Reflections on Jewish Superiority


Max Dimont, a Finnish-born Jewish author, published the widely praised book Jews, God and History. (Note the order of the words: Jews first!)

When I read it the first time I was already on a path of idolizing Judaism and Jewry, a path which would ultimately lead to my conversion to Orthodox Judaism – and – naive and blind as I was then – I swallowed everything in the book, hook, line and sinker!

A little while ago I attempted to read the book again and found I couldn’t get much past the first chapter. While admittedly well written I could not stomach its tenor. The book is simply obnoxious. To put not too fine a point on it: it is a Jewish narcissist’s wet dream, smacking of supreme arrogance and self-worship. Virtually everything you can think of is deemed by Dimont (and no doubt by most members of his tribe) to be a Jewish achievement – from ethical monotheism to the discovery of America, from the invention of sliced bread to the invention of the atom bomb. You name it and the Jews came up with it! The sun, it seems, is shining out of their arses!


Christians and Moslems and, of course, everybody else, are bumbling yokels or morons. Now you know what they think of you!

Jewish hubris is absolutely breath-taking! Even their arch-enemy Hitler is suspected of having Jewish antecedents. Jews are so full of themselves that they automatically assume anyone who shows ambition, vision, intelligence and talent, any kind of talent, just has to be a Jew or at least must have Jewish ancestors somewhere! Goyim do not have these qualities, do they?

If you wish to acquaint yourself with men of genius do not waste your time on Jews. There is no Jewish Dante, Goethe or Tolstoy. There is no Jewish Mozart or Beethoven. You won’t find a Michelangelo or a da Vinci amongst them. There is no Jewish …… well, you get the idea. They are nowhere near as intelligent and creative as they fancy themselves to be and as they would have everybody believe. In a nutshell: they are, almost to a man or woman, mediocre.

Having been in contact with Jews from an early age, having converted to Judaism and having lived in Israel for a number of years I do know whereof I speak! I have seen them close up! But don’t just take my word for it.

Unbiased studies DO disprove their claims of intellectual superiority. Here is a well-researched and well-written refutation of Jewish claims to be superior: Refutation

Even in business – where they are said to excel – they are inferior:,7340,L-4397187,00.html

A perfect illustration of Jewish superiority is that “wunderkind” of science, Albert Einstein. While the man himself is marketed as a genius and while his theories are peddled as paradigm-changing contributions to the science of physics the truth is – surprise, surprise! – something very very different!

Here is a brief excerpt from an article on Albert Einstein; for the full text go to:



The Encyclopedia Britannica says of Einstein’s early education that he “showed little scholastic ability.” It also says that at the age of 15, “with poor grades in history, geography, and languages, he left school with no diploma.” Einstein himself wrote in a school paper of his “lack of imagination and practical ability.” In 1895, Einstein failed a simple entrance exam to an engineering school in Zurich.

This exam consisted mainly of mathematical problems, and Einstein showed himself to be mathematically inept in this exam. He then entered a lesser school hoping to use it as a stepping stone to the engineering school he could not get into, but after graduating in 1900, he still could not get a position at the engineering school!

Unable to go to the school as he had wanted, he got a job (with the help of a friend) at the patent office in Bern. He was to be a technical expert third class, which meant that he was not competent to hold a higher qualified position. Even after publishing his so-called ground-breaking papers of 1905 and after working in the patent office for six years, he was only elevated to a second class standing. Remember, the work he was doing at the patent office, for which he was only rated third class, was not quantum mechanics or theoretical physics, but was reviewing technical documents for patents of every day things; yet he was barely qualified.

He would work at the patent office until 1909, all the while continuously trying to get a position at a university, but without success. All of these facts are true, but now begins the myth.

Supposedly, while working a full time job, without the aid of university colleagues, a staff of graduate students, a laboratory, or any of the things normally associated with an academic setting, Einstein in his spare time wrote four ground-breaking essays in the field of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics that were published in 1905.

Many people have recognized the impossibility of such a feat, including Einstein himself, and therefore Einstein has led people to believe that many of these ideas came to him in his sleep, out of the blue, because indeed that is the only logical explanation of how an admittedly inept moron could have written such documents at the age of 26 without any real education. THE TRUTH IS: HE STOLE THE IDEAS AND PLAGIARIZED THE PAPERS



After this single “contribution” to science Einstein never again came up with anything worthwhile, always assuming that his contribution was indeed a scientific milestone and worth anything in the first place! And I have my doubts here!

His contemporary, the Serbian inventor Nicola Tesla, on the other hand, was a prolific inventor and an originator of the most advanced scientific ideas throughout his life. He was more productive than a thousand Einsteins could ever have been in a thousand years.

If his inventions had been used the way he intended them to be used we would have, amongst many other things, virtually free energy now and mankind could have been freed from economic slavery.


A world of free men and women? A world where all are equal? A world where all share in the wealth of the planet? Never! That doesn’t suit the Chosenites! Where would that leave them?

Thanks to the machinations of a criminally insane money-and-power elite, composed of the Chosenites and their arse-kissing shabbes goyim, however, a benefactor of mankind is sidelined, checkmated and ridiculed and his inventions suppressed while a moronic member of a tribe of nobodies is elevated to the status of genius. After Tesla’s death all his papers were stolen by the Zionist-occupied US government; we can only speculate just what kind of scientific advances mankind is missing out on!

I won’t beat about the bush: Albert Einstein, a Jew, is to Nicola Tesla, a non-Jew, what a dog-turd is to gold. As simple as that! And no apologies for my words!

And don’t get me started on another Jewish “wunderkind”, one Sigmund “Fraud” Freud. This inventor of the pseudo-science known as psychiatry was obsessed with sexual and excretory functions and a cocaine abuser on top of it. His “insights” into the human soul, no doubt gained by way of observation of his mostly Jewish clientele – his own navel-gazing included – actually tell us more about the workings of the sick Jewish psyche and that of Freud himself than they tell us about mankind.

Again I am compelled to make the same comparison here. Sigmund Freud, a Jew, is to Carl Gustav Jung, a non-Jew – erstwhile student of Freud who abandoned these sick teachings – what a dog turd is to gold. As simple as that! Again no apologies for my words!

There are two areas, however, in which Jews are indeed superior to others, areas in which they display unusual talent and have special expertise: the first is lying!  And the second is acting! They are actors extraordinaire!

The two are, of course, intimately connected inasfar as acting depends on one’s skill to convincingly project a lie as truth and to create a make-believe world. Nothing wrong with that if it is done for the sake of entertainment, as is done on stage or in a movie. Nothing wrong with suspending reality for an hour or two and enjoy a good show.

But it’s not fun anymore when the make-believe is peddled as reality!
They know how to put on a show, they know how to dazzle! Is that, perhaps, why they dominate the dream factory Hollywood?

One of the longest running “reality shows” brought to you by the Jews:


And what a block buster show this is!

Just look at the plot!

a) They are God’s special people, a Kingdom of Priests, a Light unto the Nations, the intellectual and moral vanguard of the human race.

b) Their religion is the world’s most ethical religion, given to them by none other than the Creator of the Universe Himself (while it is no more than a hodgepodge of ideas and practices drawn from a variety of sources: Egyptian, Phoenician, Persian, Sumerian …. ! Their history is a rainbow-coloured patchwork of episodes borrowed from other cultures and repackaged; the story of Moses and the ark made of bulrushes, for example, is nothing more than a retelling of the story of king Sargon).

c) Torah and Talmud are peddled as Holy Books (when in reality they are but instruction manuals for racism, genocide and a host of other criminal activities).

d) They are descended from the ancient Israelites (when they are really nothing more than Khazars).

e) They live in “Their” God-given Holy Land (land they actually stole twice: first from the Canaanites and now from the hapless Palestinians).

While the puppet masters behind the Jewish masses, the producers and directors of the show, know they are spewing lies, nurturing delusions and presenting a show most Jews, unfortunately, believe the lies and mistake the delusions for reality. They want you, in all seriousness, to believe, too . Think of them as the first pathetic victims of the conspiracy to take over the world.

And speaking of Palestinians: like the good actors they are, Jews sure know how to fake an emotion that they are not genuinely capable of: compassion. While the IDF, the world’s self-proclaimed “most moral army”, goes on a murderous bombing-and-shelling rampagage in Gaza, genociding one of the most helpless nations of the world, they weep bitter tears in front of the world about how they, the innocent victims of German atrocities, they who, on account of their painful personal experience, understand so deeply the suffering of others, are forced to shed innocent blood. You see they do not want to shed innocent blood but those ruthless Palestinian women and children force their hand. They have no choice but to defend themselves, always using utmost restraint, of course!

crocodile tears

 Famous actress Lady Zion

In conclusion:

Jews are peacocks: they delight in strutting the world stage, decked out in dazzling plumage, plumage that is either fake or, if genuine, more often than not found to have been borrowed, – hang on! make that stolen! – from non-Jews.



There is nothing superior about them!


Everything is fakery and thievery!


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