Never Again!


Seven decades ago Germany was vanquished in World War II. One of history’s most misunderstood men, Adolf Hitler, died in the rubble that his beloved country had become! National Socialism was eliminated and Germans were systematically robbed, raped, tortured and murdered. Post-war Germany, afraid of its own shadow, has been turned into both a jelly-kneed mindless cheerleader and a cash-cow for the insatiable Khazarian Mafia, the instigators of WWII and most of the revolutions and wars of the last two or three centuries.

It behoves the world, and especially Europe, to honour Germany’s sacrifice instead of celebrating the anniversary of its destruction. Hitler’s Germany was a buffer between the Jewish Bolshevik World Order and the rest of Europe. Without Germany the USSR would have swept – tsunami-like – across Europe. There was NO other nation with the indomitable will and the military capability to stem the onslaught of that barbaric monster, Bolshevism! Hitler bought us time! So let us not waste it!

What I stated in a previous post I will gladly repeat here:

People of Europe! Hitler and Germany saved your sorry asses!

Jewry, that murderous tribe of psychopaths, that carrier of the spiritual malignity called Judaism, delights in calling itself the Chosen People, boasts of being in possession of the world’s most ethical religion, and lays claim to a divinely ordained mission to redeem the world by bringing it to the worship of its blood-crazed deity, Yahveh, and under the jurisdiction of its obscene Talmudic laws. This tribe has been at the center of the suffering and ruination of countless nations and civilizations.


From Carthage to Rome to Byzantium to Russia to Germany! From the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Ottoman Empire to … the victims are simply too numerous to list. Their most recent “successes” are Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The Khazars, through their “Islamic” mercenaries, are creating mayhem, death and destruction all over the Middle East – Syria, Iraq, Yemen. And, of course, Iran, is in their sights, too!

Then there is the Ukraine which they have taken over. Are they perhaps planning to reclaim their original homeland, Khazaria, which covers a good part of the Ukraine and Southern Russia?

Map of Khazaria

World War III anyone? Are the Khazars preparing for a war against Russia which is guaranteed to go nuclear? It sure as hell looks like it. They are certainly demonizing Russia, a nation they have always passionately hated, just as they hated and still hate Germany.

Jews will not tire of telling you that they are the ONLY ONES who ever suffered! Utterly incapable of introspection and unwilling to engage in honest self-appraisal they always project their own psychopathy onto their victims. Nothing is ever their fault. It is always the non-Jew who is to blame! In their deluded minds they have the right to “defend” themselves and to strike pre-emptively at anybody, even including babies!

From the King’s Torah by homicidal lunatic rabbi Y. Shapiro:


“In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created… when a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed. The dispensation applies even when the pursuer is not threatening to kill directly, but only indirectly… even a civilian who assists combat fighters is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Anyone who assists the army of the wicked in any way is strengthening murderers and is considered a pursuer. A civilian who encourages the war gives the king and his soldiers the strength to continue. Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us, encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer… Hindrances – babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed, because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear they will grow up to harm us. And in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately and not only in conflict with adults.”

(Emphasis mine: BJW)

(A question for  this dumb bastard: “How do you know what a baby will grow into?”)

No matter where you live, the USA, the UK, Australia, Europe or … (insert country) … do you seriously believe that you will fare any better than Russians fared under Bolshevism or Germans fared during and after WWII? What makes you think that you are safe from the aggression and depredations of the Khazars and their brain-washed mercenaries (of course, they always get others to fight for them!)?

Ask any non-Jewish resident of Occupied Palestine, aka Israel, if you wish to know just what will happen to you, your family and your friends when the Purim-intoxicated Khazars come for you.

Unfortunately, nobody can change the past but it IS within our power to shape the future. Let us make the deaths of Hitler, Saddam and Gaddafi and many others and the destruction of their respective countries count for something! Let’s make sure their sacrifices and suffering were not in vain!

We cannot and need not revive National Socialism. Not in Germany and certainly nowhere else. That was a movement for another time and another place. But we DO need to unite against the Khazars! If we do not put them out of business once and for all and SOON we deserve what they dish out!

I am sure you have heard one of Jewry’s shrill battle-cries: NEVER AGAIN! when discussing the holocaust, so-called!

Well, I will now take possession of the battle-cry!

Dresden and Hamburg – Never Again!

Watch the documentary HELLSTORM:


Hiroshima And Nagasaki – Never Again!


 Deir Yassin and Gaza – Never Again!


Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya – Never Again!



 War For The Khazars? Never Again!

Never Ever Again!

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