On Jewish Suffering And Innocence

Nobody can deny that Jews have suffered hardship in the course of their history – but so have others! Many others! While a Jew will happily agree with the first part of the above statement he will not want to hear about the second part! The suffering of others is nothing to do with him!

Millions all over the world have watched “Swindler’s List”, sorry “Schindler’s List”. Millions have read the concocted diary of Anne Frank and other “victims”.  The holocaust industry keeps on churning out movies, TV dramas, lachrymose memoirs, non-fiction books with the most ridiculous claims and there is even a beauty pageant of Holocaust survivors! What obscenity!

 miss_2262401bMiss Holocaust Survivor

But when did you last watch a blockbuster Hollywood production about the Dresden fire-bombing that killed hundreds of thousands of people who had sought refuge in a city they considered safe as it was of no value to the German war effort and therefore of no strategic value to the Allies? Most were women, children and old people; they were burned alive!


When did you last watch a documentary on TV about the Bolshevik murder of millions of Christian Russians for no reason other than that they were Christians? When did you last read a book about the Bolshevik-engineered Ukrainian famine that killed an estimated 7 to 8 million people? And here it is important to remember that the Bolshevik perpetrators were, almost to a man, Jews, part-Jews or crypto-Jews!

Have you ever heard of Gypsies making the kind of outrageous demands, mostly for money,  that Jews constantly come up with? Or blaming everybody – including the Pope – for not coming to their aid ?

Most of the massacres and mass murders that occurred throughout history have either been completely forgotten – or swept aside to make room for the one and only “holocaust” – ironically, the only one that actually never happened!

There is no shortage of material concerning man’s inhumanity! Let’s have a look at some examples:

Black Americans have suffered slavery and segregation. Native Americans had their land stolen from them and were nearly driven to extinction as also happened to the Aborigines in Australia. The Irish were the plaything of the English through the centuries. The ah-so-noble British invented the concentration camp and interned Boer women and children to force the men to surrender to the invading British.

Millions of German POWs died in camps run by the Allies from intentional starvation, lack of medical attention and exposure to the elements in the open-air concentration camps. Millions of German civilians perished during the ethnic cleansing and expulsion from their homeland, carried out by the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and Russians.


Civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incinerated with atomic bombs, even after! the Japanese had already offered to surrender.

Not all that long ago the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia killed millions of Cambodians, mostly the educated class!

Then we have the genocide of Armenians and now the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Let’s not forget the death of Iraqi children caused by starvation and lack of medical care, courtesy of the blockade imposed in the lead-up to the Iraq war by the white knights in shining armor in Washington and London.

This sickening list could go on and on and on.

It is saddening to realize that these shameful episodes are usually forgotten after a few years or at most a few decades. It is right that we should remember the suffering of others as well as our own! Don’t we owe all these victims their own Museums?

No, that would never do as it would take attention away from the specialness of our glorious Chosenites! It would make it plain as day that they are just one nation amongst many others.

But the Jewish holocaust and Jewish suffering are indeed – as Jews claim – unique, although not in the way they would have you believe!

First: all of the massacres of non-Jews mentioned above are fully documented and were fully intentional. On the other hand there is NO evidence that six million Jews died and there is NO evidence that any deaths that did occur were intentional!

Second: there is something terribly wrong with the Jewish way of remembering! How so?

In his deluded mind:

The Jew is the ONLY ONE who ever suffered!  His egomania is such that the hardship of others does not even register with him; he literally believes that his own suffering is so unique and so important to the world that just to mention the suffering of others means that, somehow, his suffering is belittled!

The fact is:  by proclaiming the uniqueness of his suffering he is the one who belittles everybody else’s suffering!

In his deluded mind:

He ALWAYS exaggerates his suffering shamelessly or just plain fabricates it! He is not even bright enough to stay away from inventing the most absurd fairy tales that even a child could see through.

During the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans about 40 million Jews were killed by the Romans! Yes, really! Cross my heart and hope to die! The Germans did not just stop at killing Jews, no! they turned them into soap and lampshades! Inventing such horror stories comes easy to him.

And while everybody is distracted by horror stories about non-existant German gas chambers he is publicly and vociferously clamouring for some real atrocities:

Poison Gas

This kind of Jewish atrocity propaganda is not a recent thing at all; it goes back a long way and is intended to create both hatred and fear of the Gentile nations as tools to glue the tribe together and drive a wedge between Jews and the rest of mankind. We are also dealing here with the well-known propensity of the psychopath to project his own inner world on others, accusing them systematically of the very same crimes that he is committing himself or at least fantasises about.

The Talmud has such gems as the following claims which demonstrate the Jewish mentality: Gittin 57b claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. There weren’t that many people – let alone Jews – alive at that time! This claim is absurd even if we grant the possibility that somebody confused the numbers and actually only meant to claim 4 million. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

In his deluded mind:

He KEEPS SCORE!!! He has turned his “victimhood” into an art form and made persecution his badge of honour which, as I have noticed on many occasions, he wears proudly! He considers himself justified in nursing resentment and grudges in perpetuity and to inflict revenge for every wrong, real or imagined, ever done to him – revenge not only on the perpetrators but on their children and children’s children unto the umpteenth generation! A victory over an enemy is riotously celebrated as is  done every year on Purim. Mind you, that was 2500 years ago! – yet he has not forgotten his enemy, no matter how long gone. He still fans the flames of anger and hatred.

He will never tire of telling everybody just how much he has suffered and to make sure that we all know and never ever forget he will rig the curriculum of schools and introduce his mandatory “Holocaust Studies” in order to indoctrinate the next generation of Gentiles.

6 Million


But worst of all!

He is INSANE enough to claim the moral high ground, IMPUDENT enough to present himself as the pinnacle of humanity. He is automatically innocent and automatically above any suspicion of wrong-doing. You have no business to ask him questions! That alone proves that you wish him ill!

He has the chutzpah to peddle Judaism, tribalism in its ugliest form, as the most ethical of the world’s religions. This arrogant assertion is contradicted by his own “Holy Books”, the Torah and the Talmud, which are no more than instruction manuals for genocidal racism and other criminal activities and, more importantly, it is flatly contradicted by his own egregious conduct!

Of course, he is incapable of seeing himself the way that others see him!  That requires something he does not have: a certain level of maturity,  intelligence and the ability to engage in self-reflection! No, he has never wronged and never harmed anybody. No, he has never persecuted any other ethnic, national or religious group. He, through absolutely no fault of his own, has been exiled not only from his own country, Judea (after the Romans finally had enough of him) but from many of the countries that kindly offered him sanctuary and whose people he promptly exploited, abused and betrayed. No, it wasn’t him that opened the gates of Constantinople to let the Turks in!


It was and is the evil Jew-hating Gentile that did and does all these nasty things and then blames them on the innocent Jew! Always and everywhere! So there! Now you know the truth!

It wasn’t him who enriched himself while ruining entire nations with his usury, thus earning himself yet another expulsion (well, as long as he can take the loot away with him that does not bother him too much!).

It wasn’t him who instigated one revolution and one war after another. The Bolshevik Revolution, one of the world’s most murderous episodes, had nothing to do with the fact that Jew Trotsky and half-Jew Lenin (some believe he was fully Jewish) were in the pockets of America’s Jewish banksters. Perish the thought! It was the uprising of the long-suppressed Russian peasants and workers. Exactly!

In the magazine Israel of April 2003, published in France, we read the following words written by a certain André Darmon:

“To kill a Jew or a child makes God cry, for we are exterminating [in the Jew] the bearer of universal ethics and innocence.”

There you have it! That’s how special he is!

I do not presume to know the mind of God but I can believe that God DOES weep when a child is killed – no argument there. Does he also weep when a Yid is killed? Possible, I suppose, but I am inclined to doubt it! What is there to mourn?

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