Open Letter

Open Letter

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Our people, our country and all of Europe are being occupied like a flashflood by foreign human masses and thus we are being swindled out of our social achievements. And all this is happening according to plan! The implementation of these plans is achieved by truly criminal gangs of politicians, media hypocrites and „bought“ judicial authorities who give willing assistance to the unfolding catastrophe and revel in their current legal immunity and in the wealth which is slipped into their pockets for their treasonous services.

Why does the People permit this – to be deliberately exploited, raped and gradually, but clearly, exterminated? Why does it not make use of its right to live, and fulfill its duty according to natural law and resist?

For one single reason: the „moral obligations“ emanating from the German Auschwitz guilt-cult!

Through decades of „re-education“ perpetratede by participating traitor organisations in our country, it has been so paralysed both in mind and will that it is not even aware of its walk to the scaffold. Dazzled by the phraseology of affluence, and tranquilised by mere words, it has lost all sight of reality. This sick system, based on denouncing to the police all patriotic heretics and a delusional do-gooder-ism is borne by the false belief in the greatest lie of all, the supposed German Holocaust of the Jews, and by the ensuing, self-destructive, guilt cult of the German people.

View the video material quietly, of which there are a thousand variations in even better quality on the Internet. Judge for yourself objectively. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by that part of your brain which has been atrophied by years of indoctrination, and finally put to yourself the question which is already being asked by thousands and in increasing number!

Wake up!

All these people who ask in quiet, are afraid of denouncers and persecution and prosecution by the beneficiaries of The Lie, of the terror which is exercised by the well-paid assistants of this unjust state. They are still afraid of the laws and paragraphs which only serve to cover The Lie and which muzzle the Sovereign, who are The German People.

But such laws which are being applied to throw thousands into prison, to deprive them of their rights, to torment them physically and spiritually, and even to murder them, have no validity in history. Laws which forbid openly calling a danger a danger contradict every natural instinct of self-preservation in healthy peoples.

That is why we must not fear these laws and should not submit to their proclaimers! The more fair-minded and true-hearted people finally are standing up and displaying to those around them that they are not willing to tread slavishly any more the path to the slaughterhouse. les the more even of the weaker will finally muster the courage to attach themselves to them. Already, since a certain time the lie has been crumbling away under the fingers of its inventors. Ever new lies and explanations which scream to the heavens have to be invented and protected by further laws for to legitimise the German cult of guilt. Alone, no time remains for the European peoples to wait for the wasting death of this lie. The Occident is in danger!

Awaken and think for yourselves!

To the legal profession

The majority of you have already known the truth for a long time. Whether you became willing tools of the lie for material reasons, out of fear of your own colleagues and the system or out of pure malice, the judgement of your guilt will be left to a future jurisdiction. It is solely up to the decent among you to assist the breakthrough of the truth and to break the silence. Don’t feel too safe behind the thin wall of corrupt associations of an autocratic clique. Such alliances have too often been brought low out of their own ranks. It is just in their own ranks that there was not a few who suddenly discovered their good conscience and did not care for the consequences of the accomplices . If you do not wish to see what is going on around you, that it is seething, that the will of the people  forging ahead, then slumber blissfully on. Persecute me and subject me to the terror with which you have already broken or even murdered so many. You have, yet, the (un)right to do so.

To the media

„The freedom of the press, guaranteed in the basic laws (G. G. ) of the Federal Republic, includes the independence and freedom of information, expression of opinion and criticism. Publishers and journalists have to be conscious in their work of their responsibility to the public and their obligation to uphold the reputation of the press. They perceive that their task of publication is to be fair, to the best of their knowledge and not under the influence of personal interest or irrelevant motives“

„Regard for the truth, safeguarding of human dignity and truthfully informing the public are the highest rules of the press. Everybody who is employed in the press maintains its reputation and credibility on this basis. „

„Research is an indispensable instrument of the journalist’s care. By the publication of certain information in word, picture or graphics their truthfulness is to be tested with the care demanded by the circumstances obtaining and faithfully reproduced. The sense may not be distorted or falsified by revision, caption or description of images“ Excerpt from the Press Code.

Please, where are the people who felt themselves called to practise the profession of he journalist and felt themselves bound by ethical principles? Sure, they were forced, blackmailed, banned from practising their profession and expelled from society. There was also no shrinking from murder.

Many of them preferred to be silent, to drown their bad conscience in alcohol and drugs and thus at least preserve what remained of their miserable lives. All those among them who sense the small flame of of uprightness and defiance still burning within them do not notice the many colleagues and fellow men who are just waiting for someone to break the silence. Everyone of them would so like to, knows some of the expelled and is not one of the overpaid bosses-but does not trust himself. For so many there is still the way back to truth. They need only to step onto it with head held high! Bring out of the archives that which was buried there in past years because it did not fit into the PC picture!

Drive out the armchair bosses who led the good life with the monies which the Germans had to render as a compulsory levy and which would be due to you if you would, with truthful journalism, help the people to find themselves again!

The lie is so obvious that no journalist can argue that he cannot expose it!

Every day you experience how all the frightening truths are being suppressed because the ruling caste is afraid of the end of its dictatorship of lies. They see it in the internet, hear and read it from their colleagues in neighbouring countries how out of this provoked chaos a storm is brewing. Up until now they had the power to so fool the German people that they simply let the lies and insults wash over them. It is now time to recognise that, due to its progressive decay, which will have, as a necessary consequence, the collapse of European civilisation, the very basis of life will be taken from your families and children.

Awaken! Stand up!

Can one compel a man to swear an oath the plausibilty of which has to be denied right from the outset? Can a civil servant or employee of the state protect himself against condemnation when he now acts according to one law and then the next time in accordance with another? You all know what is happening on the streets. You know full well that your master finances the violent hordes, to which already hundreds of officers have fallen victim, with tax revenues. You know exactly that all these brutal actions, organised by the state, are veiled, concealed and finally nourished by the corrupt system. None of the tens of thousands of people who in the past months have demonstrated peacefully for their rights would ever harm a police officer who serves the German people in the exercise of his duties.

But, how long will it remain so? In the light of the unbearable circumstances there can be no doubt that, from a constitutional point of view, we are dealing with a deliberate coup d’etat, a putsch from the top, by the government against the people. The responsible organs of the state forfeit their claim to obedience from their subjects when they fail to guarantee the free individual safety and order. On whose side will the armed forces of the state stand if a state of resistance occurs and the German people dispose of the dictatorship? Will they attempt civil disobedience?

In an operation where tens of thousands of Germans go onto the streets for their rights, will whole teams of police declare themselves unfit for duty due to a „sudden illness“?

What will then remain of the love of humanity of the „Anti-demonstrators“, paid and brought in by the bus load who, in a perverse manner boast that they have injured or even murdered the „police bulls“?

The sovereign, the German people will know full well how to deal with such customers when they are no longer protected by you. But you, as an armed force of the state, will not be able to defend yourselves in a proper manner against assaults by these creatures of darkness without the lie and agitation press attacking you.

Recognise at last who is on your side! And act!

To the representatives of the Jewish People

Should it not really lie in the interests of the Jewish people to prove that there is also goodness in you whereby you show the peoples of this world that the present generations will no longer cover up the lei of the fathers? In the past expulsions it was always the „small“ Jews who had to suffer the most, who were robbed of their chosen homeland or came to their deaths. The controllers of world history noticed themselves that they had at times overdone it and brought themselves and their gold safely into a new enclave. They always left the „small man“ behind and considered it improper to warn them in good time of the next wave of expulsion.

Where will they now emigrate when in consideration of their completed achievements they have to leave the USA behind, if even Israel without the support of this military power will not be able to be held for much longer? What place of refuge will remain to the chosen people when they draw upon themselves the hatred of all humanity? Are not the real anti-semites more those who through such lying make a decent life for their own people impossible?

Expulsions from England in the year 1290, 1394 in France and 1492 from Spain, to list only the historically completed large expulsions of the last thousands years – these harsh acts were considered by these nations to be necessary.

Has it come to this again?

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They’ll Come For You Too

Auch Sie werden geholt

Was meinen Sie passiert mit Ihnen, wenn weiterhin alle zu dem Unrecht schweigen, welches heute jeder wahrnimmt?  Die großen Schweinereien werden nur dadurch möglich, daß den kleinen Rechtsbeugungen nicht Einhalt geboten wird.  Wehret den Anfängen – steht schon in der Bibel – wehret ihnen laut, sage ich!


They’ll Come For You Too

What do you think will happen to you when everybody remains silent vis-à-vis the current in-your-face injustice?  If small transgressions go unopposed they’ll pave the way for the big ones. “Nip things in the bud” can already be found in the Bible. “Nip things in the bud” – Shout it from the rooftops! – I say!

Wann werden Sie geholt?

englisch Text

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The Culling Of Man

The Culling Of Man

Rise Of The New World Order


 The passages below are excerpts – in no particular order – gleaned from the book “The Culling Of Man – Rise Of The New World Order” by J M T Hays. In my opinion the book should be more accurately subtitled: Rise Of The Jew World Order.

Culling (3.5 MB pdf)

Although the book is focused on the United States of America nothing therein is limited to the US. All of mankind is in mortal danger!!!

Not being a Christian myself (for the record: not anti-Christian either!) I do not agree with the author’s Bible-based worldview. Furthermore, although I do not idolize, let alone worship Hitler, I strongly disagree with his take on Hitler and National Socialism. The author thinks that Adolf Hitler was one of the most important facilitators of the NWO/JWO. He sees Judaism as a force for good and Jews as innocent lambs, in fact, in his opinion Jews were the first to oppose Satan’s plan to rule the world! His assessment of Hitler’s role in history isn’t just jaundiced – it’s about as wrong as it can get and his view on Judaism and Jews is – to put it very mildly – as breathtakingly naive as it is wrong! Long live Pollyanna!

As an aside: one thing that always immensely irritates me is when Hitler’s first name Adolf is spelled as Adolph as is done in this book and so many others! Last time I looked the English alphabet still had the letter f ! So why the bloody hell spell the name with ph? Use some commonsense, folks! What would you think of somebody who spells Churchill as “Jurchill” or Jesus, as “Chesus”? Why not? After all, it’s the same pronunciation isn’t it?

 “Eh? It’s Adolph? With p and h?

Phor crying out loud! What kind of a phucking phool do you take me phor?

Nevertheless, if you can get past these hurdles you will find the book a very worthwhile and rewarding read – guaranteed! The fact is that it does paint a rather depressing but pretty accurate picture of the nightmarish reality of the 21th century and of the dystopian future that awaits humanity if we allow the Psychopaths That Be to continue on the path they are now on – i.e. on the road to a New World Order:

Utopia for Jews and their most zealous minions

Slavery for the few the parasites allow to live to work for them 

(because they are too lazy and too stupid to fend for themselves!)

Death for the rest of mankind

The message of the book is yet another impassioned warning! Come to think of it – how many warnings does it take for sleep-walking humanity to finally wake up? The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion ought to have sounded the alarm a century ago and yet here you are, for the most part still fast asleep!


If you don’t act and act soon most of you will one fine morning wake up DEAD!

This 434-pages book covers – in considerable detail – a wide range of topics. From the predatory Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve to the Illuminati and Freemasons, from HAARP to fluoridation and vaccination, from the JFK assassination to 911, from aspartame to GMO, from the Global Warming Hoax to Agenda 21, from …. well, you get it! You name it and it’s there!

Comments, links and picture of Georgia Guidestones by admin.

Bernard Weckmann


Please keep the following statement in mind, even writing it on a piece of paper to remind you of it as you go through the contents of this book: I would request of you to look at this book as a research outline of subjects you need to look in to, with just enough information given about each topic for you to get the gist of what is going on. There is much more to the story of every single component in this book than what I am telling you, but I included everything I thought was the most relevant in the time and space of a single book.


The Jews, trace their roots back to the Biblical Abraham, who is the origination of God’s Earthly opposition to the Great Plan. This is the origination of the whole “chosen people” stuff you may have heard of. Abraham was chosen by the Creator God to represent Him and his values in the time of Nimrod, which was an occult-filled, depraved evil world. In Jewish Apocrypha, it even details an encounter between Abraham and King Nimrod over this very issue. The Jews are hated by the proponents of the Great Plan because they represent humanity’s original opposition to it through Abraham, and are a modern day reminder of it.


Here is what I believe to be the truth: Our country was created and set into motion to become a resurrected version of King Nimrod’s ancient Babylon. The Great Plan’s agenda was to raise us up to be the most powerful country in history, use that power to set up a global police state though the Unites States military, and then intentionally crash and burn our country—turning over the reins of the world police state to the waiting New World Order/one world government, which right now is housed within the United Nations. This is also outlined in the Book of Revelation nearly perfectly.


The District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land, is a completely separate entity from the United States of America. It is a legal corporation sitting on its own sovereign land.

The Act was passed, D.C. was incorporated, and carpetbaggers were then sent down to help “rebuild”. This was called the Reconstruction Era.

We have been ruled by this legal corporation ever since.

Upon changing from a body of representatives elected by the people (pre-D.C.) to a corporation, our country changed from utilization of Common Law (God’s law) to Marine Admiralty Law (King’s law), and as such we went from being a free and sovereign people to OWNED ASSETS of United States Inc. When we are electing the President of the United States, it is really electing him for the position of CEO of United States Inc.

introduction-to-law (on sovereignty, Common Law and Admiralty Law)


(all nations of the world are corporations just like the US! )


“The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.” – Abraham Lincoln


“The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots and the bankers went anew to grab the riches. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance.” – German chancellor Otto von Bismarck


“Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency(martial law)….Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.

A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 (now 80) years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency….from, at least, the Civil War in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.” – Senate Report, 93rd Congress, November 19, 1973


So, the first thing you should get cracking on is educating yourself. The second thing I would recommend you do is to go and take your money out of the Illuminati-owned banks, because you are paying for your own enslavement. We need to break the back of the International Banking Cartel. As long as they control our money they will push for a one world government and the fulfillment of the Great Plan. If you bank with Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, or any big bank you are helping the New World Order. Immediately take your money out and move it to either a credit union or a small, local bank. By banking with the big, international banks you are helping to expedite the destruction of the United States and the onset of full-blown world government.

– ——————————————

In 1974, noted physicist, genuine rocket scientist and co-founder of NASA Dr. Werner von Braun stated that “when the Cold War ended with the USSR, America would need a new enemy to continue to manufacture arms for, so a fake ‘war on terror’ would be created. When this was seen for the fraud that it is, the next step would be a False Flag event of a so-called “alien attack”, which could then keep the war machine going forever”.

The Cold War ended in 1989 and over 20 years have passed, so the scenario I’ve laid out not only with the events of 9/11 and the subsequent launch of the “war on terror”, but with what I believe will be a false-flag event to try and convince the world we are being invaded by aliens would fit right in with what Dr. von Braun was warning us of.

To plant the seeds of this, society needs to be conditioned to the existence of UFOs/Extra Terrestrials. The Rockefellers in the early 90s, right on the heels of the ending of the Cold War, wasted no time in going to work on this exact scenario.


Greer has since organized another group called the Disclosure Project in 2001 and presented multiple eyewitnesses, broadcast on the Mainstream Media, about alleged “ETs” here on earth, etc. You are going to hear more from Steven Greer in the future, so make a mental note of him and who he is working for, the Rockefellers. I’ve seen various interviews with Greer, and his mannerisms set off a character alarm in my mind, not only because of the Rockefellers being involved, but his strong anti-Christian views in particular. For someone to be so open-minded on one end and to be absolutely close-minded and hostile towards God on the other smacks of an agenda, and it’s because it is part of the agenda: the final push to fulfill the Great Plan.


In addition to celebrities speaking up, there are literally thousands of architects and engineers standing up and saying they don’t believe the official story either. In fact, one man has organized all of them into a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, also known as This group of over 1,750 professional architects and engineers have banded together with the guidance of a man named Richard Gage, a San Francisco Bay Area architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.


Careful, bonafide laboratory experimentation by conscientious, patriotic research chemists, and actual medical experience, have both revealed that instead of preserving or promoting’dental health’, fluoridated drinking water destroys teeth before adulthood and after, by the destructive mottling and other pathological conditions it actually causes in them, and also creates many other very grave pathological conditions in the internal organisms of bodies consuming it. How then can it be called a ‘health plan’? What’s behind it?


These are chemicals that are apparently being sprayed into our upper atmosphere by military jets. Most people pass these off as harmless jet “contrails”, but it is a FACT that genuine jet contrails are only made of water vapor and dissipate within a few seconds or minutes of being generated, unlike these chemtrails that do not dissipate and actually spread out over time and grow larger and larger as they drift across the sky. The next time you see a jet laying down a vapor trail behind it, spend a few moments and watch that trail behind it to see if it dissipates. Again, a contrail will dissipate within a few seconds or minutes, but if it sticks around and DOESN’T dissipate but grows larger and larger, that is a chemtrail. Some of the substances of these “chemtrails” have been collected and tested by patriotic Americans and it has been found that these chemtrails are composed of barium and aluminum dust—both toxic to breathe in.

———————————-END OF EXCERPTS———————————-



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Blonde – Cheerful – Right Wing – Dangerous


The German parenting Magazine “Baby and Family” printed a story where the Amadeu Antonio foundation, an openly anti-German organization run by former STASI agents, was consulted on how to properly identify children from Right Wing German families in day care centers in order to exclude them. The magazine has one of the widest circulation in Germany with almost 2 million readers every month. The article explains in detail how to spot and exclude dangerous “Right Wing kids” by noticing their hair color, clothing style and behavior. If you have long, blonde braided hair, behave inconspicuously, are obedient and your parents are dedicated towards improving the community, you might be at risk of being a future Right Wing extremist.

According to the article, other dangerous features that could be red flags for being a Nazi include being cheerful, calm, wearing traditional clothing like long skirts or avoiding logos of American companies. The biggest danger are parents who behave unconsciously, talk fluent German, like taking responsibility in the parent’s council and build personal relationships to other parents. According the expert in Gender Studies and Right Wing Extremism, Heike Radvan, these parents pose a grave threat since it’s very hard to exclude them and their children from the community for the political opinions, since they have made such a good impression by being a decent human being.

Other members of the Amadeu-Antonio Foundation include Julia Schramm, who openly and regularly tweets messages celebrating the fire bombing of civilians in Dresden like “Bomber Harris, do it Again”, “Germans are not human”, “Burn the Germans, celebrate mashed potatoes, thank you Bomber Harris”, “Germany deserves to die” and “Let the bombs fall, let it burn, betray Germany”.


Parenting magazine Baby & Family has told readers to beware of families who are “inconspicuous” and “cheerful”, as these warning signs indicate they are right wing and thus “dangerous”.

Depicted with illustrations featuring solely blonde women and children, the report says ordinary parents must take action against right-wing families and make clear that their ideology has no place in the world.

Asserting that the term “right wing” “stirs up anxiety” and brings to mind “burning refugee homes”, skinheads, and the National Socialist Underground (NSU) group who carried out a string of violent attacks on foreign people, Baby & Family notes that people “rarely connect it with women, family and children”.

This, the high-circulation German magazine declares, “is precisely the great risk” as such people are just as dangerous if not more so as gangs of Nazi skinheads. The identifying features of right-wing families, it contends, are that they are “inconspicuous, blond, cute and engaged”.

“First of all, [right-wing families] are nice and dedicated” Michaela Köttig, sociologist and researcher of right-wing extremism at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, alleges.

Researcher of right-wing politics, Eva Prausner, says a huge danger of right-wing families is that they seem normal.

Because of this, she says many parents will already have established good relations with them to the point that they “are no longer marginalised and at worst, get support”.

While there are different types of right-wing families, Baby & Family asserts that daycare centres should always seek help when dealing with them.

“The right has many forms. The definition of what is extreme and what is not is difficult”, it says, but asserts that all manifestations must be dealt with because right wingers could spread their views when meeting with other parents in the playground.

Continue reading at:

or watch this video:

Comment by Bernard Weckmann:

Is there really anybody who cannot see the ugly mug of the vile and vicious hate-monger behind this drive to destroy Germany, its people and its culture?

Can you spell g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e?

Well, here is the genocidal thug!

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Einstein – Genius? Or Charlatan?

Genius? Or Charlatan? Decide For Yourself!

Excerpt from Nikola Tesla Trashed Einstein As A Crank

For the full article go to:

Show a photo of the hideous creature known as ‘Einstein’ to even the most learning disabled child and he’ll immediately identify the sanctified scientist. His name itself has become synonymous with genius. Just enter only the term ‘scientific genius’ into a Google Image search, and image after image of St. Albert will populate your screen.

But what exactly did this great “genius” – the man whom H.L. Mencken derided as “that fiend for publicity” – actually do, besides fill up chalkboards with numbers? How has humanity benefited from his ‘Theory of Relativity’? Contrary to popular laymen belief, space travel and nuclear energy have nothing to do with Einstein’s “discovery”.

Why, after nearly a century has passed, are there still top physicists who refute Einstein’s theory? After all, no one, and I mean absolutely no one, refutes the Theory of Gravity (admin: actually that, too, is but a theory, easy to refute!), or the Laws of Thermodynamics. Why so much hype for this Jewish god of “Theoretical Science”; this serial adulterer, this proven plagiarist, this deadbeat dad, this phony “pacifist” who fled anti-Communist Germany and then urged the U.S. into entering an unnecessary war.

Without going deep into the scientific realm which admittedly is “not my bag”, let us be clear as to what Einstein’s Relativity actually claims. The Theory of Relativity holds that time and space are “warped”. Those of you old enough to remember the original ‘Planet of the Apes’ with Charlton Heston will recall how time had slowed down for the space travellers when they had reached a certain speed. Upon their return to Planet Earth, the astronauts are still in their 30’s while the Earth has passed through 1000’s of years of “Evolution”. Heston’s age defying journey is based on the Theory of Relativity.

Apart from challenging our common sense, the time warps, space warps and artificial speed limits of Einstein’s imagination (actually stolen from previous theoreticians) can neither be tested nor observed. Yet we are all supposed to accept this dubious brand of “Theoretical Science” as Holy Writ.”Time and Space can warp. Trust us. We’re scientists.” say the Relativists.

———————–end of excerpt———————–

Below are some excerpts – in no particular order – from:

Einstein Hoax pdf

 The joke’s on us

“Einstein” means “one stone”, a metaphor for half a brain

“The nation has been on the decline mentally and morally since 1870… Behind the Nazi party stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book and in his speeches made his shameful intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. … The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting…” Albert Einstein

This “brilliant” Jew is, of course, referring to a people who were almost totally destroyed in a world war, have succeeded in ridding themselves of the scourge of Jews, and within half a century rebuilt their country to achieve family incomes almost twice as high as ours.

Einstein rarely mentioned those who assisted him. Indeed, in all the famous 1905 papers that he published, only Michele Besso, his friend and sounding board, is mentioned. There is simply no other source material cited in any other of his 1905 papers.

If this Jew was so brilliant, why did the US government not tap his talents for the Manhattan Project which sucessfully developed the atom bomb? Why was GPS a success without any consideration for “his theory”?

Einsteinian Holocaust Mathematics

Why were two thirds of his children brain dead?

Why did he publish “his” papers under his wife’s name? Why did his wife do his math for him, and how did he do his math after he dumped her for a prettier woman?

Mileva Einstein-Maric

 The curious fact about Mr. Einstein is that his early teachers were probably correct: they did not view him as particularly bright. When Einstein (on his second attempt) managed to finally enter the Swiss Polytechnic school in Zurich, the young 17 year old quickly realized he was in way over his head.

When we actually examine the life of Albert Einstein, we find that his only brilliance lies in his ability to plagiarize and steal other people’s ideas, passing them off as his own.

He was extremely quick to glom on to Mileva Maric, a brilliant Serbian student, who was the only woman studying physics at the Swiss Polytechnic (“ETH”) the entire time Einstein was there. Maric was four years Einstein’s senior. She was a Serb, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, short of stature, had a limp and was extremely bookish. In addition to taking the exact same course-work in college that Einstein took, and living together with him, sharing textbooks, etc., Maric studied on her own for one semester in Germany under Phillipe Lenard, the Nobel Prize winning physicist who discovered the photo-electric effect (which was explained in one of the 1905 papers attributed to Einstein).

Why did he NEVER cite any prior paper to demonstrate that prior papers were used as references, and not just plagiarized? Why did TIME Magazine name him as “person of the year” when he wasn’t even in the top 100 of America’s favorite personalities?

Why should this alley cat, who had a Downs Syndrome child out of wedlock, who got caught in adultery by his wife, who believes that Christ is now boiling in hot semen, who thinks the Germans “cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting”, whose disdain for moral character and upstanding principles are so obvious, be presented as a moral example to America’s youth? Niggers in Africa wouldn’t even accept him as a role model, so why should we?

No, the Jews did not want to give credit to any of a number of Germans, Austrians, Irishmen, Frenchmen, Scotsmen, Englishmen, and even Americans who had contributed to the body of knowledge and evidence from which Einstein plagiarized and stole his work.

Instead, they needed to erect Einstein as their golden calf, even though he repeatedly and often embarrassed himself with his nonfactual or nearsighted comments regarding the work he had supposedly done. For example, in 1934, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a front page article in which Einstein gave an “emphatic denial” regarding the idea of practical applications for the “energy of the atom.” The article says, “But the ‘energy of the atom’ is something else again. If you believe that man will someday be able to harness this boundless energy-to drive a great steamship across the ocean on a pint of water, for instance — then, according to Einstein, you are wrong”

Again, Einstein clearly did not understand the branch of physics he had supposedly founded, though elsewhere in the world at the time theoretical research was underway that would lead to the atomic bomb and nuclear energy.

But after Einstein was promoted as a god in 1919, he made no real attempts to plagiarize any other work. Rather, he began his real purpose — evangelizing for the cause of Zionism and World Jewry.

Though he did publish other articles after this time, all of them were co-authored by at least one other person, and in each instance, Einstein had little if anything to do with the research that led to the articles; he was merely recruited by the co-authors in order to lend credence to their work. Thus freed of the pretense of academia, Einstein began his assault for World Zionism.

The establishment of the Einstein farce between 1919 and 1922 was an important coup for world Zionism and Jewry. As soon as Einstein had been established as an idol to the popular masses of England and America, his image was promoted as the rare genius that he is erroneously believed to be today. As such, he immediately began his work as a tool for World Zionism. The masses bought into the idea that if someone was so brilliant as to change our fundamental understanding of the universe, then certainly we ought to listen to his opinions regarding political and social issues. This is exactly what World Jewry wanted to establish in its ongoing effort of social engineering.

———————–end of excerpts———————–

“Einstein – A genius? A science wunderkind? Really?

Yeah! And I am the Emperor of China!”

Enough now of this Jewish sad sack and fraud, this sorry excuse for a scientist and a human being!

If you wish to acquaint yourself with a man of real genius and his world-changing accomplishments look no further than Nikola Tesla, a Serbian like Mileva Einstein-Maric!

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Merkel – Washington’s and Israel’s Whore

Germany RIP

Who would have imagined that the once great German nation would be ruled by Washington? It is extraordinary, but that is what has happened. Merkel, Washington’s whore, has agreed to fill up Germany with the refugees from Washington’s 16 years of illegal wars against Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East. These are wars that Merkel’s corrupt government enabled.

The German people themselves are not pleased with this result, but their rising voice is being throttled by Merkel legislation ordered by Washington that defines opposition to accommodating Washington’s war refugees as “hate speach.”

Washington’s whore and the whore’s subservient German cabinet want to impose fines of $53 million dollars on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms if they permit complaints about Germany being overrun by Muslims. Those who complain, that is, those who use Germany’s guaranteed free speech, are defined as hate criminals or purveyors of fake news.

It is impossible to imagine any more subservience to Washington than the utterly corrupt and anti-German Merkel government displays.

I cannot vouch for this report on Jihad Watch, but it rings true.

The entire history of the 21st century is the history of Washington’s wars instigated by Zionist neoconservatives and the state of Israel against Muslim countries. So far Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and parts of Syria and Pakistan, have been destroyed by gratuitous military attacks that are, without any doubt, war crimes under the Nuremberg Standard established by the United States.

The hoax “war on terror” has not only murdered and dislocated millions of peoples, producing waves of Muslim immigration over the Western World, but also destroyed Western civil liberty.
The Merkel whore’s Washington-subservient government wants Germans who protest Washington’s barbarism and the dire consequences for Germany to be punished for “hate crimes” and spreading “fake news.”

In other words, the whore doesn’t want any German to be able to say what the consequents are for Germans of being Washington’s puppet.

The identical is happening in the US with the lists of those who speak truth characterized as “Russian agents,” “Putin’s Dupes,” and “fake news purveyors”

How does truth survive propaganda of this magnitude?

Only on those websites where there are people brave enough to speak the truth.


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Political-Correctness Lunacy Squared

Could fairytales soon become a thing of the past in Australian schools?

Could fairytales soon become a thing of the past in Australian schools?


Could treasured fairytales be at risk of censorship in schools or, perhaps worse, be eliminated from the curriculum altogether? Is this going a step too far?

A Victorian Government plan to address family violence could see beloved fairytales ‘watered down’ to help educate children about issues such as sexism and family violence.

Not only is Baa Baa Black Sheep already being referred to as Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep in schools, but soon we may also see Snow White holding the sword.

The Respectful Relationships program will mean that traditional fairytales, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, as well as children’s toys, go under the microscope, to see whether they promote gender stereotypes learned as young as four years old.

The program argues that some fairytales may reinforce gender norms which, in turn, create ‘a sense of entitlement in boys and lower self-esteem in girls’.

The learning aid states: ‘Analyses of popular books have found that central characters are more likely to be male, female characters are more often in nurturing roles, and occupations are gender-stereotyped’.

At first glance, one may say that this is yet another example of a Nanny State running rampant. But upon closer inspection, it’s not all that bad.

The program, recommended by the family violence royal commission, simply aims to teach students how to read critically, giving them the ability to question the stories they read and the videos they watch and encouraging them to be more inclusive.

Although there is much speculation that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is attempting to ban fairytales in classrooms, Mr Andrews says that’s simply not the case.

“We are very much in favour of kids reading stories and then sitting down and talking about them,” said Mr Andrews.

“It is called learning.

“Learning is about reading books and talking about them, it is a proper thing to do, it is not new.”

He added that children’s stereotypical attitudes towards women should be challenged at a young age.

“I think there are lots of attitudes formed in many different ways over a long period of time,” said Mr Andrews.

“Those attitudes are, in aggregate, leading to some really bad outcomes for women.

“We have to challenge that and do everything we possibly can. But the notion the Government is banning fairytales is just a fairytale itself.”

One Melbourne teacher disagrees with the program, saying that students were too young to understand the message anyway.

“I would rather be teaching them how to read, write and count. We really don’t need to crowd out the curriculum with this social engineering.”

Read more about the Respectful Relationships program

Is this going a step too far? Is the program forcing children to learn about gender stereotypes and violence too early, or does it have merit? Should the learning aid also query why we have a male dwarf named Dopey?

Comment by Bernard Weckmann:

Fellow Australians! What does it take for you to stand up and put these politically correct Jew-manipulated fothermucking social engineers where they belong: i.e. an insane asylum?


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