Building The Third Temple

Mission Statement of The Jerusalem Temple Institute


The Temple Institute is dedicated to all aspects of the Divine commandment for Israel to build a house for G-d’s presence, the Holy Temple, on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. The range of the Institute’s involvement with this concept includes education, research, activism, and actual preparation. Our goal is firstly, to restore Temple consciousness and reactivate these “forgotten” commandments. We hope that by doing our part, we can participate in the process that will lead to the Holy Temple becoming a reality once more.

Why build the Temple?

Why this fuss over an ancient, seemingly outdated concept? What relationship does the Holy Temple have to our world today? The people of Israel have lived without a Temple for nearly 2,000 years, and seem to be doing fine without one. We don’t seem to need it, and G-d certainly doesn’t, so why think about rebuilding?

202 Biblical Commandments

The Jewish people accepted the “Yoke of Heaven,” the structure of their relationship with the Creator and their spiritual responsibility, at the Mount Sinai revelation. This relationship is based on Israel’s acceptance and fulfillment of the Torah’s 613 Divine commandments. But in fact, fully one third – 202 of these commandments – are totally dependent on the existence of the Holy Temple for their fulfillment. But what is our attitude regarding these commandments? Do we think of them as inactive, dormant, dead? Do we believe that they are no longer applicable? Do we perhaps relegate them to that nebulous time of messianic redemption; that they will only be activated in the future with the coming of the messiah?

The Torah’s commandments are eternal, for now and forever

Nothing can be further from the truth. Maimonides teaches (Sefer Igeret Ha’Shmad) that the performance of all the commandments are not dependent on the coming of the messiah. They are to be fulfilled at all times. G-d does not change His mind, or nullify any of the commandments included in the Torah, which were given once, for all time. In lieu of Temple service, we may observe various “remembrances” of these commandments, but that is all they are – merely gestures of nostalgia.

Fish out of water

But we fool ourselves if we think that the state of Judaism today, without the Temple, is normal. On the contrary, we are like fish out of water. If 1/3 of all the Torah’s commandments center on the Temple, it would seem that Biblical observance in the Temple’s absence is but a skeleton of what G-d had intended it to be.

Our spiritual alienation

Sadly, much of our contemporary attitudes regarding the Holy Temple are a reflection of our own spiritual bankruptcy and alienation from the spiritual underpinnings of true Torah knowledge and faith. The Holy Temple was not some magnificent building. It was the direct arena for our direct relationship with G-d; the unfolding saga of man’s greatest spiritual longing. It was a place where heaven and earth met; a meeting place for man and G-d.

Our relationship with G-d

At this one place on earth, unlike any other, the one place that the Creator Himself chose to rest His presence, the rectification of man’s connection with G-d takes place. All people were able to come to the Temple to partake in this direct and fulfilling bond; to recharge their spiritual batteries and come away with a renewed sense of purpose and being.

A new era of universal harmony

Every prophet of Israel, without exception, prophesized that the Temple would be rebuilt, ushering in a new era of universal harmony and peace unparalleled in the history of man. Thus, the “movement” to rebuild the Holy Temple is not new. It was born almost 2,000 years ago, at the moment of the Second Temple’s destruction. For when the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, it was the soul of Jewish people… and the entire world… as we believe it will be once again.

The rebuilding of the Holy Temple: In our time?

The reality of the Jewish experience means that the Temple will be rebuilt. Many people who visit the Temple Institute are incredulous and cannot help but exclaim: “Do you really think that you will live to see the Holy Temple rebuilt?” The answer to that question is of little importance. Let us rather recall that Jewish history has a trajectory, which began when the patriarch Abraham smashed his father’s idols. That trajectory has spanned the millennia, and it is obvious that we are rapidly approaching climactic times, in which the Holy Temple will once again become the focal point for mankind’s spiritual focus. Whether this transpires in our generation or not, we can still choose to be active participants, and not simply spectators, in G-d’s bold plan for the Redemption of Israel and all humanity.

…end quote…


Jewish Obsession With Blood Revisited!

Most civilized people associate the ritual killing of animals with Satanism. But the ritual killing of animals is a fundamental part of Judaism. There is, for instance “Shechitah” (the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for food) – cruel and revolting!


What does that tell you about the true nature of this self-proclaimed “ethical monotheism” and the world’s “most moral” religion? I will not pull my punches: Judaism IS a death cult, it IS Satanism!

Its bloody and pain-causing rituals (circumcision, shechitah and kapparot) should not surprise anyone for a tribe that mutilates its own newborn baby boys without anaesthesia and views non-Jews as some kind of non-human species (that’s racism, of course!) and furthermore has a millenia-spanning track record of genocide cannot really be expected to have empathy for animals.

The benighted adherents of Orthodox Judaism intend to take this disgusting ritual killing to new heights of cruelty – and to new depths of immorality: they have plans to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem complete with animal sacrifices on an industrial scale. Industrial? Yes, for as in antiquity Jews from all over the world would make pilgrimage to Jerusalem and sacrifice in the temple.


“Wow! What a fantastic money-spinner that’ll be!”

 It will not be what they euphemistically call a “House of Prayer for All Nations” but a glorified abattoir – and never mind their high-faluting drivel!

But there is a problem: the site of the Third Temple is currently occupied (and has been occupied for centuries) by the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aksa mosque. These would have to be demolished first! There is no prize for guessing what the consequences would be if Israel decided to clear the site for the building of the Temple. It would no doubt trigger a war in the Middle East which could easily develop into a wider conflict – let’s call it WORLD WAR 3.



Jewish secular and religious leaders, especially those of the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox variety, are certifiably insane! They were the instigators of the two previous world wars (and a few minor wars to boot) and such a trivial matter as WW3 will not faze them. I do not expect them to understand and honour the rules of civilized conduct and international law!

Jewry and Judaism are to the peace of the world what a rabid dog is to a children’s playground.














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