The Holocaust – The Mother Of All Sob Stories

Shoah Business 

Few labels are as feared by Gentiles and as liberally used by Jews as anti-Semite and holocaust denier. The German butchers killed six million Jews during WW2 and now the Moslem barbarians are trying to emulate the Nazis; they want to drive the Jews out of their refuge, the God-given Land of Israel, and into the sea.

This is something that everybody knows because the Jewish-owned media tell us. So how can any sane person still doubt? Don’t you feel compassion for the victims of  irrational Gentile hatred and persecution throughout the ages and in all lands?  Don’t you feel guilty and ashamed?

And don’t you agree with the Jews that anyone who doubts that the holocaust happened or even just asks legitimate questions clearly deserves the punishment he gets?  To wit: heavy fines, vilification, ostracism, loss of career or business, physical assault, imprisonment and much much worse.

I will ask some important questions that have been asked many times before and still await answers! To the Jewish thought police I say: you are welcome to label me an antiSemite and/or a holocaust denier or anything else you like! I don’t give a bloody damn!

So here we go! Was Cleopatra really beautiful? Did Columbus discover America? Or was it the Vikings? Did Moses part the Red Sea?  Did Hitler commit suicide? Or did he escape to Antarctica?  Did six million Jews really die? Or is this perhaps the 20th century’s greatest hoax?

Having been born after the above-mentioned people lived and after the events are supposed to have happened I can honestly answer with a resounding: “I DO NOT KNOW!” I have no first-hand knowledge of anything that transpired before I was born.

Anything I have not personally experienced is quite literally nothing more than hearsay.  Therefore, I cannot categorically state, for instance, that the holocaust happened and neither can I claim that it did not happen!

As a sane and self-respecting man, however, I do not just accept anybody’s say-so as the truth. In order to help me arrive at a reasonably accurate picture of reality I assert the right to ask questions and assess the merits of the answers for myself.

United Nations declaration No. 19

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”.

The United Nations grants me rights? Nonsense! I have always had them because I was born with them! And I will not allow myself to be gagged by anybody in my search for answers  or in my desire to discuss and disseminate what I find out and hold to be true. Should my conclusions be found wrong (I do not claim to be infallible!) I will nevertheless insist on being refuted in a civilized manner and on the basis of verifiable facts and/or the unbiased testimony of trustworthy witnesses.

It is now almost seventy years since the end of WW2  and the proponents of the holocaust thesis  have failed to provide any proof for their claims. Their response to the challenge is utterly predictable: the same lame accusation of anti-Semitism.

They never attempt to enter into a debate about facts. They prefer knee-jerk reactions of denial, suppression of free speech, lies, smear campaigns, litigation, physical attacks or worse. That alone indicates to me that there is something they don’t want anybody to know about.


When I lived in Israel I spoke to Jews who claimed to be holocaust survivors. Their testimony confirmed to me that  concentration camps existed and that they were not fun-filled holiday camps! Big deal! I knew that already! But not a shred of proof was offered that they were death camps!

I suspected that some of their claims were grossly exaggerated, either intentionally or as a result of memories fading over time. Others struck me as shameless lies. Paying attention not only to what they said but also to how they told their stories I had the feeling that they seemed to enjoy talking about their “suffering”, as if it was – how shall I put it delicately? –  the highlight of their lives. It reminded me of the pompous speeches of Australian war veterans and politicians about the evil nature of  war. Many many years ago one of the few WW1 veterans left at that time said during a TV interview, wistfully and with a smile: “It wasn’t such a bad old war!”

Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad old holocaust either? It has certainly proved to be quite profitable. Look at what it yielded: a Jewish state founded on Gentile sympathy (read: manipulated feelings of guilt and shame!) and built with money extorted from Gentiles.

Then there is the internationally recognised status of  “perpetual victim”, granting Jews a special dispensation to ignore or violate, without fear of censure or retribution, any moral and man-made law in the pursuit of any selfish goal. A carte blanche to do as they please  –  absolutely priceless!

You know the song: “There is no business like shoah business!” But business is not doing so well lately. More and more people start asking the same questions and demand answers. There is this pesky thing called the Internet that allows people to communicate and exchange information concerning matters that Jews would prefer to remain hidden.

Aware of the fact that they have no evidence to back up their claims Jews are now desperately creating “racial discrimination” and “hate crime” laws all over the world, enacted by their whores in politics and enforced by their whores in the police and the “justice” system. The purpose of such laws is clear: they want to cover their own arses by preventing research, by eliminating dissent,  by removing free speech.

They are incapable of caring about anybody but themselves. They are sociopaths or psychopaths and while they do not actually feel compassion they are cunning enough to fake it when it suits them. That’s why they make it appear as though the legislation defends and protects coloured people, gays and lesbians and minorities of all sorts – religious or ethnic or political. It sure looks less selfish that way, more convincing!

There is no need to protect the truth! Two plus two equals four! If you deny that fact you are a fool but hardly a criminal deserving to be fined or imprisoned. By the same token: if the holocaust were a fact and a self-evident truth as claimed by Jews why would you need to protect it with draconian legislation?

The historicity of the holocaust is not a matter for Jew-inspired legislation and kangaroo courts to decide on! It is something for independent historians and unbiased forensic scientists to deal with. Their verdict: the evidence points to fraud!!!


Revisionists estimate that the combined death toll in all German concentration camps was between 300,000 to 500,000. Of that number about half were Jews. This figure is based on documentation, including reports released by the International Red Cross which inspected the camps, the Auschwitz death registries released to the Soviet archives in 1990 (which recorded only 69,000 deaths in Auschwitz), and other evidence. The main cause of death was the typhus epidemic and starvation and none of that was intentional! The “Holocaust Horror” story is physically impossible, and has been thoroughly discredited.

It is a sob story!

But if you want to learn about real holocausts – courtesy of the kike – then inform yourself about the fire-bombing of Dresden and Hamburg and Tokyo and Nagasaki and many other places, carried out by his whores, the Allies!

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