How Have They Been Able To Suppress The Truth For So Long?

Below is a selection of facts about the events that transpired during WW2 and the “Holocaust”. Facts that you should have been told about but weren’t because there are some who benefit – in terms of wealth and power – by keeping the rest of us ignorant.



We have aerial photographs of the camps taken throughout the war, there are no gassings, no piles of bodies, and no graves being dug.

We have all of the camp records with listings of everyone who died, 99% of them as a result of disease or starvation directly caused by the allied bombing of the train racks en route to the camps.

We have scrapings from every wall of every gas chamber as proven by the Fred Leuchter report that show that there was no Zyklon B used to kill anyone in those rooms.

We have the photographs taken during the war of those rooms, proving that they were shower rooms or air raid shelters.

We have the fact that over 70% of books written by “survivors” have been publicly shamed and discredited and proven to be fake.

We have the fact that the Italians and French and other peoples occupied by the Germans all agree that they were far kinder than the savage Russians, Americans and British and that they did not commit any rape, unlike the Americans who sent fifty million condoms a month to their soldiers who then made rationing so low that women had to trade their bodies for bread.

The British cracked the German codes in 1942 and were thus able to spy on the Germans without their knowledge for the final three years of the war. In that time, having spied on everyone from the lowest guard to Adolf Hitler himself, the death camps were never mentioned and the killing of Jews was never mentioned.

We have letters proving that senior Nazis were concerned at the death rates resulting from disease and starvation in the camps, and we know that they tried to bring the death tolls down in any way they could.

We know for a fact that all of those people they claim died did not exist on census records before the war and that census records prove there were more Jews after the war than beforehand, which would be categorically impossible if six million of them were dead.

We have the proof that they were evacuated to East Russia and that they then returned in 1944 and after the war.

We know for a fact that many of those they claim died in the camps were actually sent by Eichmann to live in Israel.

We know for a fact due to ground penetrating radar technology that there are no mass graves at the camps, in fact the soil has not been touched in history.

We know for a fact that leading Hollywood directors such as Hitchcock and Billy Wilder were brought in and filmed fake camp scenes, forcing starving or ill Jews to stand up and record several takes.

We know for a fact that the Russians faked their supposed liberation of the camps two weeks after the actual one, drafting in the Jews to pretend they were oppressed.

We know for a fact that Auschwitz was built after the war by the mass murdering Russians, in fact, the January 1995 edition of the prestigious French weekly magazine L’Express acknowledged that “everything” about this “gas chamber” is “false, and that it is in fact a deceitful postwar reconstruction.”

It is a fact that in the 1980’s in Canada in a Royal Court of Law, the world’s leading Holocaust specialist admitted that he had not one single body that he could use as evidence of Germans gassing anyone. Holocaust denial books have been written since the war ended, the truth has been there since day one, it has simply been suppressed.

We know for a fact that Otto Frank hired a man to write his Anne’s “diaries” after the war.

We know for a fact that several thousand photographs have been edited and faked in appallingly unsophisticated amateur ways since 1945, this is the supposed “visual evidence.” Many of the bodies shown were actually dead German guards who starved and died of typhus throughout the war alongside the inmates they looked over, and it is now a proven fact that it was the British who were bulldozing the dead bodies of the starving and diseased into mass graves, not the Germans.

We know for a fact that the first reports of “mass killings” originated with the British propaganda office, something that can hardly be considered a coincidence.

We have the fact that the British are proven liars on this subject, accusing the Germans of all of the exact same crimes in World War One, and then admitting it was a lie and apologising in 1918, and we also know that the Nuremberg trials were packed full of absurd and extraordinary claims against them (including the use of nukes against the Jews), many of which have been debunked and admitted to.

We have the Red Cross records and day-to-day accounts proving that every single camp was well run with medical supplies and food and aid and letters. The camps had swimming pools, football pitches, universities giving out degrees, Germany’s leading dentists and doctors, and even brothels, and we even have wedding certificates from Auschwitz, and other camps.

We know for a fact that the Germans spent a huge amount of time and money shaving the hair of the Jews and delousing all of their clothes and other items so that typhus could not ravage the whole camps, and they were doing a fair job until the allied bombing.

We have the earliest books ever written about the camps which do not mention any gas chambers or mass killings of Jews or any other people (homosexuals, gypsies, etc).

We also know that all of the “evil geniuses” who were supposedly experimenting on human beings moved to America and helped NASA and the space program, living in normal society.

We have the fact that the only Nazis who admitted to war crimes had been horrifically tortured, even the head judge at Nuremberg admitted that the whole thing was a sham.


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