their LIES AND DECEPTION. They have turned the United States into a Rogue country as England once was.

All the truth is repressed by the Jewish-controlled media to hide the Jewish crimes. Mr. President, you claim to be a Christian. Jesus called the jewish priests sons of Satan. The State of Israel is an undying monument to the Jewish genociders and robbers. The Jews were not oppressed in Germany; matter of fact Germany treated the Jews better than any country in Europe. Yet, the Jews declared war on Germany in March of 1933 because they did not succeed in overthrowing Germany, making another Soviet Union out of it! Our American soldiers are dying for the greed of the jews who are planning to eliminate almost all of us in the very near future: read their orders by their Satanic god in the Talmud and in the Old Testament to eliminate all peoples on the earth and take all their possessions. [visitors, read WE ARE FIGHTING TO WIN!]

The American Veterans of WW2, unfortunately, did not know that they were fighting for Jewish Communism to gain a hidden hold in the world.  Those who have exposed history truth, have been defamed, ruined, or murdered. No, Mr. President, the sacrifice of the American Veterans in WW2 has not helped preserve freedom for the entire world! Just look at the endless American wars!!! The American people do not want these wars! Who the devil does?  Going along with these wars has instead helped destroy our freedom and liberties, putting us under the control of Jewish pedophiles, genociders, war mongers, and haters of all peoples. All the small countries are slowly being taken over by the jews via instigated “civil” wars.

I know that you have no evil intend, Mr. President, you have simply been filled with lies and poisoned against truth. I am now more hopeless than I was in the early days of your presidency. You are doing the opposite of what I had hoped for.  The Jews got you were they want you to be and that is to perpetuate jewish wars and jewish lies and the jewish New World Order. I have only watched for a few minutes because it is just too much to bear to hear you cater to the Jews.

[I might watch the rest of the video later and comment on it when I have recovered from this first disappointment.]

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