What Is Sauce For The Goose …….Part 2

Unfortunately, the criminal ADL has spawned similar organizations in Australia. For instance, we have such “high-minded” organizations as the OHPI (Online Hate Prevention Institute) and then there is the ADC (Anti-Defamation Commission), an ADL spinoff.

There is also the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick, Victoria. It is on the Jewish Holocaust Centre I shall now focus for as somebody of German origin these miscreants are my business! If Jews can accuse others of hate crimes I can do the same to them!

Mission statement of the Jewish Holocaust Centre:

The Jewish Holocaust Centre is an institution dedicated to the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators between 1933 and 1945.

We consider the finest memorial to all victims of racist policies to be an educational program which aims to combat anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice in the community and foster understanding between people.


What is racial hatred?

According to the Australian Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and its various amendments:

It is against the law to do something in public based on the race, colour, national or ethnic origin of a person or group of people which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate.

Examples of racial hatred may include:

racially offensive material on the internet, including eforums, blogs, social networking sites and video sharing sites

racially offensive comments or images in a newspaper, magazine or other publication such as a leaflet or flyer

racially offensive speeches at a public rally

racially abusive comments in a public place, such as a shop, workplace, park, on public transport or at school

racially abusive comments at sporting events by players, spectators, coaches or officials


Without providing proof of its qualifications in matters relating to law and history and without providing proof of having jurisdiction in such matters the Jewish Holocaust Centre presumes to judge National Socialist Germany, its leaders and its people to be guilty of crimes against humanity, i.e. genocide. It publicly presents its unsubstantiated views as facts despite evidence to the contrary as attested to by historians and forensic scientists.


Furthermore, it does so using offensive audio/visual material which is likely to engender in the visitors and the participants in their so-called education programs, especially impressionable children, revulsion and hatred not only regarding the alleged perpetrators but all Germans, incl. generations not yet born. It is my understanding that this revulsion and hatred is exactly the effect the material is designed to achieve.


The JHC’s brainwashing programs for children:




To accuse an entire nation of such monstrous crimes as Germany allegedly committed is a crime! Unless you can prove it, which, of course, they can’t! Proof? Piffle! Isn’t it enough for you that Jews feel “humiliated and offended and insulted and intimidated”?

In its online mission statement the Jewish Holocaust Centre still claims that “6 million Jews” were “murdered” by the Germans whereas it has been known for quite some time that the true number of Jewish casualties is closer to 250 000 – 300 000 and these were not murdered but were victims of diseases, for the most part typhus, and of malnutrition caused by the shortages of essential supplies. (Which by the way impacted all camp inmates – and even the German camp guards and the rest of Germany!)


Jewish Population Figures: Where is the 6-million drop in the figures?

This obfuscation and misrepresentation of facts cannot be seen as anything other than a deliberate lie! To put not too fine a point on it: the information presented by the Jewish Holocaust Centre constitutes slander and libel both of which are actionable.

The nefarious and mendacious activities of the Jewish Holocaust Centre will not help to eliminate racially motivated hatred. Quite the contrary: they are likely to perpetuate it by generating hatred of or contempt for Germans while at the same time garnering quite undeserved goodwill for Jews and Israel.

Like all such Holocaust Centres and Museums all over the world the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick is designed not so much to honour anybody’s memory but to keep alive for all time the flames of hatred and to enshrine the utterly reprehensible concept of “collective Gentile guilt and shame” in order to manipulate non-Jews.

As per the definition of the above-mentioned Australian Racial Discrimination Act the Jewish Holocaust Centre is a hate-mongering outfit and ought to be closed down and its operators and sponsors should be charged with hate crimes!

The JHC’s liars and hate-mongers in no particular order:

Pauline Rockman Sue Hampel David Cohen Elly Brooks Richard Michaels

Shmuel Rosenkranz Helen Mahemoff Abe Goldberg Paul Kegen Allen Brostek

Goldie Birch Viv Parry Mary Slade Willy Lermer


Here is a video where you can meet some of the people that survived a holocaust which never happened (now that’s what I call a miracle!)

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