Traitors, All!

Traitors, All!

by Ernst Zundel (written in 1996)

“The German State I hate is one born in a lie and deception – namely that it is free and democratic. It isn’t (BJW) and never was that!

It was a creature of the Allied Occupation Powers – created out of German turncoats, traitors, former Communists and released inmates of concentration camps, Jews and Gentiles alike, many of whom had run afoul of perfectly legally promulgated and adopted German laws – which made them land there in the first place.

By using these despicable people as “leaders”, the Dark Forces embodied in the Allied Occupation authorities created for themselves a pliable and useful instrument.

Further, to make sure that they would keep control, they licensed all Occupation-approved newspapers, many of them to Jewish individuals or Marxists. Those who did not toe to the prevailing Allied Occupation authority party line of “political correctness” had no chance whatsoever to get or keep a livelihood through publishing.

This made for a uniform, unified voice and reflection of Allied wishes, goals and desires.

Additionally, judges in “de-nazification” courts were staffed largely by the same motley crew of Communists, crooks, chameleons and traitors to German interests. Especially right after the end of the war, these people established a medieval machinery of terror, torture and lawlessness in the name of law and order in their hunt for “war criminals” – as is once again revealed in the Priebke case.

The hunt for “war time criminals” – of course, always only German ones, or those allied with Germany! – began and turned out to be a politically and financially lucrative business indeed. It took me a long time to realize that the goal was NOT to bring these “criminals” to justice and right a moral “wrong”. The goal was the repeat assault on Germans’ pride – to keep a nation and a people feeling guilty.

This guilt, imposed and reinforced at every opportunity, prevented Germans who survived the war from asserting themselves and acting in their own best interest. A person who feels guilty is willing to do penance. A country that is artificially programmed to keep on feeling guilty for having practiced “genocide” becomes the cash cow for those parties who benefit financially, politically and “morally” from the alleged “Holocaust”.

These toadies, in the pay and service of the Dark Forces nurturing this guilt, knowingly and falsely caved in to pressure and adopted a disgusting policy of “guilt payments” for largely imaginary crimes, thus saddling generations of Germans with this horrific mortgage – not only on their finances but, what is worse, on their honor and their national pride.

These regimes, made up of alien interests, were not the initial creators of this blood libel on Germany, but quickly became the enforcers of the Allies’ diabolically clever campaign of total “re-education” of all Germans by all means of communication possible – snuffing out all dissent against this treason by vile and vicious means and draconian “hate” laws. These postwar politicians and media elites of three German states – West Germany, Central Germany and Austria – allowed themselves to be made into willing accusers, participants and prosecutors, judges and jailers of their own people on drummed-up bogus charges.

These “elites” have been continuing the merciless rule of the Allied Occupiers and the Dark Forces behind them for more than half a century – now that many of the hundreds of thousands of Occupation soldiers have left.

Thus, these creatures have spat on the memory of those heroic men who stormed to the gates of Stalingrad to stop what was called Communism once and has since been repackaged as “The New World Order”. These lackeys to the plutocrats have belittled – in fact, criminalized – these soldiers’ blood sacrifice, their loss of eyes, limbs, health and honor and even life on the altar of cheap foreign applause.

They have condoned the loss of property and homelands of 17 million Germans with an arrogant, ignorant, callous and criminal wave-of-a-hand and shrug-of-a-shoulder. While they are drumming into our ears and brains the stories of atrocities the Germans are alleged to have committed, they have deliberately played down, ignored and even willfully suppressed massive Allied war crimes – such as the rape and murder of millions of German women and even children at the end of the war by so-called “liberators”.

Do I hate that state and system? Yes. It has been said by Mohandas Gandhi that non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.

The reason why I hate the system locked in place of the once all-German living space is simply because it is born in evil posing as good. The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance, and Germany’s people are ignorant of what has been done to them.

They have been robbed and continue to be robbed not only of their money for so-called “reparations” but mutilated at their very core, their ethnic pride and honor.

The German government boasts of being “democratic” when in effect it is despotic. It brags it is the legal successor to the last democratically and properly elected regime, namely the government of Adolf Hitler – when it is plain illegal, a device imposed by the victors on the defeated German nation. It keeps its people genuflecting before its tyrants and defrauders.

This list goes on and on.

When I was thrown in jail in Germany for my political beliefs and my outspoken nature, it was done by systematically created moral cripples resorting to their last maneuver – that of brute force and subsequent incarceration where arguments are wanting.

I walked out of that prison despising them.

When I was jailed and imprisoned in Canada for these same viewpoints and beliefs, my feelings were quite different. I did not come out of Canadian jails hating the Canadian system. I accept that this is what Canadians elected freely and evolved over a century.

To this day, I love Canada. I don’t like what it is becoming, but I loved what it was in 1958 when I came here to make a living and build an honest life while still a teenager.

Contrary to what you may read in the paper, Canada has not been the worse off for me. I have paid back in coin what it has given me, including a definition of its own Charter of Rights and Freedoms – my 1992 Supreme Court victory affirming the right to dissent in free speech – that was not properly understood before.

I paid for that privilege with every penny out of my private kitty.

When it comes to my native country, Germany, I feel at times that I am like some priest of old, exorcising the evil demon from Germany’s soul. A country has a right to choose its government. After the World War II defeat, and after more than 50 years of occupation, Germany has not yet been given that option by its conquerors. The government is and will always be an instrument of suppression and bondage for the German people. Liberation is yet to come.

The fact that I was thrown in prison in Germany was a reminder to me that Germans, whom I had given the means to free themselves, namely the findings of the Leuchter Investigations – scientific and verifiable proof that the Holocaust is one gigantic swindle, and that the “reparations” scheme is an extortion racket – was powerful verification to me, the bearer of good and truthful tidings, that I had handed mentally and spiritually mutilated men and women the sword of truth with which they could have slashed the Gordian knot of Jewish/Allied lies. With one bold stroke, they could have freed themselves from their tormentors and defrauders.

What did they do with it?

They had no hands with which to hold the truth. They had no eyes to even see the truth. The truth was there. Their faculties were gone. They had become grotesquely crippled – stupefied, numbed, spiritually altered – “re-educated” in a deliberate act of war by Allied psychological warfare experts.

That is the reason why I have dedicated my life to excise the virulent lie that is killing the soul of my kin and my race.

I do not hate the German people inside the so-called “democratic state”. I hate the system that will blind and maul and mangle the descendants of the men who bled their life into the ice and snow of Stalingrad, into the sands of Africa, who lie in watery graves in the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s why I hate that system with a cold, sustaining passion.





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