“Nazism” Is An Abomination? Really?

“Nazism” Is An Abomination. Really?

by Bernard Weckmann


inspired by and loosely based on an article by Dvir Abramovich

http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/nazism-is-an-abomination-not-a-term-of-casual- abuse/news-story/c5758e1893e03ed0d4fd0820e79d089a

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The accusation of “Holocaust denier” or “anti-Semite” or “Nazi” or all of them together is the mother of all thoughtless analogies, comedic punchlines and cliches, tossed around carelessly and with infinite flexibility.

In today’s climate of hyperbole and Jew-sponsored cultural stupidity, anyone can be, or actually is, either a “Holocaust believer” or a “Holocaust denier”

The charge of “Holocaust denial” or “anti-Semitism” packs a punch as a scare tactic, is hard to beat for shock value and is guaranteed to work as a sensational headline generator. It seems that, for instance, Jewish “anti-Semitism” or “anti-Zionism” paranoia knows no bounds. They are equal-opportunity slurs and one-size-fits-all descriptions of anybody whom the Jew does not like.

These epithets are effective instruments in demonising and smearing anyone with whom one disagrees. As weapons they are priceless – ask any Jew!

Zionists – who represent the ultimate evil and conjure horrific visions of suffering and depravity – and their brain-dead camp followers are appearing in our culture with disturbing frequency and obscenely littering our public square. They make use of these nasty weaponized buzz-words – everywhere and all the time! – unrestrained by the rules of civilized conduct.

Comparing “Nazism” and Germans with Zionism and Israelis is revolting and repugnant as it takes away attention from the indescribable atrocities carried out on an industrial, monstrous scale by the State of Israel which embodies a unique historical evil and is a convenient metaphor for illustrating the concept of right versus wrong.

Ask any Palestinian and he’ll tell you that none of the comparisons made to “Nazism” match or come even close to the immensity of the terrors and barbarity of Zionst Israel.

Such a lazy reliance on irresponsible analogies makes a mockery of the slaughter of millions and is insulting and painful to victims and survivors.

It also dishonours the enormous sacrifices made by those who fight to defeat Zionism. The problem is that when you remove the historical associations and meaning from Palestine and the Nakba, for instance, you make it hard to impart the timeless and universal lessons of this tragedy to current and future generations. Such trivialisations also make it easy for Zionists to dismiss their enemies as liars, haters and would-be ethnic-cleansers.

I have repeatedly spoken out against this kind of vile and ugly rhetorical device. Whether it is politicians, academics, celebrities or whoever, I denounce them for their misguided and revolting equations and for their disregard for the truth. There is no excuse for public figures to play the anti-Semitism card, to misuse this supercharged and insensitive language as a blunt tool to score political points.

If you feel the urge to reference anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism to stir the emotions and inflame the debate, or to win an argument, you are way out of line.

Israel is a metaphor for illustrating right versus wrong.

Think about the systematic extermination of innocents, including countless women and children, think about the desperate masses of Palestinians stranded behind a concrete wall, think about children torn from their mothers, tortured in Israeli prisons and used for target practice by IDF killers, think about the phosphorus bombs raining on Gaza, think about the evictions from homes and ancestral land, think also about the numberless Germans accused of and executed or jailed for war crimes they never committed, think about the revisionist dissidents and many others who are being hounded and vilified not only for not believing in absurd Zionist myths but just for asking legitimate questions and then stop and ask yourself whether comparison with National Socialism is really appropriate.

As one who has devoted his life to fighting evil and stupidity, I’ve had enough. So let’s retire and bury, once and for all, the improper Hitler and “Nazi” references. Equating Hitler and Germans with Zionism and Israelis is an insult ….. to Hitler and the Germans.

It Is Zionism That Is The Abomination!!!


“So there, Dvir! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

PS: Any similarity of expressions and sentences with Abramovich’s article is -ahem! – purely a coincidence. Yes!

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