You Too Can Be A Holocaust Survivor!

Much as I’d like to give credit to the author of this brilliant piece I do not remember where I found it. It is, however, simply  too good to consign to oblivion.

I have corrected one spelling mistake, replaced one word and added all the illustrations.

Bernard Weckmann


Becoming a Holocaust survivor will open millions of new horizons for you! A wide range of specialty fields in Shoah Business are open to you through the college of Hebrew Youth Public Education (HYPE.)

Learn documentation alteration where you can make anyone into a wanted Nazi war criminal! Special instruction from former Soviet KGB operatives, the folks who gave our industry the famous, one-of-a-kind Demjanjuk SS ID Card!

Major in kosher accounting, the most creative number-crunching system ever evolved, where everything adds up to six million!


Make your fortune in the lucrative field of reparations racketeering! Learn how to extort money from the European country of your choice by finding “Nazi gold” hidden in every bank account!


Get into the incredibly profitable Holocaust book business! A prominent nose and one of our diplomas will certify you as a Holocaust expert! In addition to the book sales there are the lecture tours, the media appearances, the guest speaker circuit at fancy-schmancy Holocaust drinkie-dos, and above all those eye-popping consultancy fees! Being a recognized Holocaust maven is a license to print money!

Yanina Cywinska

Learn Holocaust Museum Management and have your own personal fantasy land! Maybe even build your own Holocaust theme park complete with weekend package tours in an authentic replica Nazi concentration camp, complete with striped suits, wash-off tattooed numbers, KZ ration meals and SS-uniformed “guards”!


Like to travel? Then become a professional war crimes witness!

At graduation from HYPE you will receive a diploma, a tattoo (your social security number, but no one will ever be so impolite as to point it out), and your meal ticket for life!

Fairy tales can come true! It can happen to you at Hebrew Youth Public Education!



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Why I Support the BDS Movement Against Israel

By Chris Hedges

July 27, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Truthdig” –

The Palestinians are poor. They are powerless. They have no voice or influence in the halls of power. They are demonized. They do not have well-heeled lobbyists doling out campaign contributions and pushing through pro-Palestinian legislation. No presidential candidate is appealing to donors—as Hillary Clinton did when she sent a letter to media mogul Haim Saban denouncing critics of Israel—by promising to advance the interests of the Palestinian people. Palestinians, like poor people of color in the United States, are expendable.

Justice for Palestine will never come from the traditional governmental institutions or political parties that administer power. These institutions have surrendered to moneyed interests. Justice will come only from us. And the sole mechanism left to ensure justice for Palestine is the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Sanctions brought down the apartheid regime of South Africa. And they are what will bring down the apartheid regime of Israel. BDS is nonviolent. It appeals to conscience. And it works.

All Israeli products including Jaffa citrus fruits, Ahava cosmetics, SodaStream drink machines, Eden Springs bottled water and Israeli wine must be boycotted. We must refuse to do business with Israeli service companies. And we must boycott corporations that do business with Israel, including Caterpillar, HP and Hyundai. We must put pressure on institutions, from churches to universities, to divest from Israeli companies and corporations that have contracts with Israel. The struggle against apartheid in South Africa was long and hard. This struggle will be too.

Gaza, a year after Israel carried out a devastating bombing campaign that lasted almost two months, is in ruins. Most of the water is unsafe to drink. There are power outages for up to 12 hours a day. Forty percent of the 1.8 million inhabitants are unemployed, including 67 percent of the youths—the highest youth unemployment rate in the world. Of the 17,000 homes destroyed by Israel in the siege, not one has been rebuilt. Sixty thousand people remain homeless. Only a quarter of the promised $3.5 billion in aid from international donors has been delivered—much of it diverted to the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli puppet regime that governs the West Bank. And no one in Washington—Republican or Democrat—will defy the Israel lobby. No one will call for justice or stay the Israeli killing machine. U.S. senators, including Bernie Sanders, at the height of the Israeli bombardment last summer voted unanimously to defend the Israeli slaughter of a people with no army, navy, air force, mechanized units, artillery or command and control. It was a vote worthy of the old Soviet Union. Every senator held out his or her tin cup to the Israel lobby and chose naked self-interest over justice.

Israel, like the United States, is poisoned by the psychosis of permanent war. It too is governed by a corrupt oligarchic elite for whom war has become a lucrative business. It too has deluded itself into carrying out war crimes and then playing the role of the victim. Israeli systems of education and the press—again mirrored in the United States—have indoctrinated Israelis into believing that they have a right to kill anyone whom the state condemns as a terrorist. And Israel’s most courageous human rights campaigners, intellectuals and journalists are slandered and censored in their own country, just as American critics such as Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal and Noam Chomsky are in the United States.

Those who become addicted to the wielding of the instruments of war, blinded by hubris and a lust for power, eventually become war’s victims. This is as true for Israel as for the United States.

Israel’s goal is to make life a living hell for all Palestinians, ethnically cleansing as many as it can and subduing those who remain. The peace process is a sham. It has led to Israel’s seizure of more than half the land on the West Bank, including the aquifers, and the herding of Palestinians into squalid, ringed ghettos or Bantustans while turning Palestinian land and homes over to Jewish settlers. Israel is expanding settlements, especially in East Jerusalem. Racial laws, once championed by the right-wing demagogue Meir Kahane, openly discriminate against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. Ilan Pappe calls the decades-long assault against the Palestinian people “incremental genocide.”

In Gaza, Israel practices an even more extreme form of cruelty. It employs a mathematical formula to limit outside food deliveries to Gaza to keep the caloric levels of the 1.8 million Palestinians just above starvation. This has left 80 percent of the Palestinians in Gaza dependent on Islamic charities and outside aid to survive. And the periodic military assaults on Gaza, euphemistically called “mowing the lawn,” are carried out every few years to ensure that the Palestinians remain broken, terrified and destitute. There have been three Israeli attacks on Gaza since 2008. Each is more violent and indiscriminate than the last. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has said that a fourth attack on Gaza is “inevitable.”

During its 51-day siege of Gaza last summer Israel dropped $370 million in ordinance on concrete hovels and refugee camps that hold the most densely packed population on the planet. Two thousand one hundred four Palestinians were killed. Sixty-nine percent—1,462—were civilians. Four hundred ninety-five were children. Ten thousand were injured. (During the attack six Israeli civilians and 66 soldiers were killed.) Four hundred Palestinian businesses were wiped out. Seventy mosques were destroyed and 130 were damaged. Twenty-four medical facilities were bombed, and 16 ambulances were struck, as was Gaza’s only electrical power plant. Israel tallied it up: 390,000 tank shells, 34,000 artillery shells, 4.8 million bullets. Most of the civilians who died were killed in their homes, many of the victims torn to shreds by flechette darts sprayed from tanks. Children were burned with white phosphorous or buried with their families under rubble caused by 2,000-pound iron fragmentation bombs. Others died from dense inert metal explosive, or DIME, bombs—experimental weapons that send out extremely small, carcinogenic particles that cut through both soft tissue and bone. The Israel Defense Forces, as Amira Hass has reported, consider any Palestinian over the age of 12 to be a legitimate military target. Max Blumenthal’s new book, “The 51 Day War,” is a chilling chronicle of savage atrocities carried out by Israel in Gaza last summer. As horrible as the apartheid state in South Africa was, that nation never used its air force and heavy artillery to bomb and shell black townships.

A report by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) found Israel killed and injured more civilians with explosive weapons in 2014 than any other country in the world. Hamas’ indiscriminate firing of wildly inaccurate missiles—Finkelstein correctly called them “enhanced fireworks”—into Israel was, as a U.N. report recently charged, a war crime, although the report failed to note that under international law Hamas had a right to use force to defend itself from attack.

The disparity of firepower in the 2014 conflict was vast: Israel dropped 20,000 tons of explosives on Gaza while Hamas used 20 to 40 tons of explosives to retaliate. Israel’s wholesale slaughter of civilians is on a scale equaled only by Islamic State and Boko Haram. Yet Israel, in our world of double standards, is exempted from condemnation in Washington and provided with weapons and billions in U.S. foreign aid to perpetuate the killing. This is not surprising. The United States uses indiscriminate deadly force in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia that outdoes even Israel, leaving behind civilian victims, refugees and destroyed cities and villages in huge numbers.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who during his last election campaign received 90 percent of his money from U.S. oligarchs such as Sheldon Adelson, has internally mounted a campaign of state repression against human rights advocates, journalists and dissidents. He has stoked overt racism toward Palestinians and Arabs and the African migrant workers who live in the slums of Tel Aviv. “Death to Arabs” is a popular chant at Israeli soccer matches. Thugs from right-wing youth groups such as Im Tirtzu routinely beat up dissidents, Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and African immigrants in the streets of Tel Aviv. It is a species of Jewish fascism.

Israel is not an anomaly. It is a window into the dystopian, militarized world that is being prepared for all of us, a world with vast disparities of income and draconian systems of internal security. There will be no freedom for Palestine, or for those locked in our own internal colonies and terrorized by indiscriminate police violence, until we destroy corporate capitalism and the neoliberal ideology that sustains it. There will be no justice for Michael Brown until there is justice for Mohammed Abu Khdeir. The fight for the Palestinians is our fight. If the Palestinians are not liberated none of us will be liberated. We cannot pick and choose which of the oppressed are convenient or inconvenient to defend. We will stand with all of the oppressed or none of the oppressed. And when we stand with the oppressed we will be treated like the oppressed.

Chris Hedges spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years.

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Enemies Within The Gates (in German)

Found on:

fsl-angela-merkel-russland-1-DW-Politik-TALLINNFrau Dr. Angela Merkel ( CDU) sagte in einer Rede am 16. Juni 2005 zum 60-jährigen Bestehen der CDU in Berlin (Quelle):

“Denn wir haben wahrlich keinen Rechtsanspruch auf Demokratie und soziale Marktwirtschaft auf alle Ewigkeit.”

Vorstand der Bündnis90/Die Grünen, München:

“Es geht nicht um Recht oder Unrecht in der Einwanderungsdebatte, uns geht es zuerst um die Zurückdrängung des deutschen Bevölkerungsanteils in diesem Land. “

Trittin_juergen_hamm-240x200Jürgen Trittin, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Quelle: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung vom 02.01.2005):

„Deutschland verschwindet jeden Tag immer mehr, und das finde ich einfach großartig.”


Joschka Fischer, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Quelle: Pflasterstrand 1982; zitiertgetty_109223941“Nation & Europa, Mai 1999, Seite 7):

“Deutsche Helden müsste die Welt, tollwütigen Hunden gleich, einfach totschlagen.”

Joschka Fischer, Bündnis90/Die Grünen, Rezension zu seinem Buch „Risiko Deutschland“, Die Welt 07.02.2005:

“Deutschland muss von außen eingehegt, und von innen durch Zustrom heterogenisiert, quasi verdünnt werden.”

Joschka Fischer, Bündnis90/Die Grünen:

„Deutschland ist ein Problem, weil die Deutschen fleißiger, disziplinierter und begabter als der Rest Europas (und der Welt) sind. Das wird immer wieder zu ‘Ungleichgewichten’ führen. Dem kann aber gegengesteuert werden, indem so viel Geld wie nur möglich aus Deutschland herausgeleitet wird. Es ist vollkommen egal wofür, es kann auch radikal verschwendet werden – Hauptsache, die Deutschen haben es nicht. Schon ist die Welt gerettet.“

Çigdem Akkaya, stellvertretende Direktorin des Essener Zentrums für Türkeistudien, über die Integration von Ausländern in Deutschland
cigdem akkaya(Quelle: Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung vom 27. März 2002):

„Minarette gehören künftig zum Alltag.”

„Die Leute werden endlich Abschied nehmen von der Illusion, Deutschland gehöre den Deutschen.”

“Ohne Zuwanderer hat dieses Land keine Zukunft.”

Ursula von der Leyen, CDU:

Leyen 666„Migrantenkinder sind unsere Zukunft.”

Ein weiterer Schritt solle in der Unterstützung von Migranten liegen, wünscht sich von der Leyen. Jedes dritte Kind unter sechs Jahren komme aus einer Migrantenfamilie:

„Ein Blick auf die  demografische Entwicklung zeigt, wie sehr wir diese Kinder brauchen: In 20, 30 Jahren erwarten wir von diesen Kindern, daß sie innovativ und verantwortungsbewußt dieses Land tragen.”

 Cem Özdemir, Bundestagsabgeordneter Bündnis90/Die Grünen, auf dem Parteitag der Grünen 1998 in Bonn-Bad Godesberg:

özdemir roth

„Der deutsche Nachwuchs heißt jetzt Mustafa, Giovanni und Ali!”

Cem Özdemir, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Quelle: Interview mit Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, letzte Überlebende der Weißen Rose):

“Wir wollen, dass Deutschland islamisch wird”

Cem Özdemir, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Quelle: Hürriyet vom 8.9.98 (auf türkisch), abgedruckt im Focus am 14.9.98):

“Was unsere Urväter vor den Toren Wiens nicht geschafft haben, werden wir mit unserem Verstand schaffen!”

Kenan Kolat, Vorsitzender der Türkischen Gemeinde in Deutschland (TGD), PK zu Integrationsgipfel       erwartet die Machtübernahme von Einwanderern in Deutschland. (Berliner Umschau, 23.10.2013):

“In zwanzig Jahren werden Migranten 75 Prozent der Bevölkerung ausmachen. Deutschland muß diese Realität sehen”.

Diese Menschen würden Deutschland regieren und führen, zitiert die türkische Zeitung “Sabah” Kolat auf einer Sitzung der TGD-Landesverbandes Baden-Württemberg.

Renate Schmidt, ehemals Bundesfamilienministerin (SPD)        renate schmidt    sagte am 14.03.1987 im Bayerischen Rundfunk:

“Die Frage, [ob die Deutschen aussterben], das ist für mich eine, die ich an allerletzter Stelle stelle, weil dieses ist mir, also so wie sie hier gestellt wird, verhältnismäßig wurscht. “

Franziska Drohsel, SPD,  ehem. Bundesvorsitzende der Jusos und ihre Assoziation zum Begriff “Vaterland” (CiceroTV, F. Drohsel im Streitgespräch mit Philipp drohsel-0906-portraet-DW-Politik-MuenchenMißfelder von d. Jungen Union, Aug 2008):

“Deutsche Nation, das ist für mich überhaupt nichts, worauf ich mich positiv beziehe – würde ich politisch sogar bekämpfen. “

Sieglinde Frieß, Bündnis90/Die Grünen und Verdi-Fachbereicfries, sigglndeverdihsleiterin, sagte  vor dem Parlament im Bundestag (Quelle: FAZ vom 06.09.1989):

“Ich wollte, daß Frankreich bis zur Elbe reicht und Polen direkt an Frankreich grenzt.”

Christin Löchner, DIE LINKE (Quelle):

linke-christin-lc3b6chner-2009“Es mag Sie vielleicht überraschen, aber ich bin eine Volksverräterin. Ich liebe und fördere den Volkstod, beglückwünsche Polen für das erlangte Gebiet und die Tschech/innen für die verdiente Ruhe vor den Sudetendeutschen.”


Claudia Roth, Bundesvorsitzende Bündnis90/Die Grünen, und ihre  jw-Claudia-Roth-DW-Bayern-BerlinWunschvision zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Artikel in der Welt am Sonntag vom 6. Februar 2005:

„Am Nationalfeiertag der Deutschen ertrinken die Straßen in einem Meer aus roten Türkenflaggen und ein paar schwarzrotgoldenen Fahnen.”

Claudia Roth,  Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Quelle : RP Online 21.11.2004):

„Der Islam ist nicht bloß als Gastarbeiterreligion zu tolerieren, sondern als Bestandteil unserer eigenen Kultur anzuerkennen.“

Claudia Roth, Bündnis90/Die Grünen:

“Türkei ist zweite Heimat für mich, ich mach seit 20 Jahren Türkeipolitik”

“Deutsche sind Nichtmigranten, mehr nicht!”

qkDas sagte Ibrahim El-Zayat, Präsident der Islamischen Gemeinschaft 
in Deutschland e.V. (IGD) und andere Posten (Quelle: Jugendzeitschrift der Muslimischen Jugend (MJ) TNT, Nr. 1/9, 1996, S.2):

„Die Zukunft des Islam in diesem, unserem Land, in Deutschland, gestalten wir; wir, die hier geboren und aufgewachsen sind, wir, die wir die deutsche Sprache sprechen und die Mentalität dieses Volkes kennen. Entscheidend ist, dass wir in diesem Land unsere Religionsfreiheit haben (auch wenn wir sie sehr häufig vor Gericht erst erstreiten müssen) und dass es keinen Grund gibt, nicht aktiv an der Neugestaltung dieser Gesellschaft mitzuwirken.
Ich glaube nicht, daß es unmöglich ist, daß der Bundeskanzler im Jahre 2020 ein in Deutschland geborener und aufgewachsener Muslim ist, daß wir im Bundesverfassungsgericht einen muslimischen
Richter oder eine muslimische Richterin haben,  daß im Rundfunkrat auch ein muslimischer Vertreter sitzt, der die Wahrung der verfassungsmäßig garantierten Rechte der muslimischen Bürger sichert. […] Dieses Land ist unser Land, und es ist unsere Pflicht, es positiv zu verändern. Mit der Hilfe Allahs werden wir es zu unserem Paradies auf der Erde machen, um es der islamischen Ummah und der Menschheit insgesamt zur Verfügung zu stellen. Allah verändert die Lage eines Volkes erst, wenn das Volk seine Lage ändert.”

M. Walid Nakschbandi, Geschäftsführer der Fernsehproduktionsfirma AVE. Er ist „deutscher Staatsbürger” afghanischer Herkunft und sagte (Quelle):

M. Walid Nakschbandi„Ihr habt nur die Chance, mit uns zu leben. Ein Leben ohne uns wird es für Euch nicht mehr geben. Die Ibrahims, Stefanos, Marios, Laylas und Sorayas sind deutsche Realität. Ihr werdet es nicht verhindern können, daß bald ein türkischstämmiger Richter über Euch das Urteil fällt, ein pakistanischer Arzt Eure Krankheiten heilt, ein Tamile im Parlament Eure Gesetze mit verabschiedet und ein Bulgare der Bill Gates Eurer New Economy wird. Nicht Ihr werdet die Gesellschaft internationalisieren, modernisieren und humanisieren, sondern wir werden es tun – für Euch. Ihr seid bei diesem leidvollen Prozeß lediglich Zaungäste, lästige Gaffer. Wir werden die deutsche Gesellschaft in Ost und West verändern.”

vulgur öganVural Öger, SPD Europa-Abgeordneter und Unternehmer von Öger Tours:

“Das, was Sultan Süleyman mit der Belagerung Wiens 1529 begonnen hat, werden wir über die Einwohner, mit unseren kräftigen Männern und gesunden Frauen, verwirklichen. “

daniel cohnDaniel Cohn-Bendit, Bündnis90/Die Grünen:

“Wir, die Grünen, müssen dafür sorgen, so viele Ausländer wie möglich nach Deutschland zu holen. Wenn sie in Deutschland sind, müssen wir für ihr Wahlrecht kämpfen. Wenn wir das erreicht haben, werden wir den Stimmenanteil haben, den wir brauchen, um diese Republik zu verändern. “

Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Bündnis90/Die Grünen, Antwort auf die Beschwerde zu Integrationsproblemen von 50 Anwohnern. (Quelle: Frankfurter Rundschau vom 13. November 2007). Augenzeugen sagten, es hieß wörtlich „…dann wandern Sie aus!“

„Migration ist in Frankfurt eine Tatsache. Wenn Ihnen das nicht passt, müssen Sie woanders hinziehen.“

Auf Antrag des Grünen-Abgeordneten Arif Ünal wird die Eidesformel „Zum Wohle des deutschen Volkes“ im Landtag von Nordrhein-Westfalen abgeschafft! Stattdessen soll es “zum Wohle der Bevölkerung in NRW” heißen.

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A Bloodthirsty Rapist Dictator’s View on Women

Originally posted on Frauenschaft:

A woman has full right to live without being forced to change into a man and to give up her femininity. A woman has full right to live without being forced to change into a man and to give up her femininity.

Remember Muammar Gaddafi? The Libyan dictator specialized in raping children and killing his own people? At least according to the Zionist controlled media that was his full-time day job. Usually there’s something quite remarkable to people who are demonized like that. Below is the man’s quite remarkable view on women.

From Gaddafi’s Green Book:

“It is an undisputed fact that both man and woman are human beings. It follows, as a self-evident fact, that woman and man are equal as human beings. Discrimination against woman by man is a flagrant act of oppression without justification for woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks; woman loves and hates as man loves and hates; woman thinks, learns and comprehends as man thinks, learns and comprehends. Woman, like man…

View original 2,787 more words

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Violent Jews set Palestinian school on fire

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Originally posted on Cintayati:
MORE JEWISH TERRORISM Violent, heavily armed Jewish squatters constantly harass students of the school, whether on the way to or from school. In their minds, neither the Palestinian students or teachers have a soul (are soulless…

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Some Stories Are True That Never Happened!

 This post is dedicated to Elie “The Weasel” Wiesel


Lord Of The Lies and Hate-Monger Extraordinaire


First: please, folks, don’t accuse me of being a rabid anti-Semite and a rude aggressive person. You see: although it is demonstrably true that friend Weasel, like so many of his fellow tribesmen, is a pathological  liar and a fucking hate-monger it is also true that I never said that!

Second: my heart-felt apologies to the weasels of the world. It was not my intention to insult you by associating your good name with this vile critter. It’s just a figure of speech we humans use- nothing personal!

Here is a selection of true stories of Jews who survived a holocaust which never happened. Now that’s what I call a miracle!



 Perhaps we should not call them liars!

You see – it was all so real in their minds!

But then again – if they can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality shouldn’t these people be locked away in an insane asylum instead of walking free to vilify the German people and ruin countless innocent lives?

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The Earth Is Flat


Ancient Cosmology2

There are simply too many conspiracies – big and small – to enumerate all of them. They all rely on fear, yes, but chiefly on ignorance. If you do not know and you do not even know that you do not know you are a manipulator’s wet dream!

I have – a few months ago – joined the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS).

I still have more questions than answers, yes! But there is no doubt in my mind now that consensus “science” is a fraud and a joke!

For a blog like mine that deals with Jews and Judaism Flat Earth and related subjects may seem  off-topic. But I consider these subjects so important that I have decided to create a separate page. And in any case, the connection to Jews and their puppets, the Freemasons, is there. You do not even have to look all that hard.

I do not intend to compete with established sites. The idea is to point to such topics as the Flat Earth and ancient cosmology, the NASA lies and moonlanding hoax, pseudo-science a la “St Albert of The Church Of The Sacred Relativity” (aka Albert Einstein) etc. etc. etc.

The page ODDS AND ENDS offers downloadable documents and will be added to constantly. But don’t forget to visit Eric Dubay’s sites. They are easily the best sites on the net. The articles, books and videos you will find there are truly mind-boggling. If they do not convince you that something is seriously wrong with our traditional worldview then nothing will!

Below is the link to an eye-opening movie on the Flat Earth:

Eric has also written a book on our flat Earth offering 200 proofs just why the heliocentric worldview is wrong!



Other Sites:






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