Who Am I?


The  text below is by CITIZENFITZ, a commenter on  http://www.realjewnews.com

   Found in the post “Who Is The True Israel”  by Bro. Nathanael Kapner.

Who am I?

I am behind communism

I am behind radical feminism

I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”

I am behind multiculturalism

I am behind anti-Christianity

I am behind a one world government

I am the “divider and conquerer”

I am the race baiter and the slave trader

I am censorship

I am anti-gun

I am open borders

I am eminent domain

I am against English as the official language of the government

I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation

I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.

I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money


I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography

I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

I am the nation’s high end drug dealer

I am the re-writer of history to my advantage

I am the military industrial complex

I am an unregulated nuclear state

I am an international terrorist

I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident

I am “war by way of deception”

I am the aggressor – yet always the victim

I am the eternal radical

I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence

I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution

I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated

I succeed when you fail

I have killed more innocents than any others

I am your last, your current, and your next war

Who am I?

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