On Talmudic Lunacy And Jewish Justice

There is a movement afoot in the Jewish world aimed at uniting mankind under the aegis of the Noahide Laws, a movement that has even been officially sanctioned by the government of the United States. The motto: One People – One World – One God


All of humanity living in peace and harmony on the one and only world we have? Count me in! But there’s a snag! One God? Whose God?

The Institute of Noahide Code is a UN-accredited NGO dedicated to spreading awareness of the Seven Noahide Laws, which all peoples of the world are obligated to follow.

It takes its guidance from the inspiring vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who understood the inherent power of these laws to unite the nations of the world.

from: www.noahide.org

Correction! This does not come from the Lubavitcher Rebbe but straight from the world’s most rabidly genocidal and racist book – the Talmud and it goes back a long way. If this piece of lunacy, euphemistically called an “inspiring vision”, were ever fully implemented we would end up with a two-tiered world religion. The traditional “Jew-Only Judaism” at the top and the “Noahide pseudo-Judaism” for the Gentile masses at the bottom. But whether Jew or Gentile – all of humanity would be under the jurisdiction of Talmudic Law as created and interpreted by the rabbis. Anybody who does not want to be a Noahide will be considered an idolater who has, under Talmudic law, no right to live! Off with his head!

Nobody can be entrusted with the responsibility and power of having jurisdiction over all of mankind! Are the rabbis even mentally competent and morally fit to inspire, guide humanity and administer justice? Based on my study of the Jews’ role in history, based on my first-hand knowledge of the Jewish religion, its laws and practices and based, above all, on personal experience with the Jewish people, including rabbis, both in Israel and outside, my answer is a resounding NO!

Why would it even be necessary to introduce these laws? Every religion I know of, every culture I have ever heard of, every country in the world, already has moral laws! Who decides that we are all obligated to obey this particular set of laws? And anyway, there is no legal system anywhere in the world which comes even close to the Anglo-Saxon system in its respect for justice, least of all that of the Talmud. And here is why:

Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence is without the slightest doubt the most advanced system in the world. It rests on the twin pillars of

Innocent until Proven Guilty

You Have The Right Of A Trial By A Jury Of Your Peers.

Under Talmudic law there is NO trial by a jury of peers! Period!

And furthermore, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. In fact, you can be judged and convicted on the strength of nothing more than a mere presumption.

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Kiddushin 80a, Soncino 1961: R. Hiyya b. Abba said in R. Johanan’s name: We flagellate on the strength of presumption, we stone and burn on the strength of presumption …

A non-Jew is ALWAYS punished much more harshly than a Jew for the exact same offence.  Further, some offences are offences only for a non-Jew but not for the Jew!

Clearly, the foundation of Talmudic law is a despicable double standard!!!

But you don’t have to wait for a court to sentence you to death. As a Gentile you are fair game to any Jew!

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, head of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement:


 Rabbi Yitzchak Shapiro, author of “The King’s Torah”

“If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”

Who decides what constitutes a sin? Why, the Yid, of course!!!


If you, dear Gentile reader, wonder exactly what your place would be in Talmudic law Sanhedrin 2a removes any doubt:

Under Talmudic law Jews on the one hand and non-Jews on the other are judged by totally different standards. In capital cases, for instance, 23 judges must sit in judgment on a Jew and there must be two witnesses.  A capital case against an ox, a hyena, or a serpent (yes, you read that right!) is also tried by 23 judges.

A capital case against a Gentile, however,  is heard by one judge and he is convicted on the testimony of just one witness. You aren’t considered worth more than one judge and one witness! You even rank below animals! How does that make you feel?

That’s Jewish justice for you! Thanks but no thanks!

The average Jew will go to a synagogue perhaps once a week or even less frequently, say for a special occasion such as a wedding or funeral or a religious holiday. He will engage in rituals the origin and meaning of which he more often than not does not fully understand. In fact, he probably does not even know Hebrew or Aramaic well enough to have more than the vaguest notion of what his prayers actually mean. Of the Talmud he knows as little as his Christian neighbour, i.e. virtually nothing.

Considering the inordinately strong influence of Jews and Jewish “values” on almost every aspect of Western civilization and thus the whole world, and furthermore in view of what is planned for the future, does it not behove us, Jew and Gentile alike, to acquaint ourselves with the Talmud and its tenets? Where does it come from? What exactly does it teach? Let’s have a look!

There are actually two versions of the Talmud: the “Talmud Yerushalmi” (Jerusalem Talmud) and the “Talmud Bavli“, (Babylonian Talmud). They differ in many respects. In any conflict between the two it is the authority of the Babylonian Talmud, however, that decides the issue.

A rabbi will tell you that the Talmud is based on the Oral Law given to Moses at Mt Sinai. It isn’t. It is no more than a compilation of ideas, laws, rituals and practices drawn from a wide variety of sources; from pagan and Atenist Egypt, from the legends and polytheistic mystery cults of Sumer and Canaan and above all from Zoroastrian Persia, which dominated Babylon politically and culturally in those long-gone days when Pharisaic Judaism and the Talmud were in the making. It is in its entirety a product manufactured in Babylon.

This huge collection of teachings was compiled and written before the 8th Century A.D. by ancient Jewish teachers, known as the Pharisees. The word “pharisee” comes from the word “Farsi”, which means “Persian”. Even today the language spoken in Iran and some adjoining areas is Farsi and the remaining practitioners of the ancient religion of the Persian prophet Zoroaster call themselves Farsi!

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia acknowledges the link to the pharisees, the Persians:

The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.

The Talmud is the undisputed foundation on which the Jewish religion and the Jewish way of life, as we know them today, rest.

In many ways the Talmud is the most important book in Jewish culture, the backbone of creativity and of national life. No other work has had a comparable influence on the theory and practice of Jewish life, shaping spiritual content and serving as a guide to conduct.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.

Herman Wouk, American Jewish author

The world, in the Pharisee’s view, was created for one purpose only: the glorification of God by the People of Israel (the rest of mankind is nothing more than a stage prop!). It is the Pharisees and their modern descendants, the rabbis, who claim to have inherited the Oral Law and arrogantly presume to have a mandate from on high not only to interpret the laws of the Torah and the Oral Law but to actually amend them in any way they desire or to abrogate them altogether.

Jews take great pride in presenting themselves as the people that gave the world “ethical monotheism” and as being in possession of the most moral religion, Judaism. Everything about this grandiose self-assessment is wrong:

a) Monotheism is a UNIVERSAL phenomenon and precedes Judaism (and in any case, why the hell should monotheism be considered superior to any other form of spirituality?)

b) Judaism is NOT A RELIGION but a legal code packaged and marketed as a religion

c) Judaism is utterly DEVOID OF MORALITY – there is only blind obedience to the Law

Some thirty years ago I converted to Orthodox Judaism. Being young, idealistic, naive – and brainwashed as a consequence of my upbringing in Zionist-occupied Germany – I did not really know what I let myself in for. After moving to Israel I studied for a while in a yeshiva (a religious academy in which the Talmud, and only the Talmud, is studied).

Talmudic scholars are masters of biblical exegesis, the brilliant science and exquisite art of making any text say anything they want it to say including the exact opposite of its clear and unambiguous meaning! And they are swaggeringly proud of it. Read this piece of self-aggrandizement:

“Through his keen intellect, his vast learning and his energetic activity he wielded a great influence in developing and diffusing the traditional law. He arranged the accumulated material of that law in a proper system and methodical order, and enriched its substance with many valuable deductions of his own … Besides, he introduced a new method of interpreting the Scriptures, which enabled him to find a biblical basis for almost every provision of the oral law. This ingenious method was admired by his contemporaries, and notwithstanding the opposition of some of his colleagues, generally adopted in addition to the hermeneutic rules of R. Ishmael.”

Rabbi Rodkinson

But don’t you dare disagree with them! Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell. (Erubin 21b)

Really? Well, with Talmudic Jews in charge of the world who needs hell?

The plainly obvious intellectual dishonesty and insanity of their pilpul (casuistry) is repugnant enough but there is also the fact that Talmudic studies are not at all, as Jews would have you believe, challenging and stimulating, quite the contrary – they are stifling, mind-numbing and stupefying in their total focus on the minutiae of trivial, irrelevant, asinine and obscene matters.

When I could no longer take the idiocies, obscenities and reptilian coldness of the Talmud and its adherents I removed myself from everything Jewish to preserve my sanity and after four years I left the country for good.

If asked to define a Talmudic Jew in one word I would say: GOLEM, writ large! It is, in my view, the most fitting description. Both the golem of Jewish legend and the Talmudist only give the appearance of being alive. Just as the golem – a creature made of clay – is magically animated by a sacred word from Jewish scriptures, written on parchment and inserted into the mouth or affixed to the head, so the Talmudist is animated by the “magic” words of the Talmud which he studies and crams into his head, to the exclusion of everything else.




The Talmudist, no matter how vast his knowledge, is capable only of dealing with the surface meaning of anything, i.e. the mere dead letter of the law, not the spirit that animates it.

The Talmudist’s knowledge of and interest in anything which is not directly connected to his particular way of life is quite literally zero. There is no curiosity about the natural world, for example, let alone appreciation of it. Yes, they will say a blessing (in fact, there are many of them!) when they come across certain natural phenomena but only because they are commanded by the Talmud. Such blessings come from the brain, never from the heart. It is all purely mechanical. Not once did I have the impression that they were genuinely touched by, say the beautiful smile of an innocent child or the sight of a breath-taking sunrise, by the sensuous movement and sleekness of a cat, the song of a bird or … Enough said … you get the idea! They are dead on the inside!

There is no interest in and appreciation of art, be it literature or music or painting or sculpture. Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe, Tolstoy? Rubens, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Da Vinci? Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner? “Never heard of them! Are they Jewish? No? Then go away and do not waste my time!” In order to appreciate art you need creative imagination, the ability to take flight in your mind and to transport yourself somewhere else – and that is something a Talmudist is incapable of!

There is no interest in opening and broadening the mind by studying, for example, history or other people’s languages, religions, philosophies and ways of life. “They aren’t Jewish so what would they really know? What could they possibly teach us?”

To a Talmudist there is also no point in pondering such questions as: “Where do we come from? Why are we here? How do I live a meaningful and moral life?” He is exactly the same as any  zombified New Age follower of this, that or the other guru. His beloved guru-rebbe will relieve him of the hard work of thinking and making moral decisions.

Which leaves him free to attend to life’s more important things. He is concerned with making sure not to sit next to a woman; she might be menstruating and thus be ritually unclean. Better not to sit next to a woman at all. He worries about the distant possibility that his food, God forbid, has, at some stage, been handled by a goy and might therefore be trefah (i.e. not kosher). He has great difficulty falling asleep at night because he is assailed by nagging doubts whether he did put on his clothes in the morning in the right order as Talmudically ordained; he was in such a rush, you see, and can’t quite remember. What a calamity!

A Talmudic Jew thanks God every day that He did not make him a Gentile. I do not suffer from claustrophobia nor do I have the fear of being buried alive. But when I remember my years living in Israel as a Jew I have a glimpse of what the sufferers of these fears must experience. Why would anybody even want such a life? Can you imagine what it is like in the self-imposed narrow world of a Talmudist? Perhaps Gentiles should feel sorry for the Jews and thank God that He did not make them Jewish?

Curiosity killed the cat. Perhaps it did.. But without it the cat won’t learn anything, will it? And what is a human being without curiosity? Even a Talmudist has curiosity. Do you want to know what moves a Talmudist? What he is curious about? What kind of profound questions Talmudists ponder and debate in their yeshivot (plural of: yeshiva)?

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Are you allowed to kill a flea on the Sabbath?

Are you allowed to pick your nose on the Sabbath?

What size breasts are required for a girl to be considered an adult?

 Is it permitted to have sex with a mouse or fly or mosquito in the room?

Is it permitted on a Sabbath to give a piece of bread to a midget who is less than 30 cm?

If urinating from the roof of the synagogue are you permitted to hold your sexual organ?

If a man falls off a bench and accidentally sexually penetrates his brother’s widow who lies below him on the floor does he thereby contract a levirate marriage? (Just think about this one for a moment!)

The above are, admittedly, some of the more bizarre questions but this kind of far-fetched nonsense is indeed the bread and butter of the Talmudist’s mental diet. Hilarious, isn’t it?

The pre-occupation of Jewish sages with sexual and excretory functions is truly staggering! Does this perhaps explain why Jews are such great purveyors of pornography and sexual aberration?

Talmudic sages just love to discuss dirt and smut; any sort of dirt and smut. Especially if it is about goyim!

Gentiles prefer sex with cows. Abodah Zarah 22a-22b

 Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden. Yebamoth 63a

There is not a whore in the world that the Talmudic sage Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with. On one of his whorehouse romps, Rabbi Eleazar leanred that there was one particular prostitute residing in a whorehouse near the sea, who would receive a bag of money for her services. He took a bag of money and went to her, crossing seven rivers to do so. During their intercourse the prostitute farted. After this the whore told Rabbi Eleazar: “Just as this gas will never return to my anus, Rabbi Eleazar will never get to heaven. Abodah Zarah 17a

Are you perhaps beginning to suspect that the Talmud is NOT the work of intellectual and moral giants but of imbeciles and perverts! Whether Jew or Gentile – do we really want these sick puppies to administer law and sit in judgement over us?

If this was all there was to be found in the Talmud we could have a good laugh and turn our backs on it. But there is an aspect to it that the Jews are eager to hide from the non-Jewish world – a side that presents a clear and present danger to non-Jews. Something that should set alarms bells ringing: undisguised hatred of the non-Jew! We cannot afford to laugh this off and walk away!

A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death…it is our inheritance, not theirs…  Naturally, they wouldn’t want their anti-human criminality revealed in the Talmud to become common knowledge.

The Talmud Berakoth 58a teaches that anyone deserves death, including a Jew, who reveals what the Talmud says about non-Jews because such revelation will make Gentiles angry (You bet it does!) and thus lead to the suppression of Judaism.

Have you ever wondered why the Talmud has been burnt so often and in so many places? Could it, perhaps, be that the Gentiles did find out what the Talmud teaches about them? Could it, perhaps, be that the Gentiles did find out how they can be lied to, defrauded and exploited or worse, done away with? And all of it sanctioned by the God of the Jews!

The Talmudic view of non-Jews is neatly summed up in the words of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Lubavitch Chabad movement, one of the most active hate-mongering Jewish sects in the world, the very same bunch of morons that want to impose their laws on us! All Jews are good by nature, all non-Jews are evil by nature. The Jews are creation’s crowning glory, the non-Jews are the scum of the earth.

A Jew need not pay a non-Jew wages owed him for work done. Sanhedrin 57a

If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile it does not have to be returned. Baba Mezia 24a (He is, however, encouraged to return the item if this act would lead to praise for the Jew and his God. That’s “honesty” for you!)

Jews may use lies to circumvent a Gentile. Baba Kamma 113a

The teachings of the Talmud are oriented towards the worship of God. There is no morality for its own sake simply because it is the right thing! There is NO pity or mercy or love for anyone needy or weak or down-trodden simply because he is a human being. No, he has to be a Jew to be worthy of these sentiments and worthy of help; non-Jews don’t count. What of Deuteronomy 10,19? Does it not command the Jew to love the stranger? Yes, but the word “stranger” is NOT interpreted to refer to a non-Jew but to a convert, a definition which actually manages to demean the non-Jew as well as the convert! There is also, as their ritual slaughter method proves, no compassion whatsoever for animals.

Love, mercy, pity and compassion are commanded – is that even possible? – and valued only inasfar as they serve the Jews and their God. Do they perhaps hate the non-Jew so much because they can see in him something they themselves do not possess – the capacity for unselfish conduct? Are Jews jealous and envious because deep down they understand that the non-Jew has something that dwarfs their own miserly hoard of ill-gotten material wealth by many orders of magnitude: a compassionate heart?

From Maimonides, one of Jewry’s greatest scholars:

“….. but when Israel rules over them (the Gentiles), we are forbidden to suffer idolaters (the Gentiles) amongst us, even if it is only temporary or while travelling from place to place for business; none of them shall pass through our land until they accept upon themselves the seven Noahide commandments as it is said, ‘They shall not dwell in your land’ — not even for an hour’.”

The rabid racism and genocidal mania found in the pages of the Talmud absolutely boggle the mind. You do not even need to know Hebrew and Aramaic or actually read the Talmud itself. Read the Five Books of Moses, the Torah/Pentateuch, which establish the principles upon which the Talmud only expands.

From ancient times: Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed Rabbi Simon ben Yohai

And more recently Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said: One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail. (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6). These people expect us to trust them?

A specially virulent hatred and obscene language is reserved for Jesus and Mary and for Christians and their beliefs and practices in general. You do not have to be a Christian to be outraged and disgusted! And at the same time as they indulge their utter contempt for and hatred of the non-Jewish societies that have graciously accepted them they expect, in all seriousness, to be embraced and respected, if not actually loved as the Elder Brothers.


In Conclusion

Is there perhaps something that can be done which could lead to the peaceful co-existence of Jews and non-Jews? In theory – yes! I am reminded here of the Alcoholic Anonymous maxim: when the alcoholic acknowledges the fact that he is an alcoholic and needs help then and only then will he be ready to address the problem and solve it.

By the same token: when Jews admit the fact that their claim of being God’s Chosen People and their belief in intellectual and moral superiority are delusions; when they are ready to relinquish the idea that the world exists for their sake, and theirs only; when they take control of their lives and start thinking for themselves instead of outsourcing their thinking and moral decisions to their criminally insane religious and secular leaders; when they are showing remorse for past crimes and willingness to make amends; when they are prepared to jettison the toxic teachings of the Torah and the Talmud then we can talk about peaceful co-existence!

To Jews I say this:

You have had thousands of years to prove your worth and you failed miserably! A One PeopleOne World – One God religion under your aegis? Forget it! You are not fit to usher in the Brotherhood of Man. You and your religion, so-called, are not fit to inspire and guide anybody! And you sure as hell are not fit to exercise jurisdiction over anybody!

You belong on the dunghill of history!


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