Ban Kosher/Halal Slaughter – UPDATE

Text of email to George Brandis – Attorney-General of the Commonwealth of Australia.



Dear George,

It is my understanding that we are all equal before the law, irrespective of race or nationality, regardless of gender or religion. What is deemed morally wrong for one human being must therefore be deemed wrong for all. There cannot be any exceptions! There is no room for double standards and there is no room for ambiguity!

The above is an excerpt from one of the emails I recently sent to the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. I see no reason why I should not use these words again albeit in a different context! They are always relevant!

Allow me to forward to you the email I sent to Barnaby Joyce, Federal Minister For Agriculture.

The issue at the heart of my missive to him and at the heart of this email to you is the same: the utterly unpalatable but plainly obvious fact that there are two groups of people in Australia that brazenly – and with impunity – violate not only what most right-thinking people would consider the unwritten ethical standards of a civilized nation but the very laws of our country.

I am referring to the laws for the protection of animals and the rules and regulations that govern the slaughter of animals. Jews as well as Moslems are exempt – on religious grounds – from the most pertinent part of the law, i.e. the requirement to NOT cause suffering.

To put not too fine a point on it: this exemption is based on the spurious claim that their respective religions – and thus by implication, their “God” – demands this particular kind of slaughter. Quod erat demonstrandum! But …… did either group ever demonstrate that shechita/halal slaughter is indeed a Divine commandment?

As a matter of fact shechita is NOT even a Mosaic law at all but an invention of the rabbis. And it probably goes back to pagan Egypt and/or Babylon. But … there is money to be made from it!!! Surprise, surprise! Who would have thought?

And even if it were a Divine commandment: since when is it the business of the Australian state and Federal governments to uphold the tenets of any religion?

If equality before the law is one of the fundamental principles of a truly just society why are Jews and Moslems granted privileges to do something for which others would be dragged into court to be fined or jailed?

Why are Jews and Moslems permitted to carry out acts that would cause distress and revulsion and offend the moral sensibilities of all normal people if they were to witness them?

Why do Jews and Moslems have a carte blanche to brutalize animals? The arguments presented by Jews that shechita is humane is nothing but self-serving bull-shit! In fact, they are more than that: they are shameles lies!

These methods of slaughter are savage and barbaric and should be outlawed without further delay as our neighbour New Zealand has done. They are inconsistent with the ethos of a country that claims to be enlightened and civilized.

“As long as man mercilessly destroys lower creatures he will experience neither health nor peace. As long as men massacre animals they will also kill one another.”

Pythagoras (570 to 496 BCE)

“The presumption that animals have no rights, the insane assumption that our actions towards them are without moral significance, the idea that we have no obligations towards animals is the truly outrageous barbarism and inhumanity of the Occident, the roots of which can be found in Judaism!

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)

The slaughter of animals without first stunning is nothing less than legalized cruelty and must be stopped. This is a moral requirement (we are not barbarians, are we?) and it is furthermore a legal requirement (we cannot have double a standard in a just society!).

As any first-year psychology student could tell you cruelty towards animals is one of the early warning signs of a psychopath in the making. Is that the kind of people we want to be? Animals are not unfeeling soul-less objects! They are not the plaything of sick minds!

Slaughter without prior stunning is demonstrably more prolonged and more painful. I do not expect you to just take my word for it. Do not hesitate to contact me if you require more information. I can provide you with countless links. Here are two good ones to start:

Animals feel the pain of religious slaughter

Journal reference: New Zealand Veterinary Journal, vol 57, p 77

Link to a video with some disturbing images of kosher slaughter:

It is my understanding that you are a public servant, i.e. you are sworn to serve the people of this country and do right by ALL people, not just a select group/groups. With all due respect I now call upon you to serve me in your capacity as attorney-general of the Commonwealth of Australia as follows:


a) show cause why the above-mentioned groups, i.e. Jews and Moslems, should be exempt from the law that requires the stunning of animals before slaughter (religious tenets – whether Jewish or Islamic – are not a lawful defence and entirely irrelevant).

b) show cause why shechita and halal slaughter should not immediately be made illegal in Australia and the importation of kosher/halal products be prohibited.

Please note: I will not take being ignored as an adequate response. I grant you 30 days from receiving this missive to respond.

The text of this email will be forwarded to the RSPCA. Furthermore, it will be posted on my blog: as will be any response or lack thereof on your part.

Sincerely yours

Bernard Weckmann

———————————–end of email———————————–


No doubt you have come across the word CHUTZPAH before. For those who do not know what it means here is the standard definition: “unbelievable gall, insolence, temerity, audacity, impudence”. Chutzpah is a special brand of impudence which, in my experience, Jews possess in abundance.

Here is an illustration of chutzpah at work:

A man defecates on your doorstep and then knocks

and demands of you to bring him some toilet paper!

That’s chutzpah!

Ritual slaughter (shechita in Hebrew) is an abomination. Only somebody with a sadistic bend or somebody totally without a conscience – in other words: a psychopath – can carry out such acts of savagery. And only someone who is completely ignorant of and has never witnessed the gory and revolting details of the practice – that’s most non-Jews as well as many Jews – can defend shechita on the grounds of religious freedom.

No apology for my words! If this is arrogance – so be it! If this is anti-Semitism – so be it! I don’t give a damn!

Back to chutzpah! Go to your local abattoir and witness what happens there. You will find that the slaughter-houses of non-Jews are every bit as obnoxious and loathsome as those of the Jews and the Moslems.

But only Jews present themselves as compassionate and their ghoulish acts as humane  and pious acts which are demanded by and pleasing to God.

That’s chutzpah!

Here is the link to another article of mine: Jewish Obsession With Blood

Shechita may please the Yid and his counterfeit god. But the Creator? I think not!

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