Reclaiming The Swastika

Had you asked me, when I grew up in Germany in the Fifties and Sixties, to come up with a symbol of pure unmitigated evil I would have pointed unhesitatingly to the swastika, the Hakenkreuz, the hooked cross, also known as the fylfot – the emblem of National Socialism. How ignorant and arrogant I was then!



But cut me some slack, please! Young Germans were being brainwashed by the Jew-rigged education system into philo-Semitism on the one hand and contempt for almost all things German on the other hand. We did not have access to any dissenting and unbiased information! In fact, we actually had very little information available at all.

The period from 1914 to 1945 was given less attention than the irrelevant joust of two pretenders to the throne of some piddling medieval principality. World War I, the infamous Weimar Republic, the Third Reich and World War II were skimmed over. Questions were either discouraged, answered evasively or with – as I can now see – outright lies! In brief: we were being dumbed down and indoctrinated into the victor’s version of history!

Our parents, however, who would have known the truth about National Socialism, the Third Reich, the Führer and the war were NOT allowed to speak positively about these matters – at least not in the public arena!

Thanks to relentless Jewish fear-and-hate-mongering the swastika still evokes fear and hatred and loathing after seven decades. People have, unfortunately, succumbed to the lies spread by the Jew. Fear and hatred and above all ignorance make it easy to manipulate a target population!

A shrill hysterical philo-Semitic mindset and a soul-destroying shame-and-guilt complex has been imposed upon post-WWII Germany. Even today the display of the National Socialist swastika is prohibited. Transgressors will end up in court.

German courts have been, like almost everywhere in the Western world, hijacked and are run by Jews and Freemasons according to their egregious Talmud-inspired principles of jurisprudence – “justice” straight from the sewer as the treatment of Sylvia Stolz and Ursula Haverbeck makes abundantly clear.

Although the swastika is of Aryan origin it no longer belongs to anybody in particular or – put differently – it now belongs to everybody. It stretches back millenia – the most ancient version is dated to about 10000 BCE – and it can be found amongst the most diverse cultures from all over the world – from Japan to Europe to the Americas. You will even find it in ancient synagogues in Israel.

“Oy vey! How embarrassing!”



xxcx Some argue that the swastika on the left, the one that was used in Germany, is a “bad guy” – a sign of evil and that this was the reason it was intuitively chosen by the bad bad “Nazis”. The one on the right supposedly signifies something positive, such as “good luck” and “blessings”. Poppycock! Except for their orientation there is no difference. You can often find both used in exactly the same context as the picture below shows.

Swastikas From Around The World




Swastika In A Crop Circle in England


A Victorian-Era Postcard

What does the swastika actually mean? There are any number of possible interpretations but I will not deal with them here because I find all of these explanations no more than time-wasting mystical mumbo-jumbo – entirely unconvincing. In my opinion it does not get any more absurd than the passage below by George Arundale (late president of the Thesophical Society):

“All that you feel in the sea you can feel infinitely more in the whirling of the svastika, for you yourself are part of the whirling. The svastika whirls because a God has set in motion the Wheel of the Law and it is as if to its myriad spokes clung innumerable drops – the Men who are to become Gods.”

What the heck does this even mean?

The fact of the matter is this: symbols have no inherent meaning. They are created, empowered and maintained by the human mind and thus they have only the meaning the beholder assigns to them.

If symbols truly had any meaning and power independent of the mind of the beholder they would – self-evidently – have to affect all of us in essentially the same way and this is clearly not the case. The swastika is a perfect example. The root meaning of the Sanskrit word “swastika” is “good luck” In Asia the swastika is widely used and held in high regard whereas it may cause revulsion and fear in a Jew and feelings of guilt and shame in a German. There you have it!

To French esotericist René Guénon the swastika symbolized “eternal motion around a motionless centre“. Guenon associated the swastika with Hyperborea, a prehistoric circumpolar civilization that may well be identical with Atlantis.

While I previously believed the swastika to be a symbol of the sun my studies of astronomy and of the Flat Earth on the one hand and the mythologies of ancient cultures on the other compelled me to rethink my position.

It is an indisputable fact that ancient peoples all over the world, from China to India to the Mayans to name a few, were keen observers of celestial phenomena and as the Mayan calendar shows were at the very least our equals in astronomical knowledge if not actually superior.

I am now convinced that Guenon is correct: the swastika is indeed a polar symbol representing the Big Dipper (Ursa Major aka the Great Bear) Constellation as it moves around Polaris, the North Star, which sits right above the very centre of our Earth, the so-called North Pole. The swastika is not an esoteric symbol with layers and layers of abstruse occult/spiritual meaning. It is nothing less than the abstract representation of a very REAL observable astronomical phenomenon in a very REAL location.

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” and here is a picture of the Big Dipper as you would see it if you stood at the North Pole. If this does not convince you nothing will.


It is my understanding that it is from Hyperborea – the birthplace and original home of mankind! – that we spread out to the four corners of the Earth and taking with us a civilization which was vastly superior to anything we have had these past thousands of years, including our current technological Western civilization.

More on the Big Dipper and the swastika:

The swastika is the symbol of the home we forgot, of the true Garden of Eden, of Paradise Lost! It’s a kind of compass pointing North like all compasses. Pointing to where we – the White Race – came from!

The Arctic Home In The Vedas  (The arctic origin of the Aryan race as per Hindu scriptures – 2 MB)

Paradise Found (The Cradle Of The Human Race At The North Pole by William Warren – 20 MB)


“However, the swastika is one of the oldest, simplest, most attractive and most distinctive symbols of a world not yet dominated by Neanderthal-Semitic influence. And that is probably why incessant Jewish propaganda has striven to make it anathema and outlawed since the 1930s. Perhaps it is long past the time to re-invigorate this symbol with its ancient and more modern connotations”.

Michael Bradley esau

And there you have it! That is why the Jew hates the swastika. It is the symbol of an ancient high civilization in which he did not exist. “What? A world without me? What an abomination! This cannot be allowed!” It is the symbol of an ancient high civilization which he can never ever hope to match let alone surpass. The Jew is but a Johnny-Come-Lately! An upstart! An impostor. He is not a builder of civilization but a destroyer. And exactly like a spoilt brat would destroy a toy he can’t have rather than let another child have it the Jew will attempt to defile and destroy what he cannot possess and control!

“How” you may ask “can a symbol which is so closely – even if falsely – associated with genocidal hatred and racism, be redeemed and restored?” The answer is so obvious that even a child could understand it: You start using it unapologetically!

Naturally, if you live in Germany you need to be circumspect. If, however, you happen to live in a Common Law jurisdiction you really have no reason to be worried. I am sure there are plenty of ways you could make the swastika a part of your life – if you really wanted to. You could for instance incorporate it in a personal visiting card. Or use it as a digital signature in your emails or text messages or wear it in a custom-made piece of jewellery or have it tattooed somewhere visible or ….. Think outside the box and take heart! I have been using it openly for many years. Most people are intrigued and usually give me a chance to explain. And there has never been a problem!

 NO, you do not need anybody’s permission! Why would we grant a few Jews the right to impose their likes and dislikes on the whole world!


“Eh! You’d forbid me to use the swastika? Oh yeah? Just watch me, Mr Jew!”

I, for one, will no longer allow the Jewish thought police – or anybody else for that matter – to besmear this beautiful symbol and to distort its meaning. A few years ago I designed for myself a coat-of-arms and a seal both of which feature a swastika. Below is the picture of part of a document I submitted into court complete with my seal!


The swastika I use is the Aztec version which I chose for no other reason than its visual appeal.

To the Yid I say: ” Who cares what you think?”



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Who Is To Blame?

Mea Culpa

 Most people are – even if only on some subconscious level – aware of the fact that there is indeed something fundamentally wrong with the world we live in. It’s in a mess and no two ways about it!

When my brother and I were teenagers we loved to make fun of our grandmother (never to her face, of course) who – despite the fact that she lived through two world wars – seriously maintained that everything was much better in the past . “Just a sentimental old woman” we thought.

Now, at age 68, I do appreciate what she meant because I find myself in exactly the same position. The world we live in is a far cry from the one I grew up in in the Fifties in a small German village. Mind you, life wasn’t perfect then by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn’t bliss and it wasn’t a dream but it wasn’t anywhere near the nightmare experience that is 21st century.

Don’t worry, I won’t belabour the point: if you are my age there is no need to go into details because you will probably feel the same way and if you are not you will likely not believe me any more than I believed my grandmother.

Where does one start to describe this nightmare? Anywhere, really! So let’s have a look!

Today almost everything is turned upside down and inside out! Wrong is Right and War is Peace! Everything is poisoned: from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the food we eat and on to the ideas and so-called cultural and social values we are surrounded by!

The medical/pharmaceutical industry presents itself as some sort of saviour of humanity while destroying our health and our lives! Intentionally perhaps? Because it is so profitable to sell drugs and expensive medical procedures? Or because they are stupid and don’t really know what they are doing? Probably a bit of both!

The legal fraternity destroys justice! With malice aforethought! For fun and profit! Being a member of the BAR association is equivalent to having a license to steal! What’s not to like there if you are a lawyer?

Being a member of the BAR or a politician or a member of a Freemasonic lodge is a carte blanche to do as one pleases and be shielded from any consequences of anything unlawful or evil one does! The devil looks after his own!

Institutes of learning, from the humble primary school to the most renowned universities, destroy knowledge, stifle intellectual curiosity and discourage independent thought and research with the fanaticism and viciousness of a medieval witch hunter! They churn out puerile conformists incapable of critical thinking and unwilling to risk disapproval of their peers. Worship Saint Darwin and his Theory of Evolution, worship Saint Einstein, patron saint of the Church of Relativity or else … But above all pay homage to the Jew and his religion, Holocaustianity, or you won’t have an academic career.


Adherents of such pseudo-sciences as psychology and psychiatry aim at perverting the mind of our children at the earliest possible stage. Dr. Paul Brandwein (a Jew, of course!), considered a leading child psychologist, instructs teachers on how to recognize mental disability in our school children. He states: “Every child who believes in God is mentally ill.”

Dr. Chester Pierce, Harvard University Professor, tells teachers and would-be teachers: “Every child in America who enters school at the age of five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with an allegiance to our institutions, toward the preservation of this form of government that we have. Patriotism, nationalism, and sovereignty, all that proves that children are sick because a truly well individual is one who has rejected all of those things, and is truly the international child of the future.”

The mainstream media does not exist to present information but to feed you advertising in order to sell you products you neither need nor want. The chief purpose, however, is to spread lies and misinformation and to distract you from the things that really matter with irrelevancies, inanities and mind-numbing entertainment, courtesy of the Jew! Trivial Pursuits! Sex! Pornography! Violence! Blood and Gore! That’s their expertise!

Governments destroy freedom and enslave you. They even make you pay for the prison you are in with your own tax money. They get you to police yourself and your fellowman with their political-correctness lunacy and with their hate-crime legislation! They corral, shackle, control and manipulate you with their myriad statutes. (Mind you: statutes are not law as they have so successfully conned you into believing)

Religious “authorities” of every stripe destroy true spirituality! They climb into bed with anybody who will deliver power and wealth and sex!


Sex-Mad Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

“Lust is the pinnacle of holiness.”

Sure, many a man or woman, especially when young, might be found to be obsessed with sex – it can be so much fun – but only a Yid is meshugge enough to equate lust with holiness!

But while male-female sex is at least normal – whether holy or not – there is no doubt in my mind that the social engineers working for the hidden controllers are grooming the public to accept ever more perversions as normal.


What in my youth used to be called perversions – homosexuality and lesbianism – are now the new norms, pushed upon everyone, everywhere, all the time! Don’t you dare to call their practitioners what they are: perverts! What next? Legalized pedophilia and bestiality?

But who is to blame for all this wrongness? Most people, it seems, have their own ideas and their pet culprit/s. Below are some suggestions. Did I forget anybody?

  • Luciferian Jesuits and their Pope, whether Black or White
  • Reptilian alien intruders from another planet or galaxy
  • Jews
  • Demonic entities from the 4th dimension (or the 5th or 6th or 7th or …….)
  • Agents of the Fourth Reich (operating from its base in Antarctica)
  • Freemasons
  • Satanists
  • Illuminati
  • Communists
  • Bankers
  • Globalists
  • Lord Voldemort
  • A combination of several or all of these

Who’s to blame then? In the words of V, the hero-villain of V For Vendetta:


“If you are looking for the guilty you need only look into a mirror!”

 The undeniable and unpalatable truth is this:


Yes, you! Don’t look behind you! There is nobody there! I do mean YOU!


“Eh! Me? I didn’t do anything! I swear!”

No, you didn’t do anything and that’s exactly the problem, isn’t it? Sure, after you had a few beers on a Saturday night you feel strong and you brag to your mates how you will stand up to your boss and tell him what’s what. But come Monday ……. you do nothing! You boast about how you could do better than the government if you only had the power!

Actually, you DO have the power but you are too lazy to inform yourself, too ignorant of your rights and too cowardly to make use of them! So you do nothing but blather! Here are some examples of your spinelessness:

You follow the No 1 and No 2 rogue nations – Israel and its chief vassal, the United States – into wars against countries that have not done you any harm whatsover and, while you may or may not mumble a few words of disapproval, you do nothing! You allow innocent people, men, women and children, to be maimed and tortured and killed in your name. GUILTY!


One of your politicians is found with his paws in the government’s coffers or in an underage girl’s or boy’s pants and you let him get away with it with the wimpish excuse “There isn’t much we can do, is there?” GUILTY!

You allow the thugs in uniform aka police to beat you up, pepper-spray or taser you, stop and detain you without lawful cause, invade your home without a warrant and you silently put up with it. On the off-chance that they are brought into court they usually get away with a slap on the wrist or even scot-free. You let all this happen. GUILTY!


Your courts – hijacked and run by Jews and their brown-nosing Freemason buddies – routinely violate your most basic God-given rights and the rights of your fellow man. The power to make laws and administer justice is ours, The People’s. But you meekly submit to the presumed authority of these usurpers in funny robes and silly wigs. GUILTY!

You allow your children and yourself to be vaccinated (for vaccinated read poisoned!) against a host of diseases we would not even have if they weren’t tailor-made by mad and ethically challenged scientists for the very purpose of making everybody sick, selling medical treatment and getting rid of us in the process. GUILTY!

You allow your children and yourself to be sprayed with toxic substances from the air and you allow your council to poison you with fluoride via the drinking water. What do you do? Nothing! After all, you can’t fight City Hall, can you? How do you know? You never even try! GUILTY!

You allow the so-called educational system and the depraved entertainment industry to corrupt and indoctrinate our youth into accepting a variety of perversions as the cultural norm where nothing is taboo any more and everything goes. You probably feel proudly liberal, tolerant and ever so broad-minded. GUILTY!


You allow some brain-dead social worker to take away your children into foster care because the system knows better than you and does not approve of how you raise them, even if you are the most loving parent. Perhaps you teach them traditional moral values, self-reliance, sovereignty, love for their people and its culture and a belief in God? And you do not fight this obscene system tooth and nail? GUILTY!

You allow the Jew-driven lunatic political-correctness crowd to import Muslims and Third World savages into your country and to promote their alien cultural and religious “values” – all in the name of diversity and equality, in the name of humanitarianism, in the name of freedom of religion.


You acquiesce in the genocide of your people and the destruction of your cultural and religious values? GUILTY!

At the same time this benighted shitty little Middle Eastern Rothschild fiefdom known as Israel, the very embodiment of xenophobia and racism, closes its borders to non-Jews and will not even allow its own Jewish citizens to marry non-Jews. In fact, they refer to black-skinned Jews of Ethiopian origin as “cushim”, the equivalent in Hebrew of the English “nigger”. You acquiesce in this double standard. GUILTY!

There is more, lots more, but the above shall suffice!

And how did all of this happen?


“Eh! How did this happen? It came out of nowhere I reckon!

Nobody could have foreseen any of this!”

No, it didn’t come out of nowhere. The botton-feeding scumbags behind this nightmare have been warning you time and again. If you could just tear yourself away from your trivial pursuits, if you would just pay attention to what is going on around you, if you would just use your brain you WOULD have seen it coming and you COULD have prevented this nightmare! Perhaps you should have familiarized yourself with the Protocols of the Elders Of Zion, the Yid’s roadmap to world domination, instead of watching the umpteenth repeat of this, that or the other moronic TV show!


Here’s one of many warnings:

“The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose work is to create a NEW ORDER in the WORLD. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also through the same Jewish mental and physical forces become a reality all over the world.” The American Hebrew” Sept. 10, 1920

 Now, after all this painful soul-searching, it behoves you to repent. Repeat after me: Mea Culpa – Mea Culpa – Mea Maxima Culpa (and don’t forget to vigorously beat your breast while doing so!) And when you have done enough beating of the breast don’t waste time and energy on wallowing in regrets and remorse. Gird yourself with righteous anger, step up to the fight and make amends by kicking Jew-Jesuit-Reptilian-Illuminati-Bankers-and whatever-ass!

 “The Psychopaths That Be” aka “The Powers That Be” are pathetic little beasties. They are sick, unbelievably sick, yes, but they are men and women like you and me, they are not unconquerable, they are not invincible. They are not gods or reptilian aliens or whatever-dimensional demons!

In fact, they are not only weak, they are actually abysmally cowardly critters. To put not too fine a point on it: they are SCARED OF YOU – which is the reason they operate in the dark employing stealth and deception. Why do you think they have to stage false-flag events? They can’t abide the light of day.

They have no authority and no power other than what we grant them. They have no authority and power over anyone who clearly and unequivocally denies them consent! They only exist and thrive because you fail to stand up to them!

Unless we draw a line in the sand and stand up to them nothing will change. Jesus will not return nor are there “space brothers” or anyone else for that matter who will do for us what we should and easily could do for ourselves.

What the world needs, in the words of John Lamb Lash is a warrior class. And everybody can be a warrior in his own way. The alternative: eternal slavery!

Fight Them …… Or Perish! The Choice Is Yours!


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45 Questions And Answers


 Q.: Why did God create such a difference between Jew and Gentile, so that the Jew is at once recognized, no matter what race he lives among?

A.: God did not create any essential difference between Jew and Gentile. The difference between Jew and Gentile is a man-made thing entirely. It has arisen from the fact that over the generations the priests, scribes, and rabbis of the Jews have compiled a great mass of racial and religious instruction which the Jewish baby imbibes with its mother’s milk. This racial and religious instruction impresses upon each new Jewish child, from the moment it first begins to understand the Hebrew tongue that it has been born into a race that is “different” from the other races of mankind, that it has been born into a “better” race, and that by comparison with the people of the Jewish race, the people of all the other races are likened to mere cattle and animals. However — unfortunately — while the people of the Jewish race are “better,” at the same time they are fewer in number. So, being the smarter and yet in the minority, the members of the Jewish race suffer “persecution” — which comes from naught else than the jealousy of the more populous races, who are resentful that the “better” and “smarter” Jews best them at every turn. Such is the psychology in which the Jewish child is reared, and after a time he builds a defense mechanism against the results of it. He looks at the members of all other races as his “enemies” and is in a state of subconscious antagonism with them. God has had nothing to do with it. It is a case of race psychology that has gained such a terrific momentum up through the ages that no one Jew can arrest or change it.

Q.: Is there any difference between the Jehovah of the Jews and the Divine Father of Jesus as worshiped by the Christians?

A.: There is a difference so vast as to render them practically two different personages. The word Jehovah is the modern English rendering of the Hebrew term for the Midian tribal deity, Yahvah. Moses, after he had murdered two Egyptians for their treatment of an Israelite, fled to Midian, a district across the Red Sea, south of the Land of Goshen. There he married a Midian wife and became a sheepherder. Jehovah or Yahvah was the neighborhood god of the Midianites whom Moses seized upon, and utilized, in his later politico-racial exploits back among the Egyptians. Moses claimed that this little tribal god, with all his provincial hates and lusts, was the One Lord God of all the universe. This last could only be interviewed by Moses in person, or by Aaron or his Levites when Moses wasn’t around. Christ came, and got Himself hated unto crucifixion, by standing this narrow and fallacious notion of the deity on its head. Christ said that the Lord God was Universal Spirit, and that man needed no paid priest or elaborate temple ceremonials to commune with Him. This threatened the whole basic foundation of Judaism, since it counselled the masses that priests were dispensable.

Furthermore, Christ taught that the Lord God was the Father of all mankind, Jew and Gentile alike. This was insufferable to the Israelites, who had a personal monopoly on the Creator, He being their original tribal deity and they being His particular devotees. In the Ebionitic attempts to reconcile the two identities, however, early church fathers mixed the two deities hopelessly, and filled the Bible full of contradictions and paradoxes. See answer to Question 38: Who were the Ebionites?

Q.: To which branch of Jews did Jesus Christ belong?

A.: Jesus Christ belonged to neither branch! Shocking as it becomes to modern Christians, an examination of the evidence now coming to light reveals that Jesus Christ was not a Jew or any other kind of an Israelite! This, of course, strikes at the very core and heart of present Christian doctrine. Nevertheless, sooner or later, Aryan Christians have got to face the facts. It takes a whole volume in itself to present these facts, but such a volume is available. In the first place, the only true Jews are descendants of the Tribe of Judah, and even if Biblical bases be taken for argument, the New Testament says in a score of places that He emphatically did not come from that tribe. Christ was a Galilean and a Nazarene. Galilee got its name from the Gauls, brought down by the Assyrian king when he denuded, the northern kingdom of Hebrews. The proper spelling of the word should be Gaulilee. Over and over, too, the New Testament writings speak of “Galilee of the Gentiles” … The genealogies of Christ in the two New Testament Gospels do not determine the matter, since they do not agree, and since they do not agree, neither one of them can be established as authentic. Moreover, Jews reckoned genealogies through the father, always. Christians are confronted by the dilemma that if they make a tenet of their faith that Mary conceived Christ by the Holy Ghost, then she did not conceive Christ by Joseph her husband; and if she did not do the latter, then the Hebrew genealogies, tracing Jesus’ ancestry back to David and Abraham, are fabrications. Jesus did not speak the prevalent Jewish tongue of the period; He conversed in what was a Gentile language. At no place did He Himself confirm that He was a Jew, and the words before Pilate, “Thou sayest!” were merely a colloquialism, not of acquiescence to Pilate’s remark but of the thought: “You’re doing the talking, I’m keeping quiet!”


The above are questions raised and answered by William Dudley Pelley in his essay The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews. Pelley was a Hollywood screenwriter, and published a number of political books before he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for courageously speaking out against America’s involvement in the Second World War.

Pelley explains his take on the Jew’s role in history. Of particular interest is his assertion that Jesus was not an ethnic Jew nor was he an adherent of the religion known as Judaism.

His essay is not without its flaws, however. He asserts, for example that Jews trace descent through the father which is wrong. Descent is traced through the mother – always! That Jesus was not a Jew is almost certainly true although his claim that Galilee got its name from the Gauls brought down by the Assyrian king when he denuded the northern kingdom of Hebrews is rather fanciful. The real etymology of Galilee is the Hebrew designation “galil ha-goyim” where galil means circuit or district and ha-goyim means the Gentiles. Thus Galilee is the “District of the Gentiles”. This lends strong support to the notion of the non-Jewish ethnicity of Jesus.


This pamphlet was published in 1939 but neither its age nor the above-mentioned minor flaws can diminish it or its author!


William Dudley Pelley


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Christians And Jews


 Australian Jewish News

Friday, July 26, 1996

Melbourne Edition (Vol. 62, no. 43, p. 9)

(Courtesy The National Library of Austalia)



 Israel as a Jewish state

Visiting Bar-Ilan University academic Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman talks to Shira Sebban about his vision of Israel

ISRAEL should be a moderate religious state based on authentic Jewish rather than borrowed western values, a visiting Israeli educator said this week.

“Separation of church and state is a Western concept based on the assumption that Judaism is a religion, Bar-Ilan University Jewish education and Talmudic studies lecturer Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman told the Australian Jewish News.

“But that’s false,” he said. “Judaism is our national identity and Halacha is the Jewish national legal system. Israel’s system of government is borrowed from non-Jewish nations.

“If China was told to borrow its system from the United States, it would regard the suggestion as ludicrous. Jewish society is spiritual and its goal is to be value-oriented.

“If Israel doesn’t develop its public Jewish identity, its right to exist in the Middle East should be questioned. Our claim to the Land of Israel is based on the fact that our Jewish identity asks us to create a highly ethical Jewish society, not just another secular democracy.”

“Israel’s system of government is borrowed from non-Jewish nations.”

But Dr. Hayman stressed that Judaism is not repressive, advocating that a Halachic society be implemented gradually in Israel “so as not to shock anyone”. One way would be to follow the recommendation of a group of academics that a second house of parliament be set up in the form of a Sanhedrin, which would work with the Knesset to pass legislation.

In Australia as the guest of the Friends of Bar-Ilan University, Dr. Hayman, who went on aliyah from the United States nine years ago, described Bar-Ilan as “a bridge-building institution which creates a laboratory for sensitive relations between religious and non-religious, Sephardis and Ashkenazis”.

Although Yigal Amir – who assassinated Yltzhak Rabin – was a student at Bar-Ilan, no institution should be judged on the basis of one of its members and an external commission had given the university a clean bill of health, he said.

Dr. Hayman accused the Israeli media, which he said was unfairly critical of Bar-Ilan after the Rabin assassination, of being “extremist secularists”, trying to destroy the image of Israel’s religious population because it felt threatened.

Much of the talk of a religious revival in Israel is media hype, he charged. “When it wants to portray Israel’s religious community, the media seeks out extremists. It never portrays the moderate religious majority, which is made up of responsible, balanced individuals.”

He was equally scathing of extremist elements within the Charedi community which portray the Zionist state as anti-Jewish. “Charedi society is the flip-side of the secularists; the extremists on each side cause extremism in the other camp, but balance each other out,” he said.

“The majority of Israelis have a healthy approach to Jewish identity. The new government was elected in response to the outrageous anti-religious approach of the previous administration, particularly within Meretz. Israel is slowly growing up.”

In his capacity as director of Bar-Ilan’s Lookstein Centre for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, Dr. Hayman is concerned with the creation of a school system which teaches children to absorb Jewish values. The Centre develops curricula and trains teachers for Jewish schools throughout the world.

“The rotting of Jewish communities around the world is so great that even if there were 10 Lookstein Centres, 10 Melton Institutes and 10 Jewish Agencies, there would be more than enough work for all of us,” Dr. Hayman said.

Dr. Hayman took part in last week’s Fourth Biennial Conference on Jewish Education in Sydney and this week’s public education forum at Kimberley Gardens.

Christians and Jews

Christians have to make a choice – “either retain their present belief system and be antisemitic or form a partnership with the Jewish people.”

This is the view of Bar-Ilan University’s Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Hayman, who is active in Jewish-Christian dialogue and in encouraging modern Christianity to return to its Jewish roots by observing the Seven Noahide Laws.

“As long as Christians keep Jesus as God, they will be antisemitic because that belief must lead them to believe that those who reject Jesus reject God,” he told the Australian Jewish News.

“That’s how the process of satanising the Jews began. That belief is the root cause of 1500 years of the Christian idolatrous antisemitism which led to the Holocaust.”

Proficient in New Testament Studies and Classical Greek, Dr. Hayman noted that at least five American churches have given up belief in Jesus.


There you have it, my fellow Australians! Hayman is not beating about the bush and he is not pulling his punches. If you are a Christian you are by definition an idolater and an anti-Semite.

It’s the unsavoury idolatrous likes of you that paved the way for a “holocaust” (which never happened!) and unless you give up your beliefs and “form a partnership with the Jewish people” (READ: become a kisser of Jewish ass) your wicked beliefs will – no doubt! – lead straight to the next holocaust! Yes, Sirree! Or so this moron believes! And, of course, the whole delusional tribe shares his views!

Christians – may I ask a few pertinent questions of you? Do you know what would happen to you if the roles were reversed and you were to accuse Jews of idolatry, anti-Gentilism and genocide of Christians? Which is, by the way, something they are actually guilty of as the Bolshevist Revolution and the Ukrainian Holocaust prove: Ukraine-The Other Holocaust

Why are you silent in the face of such insolence? Why do you put up with these effing miscreants? Where is your self-respect?

Anti-Gentilism Is A Crime

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A Poisoned Forest


William Luther Pierce III

“You must back off a bit in order to see the forest rather than just the trees. The essential thing about the forest is that it is destroying our world. It is a parasitic forest. It is injecting spiritual and cultural poison into our civilization and into the life of our people and sucking up nutrients to enrich itself and grow even more destructive.

Perhaps only ten percent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us and the other ninety percent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem.

If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year.

It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.”

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Deja Vu

Jews and their minions – brain-dead ass-kissing Gentile sycophants – are intentionally importing masses of militant fundamentalist Muslims and Third World savages into Christian countries.

To put not too fine a point on it: what is euphemistically called a humanitarian action is nothing but an invasion and attempted genocide. The refugees are not refugees but guided missiles launched and controlled by the Jew!

Currently, Europe is bearing the brunt of this onslaught but … do not fool yourself – it will be your turn soon! Unless, of course, something is done about it!

Jews deploy Muslims for two reasons.

1) They themselves prefer to operate by stealth and deception and are in any case too few in number for this mammoth project they have in mind which is nothing less than total destruction of White Christian European civilization!

2) Islam, however, is the perfect tool because it has the numbers, Jews and Muslims are practically family, at least spiritually, and Muslims have the requisite qualifications; to wit: Islam is intolerant, totalitarian and as viciously aggressive as a rabid dog. Muslims are also willing and accustomed to unthinkingly submit to a higher authority – in this case the presumed authority of God’s commandments (i.e. to spread Islam!) They are easy to offend and easy to provoke into mindless rage. Just the qualities you need in a conquering army!

Jews know this. How could they not know? Judaism and its Talmud on the one hand and Islam and Sharia on the other are joined at the hips! As they say: Birds of a feather …. 

Their similarities run very deep indeed! That should not surprise us as both Judaism and Islam are products of what author Michael Bradley calls the “toxic lozenge”, products of the same Semitic mindset.


Michael Bradley

For more on the “toxic lozenge”:

Revenge of the Neanderthal

Iceman Inheritance


They share the very same disposition to racism and violence and the same lack of conscience and compassion. They share the same disregard for freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of …. well, in a nutshell disregard for ….. freedom! Period!


They share the same perverted sense of justice, a despicable double-standard; to wit: one set of laws for themselves and another one for anyone outside the fold.

Neither Jews nor Muslims respect women or children or animals! Both, for instance, use barbaric ritual genital mutilation on males; both use barbaric methods of slaughtering animals (shechita and halal). And neither will afford equal rights to women.


Both are ready to impose themselves and their laws upon you. Muslims, for instance, want to make the world safe for their religion and Sharia. If you resist submission (that is what Islam means) and conversion they will quite happily stone you to death or cut your throat.




Jews, on the other hand, are not too keen on converting you; theirs is a more “exclusive club”. They do, however, plan to “redeem” the world and to that end it is essential that you submit to the jurisdiction of the rabbis and the special laws they have created for Gentiles: the Noahide Laws.

Yes, they will let you live if you humbly accept these laws but just in case you have funny ideas about human rights and freedom of religion and intend to reject their “generous” offer they are busy planning the introduction of the death penalty for anybody who does not comply!

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video with Rabbi Ariel where he explains what the “halachah” (Jewish law) says about those who do not accept the Noahide laws.

Jews know that so-called Islamic “cultural values” and Sharia law are to the values and laws of White Christian European civilization what corrosive substances are to the delicate tissues of the body.

The corrosive effect of Islam and the resulting decay, dissolution and death of the unfortunate host is exactly what Jews count on!

This is a case of deja vu. Jews and Muslims have played this perverted game before albeit with the roles reversed! This time let’s make sure they both lose and pay a high price!


Below is an excerpt from an article about Jews and Muslims during the early Middle Ages in Spain. (Emphases are mine: BW)

For the full article go to:

“The Jews of Africa, who at various times had emigrated thither from Spain, and their unlucky co-religionists of the Peninsula, made common cause with the Mahometan conqueror, Tarik, who brought over from Africa into Andalusia an army eager for the fray. After the battle of Xeres (July, 711), and the death of Roderic, the last of the Visigothic kings, the victorious Arabs pushed onward, and were everywhere supported by the Jews.

In every city that they conquered, the Moslem generals were able to leave but a small garrison of their own troops, as they had need of every man for the subjection of the country; they therefore confided them to the safekeeping of the Jews. In this manner the Jews, who but lately had been serfs, now became the masters of the towns of Cordova, Granada, Malaga, and many others.

When Tarik appeared before the capital, Toledo, he found it occupied by a small garrison only, the nobles and clergy having found safety in flight. While the Christians were in church, praying for the safety of their country and religion, the Jews flung open the gates to the victorious Arabs (Palm Sunday, 712), receiving them with acclamations, and thus avenged themselves for the many miseries which had befallen them in the course of a century since the time of Reccared and Sisebut. The capital also was entrusted by Tarik to the custody of the Jews, while he pushed on in pursuit of the cowardly Visigoths, who had sought safety in flight, for the purpose of recovering from them the treasure which they had carried off. Finally when Musa Ibn-Nosair, the Governor of Africa, brought a second army into Spain and conquered other cities, he also delivered them into the custody of the Jews.”

Jewish aid was crucial in freeing up countless Moorish troops to conquer nearly the entirety of the Iberian Peninsula. The example of Toledo, when Jews flung open the gates of the city while the Christian inhabitants were preoccupied in their holy procession at San Locadia Church, illustrates why even such a historian as Francisco Cantera Burgos, whose work was far from unsympathetic toward Jews, said the Jews of Spain constituted a “fifth” column during the invasion.

Citing Moorish works, Pascual de Gayangos observed that Jews invited the Moors to invade and afterward “everywhere made common cause with them.” The original Moorish invasion force that defeated the Visigoths at Guadalete included a continent of Jewish troops from North Africa under the command of Kaula al-Yehudi, and throughout the occupation the Moorish rulers encouraged Jewish immigration from elsewhere as part of their counterbalancing the indigenous population.

Whereas now its mostly Jewish social-engineers and bankers promoting the mass-migration of Muslims into Europe, then it was Muslim Moors who promoted the mass-migration of Jews to dilute and serve as a counterbalance to the indigenous Iberian peoples.


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On Jesus And Christianity

Today’s brief article is my response to the many Christians that object to my description of the god of the Bible as a psychopath and my description of Christianity as a fraud.

I do not consider today’s post as a defensive piece but simply as a clarification of my position.

I stand by my description: Yahveh is not a benevolent deity! He is not someone any sane man or woman would want to meet in a dark alley, let alone worship! You do not agree? That’s your right, of course, but then I can only conclude that you either a) have never really read the Bible with discernment and understanding or b) you are the product of malevolent brainwashing! I suggest you go and read your Bible, I mean really read it! To get you started here is material from the book of Deuteronomy:

“And the Lord spake unto me, saying. . . This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee . . . And the Lord commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go over to possess it . . . And because he loved thy fathers, therefore he chose their seed after them. . . to drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou art, to bring thee in, to give thee their land for an inheritance . . . And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee, thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them; neither shalt thou make marriages with them. . . ye shall destroy their altars and break down their images. . . For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth . . . And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. . . But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed . . . He shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven, there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them . . . Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours. . . even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be . . . Of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shall save nothing alive that breatheth . . . thou shalt lend unto many nations and thou shalt not borrow . . . Ye shall utterly destroy all the places wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods. . .”

You want to seriously maintain that these genocidal exhortations are the words of someone who is of sound mind?

When Jesus speaks of his Father are you sure he means the kind of murderous deity described in the Old Testament?

First: I certainly do NOT think of Jesus as a psychopath! I grew up as a Roman Catholic and while I, admittedly, do not believe in him any more nowhere on this blog do I make negative remarks about him. I have no problem with Jesus and his teachings.

Second: I stand by my description of Christianity as a fraud. My problem is with those – individuals and/or organizations – who pervert the teachings of Jesus to suit their own agenda, chiefly the Church of Rome which is in essence nothing more than the Roman Empire in the guise of a religion.

I am totally opposed to Judaism and its plans to remake the world in its own perverted image, directly or via its creature Islam. I do NOT want to see Europe swamped by Third World savages and I do NOT want to see White Christian European Civilization destroyed by the two Middle Eastern sewer religions, Judaism and Islam!

The following is my description of Jews and Judaism in the post Why Are Jews Hated? and an identical description of Moslems and the Quran can be found in my post Banning Muslim Immigration:

In a nutshell then: Jews are hated because the criminally insane teachings of their so-called Holy Books – Torah and Talmud – and the hubris and delusions arising from said teachings shape and mold their conscious and subconscious thought processes and cause them to behave in ways that are – to put not too fine a point on it – far far below the ethical standards of a civilized human being. These teachings prime the mind for conduct that ranges from the insufferably obnoxious to the downright criminal; conduct which affects all levels of a society – interpersonal relationships, business and national and international politics; conduct which, as history shows us, has poisoned and destroyed entire nations and will surely destroy the whole world unless we checkmate the Jew and remove him from all positions of power and influence forever!

You will not find me describing Christians and Christianity in these words!!! Quite the contrary, in my post What Is Sauce For The Goose …. Part 1 you will find the following:

In particular criticising and/or ridiculing Jesus and/or the Christian religion and/or its religious leaders and/or its literature and/or its symbols is anti-Gentilism.

 (PS. I am not a Christian myself and therefore have no Christian agenda to push but I am aware of and disgusted by the Jew’s contempt and hatred of everything connected with Christianity. In light of this irrational Jewish hatred I deem it appropriate to propose special measures of protection for Christians – hence my above suggestions!)

 There you have it! Did I make myself clear enough?


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