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Open Letter

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Our people, our country and all of Europe are being occupied like a flashflood by foreign human masses and thus we are being swindled out of our social achievements. And all this is happening according to plan! The implementation of these plans is achieved by truly criminal gangs of politicians, media hypocrites and „bought“ judicial authorities who give willing assistance to the unfolding catastrophe and revel in their current legal immunity and in the wealth which is slipped into their pockets for their treasonous services.

Why does the People permit this – to be deliberately exploited, raped and gradually, but clearly, exterminated? Why does it not make use of its right to live, and fulfill its duty according to natural law and resist?

For one single reason: the „moral obligations“ emanating from the German Auschwitz guilt-cult!

Through decades of „re-education“ perpetratede by participating traitor organisations in our country, it has been so paralysed both in mind and will that it is not even aware of its walk to the scaffold. Dazzled by the phraseology of affluence, and tranquilised by mere words, it has lost all sight of reality. This sick system, based on denouncing to the police all patriotic heretics and a delusional do-gooder-ism is borne by the false belief in the greatest lie of all, the supposed German Holocaust of the Jews, and by the ensuing, self-destructive, guilt cult of the German people.

View the video material quietly, of which there are a thousand variations in even better quality on the Internet. Judge for yourself objectively. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by that part of your brain which has been atrophied by years of indoctrination, and finally put to yourself the question which is already being asked by thousands and in increasing number!

Wake up!

All these people who ask in quiet, are afraid of denouncers and persecution and prosecution by the beneficiaries of The Lie, of the terror which is exercised by the well-paid assistants of this unjust state. They are still afraid of the laws and paragraphs which only serve to cover The Lie and which muzzle the Sovereign, who are The German People.

But such laws which are being applied to throw thousands into prison, to deprive them of their rights, to torment them physically and spiritually, and even to murder them, have no validity in history. Laws which forbid openly calling a danger a danger contradict every natural instinct of self-preservation in healthy peoples.

That is why we must not fear these laws and should not submit to their proclaimers! The more fair-minded and true-hearted people finally are standing up and displaying to those around them that they are not willing to tread slavishly any more the path to the slaughterhouse. les the more even of the weaker will finally muster the courage to attach themselves to them. Already, since a certain time the lie has been crumbling away under the fingers of its inventors. Ever new lies and explanations which scream to the heavens have to be invented and protected by further laws for to legitimise the German cult of guilt. Alone, no time remains for the European peoples to wait for the wasting death of this lie. The Occident is in danger!

Awaken and think for yourselves!

To the legal profession

The majority of you have already known the truth for a long time. Whether you became willing tools of the lie for material reasons, out of fear of your own colleagues and the system or out of pure malice, the judgement of your guilt will be left to a future jurisdiction. It is solely up to the decent among you to assist the breakthrough of the truth and to break the silence. Don’t feel too safe behind the thin wall of corrupt associations of an autocratic clique. Such alliances have too often been brought low out of their own ranks. It is just in their own ranks that there was not a few who suddenly discovered their good conscience and did not care for the consequences of the accomplices . If you do not wish to see what is going on around you, that it is seething, that the will of the people  forging ahead, then slumber blissfully on. Persecute me and subject me to the terror with which you have already broken or even murdered so many. You have, yet, the (un)right to do so.

To the media

„The freedom of the press, guaranteed in the basic laws (G. G. ) of the Federal Republic, includes the independence and freedom of information, expression of opinion and criticism. Publishers and journalists have to be conscious in their work of their responsibility to the public and their obligation to uphold the reputation of the press. They perceive that their task of publication is to be fair, to the best of their knowledge and not under the influence of personal interest or irrelevant motives“

„Regard for the truth, safeguarding of human dignity and truthfully informing the public are the highest rules of the press. Everybody who is employed in the press maintains its reputation and credibility on this basis. „

„Research is an indispensable instrument of the journalist’s care. By the publication of certain information in word, picture or graphics their truthfulness is to be tested with the care demanded by the circumstances obtaining and faithfully reproduced. The sense may not be distorted or falsified by revision, caption or description of images“ Excerpt from the Press Code.

Please, where are the people who felt themselves called to practise the profession of he journalist and felt themselves bound by ethical principles? Sure, they were forced, blackmailed, banned from practising their profession and expelled from society. There was also no shrinking from murder.

Many of them preferred to be silent, to drown their bad conscience in alcohol and drugs and thus at least preserve what remained of their miserable lives. All those among them who sense the small flame of of uprightness and defiance still burning within them do not notice the many colleagues and fellow men who are just waiting for someone to break the silence. Everyone of them would so like to, knows some of the expelled and is not one of the overpaid bosses-but does not trust himself. For so many there is still the way back to truth. They need only to step onto it with head held high! Bring out of the archives that which was buried there in past years because it did not fit into the PC picture!

Drive out the armchair bosses who led the good life with the monies which the Germans had to render as a compulsory levy and which would be due to you if you would, with truthful journalism, help the people to find themselves again!

The lie is so obvious that no journalist can argue that he cannot expose it!

Every day you experience how all the frightening truths are being suppressed because the ruling caste is afraid of the end of its dictatorship of lies. They see it in the internet, hear and read it from their colleagues in neighbouring countries how out of this provoked chaos a storm is brewing. Up until now they had the power to so fool the German people that they simply let the lies and insults wash over them. It is now time to recognise that, due to its progressive decay, which will have, as a necessary consequence, the collapse of European civilisation, the very basis of life will be taken from your families and children.

Awaken! Stand up!

Can one compel a man to swear an oath the plausibilty of which has to be denied right from the outset? Can a civil servant or employee of the state protect himself against condemnation when he now acts according to one law and then the next time in accordance with another? You all know what is happening on the streets. You know full well that your master finances the violent hordes, to which already hundreds of officers have fallen victim, with tax revenues. You know exactly that all these brutal actions, organised by the state, are veiled, concealed and finally nourished by the corrupt system. None of the tens of thousands of people who in the past months have demonstrated peacefully for their rights would ever harm a police officer who serves the German people in the exercise of his duties.

But, how long will it remain so? In the light of the unbearable circumstances there can be no doubt that, from a constitutional point of view, we are dealing with a deliberate coup d’etat, a putsch from the top, by the government against the people. The responsible organs of the state forfeit their claim to obedience from their subjects when they fail to guarantee the free individual safety and order. On whose side will the armed forces of the state stand if a state of resistance occurs and the German people dispose of the dictatorship? Will they attempt civil disobedience?

In an operation where tens of thousands of Germans go onto the streets for their rights, will whole teams of police declare themselves unfit for duty due to a „sudden illness“?

What will then remain of the love of humanity of the „Anti-demonstrators“, paid and brought in by the bus load who, in a perverse manner boast that they have injured or even murdered the „police bulls“?

The sovereign, the German people will know full well how to deal with such customers when they are no longer protected by you. But you, as an armed force of the state, will not be able to defend yourselves in a proper manner against assaults by these creatures of darkness without the lie and agitation press attacking you.

Recognise at last who is on your side! And act!

To the representatives of the Jewish People

Should it not really lie in the interests of the Jewish people to prove that there is also goodness in you whereby you show the peoples of this world that the present generations will no longer cover up the lei of the fathers? In the past expulsions it was always the „small“ Jews who had to suffer the most, who were robbed of their chosen homeland or came to their deaths. The controllers of world history noticed themselves that they had at times overdone it and brought themselves and their gold safely into a new enclave. They always left the „small man“ behind and considered it improper to warn them in good time of the next wave of expulsion.

Where will they now emigrate when in consideration of their completed achievements they have to leave the USA behind, if even Israel without the support of this military power will not be able to be held for much longer? What place of refuge will remain to the chosen people when they draw upon themselves the hatred of all humanity? Are not the real anti-semites more those who through such lying make a decent life for their own people impossible?

Expulsions from England in the year 1290, 1394 in France and 1492 from Spain, to list only the historically completed large expulsions of the last thousands years – these harsh acts were considered by these nations to be necessary.

Has it come to this again?

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