To Tony Abbott – Prime Minister of Australia

Below is the text of my latest – and hopefully last – email to the Prime Minister of Australia


Reference: C14/65017

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your reply to my various emails. It is quite an unusual
experience for a member of the public to actually get a response from a
public servant, even if it was, most likely, penned by one of your underlings
and sidesteps the real issue.

I assure you that this will be the last time I will bother you. So bear with
me one last time.

Although I was born and grew up in Germany I am decidedly not the product of
an anti-Semitic upbringing. Quite the contrary: while the older generation
was denazified the young generation was raised in a skillfully crafted
philo-Semitic atmosphere.  As a consequence of a steady diet of certain ideas
– pro-Jew, pro-Israel and anti-German – I actuallly ended up converting to
Judaism and went to live in Israel for a number of years.

I know whereof I speak. I have seen Jews and Israelis close up and believe me
– it is an ugly sight! I have experienced the IDF as a reservist! I speak
Hebrew fluently and have a working knowledge of Aramaic and thus armed I can
delve into the Talmud and confirm its xenophobic hate-mongering teachings
that Jews are so eager to deny.

You do not have to go to Israel or speak Hebrew. Jews make no secret of what
they think of Arabs (or any other non-Jew for that matter!). You ought to
listen, not to silver-tongued Zionists in your government, but to some of the
many Palestinians we have here in Australia who are either refugees
themselves or have relatives in Occupied Palestine. You ought to familiarize
yourself with the rabid publicly-voiced anti-Gentile/anti-Arab hate-speech –
expressed in much of the Jewish press, both in Israel and outside. Which is
really nothing to the poison they spew in private when there is no non-Jew
within earshot.

Can you imagine the hue and the cry Jews would raise if somebody were to
suggest they should be exterminated and Israel bombed into oblivion? But
that’s exactly what is planned for the Palestinians. Why is it kosher when
Jews utter such thoroughly reprehensible words and then back them up with the
foulest deeds as seen in the recent conflict in Gaza?

One has to be willfully blind not to see that there is a consistent pattern
to the treatment of the  Palestinians. One has to be willfully blind not to
see how this is intended to end. Can you spell g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e ?

Speaking of Jews US President Truman said – and how right he was!:

“… yet when they have power, physical, financial or political, neither
Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment of the

I remember PM John Howard saying – I have forgotten when and in which context
– something along the lines of: “…..Australia is a compassionate country”.
No John! We are not! For if we were we would not kiss Jewish ass but stand
with the Palestinians.

The Government has been a consistent and strong supporter of Israel’s right
to defend itself. I deplore the indiscriminate missile attacks on Israel by militant groups based in Gaza.
(your words)

“We need to defend ourselves!” is a classic piece of deceitful Zionist
propaganda. Rocket attacks from Gaza are always welcomed by Israel as they
generally do not do too much harm but provide a wonderful excuse for yet
another “self defence” action. If no rocket attacks are forthcoming they will
be provoked.

It is quite beyond me why the government allows itself to be treated as a
mouthpiece of this thuggish tribe. They will use and abuse Australians like
everybody else, and when they no longer need us they will throw us to the
wolves! That is their nature!

It is the people of Occupied Palestine that have the right to defend
themselves against a decades-long occupation that is intended not only to
deprive them of their land but of their very lives!

Israel never had the right to exist. Palestine wasn’t England’s or the United
Nations’ to give to the Jews against the express wishes of its rightful
owners, the Palestinians.

But even if we assume that it had the right to exist it has definitely
forfeited that right, with its criminally insane conduct. Israel should now
be treated exactly the same ways it treats the Palestinians. It should be
self-evident that Israel cannot claim the protection of international law
while at the same time denying it to others.

The Government provided $15 million for urgent humanitarian assistance
through partners including the United Nations and International Committee of the Red Cross. This assistance was additional to the $56.5 million the
Government is contributing as development assistance to the Palestinian
Territories in 2014-15.
(your words)

Great! Australian money donations can sure help alleviate some of the
suffering but I think what is really needed is to rein in – once and for all
– this lawless nation known as Israel – the world’s No 1 rogue state. Our
acquiescence in the face of the war crimes committed in Gaza means we have a
share in the guilt. Money cannot remove the stain of that guilt.

As long as Israel is around there will be no peace anywhere on Earth! They
are the real terrorists. The next onslaught on Gaza is guaranteed as is the
next international crisis engineered by the Zionists and implemented by their
brain-dead Goliath, the US, with the help of some of the lesser groupies. The
State of Israel is to the peace and well-being of the world what a rabid dog
is to a children’s play-ground.

Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day!

Bernard Weckmann

And for God’s sake don’t allow this country to be sucked into a war against
Russia that the world’s No 1 and No 2 rogue nations seems so eager to start.
It would certainly draw in China and I do not need to tell you that we aren’t
all that far away from China.

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