Some Stories Are True That Never Happened!

 This post is dedicated to Elie “The Weasel” Wiesel


Lord Of The Lies and Hate-Monger Extraordinaire


Weasel   (A Prominent False Witness)

First: please, folks, don’t accuse me of being a rabid anti-Semite and a rude aggressive person. You see: although it is demonstrably true that friend Weasel, like so many of his fellow tribesmen, is a pathological  liar and a fucking hate-monger it is also true that I never said that!

Second: my heart-felt apologies to the weasels of the world. It was not my intention to insult you by associating your good name with this vile critter. It’s just a figure of speech we humans use- nothing personal!

St Weasel, patron saint of the Church of Holocaustianity, is dead now! Here is the link to a thoughtful obituary on his life:



And here is a selection of true stories of Jews who – like Wiesel – survived a holocaust which never happened. Now that’s what I call a miracle!


Here is another harrowing but “true” tale of a holocaust survivor. I suppose it’s possible or even likely that this old woman is senile, has been put up to it by somebody and doesn’t know what she is talking about. But somebody sure made the video and uploaded it – hoping or expecting that it would be believed. If that somebody thinks anybody is stupid enough to believe this bullshit – well, you are a fucking liar as well as a moron! Crawl back into the hole you came out of!


For the video clip  visit:

Kike censorship at work! Link above may not work!


 Perhaps we should not call them liars!

You see – it was all so real in their minds!

But then again – if they can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality shouldn’t these people be locked away in an insane asylum instead of being allowed to walk free to vilify the German people and ruin countless innocent lives?

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