Reclaiming The Swastika

Had you asked me, when I grew up in Germany in the Fifties and Sixties, to come up with a symbol of pure unmitigated evil I would have pointed unhesitatingly to the swastika, the Hakenkreuz, the hooked cross, also known as the fylfot – the emblem of National Socialism. How ignorant and arrogant I was then!



But cut me some slack, please! Young Germans were being brainwashed by the Jew-rigged education system into philo-Semitism on the one hand and contempt for almost all things German on the other hand. We did not have access to any dissenting and unbiased information! In fact, we actually had very little information available at all.

The period from 1914 to 1945 was given less attention than the irrelevant joust of two pretenders to the throne of some piddling medieval principality. World War I, the infamous Weimar Republic, the Third Reich and World War II were skimmed over. Questions were either discouraged, answered evasively or with – as I can now see – outright lies! In brief: we were being dumbed down and indoctrinated into the victor’s version of history!

Our parents, however, who would have known the truth about National Socialism, the Third Reich, the Führer and the war were NOT allowed to speak positively about these matters – at least not in the public arena!

Thanks to relentless Jewish fear-and-hate-mongering the swastika still evokes fear and hatred and loathing after seven decades. People have, unfortunately, succumbed to the lies spread by the Jew. Fear and hatred and above all ignorance make it easy to manipulate a target population!

A shrill hysterical philo-Semitic mindset and a soul-destroying shame-and-guilt complex has been imposed upon post-WWII Germany. Even today the display of the National Socialist swastika is prohibited. Transgressors will end up in court.

German courts have been, like almost everywhere in the Western world, hijacked and are run by Jews and Freemasons according to their egregious Talmud-inspired principles of jurisprudence – “justice” straight from the sewer as the treatment of Sylvia Stolz and Ursula Haverbeck makes abundantly clear.

Although the swastika is of Aryan origin it no longer belongs to anybody in particular or – put differently – it now belongs to everybody. It stretches back millenia – the most ancient version is dated to about 10000 BCE – and it can be found amongst the most diverse cultures from all over the world – from Japan to Europe to the Americas. You will even find it in ancient synagogues in Israel.

“Oy vey! How embarrassing!”



xxcx Some argue that the swastika on the left, the one that was used in Germany, is a “bad guy” – a sign of evil and that this was the reason it was intuitively chosen by the bad bad “Nazis”. The one on the right supposedly signifies something positive, such as “good luck” and “blessings”. Poppycock! Except for their orientation there is no difference. You can often find both used in exactly the same context as the picture below shows.

Swastikas From Around The World




Swastika In A Crop Circle in England


A Victorian-Era Postcard

What does the swastika actually mean? There are any number of possible interpretations but I will not deal with them here because I find all of these explanations no more than time-wasting mystical mumbo-jumbo – entirely unconvincing. In my opinion it does not get any more absurd than the passage below by George Arundale (late president of the Theosophical Society):

“All that you feel in the sea you can feel infinitely more in the whirling of the svastika, for you yourself are part of the whirling. The svastika whirls because a God has set in motion the Wheel of the Law and it is as if to its myriad spokes clung innumerable drops – the Men who are to become Gods.”

What the heck does this even mean?

The fact of the matter is this: symbols have no inherent meaning. They are created, empowered and maintained by the human mind and thus they have only the meaning the beholder assigns to them.

If symbols truly had any meaning and power independent of the mind of the beholder they would – self-evidently – have to affect all of us in essentially the same way and this is clearly not the case. The swastika is a perfect example. The root meaning of the Sanskrit word “swastika” is “good luck” In Asia the swastika is widely used and held in high regard whereas it may cause revulsion and fear in a Jew and feelings of guilt and shame in a German. There you have it!

To French esotericist René Guénon the swastika symbolized “eternal motion around a motionless centre“. Guenon associated the swastika with Hyperborea, a prehistoric circumpolar civilization that may well be identical with Atlantis.

While I previously believed the swastika to be a symbol of the sun my studies of astronomy and of the Flat Earth on the one hand and the mythologies of ancient cultures on the other compelled me to rethink my position.

It is an indisputable fact that ancient peoples all over the world, from China to India to the Mayans to name a few, were keen observers of celestial phenomena and as the Mayan calendar shows were at the very least our equals in astronomical knowledge if not actually superior.

I am now convinced that Guenon is correct: the swastika is indeed a polar symbol representing the Big Dipper (Ursa Major aka the Great Bear) Constellation as it moves around Polaris, the North Star, which sits right above the very centre of our Earth, the so-called North Pole. The swastika is not an esoteric symbol with layers and layers of abstruse occult/spiritual meaning. It is nothing less than the abstract representation of a very REAL observable astronomical phenomenon in a very REAL location.

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” and here is a picture of the Big Dipper as you would see it if you stood at the North Pole. If this does not convince you nothing will.


It is my understanding that it is from Hyperborea – the birthplace and original home of mankind! – that we spread out to the four corners of the Earth and taking with us a civilization which was vastly superior to anything we have had these past thousands of years, including our current technological Western civilization.

More on the Big Dipper and the swastika:

The swastika is the symbol of the home we forgot, of the true Garden of Eden, of Paradise Lost! It’s a kind of compass pointing North like all compasses. Pointing to where we came from!

The Arctic Home In The Vedas  (The arctic origin of the Aryan race as per Hindu scriptures – 2 MB)

Paradise Found (The Cradle Of The Human Race At The North Pole by William Warren – 20 MB)


“However, the swastika is one of the oldest, simplest, most attractive and most distinctive symbols of a world not yet dominated by Neanderthal-Semitic influence. And that is probably why incessant Jewish propaganda has striven to make it anathema and outlawed since the 1930s. Perhaps it is long past the time to re-invigorate this symbol with its ancient and more modern connotations”.

Michael Bradley esau

And there you have it! That is why the Jew hates the swastika. It is the symbol of an ancient high civilization in which he did not exist. “What? A world without me? What an abomination! This cannot be allowed!” It is the symbol of an ancient high civilization which he can never ever hope to match let alone surpass. The Jew is but a Johnny-Come-Lately! An upstart! An impostor. He is not a builder of civilization but a destroyer. And exactly like a spoilt brat would destroy a toy he can’t have rather than let another child have it the Jew will attempt to defile and destroy what he cannot possess and control!

“How” you may ask “can a symbol which is so closely – even if falsely – associated with genocidal hatred and racism, be redeemed and restored?” The answer is so obvious that even a child could understand it: You start using it unapologetically!

Naturally, if you live in Germany you need to be circumspect. If, however, you happen to live in a Common Law jurisdiction you really have no reason to be worried. I am sure there are plenty of ways you could make the swastika a part of your life – if you really wanted to. You could for instance incorporate it in a personal visiting card. Or use it as a digital signature in your emails or text messages or wear it in a custom-made piece of jewellery or have it tattooed somewhere visible or ….. Think outside the box and take heart! I have been using it openly for many years. Most people are intrigued and usually give me a chance to explain. And there has never been a problem!

 NO, you do not need anybody’s permission! Why would we grant a few Jews the right to impose their likes and dislikes on the whole world!


“Eh! You’d forbid me to use the swastika? Oh yeah? Just watch me, Mr Jew!”

I, for one, will no longer allow the Jewish thought police – or anybody else for that matter – to besmear this beautiful symbol and to distort its meaning. A few years ago I designed for myself  a seal featuring a swastika – for use on official documents. Below is the picture of part of such a document as submitted into court!


The swastika I use is the Aztec version which I chose for no other reason than its visual appeal.

To the Yid I say: ” Who cares what you think?”



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