Federal Republic Of Germany LTD

Federal Republic Of Germany LTD

by Bernard Weckmann

Before you proceed: Read This Warning!

Please be aware that this article presents politically incorrect views expressed in politically incorrect language. If you are one of the countless freedom-of-speech-hating bleeding-hearts do-gooding multicultural idiots now would be the right time to back out!


If you are still with me – wonderful and let us begin!

The following is the transcript of a cozy and enlightening fireside conversation I had with a good friend who wishes to be known only as KK. A staunch and outspoken defender of the right to freedom of speech he is known for his penetrating insights and his unyielding commitment to truth and justice! These are his unedited words! I have greyed out his picture as he doesn’t want to be recognized and stalked by pesky paparazzi.


———start of transcript———

BW So tell me, KK! Just the other day I came across an article – I forgot the name of the website but I think it was an official site of the government of the BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland = Federal Republic of Germany) – and the claim was made there that the BRD is the successor of previous German political entities. What do you make of that?

KK (takes a sip of his favourite brew) Utter bullshit! The BRD is not the successor of anything because under international law the sovereign German Reich still exists. Only the German People can – through their collective decision – dissolve the Reich and choose another form of self-organization and they have never done that! Sorry, Kikey and all you German-hating kissers-of-Jewish-ass lording it over Germany! I put it into legalese for you: you have no standing in this matter! Or put bluntly: it ain’t any of your fucking business! It is up to Germans to determine what Germany is or is not!!!

BW This is strong language! Shouldn’t we be more circumspect? What if somebody overhears you and takes you to court on a charge of hate speech?

KK Political correctness is a lunacy – I don’t take it serious! But, admittedly, it is a fiendishly cunning and an exceptionally successful lunacy. Respect for others, respect for their race and ethnicity, respect for their culture and religion, respect for their sexual orientation and political views, respect for … well, you name it and you are supposed to respect, if not actually embrace, anything and everything these days, the most disgusting perversions included. PFUI TEUFEL!

Political correctness is made out to be something very noble and high-minded. Pat yourself on the shoulder, you noble-spirited man or woman! That is all very well but none of it trumps your right to express your very own views whether they are popular or not, regardless of the language you use!

Check out the United Nations Resolution No 19:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.

If it is ok for a Jew to call a German a Nazi then it is ok for a German to call him a kike, wouldn’t you says so? How is that hate-speech?

It is morally wrong and illegal under international law to drop phosphorus bombs on defenceless civilians in Gaza. I have the right and the moral obligation to name the culprit. ISRAEL! That is not anti-Semitic hate-speech!

If it is ok for a radical Muslim to call for cutting the throat of anybody who resists Islam then it is ok for me to demand that thugs like him be thrown out of Australia. That is self-defence! Not Islamophobic hate-speech!

As for taking me to court …. let them go ahead and let them make my day!

BW But what is the purpose of this political correctness idea?

KK This lunacy has been designed to ensure that we censor ourselves and one another. Few can live with the disapproval of others. Few can stand being called an anti-Semite or holocaust-denier, a racist or a hypocrite, a chauvinist pig or bigot or whatever. So they don’t say anything – if you never say anything controversial nobody can disapprove of you. Not really all that noble, is it? … but it sure is safe!

BW Let’s stay on the subject of Germany. If the BRD isn’t the successor of the German Reich then what exactly is it?

KK Glad you asked. Now hold on to your hat, my friend. Here is the truth: the BRD is nothing but a commercial outfit, a company, a corporation much like Microsoft or McDonalds or Woolworth or, come to think of it, any of the myriad so-called governments of the world. In plain English: it’s nothing but a money-making outfit. Somebody owns the BRD – lock, stock and barrel! He owns all the land, all the fixtures and all the chattel. And with chattel I mean the German people!

BW Can you actually prove that?

KK I sure can. Have a look at this screenshot from one of the world’s leading debt recovery agencies and providers of commercial information, i.e. in-depth data on all kinds of businesses including their credit rating. If they have the BRD listed as a commercial enterprise then you can take it as a fact that this is exactly what the BRD is! I have translated the key facts at the bottom. Surprise, surprise! You didn’t know that I speak German fluently, did you? That document I show you is just meant as an appetizer. Do your own research! True, the Internet is full of dross but it also if full of valuable information. You’ll be amazed what you’ll find! Just be discerning! The truth is out there! Wow! Never thought I’d use that cliche!

(He hands me a printout of the screenshot)


BW I have a question. If that Gauck fellow is the CEO then what is Merkel’s position in the BRD? Being the CEO doesn’t necessarily mean he is the owner. So who is the owner?

KK Actually, that’s two questions. Let’s start with the second one. Who is the owner? I don’t know, frankly – but we can deduce from the circumstantial evidence that it is not Homer Simpson’s boss, Montgomery Burns, but probably somebody in the same league of wealth and power, the same league of nastiness and decrepitude. You know: the kind of man who will steal a lolly from a child. My money is on Rothschild! And Gauck is his strawman!

As for Merkel’s place in this scam: sure, officially she is the Chancellor. But the only two real chancellors Germany has ever had were Bismarck and Hitler and they would probably turn in their graves if they knew just what kind of slimy traitor and imbecile has taken upon herself the mantle of the highest office of the Reich. But never mind her title. I think of her as chief of the pettifogging bean counters and moneygrubbers that manage Corporation BRD. She is nothing but a glorified errand girl for the owner of the place.

BW Let’s talk about that recent ruckus regarding the German anthem which I wrote about in my post “Das Deutschland Lied”. Do you agree with me that only brain-washed people could have reacted in this knee-jerk manner? I’ll use one the Jews’s favourite expressions – self-hating Jew – and apply it to Germans. So, do you agree that only Germans conditioned to hate themselves could have reacted so stupidly?

KK Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head! Only indoctrinated immature ignorant people lacking totally in self-respect could have reacted like that. So what if they sing the correct version of the anthem, ie. the third stanza of the Deutschlandlied. You know: Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit. These morons would not recognise and understand Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit if it bit them on their arses. What the fuck do they know about any of these profound concepts. The ability to think for themselves has been conditioned out of them by the Jew-rigged education system.

Einigkeit = Unity

With all the mouth-breathing riffraff imported from all over the world – courtesy of Merkel and her henchmen – I no longer believe that there is a united Germany. While Germans may still be, numerically, the largest element they are, it seems, no longer in charge of their country. Can they not see that? Every fuzzy-wuzzy from the remotest corner of the jungle, every grunting troglodyte is given equal footing with native Germans and sometimes even preferential treatment. These hordes of human look-alikes are not assimilable and do not even want to be. They are in it for the benefits promised to them by their handlers: a meal-ticket for the rest of their lives and a go at white women! This you call unity? Instead of wasting their time and energy on playing tennis these morons ought to do something more constructive for their country and their people!


With Jewish and Freemasonic shysters in control of German courts there is no longer such a thing as justice! Haven’t these morons heard of the plight of Ursula Haverbeck and Sylvia Stolz? Haven’t they heard of Horst Mahler and Ernst Zundel and a host of less well-known victims of the Jew-rigged justice system of the BRD? Haven’t they heard how Muslim and nigger rapists and sexual predators are allowed to walk away from German courts with nary a slap on the wrist? Self-defence – yes, even including lethal force! – is a right given to us by God or if you prefer Nature. Nobody can take it away from you, least of all kangaroo courts with their Jewish agenda. If you do not assert the right to defend yourself, your loved ones and your people you probably deserve what is coming to you! Sorry! Not very pleasant to hear, is it? But these are just the facts of life.


Sure, you have freedom in Germany! You can choose to go to a fancy restaurant if you can afford it or to McDonalds or some equally revolting fast-food outlet. If you are in the market for a car you can choose a VW or a Toyota or Mitsubishi or what have you. Great choices, no doubt! But real freedom? No, not under Jewish rule!

When it is election time, for instance, you can choose between a pinko commie bastard or perhaps a leftist bitch! Both of them in the pockets of the Jew!

You are not free to ask questions about the Jews’ involvement in WW1 and WW2, their role in the Versailles Treaty after the first and their role in the partitioning of Germany after the last war.

You are not free to state that Bolshevism was a murderous political philosophy created by the Jew for the express purpose of raping Russia and transferring its wealth into Jewish hands while at the same time culling its Christian populace. You are not free to state the obvious: that it was Hitler and National Socialist Germany that acted as a bulwark against the Bolshevik scum.

You are not free to notice the fact that the “knights in shining armour” that “liberated” Germany in 1945 from the “evils” of fascism, the “Holier Than Thou” Americans, British, French, Russians and their camp followers, the Australians or Canadians, were the same ones engaged in systematically robbing and raping, starving, torturing and murdering German POWs and civilians long after Germany had already capitulated.

You are not free to notice and point out that Jews still mean to spread Communism around the world with exactly the same kind of consequences we saw in Russia. They have toned it down a bit, of course. After all you do not want to spook the horses and make them bolt before you had a chance to get at them.

You are not free to hint that Israel is a nation of genocidal psychopaths. You are not free to question the “holocaust” or the sacrosanct kabbalistic number of 6 gadzillion “murdered” Jews.

You are not free to view Hitler in a positive way and express sympathy for National Socialist ideas.

Hitler wasn’t a saint – after all, who is? Except me, of course! (Laughs!) Neither was he a monster! You are not even free to read his book “Mein Kampf”. It doesn’t matter whether Hitler was right or not! You are ordered to despise and hate him – or else!

You are not free to place the love of your fatherland and your people above the love of the parasites that suck the life out of you! You are just supposed to shut up and toe the line and moil and toil for your overlords. This is freedom? Really? Yes, this is freedom! Freedom a la juif! Enjoy!

BW That all sounds so frustrating and depressing. Isn’t there anything positive, anything inspiring, anything hopeful that we could end this conversation on?

KK As they say in German: “Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei!” (For English-speaking readers: Everything has an end only the sausage has two). Not exactly very profound but certainly true. The New World Order spook WILL end and it can be ended in an instant if people truly desire it!

BW How would you do that?

KK I can think of two kinds of solutions: a) a peaceful one which is certainly preferable or b) bloodshed if nothing else will work.

The peaceful one first. Now get this: according to the Talmud-inspired pseudo-laws imposed upon the nations of the world corporations enjoy the same legal rights as humans. It self-evidently follows that they should also be subject to the same legal obligations. If humans that commit heinous crimes can be put to death or jailed for life then the same can be done to corporations. They can be dissolved (the equivalent of the death penalty) and their assets can be forfeited. Or they can have the right to conduct business revoked for whatever time is deemed appropriate (the equivalent of incarceration) and be sued for damages. Sounds like common-sense to me. If the political will is there it will be easy to implement this solution because the laws are already in place!

Let’s return power and wealth to where it really belongs: into the hands of the people! Let’s dissolve the Corporation BRD and the one known as the Commonwealth of Australia and the United States of America and all the others. Let’ s bring their criminal management to justice. Let’s forfeit the assets of the companies, of their owners and of management and use them for the benefit of the hard-working people who created all this wealth in the first place with their labour!

But I am not holding my breath. For any changes to occur people everywhere in the world need to realize that it is just seconds to midnight. And it may already be too late for a peaceful solution. So on to the other option.

The miscreants, Jews and Gentiles, that set up this crooked system and benefit from it in terms of obscene wealth and total power are sick to the core. They are like that proverbial monkey with his fist in the peanut jar. Exactly like the monkey they cannot relax and they cannot let go. They cannot and will not share!This inability to relinquish something that is in their grasp is a symptom of their psychopathology and the inability to see that their lack of flexibility will ultimately work against them is irrefutable proof of their intellectual impairment, i.e. their abysmal and terminal stupidity. We may have no choice but to kill all these sick monkeys because, let’s face it, it is either them or us! You have a problem with such a choice? I don’t.

Of course, there is always a risk. Cornered rats are notoriously unpredictable and dangerous. But is it not better to die standing and fighting than kneeling as a slave before the sicko Jew and condemn our children and children’s children to a life of eternal slavery?

Now – enough of this. Let me wet my whistle (takes a sip of his favourite brew) and perhaps we can continue tomorrow night!

BW Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. And good night to you!

———end of transcript———

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