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Posted by pennflatearther on 07/09/2015


For a number of reasons, I have heard people compare Israel with either “nazis” or “apartheid” in South Africa, and this is my response to the top 2 I constantly hear.

Reasons to stop comparing Israelis to “Nazis” or Apartheid in SA

In regards to the false comparison to SA :

1) The same jewish media that victimizes jews and accuses Palestinians of terrorism is the same media that places Mandela as a hero, while ignoring the mass murder of his ANC party against anti-communist blacks and Boer white farmers.

2) Apartheid in South Africa did not have a wall separating blacks from whites.

3) Apartheid in South Africa was necessary to protect the minority population from the majority.

4) Apartheid in South Africa did not lead to mass murder of blacks

5) Apartheid in South Africa did not fire white phosphorus bombs on blacks

6) Apartheid in SA allowed blacks free housing, education and other necessary things to make a life for each person. When did Israelis do this for Palestinians?

7) Apartheid in SA was protection of lands of whites who found an empty land, not bulldozing people’s homes and forcing them to leave at gunpoint.

8) Apartheid in SA was economically beneficial to both white and black SA citizens. Blacks in SA had the best standard of living compared to blacks in other parts of Africa.

9) Apartheid in SA did not have politicians endorsing genocide of the black population as jews have done in Palestine.

10) The Anti-Apartheid movement was most popularized by Nelson Mandela, a communist thug who mass murdered thousands of people including anti-Communist blacks. Since his takeover of SA in 1994, over 320,000 murders have taken place, compared to 7,000 in the time apartheid existed (1949-1994).

11) Mandela was trained by the Mossad, not the PLO

12) The SA white farmers are in the same situation as the Palestinians. They are forced to give their property and lands to occupiers of their country under the law. They are not allowed to get employment, and are now living in poverty because of what the Communist ANC has done to them.

13) The ANC is doing to SA whites what the Zionist jews are doing to Palestinians, yet many pro-Palestinian supporters are FOR the ANC. How can you be for liberty of a sovereign people in Palestine, but not South Africa?

In regards to the false comparison of “Nazis” to “Zionists” :

1) ”Nazis” did not invade and occupy other people’s lands to squat on them and remove them from their homes at gunpoint, except if they were profiteers of war or caused suffering of the people.

2) ”Nazis” were pro-Palestine, in speeches given by Hitler and his meetings with the Mufti of Jerusalem who was more than willing to have Palestinians volunteer for the German war effort.

3) It was the mass murdering communists of the USSR who were the first to recognize the new state of Israel. So, why are commies and Marxists siding with the Palestinians now? Because it is a trick.

4) ”Nazis” didn’t have a giant wall of Apartheid between 2 groups of people. It was the Allied communists under Stalin who put up the Berlin wall, just as Israelis have done to Palestinians. (Correction by admin: Stalin died in 1953 but the wall was built in 1961)

5) ”Nazis” never made any indication of wanting to exterminate jews or any other people and merely wanted to deport them to another nation. This is the opposite of what Israelis do, who openly confess their genocidal fantasy against Palestinians even in 2014.

6) ”Nazis” never used chemical weapons against anyone and avoided bombing civilian areas of the enemy, even though such areas had enemy forces in them.

7) ”Nazis” were vilified by the jews and Allies much the same way Palestinians are today and for much of the same reason.

8) Cool ”Nazis” were framed by the Allies to cover up Allied atrocities that were far greater than even the Germans were accused of doing. This is how Palestinians are framed for crimes they didn’t commit.

9) ”Nazis” were fighting for their homeland which was divided up by the Allies after the war, displacing millions of Germans into rape, slavery and murder. Then the Germans were called the “evil” side.

10) The propaganda against Germany continues to this day, so intense, it has fooled even good people who fight for justice in Palestine. If they knew what happened in WW2, they would know the lies have shifted onto Palestinian people as the “aggressors” and jews as the “victims” when the opposite is true.

11) It was the jewish communists who tortured people for false confessions over accusations of a crime, just as Israelis torture people in their dungeons. “Nazis” did not use torture like that.

12) Jewish propagandists for Stalin called for the mass murder, rape and looting instructing the Red Army to do such evil, as did the Americans and British against Germans. Jews have recently called for the same behavior by the IDF against Palestinians.

How the “Nazis” were like the Palestinians :

1)Both endured the wrath of world jewry.

2) Both suffered genocide, displacement, rape at the hands of the British, Americans and jews.

3) Both have been blamed for crimes they didn’t commit in order to justify the assault against them.

4) Both were family-oriented societies, devout religious communities who wanted to live in peace until the hateful jews began their campaign of terror.

5) Using their propaganda lies, jews were able to convince the world both groups were the enemy who were a threat to the whole world.

6) Jews in both instances demonized the leadership of both nations.

7) Those who defended Germany under Hitler or Palestine today are called the most vile and false labels such as “anti-semite” or “racist” when the opposite was true.

8) Both Germans and Palestinians were punished collectively by the Allies or Israeli/USA. Every civilian was an “enemy combatant” who were the most likely to suffer the mass murder of the jewish controlled nations.

9) Both Germans and Palestinians were bombed in civilian areas with terror saturation bombing and nowhere to hide.

10) Both German and Palestinian children have been detained, tortured, raped and murdered with no sympathy by the psychopathic servants of jews or of jews themselves.


Comment by Bernard Weckmann:

Good on you, pennflatearther! Whoever you are!

To equate Zionism with “Nazism” and to equate the Jew’s conduct in Occupied Palestine aka Israel with apartheid is a fucking insult – to National Socialism and apartheid!!!

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