Kill! Kill! Kill!

“The Jews are not human beings. From now on, the word “Jew” is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word “Jew” strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one Jew a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill a Jew with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a Jew in the meantime… If you have already killed a Jew, then kill another one—there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of Jewish corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Jews you have killed. Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill!”

“The Jews must be killed. One must kill them… Do you feel sick? Do you feel a nightmare in your breast?…Kill a Jew! If you are a righteous and conscientious man—kill a Jew! Kill!”

If you are a Jew or one of his ass-kissing shabbes goyim you will, most likely, feel shocked and offended by these words. Good! That was the idea! Do I have your attention now?

By the way – these words aren’t mine. All I have done is to take two excerpts from a pamphlet – distributed to the soldiers of the Red Army – called “KILL“, authored by Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalins rabid anti-German chief propagandist (a Jew as you might have guessed) and substituted “Jew” for “German”. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Right? Right! So don’t go raising a hue and cry about anti-Semitic “hate speech” bull-shit. Anti-Semitism is a sane and self-respecting man’s response to anti-Gentilism of the disgusting kind found in this pamphlet, in the Torah and the Talmud.



If it is alright for a Jew to demand the murder and rape of Germans then, surely, it is alright for me, as someone of German origin, to turn the tables and call for the rape and murder of Jews! Right?

Jews! I have just given you a taste of your own medicine. And you don’t like it, do you?


Yid Beware!

War criminal “Ike The Kike” Eisenhower chimed in: “God, I hate the Germans” – and he translated his hatred into intentionally killing as many German POWs as he could in Allied concentration camps – by starvation, exposure to the elements and by withholding medical attention.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

The material wealth of Germany was systematically looted by the victors and millions upon millions of Germans were systematically killed by the Allies. To kill in combat is one thing but to cause people to die in gratuitous massacres, such as the torpedoing of refugee ships, or the fire-bombing of German cities is another thing! It is simply evil!

The fire-bombing of Dresden was a REAL holocaust!

A burnt offering to the Yid’s psychopathic “god” Yahve



 The holocaust of the Jews? Nothing but a bloody fake!


Germans, men and women, were raped and mutilated and tortured to death. Many were deported and worked to death in Siberian camps, real death camps, unlike the “death camps” Germany is alleged to have had. People who sided with Germany even though they were not ethnic Germans were massacred, too. Cossacks, for instance, who fought alongside Germany against the Satanic Jewish Bolshevik regime in the USSR were forcibly repatriated by the Western Allies in the full knowledge that they might be killed by Stalin – as indeed happened!

The perpetrators, of course, were not only Jews. All races and ethnicities have their share of psychopaths. The perps were mostly Bolshevist Russians and assorted Asiatic hordes, Poles and Americans, French and British … all poisoned and egged on by the Old-Testament bloodlust of the Yid.

An excellent book on the subject is Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany by Thomas Goodrich. But be warned! It requires a strong stomach to wade through the atrocities described. It will leave you sad – and MAD as hell!

And what was this wholesale slaughter all about? A fight of noble freedom-loving people to defend not only their own countries but the whole world against a common less-than-human enemy? Heroic knights in shining armor battling a demonic force? Nothing as high-minded as that!

All the bloodshed and destruction of WW1 and WW2 was instigated and orchestrated by a cabal of Jews. These two wars were about the Jewish drive to steal the wealth of two highly advanced and sophisticated nations, Russia and Germany, both of which were opposed to Jewish central banks. Hitler’s Germany was a bulwark against the Jew’s NWO just as Putin’s Russia is now.

WW2 served two purposes: it was payback for Hitler’s attempt to destroy what he called the “internationales Finanzjudentum”; punishment for his attempt to dislodge the Jewish parasite from the body of Germany. The international banksters wanted to protect and continue their Ponzi-scheme of creating money out of nothing. It also served the Jewish cabal as a tool to advance their Talmudic agenda of building their global “One World Government headquarters” in Palestine.

World War 3, which might be just around the corner, will be a stepping stone to Jewry’s final goal: Jewish hegemony. Essentially the same zombies are again queuing up to be cannon-fodder for the Yid and the torture-and-assassination regime sanctioned and carried out by the vassal-in-chief, the USA, would seem to be a dress rehearsal for what’s to come after the Yid’s victory – a repeat performance of the genocidal rampages of WW2, this time on a truly global scale!

In an interview with Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren John Lamb Lash said, “The world needs a warrior class to counterattack those who do harm to others.”


Yes! There are indeed many people that need to be taken out for the sake of all life on Earth. I couldn’t think of anybody more deserving of being eliminated than Zionists, supremacist Talmudic Yids such as the Chabad Lubavitch mob, parasitic banksters, treasonous politicians, pedophile judges, rapacious CEOs and … well, draw up your own list!

As a child I was sometimes punished together with my brother for some wrong that he did but which I was aware of and tacitly accepted. On those occasions my mother was fond of the following words:

Mitgegangen – Mitgefangen – Mitgehangen

 which roughly translates as: go along (with a wrong) – get caught (along with the culprit) – get punished (with the culprit).

So, Jews! If you think you personally are innocent DO stand up and be counted! Renounce Judaism! Distance yourself from those that presume to speak and act on your behalf! Your silence vis-a-vis the crimes committed by your co-religionists, in Occupied Palestine, in the Ukraine or anywhere else in the world, means you tacitly condone these crimes! It means you have a share in the guilt! It also means you will have a share in the punishment! For the law of karma (you reap what you sow) will catch up with you.

Remember: Mitgegangen – Mitgefangen – Mitgehangen

There is no need to convert to another religion (most of which aren’t any better than your own collection of superstitions, anyway!). Simply stop being a Jew and join the rest of us on equal terms! If you do not opt out now and stand with us you will die with us for the parasites are killing the host, our Earth! The one and only Earth we have.

As a result of your obnoxious conduct and pernicious tribalism you have been thrown out of countless countries throughout the centuries and millenia. You have always found a new host to attach to, a country, a people that did not know what you really are.

Subvert and Pervert! Kill and Destroy! Kill! Kill! Kill! That’s the Jewish way!

But the whole world has your measure now, thanks to the modern Gutenberg Press, the Internet! And there will be a price to pay!

Where do you think you can run to? Where?







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