Deutschland Erwache!

There are things that need to be said and say them I will! Some readers – no doubt – will call me a hate-monger. I’d like to think of myself as a truth-monger. If you can’t handle the truth then go and read Grimm’s fairy tales or watch a feel-good Hollywood movie!

As one gets older and mellows one seems to get more sentimental, too. Well, at least that is my experience. Although I do not want to permanently return to Germany where I was born I have this dream of a journey down memory lane, of visiting old haunts and old friends!

So I contacted – a few months ago – the German Embassy in Canberra/Australia in order to ask for reassurance that travelling in Germany would be a safe thing to do.

I did receive such a reassurance: Everything is alright in Germany. There is no crime to speak of and refugees are no more involved in serious crimes than could be statistically accounted for. Yes, Sirree! Cross your heart and hope to die!

But given the information I receive from friends in Germany on an almost daily basis I am forced to conclude that I was not being told the truth.

I would love to ask the staff of the embassy a question: “Are you just plain ignorant of the facts? Or are you shameless liars?” I wouldn’t expect them to answer the question, though.

I have decided not to visit! At my age nothing much frightens me any more and thus I was never really all that concerned with personal safety.

I will not go because it would pain me greatly to see how a once great and proud nation has been reduced to the level of a brain-dead jelly-kneed cheerleader for a certain Middle Eastern tribe of demented criminals that you are not supposed to name or talk about or even notice.

It would pain me to see the moral cesspool Germany has become.

It would pain me to see how German men have been “sissified” and how German women have been turned into leftist bitches.

It would pain me to see how German youth is being dumbed down and confined in the “political-correctness-corral”.


It would pain me to see how German traditional values have been dragged through the muck that is multi-culturalism.

Do I really have to go on?

It is true that Germany, as a member of the war-mongering Western bloc and as a member of its attack dog NATO, shares in the guilt of the many illegal wars waged upon the innocent citizens of countries that have done Germany no harm. All of these wars were at the behest of and for the benefit of the Tribe and its globalization agenda.

It is true that Germany must accept responsibility for helping to create genuine refugees and it is thus imperative that it makes amends.

But it is also true that most of those that are now flooding into Germany are not legitimate refugees and it is these miscreants we are talking about.

The crisis caused by the so-called refugees – a motley collection of niggers and wogs and Muslim riffraff – is so obviously engineered that even blind Freddy could see it. And only an idiot could fail to understand what this implies for the future of the country and its people.

The truth is: The Tribe has a road-map to world hegemony called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As part of the Tribe’s bid for world domination Germany has been earmarked for conquest and destruction as a sovereign nation and these invading savages are the Tribe’s vanguard. Something much worse is to follow. Can you spell: g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e? The Tribe has always hated Germany with implacable rage.

Exactly as they hate and have always hated Russia. Just listen to the rhetoric and sabre-rattling coming out of the Zionist-occupied USA. If you aren’t German or Russian you have no cause to feel safe. Trust me: the Tribe will come after you, too! You won’t have long to wait!


Germans! You have been conquered not with guns and bombs in a blitzkrieg but incrementally and stealthily over many years, with unconventional weapons that have never before been used in quite this devious way and on quite this massive scale:

falsification of your history; indoctrination into a hysterically philosemitic and pro-Zionist mindset; attacks on your folk ways and traditional values; attacks on Christianity; subversion of your legal and political system; indocrination into liberalism and cultural marxism; relentless promotion of feminism, homosexuality and a host of other perversions; multiculturalism, open borders for all and mass immigration of Third World savages; creation and skilful manipulation of a guilt-and-shame complex regarding the Tribe’s most beloved pornographic fairy-tale, the so-called holocaust; withholding of real information but force-feeding of lies by the mainstream media …..

and so on and so forth ad nauseam

The truly sad thing is that you have been victimized and mauled by the Tribe before and have fallen into the same trap again. The Federal Republic of Germany, is effectively nothing more than the infamous Weimar Republic. Reincarnated and on steroids!

Your leaders are moral imbeciles and cowards and liars and grifters and traitors and kissers-of-Tribal-arse, all to curry favours and for the sake of money and political power! Pfui Teufel!


Darth Merkel

In the days of the Weimar Republic you had a man in Germany who saved you from obliteration.

Is it paranoid of me to suspect that you are being spied on on the orders of Merkel’s paymasters? Perhaps it’s prudent not to mention this man’s name or anything that could help to identify him lest you be found out and punished for having read an article displeasing to Germany’s overlords?

Sounds far-fetched? Perhaps! But you really cannot put anything vicious and vile past this Tribe. You know that already, don’t you? Seeing how they hound and victimize everybody who does not sing their praises. Ursula Haverbeck and Sylvia Stolz come to mind.

So let me ask you: “Have you forgotten one of the greatest sons that the German people has brought forth?”

Pssst! You know .. the man who wrote a book that you are not allowed to read called “Mein ……… Something, Something!”

(Ponder this for a moment: you, as adults, are told by a bunch of pinko commie bastards what you can and cannot read! And you take this lying down? They really castrated you, didn’t they?)

This man saved you from Tribe-created Bolshevism – without doubt the most barbaric political movement ever to disgrace the Earth, a movement that was on the verge of taking over not only Germany but all of Europe after it had plundered and raped Imperial Russia (one of the most prosperous and sophisticated nations of its time).

This man created – in just a few years – an economic miracle for Germany when almost all other nations were mired in the morass of a depression. (This, as you might imagine, did not endear him to the international banksters almost all of whom were then and are now members of the Tribe)

This man initiated social projects that were the envy of the world and which are still not matched by any country in the so-called First World: true social security, free education, free health care, affordable housing and much more. (Reminds me of Gaddafi and what happened to him and his country when the members of the Tribe were displeased with him for the very same reasons)

This man was decades ahead of his time and responsible for some of the world’s most advanced animal and environmental protection laws. Enough! Does it ring a bell?

This man and his achievements you are supposed to demonize and hate!

It is not my place to tell you what you ought to do and how to go about it. I do know one thing though: you do not have the luxury of time! You cannot sit back and wait for another man like Him!

Each and every one of you must act and must act NOW to rid yourself by any and all means necessary of those that are creating this hell on Earth for you!

That may require physical force against this horde of barbarians AND against those that allow them to come into your country, in other words your treasonous government!

markpassio 1

The picture above is a screenshot taken from a video by Mark Passio. His website is:

Self-defence is one of Nature’s eternal laws! Ignore it at your own peril! I’d rather have the German people survive than the Tribe!

Nature’s Eternal Religion

There was a time when German men were real men and German women were real women and they would have known exactly what to do!

I hope you can find that spirit again!



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