On The Australian Anti-Semitism Report 2016

Today’s post is the text of my email to the Research Officer of the Excutive Council Of Australian Jewry, Julie Nathan, Sniffer-Outer and Hunter-Downer of Anti-Semites and Amalekites



1 October 2015 – 30 September 2016

Researched, written and compiled by JULIE NATHAN

Research Officer, Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ)




Dear Julie,

Having been named and having my blog featured and linked to in the above Anti-Semitism Report I accept with great pleasure and pride the honour of being labelled an “anti-Semite” bestowed upon me by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Inc.

 I especially want to thank the ECAJ for supplying me in above report with a wealth of valuable material such as links, illustrations and quotes that I did not know existed and which I might otherwise not have come across – material that I will gladly make available to the readers of my blog.

The ECAJ report is absolutely priceless and will – it is hoped – help me gain many more readers.

Although you state in the introduction that the report should not be reproduced or distributed, and the original work not be quoted without express permission I shall presume to have your consent and make it available as a download because I think that this is what you would really want, isn’t it? To spread the word about the wicked anti-Semites, right? This is surely why you wrote the report in the first place? This is surely why you published it on the Internet? What other reason could there be?

I thought so! And I’ll help you with this meritorious task by making your report widely available as it is in the interest of the Australian public to have access to all sides in any controversy as you will no doubt agree. No! No! There is really no need to thank me, Possum! You are welcome!

There are, however, two statements about me that – if left unchallenged – lend themselves to being misunderstood. We wouldn’t want this, would we?

To Wit:

“The Chosenites’’ is the website of Bernard Weckmann – a German-born, Catholic-raised, immigrant to Australia.

Allow me to comment!

Yes, I was born in Germany! I came to Australia in 1973. Since 1979, i.e. for almost 40 (FORTY) years now, I have been a natualized citizen of this country. That, surely, makes me an Australian above all else. Your choice of words, i.e. “German-born”, while technically correct, could easily be misconstrued by readers of the report as implying that I am still a German and anti-Semitic simply by virtue of German descent! I take it that this was not your intention – or was it?

Yes, I was raised as a Roman Catholic. However, in 1982 I converted to Orthodox Judaism before the Melbourne Beth Din. The conversion made me a full-fledged Jew. Although I would think that this is somewhat relevant you failed to mention it! I made aliyah and lived in Israel for a number of years. While I have long ago ceased to identify as a Jew I have not converted away from Judaism and thus I am – halachically speaking – still a Jew.

Some would probably see your statements as intentional half-truths intended to disparage my views as those of somebody raised in the spirit of German and/or Christian anti-Semitism, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

My views on Jews and Judaism and on Israel and Zionism are definitely not the product of being “German-born” and/or having been a “Roman Catholic” as your statements could be seen to imply but the result of personal knowledge and first-hand experience as a Jew, both in Israel and the galut!

Half-truths your statements are but I am sure that you did not intend to mislead. Perish the thought! I understand that we all make mistakes so I will not hold this against you. But perhaps I may prevail upon you to be in future more attentive to important details and subtle nuances of language?

Thanks For Your Attention, Darling!

And God Bless!

PS: Please note that I have posted the text of this email on my blog!

– Unquote –

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