Email To Australian Prime Minister


Text of email sent to the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott on April 13th, 2014

Dear Tony,

Further to my recent emails to you concerning amendments to the Racial
Discrimination Act allow me to draw your attention to the words of Elie
Wiesel, one of the leaders of the Jewish anti-hate campaign (and a proven
liar to boot!):

“Every Jew somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate –
healthy, virile hate for what the German personifies and for what persists in
the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.”

This unsavoury weasel is doing exactly what he accuses Gentiles of. As
somebody who was born in Germany and grew up there I find this highly
offensive. I think you will have to agree unreservedly that I have the right,
under the provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act, to sue him and/or
anybody else who utters such reprehensible ideas in print or verbally.

Everybody is familiar with the shrill battle-cry of Jews: Anti-Semitism –
writ large! Few dare to point out the fact that there is such a thing as
Anti-Gentilism. Anti-Gentilism is just as hurtful and just as morally
indefensible as Anti-Semitism.

If you agree with me that Australia is a country that honours the rule of law
you will also have to agree that we cannot have two sets of standards of
justice: a strictly enforced draconian one for the Gentiles and a flexible
one for the Jews.

I urge you to do the right thing and not let yourself be intimidated into
doing what is self-evidently wrong.

Scrap this Act. It only benefits hypocrites and bigots whether Jewish or not!

Now I understand that this moron Wiesel lives in the Zionist-occupied United
States so I will not be able to bring charges against him but the likes of
him can,unfortunately, also be found in Australia and they are hard at work
to push their double-standard agenda.

There are two thoughts I leave you with:

As I indicated in previous emails:  regardless of what happens to the Racial
Discrimination Act: I will assert my right of free speech. I will not allow
myself to be gagged by anybody! Period!

I reserve the right to bring criminal charges under the Racial Discrimination
Act against anybody in Australia who “offends” me and/or otherwise attempts
to interfere with my inalienable rights.

Thank you for your attention.


Bernard Weckmann

PS This email has, for purposes of elucidation and education, been published
on my blog


Text of email sent to George Brandis, Attorney-General of the Commonwealth of Australia on April 15th, 2014

Dear George,

I have recently contacted the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, concerning the proposed amendment to the Racial Discrimination Act.

He has indicated that he will pass my email on to you.

But just in case he forgets: I take the liberty to forwarding this email myself. Find it below.

I will not beat about the bush here. Regardless of what happens with this Act: I WILL NOT BE GAGGED BY THE JEWS and reserve the right to bring charges against any member of this hate-mongering lot who offends and humiliates me via their holocaust-themed vilification of the German people.

They need to prove that the holocaust is a fact or shut the fuck up!!!

I do not normally use such language but like many right-thinking people I am sick of these lies and cannot think of any polite words to express my disgust and outrage.

It is well past time to let them have a strong dose of their own medicine.

Thank you for your attention


Bernard Weckmann

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