A Jew No More

I was born in 1948 in Germany and grew up, as a Roman Catholic, first in a small village and then, from the age of  7, in Trier, allegedly the oldest town in Germany and for a brief period even the capital of the Roman Empire.

Roman City Gate

Roman City Gate Trier

Incidentally, Trier is the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous, well, make that infamous, Jews: Karl Marx.


Karl Marx House and Museum Trier

After WWII the older generation of Germans was subjected to de-nazification while the young generation was taught the new and “correct” version of history, written by the victors and endorsed by their  minions amongst the Germans.

I swallowed the official story as peddled on radio and TV,  in books, magazines and newspapers – hook, line and sinker. Thus conditioned I felt contempt, bordering on hatred, for my own people, in fact, everything German! I fell for every propaganda piece about the bad, bad Nazis and the suffering of the innocent, noble and heroic Jewish people.

There is no doubt in my mind that the feelings of guilt and shame as well as mindless adoration of the Jews was the intended outcome of such indoctrination. Anyone who harbours guilt and shame will be easy prey for a manipulator!

Before long I began to see them in exactly the same way they see themselves: as God’s Chosen People, a Kingdom of Priests and a Light unto the Nations, the moral and intellectual vanguard of the human race, the glorious crown of creation. I have to cut myself some slack: our education was one-sided; we had no access to dissenting information. It wasn’t until I left Germany, for instance, that I could acquire a copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”, which is prohibited in Germany. What’s more: I was young and naive, idealistic and  impressionable and, truth be told, the idea of belonging to a very special group  of people appealed to my adolescent arrogance.

But I took this much further than most people. After my migration to Australia I converted to Orthodox Judaism before the Melbourne Beth Din (a Jewish court of law) in 1982. Looked at in hindsight it is clear that the true motivation for this step had less to do with religious faith than it had to do with programming and feelings of guilt, although I don’t remember to have been aware of this at the time.

After the conversion I immediately left for Israel where I spent the next four years before finally returning to Australia. And what an eye-opener Israel was! I hated every minute of it and yet I view my stay in Israel as a blessing in disguise. If I hadn’t converted and lived in Israel, I would not have had the opportunity to get that close to the Chosenites. Chances are I would probably have remained a mindless admirer, a brain-dead apologist, in other words: I would most likely have remained one of their “useful idiots”.

Almost from the very first day in Israel I felt ill at ease. I blamed it on culture shock, not uncommon when you change your country, language and way of life. Now, however,  I tend to think that it most likely was my subconscious mind sensing that things were not quite what they seemed. In fact, the warning was so strong that within four weeks of arriving I formally declined Israeli citizenship which is conferred upon every Jewish immigrant automatically unless he or she opts out within a certain time frame. It had already become clear to me that I would not stay permanently and therefore I did not want to be stuck with the label “Israeli”.

Whereas before the conversion I only rejected things German after the conversion I found myself looking down on everything that wasn’t Jewish. The irony was: I looked down upon non-Jews while Jews looked down upon me. So here I was, naively thinking of myself as a Jew while the “real” Jews considered me not a Jew but a “converted goy” –  more or less like an unwelcome guest who had invited himself to the party. I quickly learnt to withhold the fact that I was a convert.

While I am by no means a scholar I do speak Hebrew and Aramaic fluently and did, from time to time, engage in religious studies in a Jerusalem yeshiva (religious academy). One of the most disturbing discoveries I made there was to find that the accusations of hate-mongering and racism routinely levelled against the Talmud are not anti-Semitic fabrications at all.  The Talmud is exactly what its detractors claim it is. Personally, I am not going to mince words: it reeks of the sewer.

Talmudic studies are not, as Jews would have you believe, challenging and intellectually stimulating, quite the contrary – they are stupefying in their total focus on the minutiae of trivial and irrelevant matters. Just spare a thought for the poor boys that are, from a very early age, forced to immerse themselves in such studies. With this kind of unnatural upbringing and education is it any wonder that Jews are mentally unstable?

Western Wall

A detailed analysis of the Talmud is beyond the scope of this article. A good book to start, if you think you can stand the obscenities, inanities and the mind-numbing casuistry contained in the Talmud,  is Elizabeth Dilling’s book The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today.


Another author I can recommend is Michael Hoffman. Check out his work “Judaism Discovered”

Let me pick just one item: racism. The Talmud is the Racist Manifesto par excellence! Racism is an integral part of Jewish life both outside and within Israel.  At the top of the money-and-power pyramid are Western-educated  Ashkenazim (Jews of Eastern European, i.e. Khazar origin),  followed by Sephardim (Jews of Spanish-North  African lineage). Below the Sephardim you will find a motley collection of other, mostly dark-skinned, ethnicities such as Ethiopian Jews and Indian Jews.

And at the bottom you will find the non-Jews. There are the Palestinians, the only people with a genuine claim on Palestine and, ironically, the only people with a genuine claim on being the lineal genetic descendants of the ancient Judeans. And then there are the non-Jewish spouses of Jews and their off-spring (if the mother is the Gentile the child is a Gentile!).

At various times in history and in various countries Jews had to wear some distinguising mark. The last time this was in Germany where they had to sew a yellow Star of David on their clothes and had the letter J (Jude = Jew) stamped in their ID papers.


German ID Card

That’s discrimination, of course. Yet Israel does exactly the same. The Israeli ID card records the ethnic status of a person. For instance, Jews are recorded as yehudi (Jew), non-Jews show their respective ethnic designation. Palestinians show aravi (Arab), a German Gentile will show germani and so on and so forth. This is clearly designed to set Jews apart from non-Jews. This time, however, Jews are the top dogs!

Israeli ID Card Sample

Israeli ID Card

Can you imagine the outrage and fury of the Jewish thought police if any other country were to do this? But, of course, it is not discrimination at all, dummy! It’s kosher because the Jews do it! Come to think of it – it’s probably viewed as anti-Semitic to say that this document constitutes racial discrimination!

You wish to know what real discrimination is? I suggest you go and try to live in Israel as a non-Jew. You enjoy being spit on – I mean quite literally spit on?? Jerusalem is the place you want to be!

My social life soon came to a complete standstill because I couldn’t stand the boundless arrogance, chutzpah, coldness, rudeness, aggressiveness, narcissm and lack of sensitivity of the Israelis.

Life in Israel was not one of high drama  but one of quiet misery. I felt as though I was suffocating. The novelty of it all was wearing off fast while at the same time there was the growing realization that some of the thoroughly unpleasant character traits of  Jews in general and Israelis in particular were actually beginning to rub off on me, such as rudeness and aggressiveness – and I was even making excuses for that! When in Rome……….

I knew then that I had to remove myself both from Israel and from Judaism in order to preserve my sanity. Within less than a year of arriving in Israel I found I had turned into someone whom I would previously have called an anti-Semite!

You can love the Jews or you can hate them but it is virtually impossible to just ignore them. The German Kaiser Wilhelm II referred to them as “some kind of bad insect”. And like bad insects they keep on coming back! They have a way of imposing themselves and their “ideas” and “values” on you, directly or indirectly, with or without your consent.

Lest I be accused of hate-mongering let me make one thing clear: I do not hate either Jews or Israelis. Period. Having personally experienced the ill-effects of negative emotions such as contempt and hatred I can say that they are far more damaging to the one who harbours them than to the target.

No, I do not hate them, I pity them:  they are truly pathetic in their ignorance, arrogance and self-righteousness. Regardless of where they live, the US or Germany, Australia or Israel, regardless of their individual circumstances, they are almost all of them trapped in a mental ghetto of their own creation, in a claustrophobic nightmare of self-centredness and persecution paranoia (you see, everybody is after them!)

I view the Jewish people, exactly like the Gentile nations they like to look down upon, as pawns in a game that they neither understand nor are even aware of. There is a cabal hidden within Jewry which cares for the “lesser brethren” no more than it cares for the “goyim”. If the Jews  do not wake up soon to the machinations of their secular and religious leadership they will be sacrificed to the NWO like everybody else.

To this cabal Jews are, exactly like Gentiles, “useful idiots”, an army of Talmud-programmed zombies to conquer the world and make it safe for Satanism. Mind-controlled assassins, however, even though they may ultimately not be responsible for their actions, are still a danger that needs to be confronted and dealt with.

To the German people I say this: My heart-felt apologies for my unkind thoughts and arrogant conduct. I am truly sorry!

To the Jews I have this to say: I appeal to all of you who can still tell right from wrong to renounce Jewishness. Decency and Judaism are incompatible. Judaism is not salvageable!

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