Einstein – Genius? Or Charlatan?

Genius? Or Charlatan? Decide For Yourself!

Excerpt from Nikola Tesla Trashed Einstein As A Crank

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Show a photo of the hideous creature known as ‘Einstein’ to even the most learning disabled child and he’ll immediately identify the sanctified scientist. His name itself has become synonymous with genius. Just enter only the term ‘scientific genius’ into a Google Image search, and image after image of St. Albert will populate your screen.

But what exactly did this great “genius” – the man whom H.L. Mencken derided as “that fiend for publicity” – actually do, besides fill up chalkboards with numbers? How has humanity benefited from his ‘Theory of Relativity’? Contrary to popular laymen belief, space travel and nuclear energy have nothing to do with Einstein’s “discovery”.

Why, after nearly a century has passed, are there still top physicists who refute Einstein’s theory? After all, no one, and I mean absolutely no one, refutes the Theory of Gravity (admin: actually that, too, is but a theory, easy to refute!), or the Laws of Thermodynamics. Why so much hype for this Jewish god of “Theoretical Science”; this serial adulterer, this proven plagiarist, this deadbeat dad, this phony “pacifist” who fled anti-Communist Germany and then urged the U.S. into entering an unnecessary war.

Without going deep into the scientific realm which admittedly is “not my bag”, let us be clear as to what Einstein’s Relativity actually claims. The Theory of Relativity holds that time and space are “warped”. Those of you old enough to remember the original ‘Planet of the Apes’ with Charlton Heston will recall how time had slowed down for the space travellers when they had reached a certain speed. Upon their return to Planet Earth, the astronauts are still in their 30’s while the Earth has passed through 1000’s of years of “Evolution”. Heston’s age defying journey is based on the Theory of Relativity.

Apart from challenging our common sense, the time warps, space warps and artificial speed limits of Einstein’s imagination (actually stolen from previous theoreticians) can neither be tested nor observed. Yet we are all supposed to accept this dubious brand of “Theoretical Science” as Holy Writ.”Time and Space can warp. Trust us. We’re scientists.” say the Relativists.

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Below are some excerpts – in no particular order – from:

Einstein Hoax pdf

 The joke’s on us

“Einstein” means “one stone”, a metaphor for half a brain

“The nation has been on the decline mentally and morally since 1870… Behind the Nazi party stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book and in his speeches made his shameful intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. … The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting…” Albert Einstein

This “brilliant” Jew is, of course, referring to a people who were almost totally destroyed in a world war, have succeeded in ridding themselves of the scourge of Jews, and within half a century rebuilt their country to achieve family incomes almost twice as high as ours.

Einstein rarely mentioned those who assisted him. Indeed, in all the famous 1905 papers that he published, only Michele Besso, his friend and sounding board, is mentioned. There is simply no other source material cited in any other of his 1905 papers.

If this Jew was so brilliant, why did the US government not tap his talents for the Manhattan Project which sucessfully developed the atom bomb? Why was GPS a success without any consideration for “his theory”?

Einsteinian Holocaust Mathematics

Why were two thirds of his children brain dead?

Why did he publish “his” papers under his wife’s name? Why did his wife do his math for him, and how did he do his math after he dumped her for a prettier woman?

Mileva Einstein-Maric

 The curious fact about Mr. Einstein is that his early teachers were probably correct: they did not view him as particularly bright. When Einstein (on his second attempt) managed to finally enter the Swiss Polytechnic school in Zurich, the young 17 year old quickly realized he was in way over his head.

When we actually examine the life of Albert Einstein, we find that his only brilliance lies in his ability to plagiarize and steal other people’s ideas, passing them off as his own.

He was extremely quick to glom on to Mileva Maric, a brilliant Serbian student, who was the only woman studying physics at the Swiss Polytechnic (“ETH”) the entire time Einstein was there. Maric was four years Einstein’s senior. She was a Serb, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, short of stature, had a limp and was extremely bookish. In addition to taking the exact same course-work in college that Einstein took, and living together with him, sharing textbooks, etc., Maric studied on her own for one semester in Germany under Phillipe Lenard, the Nobel Prize winning physicist who discovered the photo-electric effect (which was explained in one of the 1905 papers attributed to Einstein).

Why did he NEVER cite any prior paper to demonstrate that prior papers were used as references, and not just plagiarized? Why did TIME Magazine name him as “person of the year” when he wasn’t even in the top 100 of America’s favorite personalities?

Why should this alley cat, who had a Downs Syndrome child out of wedlock, who got caught in adultery by his wife, who believes that Christ is now boiling in hot semen, who thinks the Germans “cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting”, whose disdain for moral character and upstanding principles are so obvious, be presented as a moral example to America’s youth? Niggers in Africa wouldn’t even accept him as a role model, so why should we?

No, the Jews did not want to give credit to any of a number of Germans, Austrians, Irishmen, Frenchmen, Scotsmen, Englishmen, and even Americans who had contributed to the body of knowledge and evidence from which Einstein plagiarized and stole his work.

Instead, they needed to erect Einstein as their golden calf, even though he repeatedly and often embarrassed himself with his nonfactual or nearsighted comments regarding the work he had supposedly done. For example, in 1934, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a front page article in which Einstein gave an “emphatic denial” regarding the idea of practical applications for the “energy of the atom.” The article says, “But the ‘energy of the atom’ is something else again. If you believe that man will someday be able to harness this boundless energy-to drive a great steamship across the ocean on a pint of water, for instance — then, according to Einstein, you are wrong”

Again, Einstein clearly did not understand the branch of physics he had supposedly founded, though elsewhere in the world at the time theoretical research was underway that would lead to the atomic bomb and nuclear energy.

But after Einstein was promoted as a god in 1919, he made no real attempts to plagiarize any other work. Rather, he began his real purpose — evangelizing for the cause of Zionism and World Jewry.

Though he did publish other articles after this time, all of them were co-authored by at least one other person, and in each instance, Einstein had little if anything to do with the research that led to the articles; he was merely recruited by the co-authors in order to lend credence to their work. Thus freed of the pretense of academia, Einstein began his assault for World Zionism.

The establishment of the Einstein farce between 1919 and 1922 was an important coup for world Zionism and Jewry. As soon as Einstein had been established as an idol to the popular masses of England and America, his image was promoted as the rare genius that he is erroneously believed to be today. As such, he immediately began his work as a tool for World Zionism. The masses bought into the idea that if someone was so brilliant as to change our fundamental understanding of the universe, then certainly we ought to listen to his opinions regarding political and social issues. This is exactly what World Jewry wanted to establish in its ongoing effort of social engineering.

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“Einstein – A genius? A science wunderkind? Really?

Yeah! And I am the Emperor of China!”

Enough now of this Jewish sad sack and fraud, this sorry excuse for a scientist and a human being!

If you wish to acquaint yourself with a man of real genius and his world-changing accomplishments look no further than Nikola Tesla, a Serbian like Mileva Einstein-Maric!

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