Germany Enslaved

Germans Enslaved With A Gun To Their Head By A Vicious Foreign Power – Haarmann

…Whom can the German people vote in as leaders? Only their enemies! These “representatives” voted for by the mislead and belied German people, these enemies, are even more perfect enemies than our war enemies in battle. They speak hate and defamation against the legal Deutsche Reich and every German who still has some backbone…

WW2 Has Not Ended Against the German People

The German pre-Christian Son of God, the bringer of Heil and Good, depicted by the Christian Church (Gott im Rade, Stiftskirche Tübingen) as now a powerless god of German heathendom. The church prides itself with this: He is woven into the Wraldas Wheel (an ancient German symbol; the Julrad) where he is tortured by the church. Swiftly, the church made the heathen god of the ancient Germans into a criminal to destroy the memory of the German people as to who they are (Ura Linda Chronic). Just like they make the physically and mentally tortured Germans forget who they and their ancestors, fathers, brothers, sons, grandsons, and uncles were and are. Very old tactics for genocide.

D. H. Haarmann

Excerpt from the book Deutschland-Besetzt Wieso-Befreit Wodurch 1987 72S.

Translated by

All countries fighting on the German side in WW2 received a peace agreement soon after stopping activities.

Germany, however, is in a very strange state of suspense, and therefore the Allies are still at war with the German Reich (German empire) by the will of the Allies. Germany was at war with 20 nations before May 1945.

On June 26, 1945, in San Francisco, 51 states formed the United Nations (UNO).

Though Germany was in a battle with only 20 nations, the rest of the total 51 nations declared war on Germany in June of 1945, partially forced by the Allies to do so, partially to get a piece of the action when Germany was carved up. The result is, that 51 nations are still at war with Germany as of this day [written in 1987 – and also today in 2017].

The U.N. is an alliance of democratic and the then soviet powers against the German Reich and its allies. The axis states are excluded from the U.N. (The Federal Republic of Germany, however, is not the German Reich, and is not an axis state.)
U.N. Charta

Article 53 and 107 gives every enemy state the right to take up arms against Germany today, without violating the U.N. Charta or the Human Rights Agreements of Dec. 10, 1948. This means, the German people are excluded from the human rights concerns because it is still in an at-war condition. [admin: Satanic agents have arranged for such an agreement.]

The Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) and DDR (defunct now; once East Germany) were accepted into the UNO, but both the BRD and DDR are enemies of the German Reich and the German people as “all” Germans are citizens of the German Reich. [admin: The Federal Republic of Germany is a “war corporation”, a sort of war headquarters, that is holding the gun to its slaves, the Germans. Though it is illegal, it does not matter to the Allied war mongers; they are simply using the German people as tax payers, producers, and a whipping boy.]

The BRD and then DDR were accepted into the UNO but not the German Reich. Before the acceptance to the UNO both “states” BRD and DDR [admin: phony states=war headquarters]  had to accept and sign that the Deutsche Reich is the enemy of the BRD and DDR and of all the 51 nations. [admin: Through this dirty trick, and trust me, it was done in very convoluted ways as not to draw attention for many decades, kind of like the U.S. law to kill the American Christians – the treasonous mongrels (Jewish blood mixed with white blood) of the Federal Republic of Germany are in a position to treat the German people, the citizens of the Deutsche Reich, the German empire of 1871, as enemies: abuse them, prosecute them, shut them up, imprison them, ruin them and kill them. All under the control and sanction of the United States, as the main culprit. [This is painful for me, a German living in the U.S.A.]

All those who add insult to injury against the German people, calling them stupid and weak, ought to think about what they would do if they had a gun placed on their head. Of course those in government who say these awful insults against the German public, know the facts; they are just using the opportunity as a member of an enemy state to abuse the German people without them being able to change the situation of abuse. Cruel and satanic.~ admin]

Whom can the German people vote in as leaders? Only their enemies! These “representatives” voted for by the mislead and belied German people, these enemies, are even more perfect enemies than our war enemies in battle. They speak hate and defamation against the legal Deutsche Reich and every German who still has some backbone. [admin: patriots and those who honor their homeland, the German Reich, are defamed, ruined, attacked by the Antifa communist criminals, supported and perhaps even installed by the Fed. Republik of Germany, prosecuted, and imprisoned.

WW2 is still going on, but only against the German people.

Austria, which is legally a part of the German Reich, was taken into the UN on Dec. 14, 1955. But these entrances into the UN of the BRD, DDR and Austria are illegal, as well as their fabricated laws.

Not one single country that fought on the German side gets the hateful treatment the German people get via hate propaganda and lie propaganda, falsely accusing the Nazis of cruelty, and this since 1945.

While the warring between the nations has been forgiven, Germany is the only country that gets the hate, and that is an ever-increasing hate every year with stupendous accusations dragged by the hair onto the scene.

This extremely long ongoing war condition against Germany and this overpowering hate, only in the case of Germany, has serious and deep going reasons, that are hidden from the world population ever since the end of the war.

The hard to grasp reality is the following:  The Allies have only won a Pyrrhic victory (phony victory) against Germany and are today further away from a final victory as they were in the 1940s and 1950s.


[admin: Because several books claim that some Nazis and their families have migrated out of Germany during the war and settled in remote areas, bringing their wonder weapons with them, developing them and are planning to return to smash the New World Order, bringing back freedom of speech, history truth, truth about Nazi-Germany, kicking out of Europe all those other-racial immigrants, and reversing all the destruction that has been caused by the Jews and their henchmen. I sure hope so! All those leaders who have committed treason against the German and European people will be prosecuted and punished for their evil doing: Death penalty, according to the German Reich, which still exists. I’m waiting for this! But I do not think they will come back before we have a major world-wide disaster because only then will people drop their arrogant and false righteousness and will be ready to face things they were not willing to look at before, namely, the truth about Nazi Germany.]

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