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Whenever I try to access my site in a public place like a library, university, government building, or school, I get blocked. Same on corporate networks. The Rebel Website was a hate site, I’m being told, so they won’t allow me to visit it. Many of my readers – all over the world – have reported similar experiences to me.I don’t mind though that they are labelling The Rebel a ‘hate site’. That’s how the Jews call a site they hate. It’s symptomatic for the upside down world we live in, with its Orwellian use of language. It’s a bit like the modern use of the term ‘anti-Semitism’. Originally, the meaning was that an ‘anti-Semite’ is someone who hates Jews. Today it means a person the Jews hate.

This whole blocking business has been going on ever since the Rebel Website got suddenly popular in its first year as a result of publishing a spoof on Zionist poster boy Howard Schultz (A Thankyou To All Starbucks Customers (Spoof)) which received more than 250,000 visitors within a matter of weeks.

The situation got even worse after publishing Eric Hunt’s article describing how he tried to make Holocaust Pope Ellie Wiesel confess on video that his supposedly autobiographic Nobel Prize winning book “Night” was actually fiction. That article attracted no way near as many visitors, but motivated the thought police to zoom in on the Rebel case.

The first thing they tried was to cut off the purse string. They made one online payment provider after another cancel their account with the Rebel Website. When that didn’t get rid of the site, they decided to change tactics.

Quite frankly I don’t give a shit, if they cancel my online payment service again. My attitude on that matter is expressed fairly well in the following warning that I put on top of the ‘About us‘ page.

A warning to the enemy!
I know you can’t help it. You have this urge to silence my site. Go ahead, arsehole! See what happens! The Rebel Website has been vandalised plenty of times in the nine years of its existence. And guess what happened in each case?! It came back bigger and better. Get that in your kosher pig head. I don’t respond well to bullying, and every time my site gets wiped or crippled, I retaliate. That’s what made the Rebel Website the outstanding site it is today. And if you make it financially impossible for me to run it, all I’m going to do is focus my time and energy on the ‘Rebel Institute’ and ‘Ziopedia’ projects instead. That would only cost me 5 to 10 USD a month, and I’ll make damn sure that it causes you more grief than this site ever has.

So go to hell!

As you can tell from the subliminal tone of that warning, as well as from the general tone of most of my editorials for the Rebel Website, I profoundly despise Jews and express that feeling very openly.

Buried alive in Gaza

I hate what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians. I hate what they have done to the Germans, Ukrainians and Armenians. I hate it how they are abusing their undue influence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and elsewhere to turn their governments into puppet shows that first and foremost serve selfish Jewish group interests. I hate it how they are working towards a “New World Order” which is nothing but an euphemism for Jewish World Domination. I call it Jew World Disorder instead.

I hate the Jews for what they have been doing to humanity for millennia. Those genocidal semi-nomadic Hebrew hordes have proven to be worse than the plague. I don’t care that modern Jews are ethnically different from the original Hebrew tribes and their psychopathic arsehole of a god that used to torment the ‘Golden Crescent’ of antiquity. It doesn’t matter that 97% of modern Jews are the descendants of converted Mongolian and Berber hordes and their Germanic respectively Andalusian rape victims. It doesn’t matter because the Judaic mind-virus has made them all the same.

I don’t even care if there are any ‘good Jews’. Jews act as a group, so they must be treated as a group. They can’t have the cake and eat it. Every Jew with half a brain MUST know enough about the antiques of his co-religionists to know what kind of monsters they are harboring in their midst. And yet, selfishness or cowardice is preventing them from breaking with the “tribe”. For a Jew to be a good person, he cannot possibly remain a Jew. He has to – similarly to Benjamin Freedman – recant and stop being a Jew. It’s the only way for a Jew to rejoin mankind. It’s the only kind of Jews that I don’t hate.

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Sydney Siege

by Jim Stone


Man Haron Monis was NOT THERE!

If you search Google images for Man Haron Monis, there appear to be different people playing the part. The faces are not all good matches for each other which in my opinion needs an explanation. Remember that with Osama we got many variants, one real, the rest all actors. In looking over the photos of Man Haron Monis, it appears that the same may be true of him as well, and if he is a fiction played by several people it needs to be made known.

Here are some different photos of the “same guy”. Something is amiss, for example, why is his beard totally gray in the top photo and black in all the others? Why is the face so different? We saw this type of difference with the fake Osamas. All from Sydney are reasonably recent photos, how could the beard be gray in the top one? Heck, I think I will post that comparison photo again, because I think with a google image search I answered why the top photo looks like one of the photos of this guy – there may be several actors here.

Take a look at these photos, and then the final comparison. Are we dealing with actors and a fiction as bad as Osama getting buried at sea? It would not be the first time.

Here is the original comparison. Something looks fishy to me.


Someone put up signs during the event that said DECEPTION, FRAUDULENT! Holy cow!

Quotes from Australia regarding Sydney

These are quotes from readers of this web site that show what aware Australians noticed about the “ISIS” event in Sydney:

Media coverage so excessive it made unaware people question what was going on: “I live in Australia and the media coverage was off the charts. Talk about psychic driving a message. All day and all night on every channel, images shown of a cafe with reflections in the glass of a Muslim flag and people with their arms up. Even my relatives who are not awake to the evils of the NWO were questioning the rationality of the constant coverage. All of the politicians stood up and did their speeches. The next morning the news casters were wearing black and white and were speaking in a caring tone as if they were at a funeral. I wonder what the psychological impact will be on the city of Sydney’s massive coffee culture?”

“Maybe the standard war propaganda psychology for the 7.125 billion earthlings not reading this forum should work by generating hatred by seeing an Islamic sign above the word Christmas.”

- – “I’m in Melbourne and I have no doubt this operation was controlled from ASIS/Australian Secret Intelligence Service through and through. This nonsense was definitely no where near as good as port Arthur where our country was disarmed through a national buy back program and the sheeple gave up their guns. 410,000 guns were bought back and destroyed and an intellectually challenged patsy who was subjected to MK ultra brainwashing took the fall. As for this one I hope next time the donkey kicking ISIS scumbags set up a psyop maybe they will spend more than a dollar fifty on it and get it right next time.”

Got more Sydney discoveries? Put them on the Forum!

Comments about Sydney

It has to be a hoax, but they did have their cover story. First for the hoax part -

I received lots of input from readers on this one, and one glaring problem with the entire scene was the fact that the police threw stun grenades (a large number of them) after they entered the chocolate shop. That makes no sense at all, stun grenades are always thrown before entering. Why were no cops knocked out by their own grenades? To the best of my knowledge there were no cops knocked out by this. That says hoax, there are two types of stun grenades, one makes a loud pop and is for practice, the other is an actual weapon. Both would look good for the cameras. What gives with that?

Another big glaring issue is how the cameras got better shooting angles than the police. That was very odd.

They had the cover story – that this guy was a sexual predator with tons of stuff on his record and he was out on probation/parole, WHATEVER. BIG PROBLEM – this does not fit the image of “radical Muslim Cleric” that they tried to present, such types have squeaky clean behavior no matter what lies the ziopress spins and that is a gaping hole in this entire charade. I guess when liars lie they go for the intellectual bottom feeders who think things like “Islamic cleric” and sexual predator go hand and hand, but it is a cold hard fact that they do not. That is a massive gaping wound in this story.

Probable reality? If this was real, it was a brainless patsy with a long record that was set up to do this. In prison or wherever he was prior, it would be a prime time to brainwash the living * out of him with drugs, flashing lights, the whole 9 yards and then release him with him thinking he was a cleric on a mission. If anything fits, THAT is what fits. If anything happened at all, that is where the chips lay as far as I see it, HOW ELSE could “Isis” show up and then need a flag? None of it makes sense, it all matches the profile of a mentally handicapped man on a brain wash mission.

The Sydney Lindt Ball Attack
Islamic Extremism and the Money Trail
ISIS and the New Middle East

A version of this article was first published on JimStoneFreelance.com.


Here is the link to another article of interest:


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Jews For Justice For Germans

                                                                                                                   Paul Eisen announces: ‘Jews for Justice for Germans’

Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG)

“Jews for this, Jews for that, doesn’t it just make you sick. But wait, this one’s different. You’ve all heard of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP) well, here’s Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG).

JFJFG was conceived by fellow Jew Henry Herskovitz, German-Irish American and wannabee Jew, Dan McGowan and me.

Below is our program. So far, we’ve only got three Signatories, Henry, Dan and me – but we’re hoping for more.

If you want to sign, contact me at: pauleisen.blogspot@hotmail.co.uk

We call on Elie Wiesel to withdraw and apologize for his statement that “All Jews should set apart in themselves a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the Germans.

We call on all Jews to demand that the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945 be open to discussion in the same way as any other events in history

In this connection we call on all Governments to repeal, with immediate effect, all Holocaust denial laws and immediately publicly apologize to and compensate all who have suffered under those laws.

In the interests of reconciliation we call on the German Federal Government to cease, with immediate effect, all reparation payments to Israel and all compensation payments to Jewish survivors of the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945.

In the interests of justice, we call on representatives of Jewish communities worldwide to meet with representatives of the German people to discuss the possible repayment of some reparations and compensations paid to Jews by Germans

We call on representatives of Jewish communities worldwide to begin discussions about the role of Jews in the suffering inflicted on Germans since 1945 and, if appropriate, to make arrangements for apology, reparation and compensation.”

Posted: Saturday, 6 September 2014



I have never met or had any direct contact with Paul Eisen, and have no idea if he is even aware of my site, but I have read a number of his previous posts and consider him a very thoughtful and intelligent man of integrity, and I greatly appreciated his stance. I hope that more Jews will come forward in support of this group and its stated mission.

This also reminded me of other Jews who have previously spoken out in the past in defence of the Germans, such as Benjamin Freedman.  I recently re-posted a portion of his speech given in Washington, DC in 1961. You can read it here:

World War I, The Balfour Declaration, Versailles Treaty, and the Set Up for World War II and III

There is also an article I posted on my blog in April 2013, that was originally written and published in Germany in 1933 in one of the leading Jewish magazines of the day. I translated it into English:

Our Struggle for Germany Against the Atrocity Propaganda from abroad

Then there is also a free 30 page booklet written by a German Jew named Heinz Weichardt who survived the Hitler era and the war, and it is also highly informative.

Under Two Flags – A German Jew Speaks Out About Hitler and NS Germany

Thanks to all who have taken the time to write and who continue to support my work with donations, and by sharing my blog posts and videos.  There is much more to come, including things I am working on behind the scenes in the interest of Justice for Germans which I hope to be able to share in the near future.


A noble cause and long overdue – but will it do any good? Well, I for one am not holding my breath! BJW

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Sydney Attack

Written by Jim Stone


Christians march in Sydney against US funded killings by ISIS in Iraq and Syria

ISIS™ nabs a chocolate shop in Sydney, right across from Channel 7!

As of 10 PM Central time on the 14th (which is the 15th in Australia) an “Islamic terrorist” has taken over a Lindt chocolate shop in Sydney Australia and held 50 people hostage. But there are serious problems with this story.

The first problem? A sign the hostages reportedly were forced to hold up against the windows which read “We sacrifice ourselves for you, O Mohamed” was shown via a blurry photograph and had incomplete text. This would be expected of a hack doing this, no Muslim would get the text wrong.

The second serious problem is that this is purportedly an ISIS action. But it appears to be a lone gunman doing it all, which reeks to high heaven of a pre programmed CIA drone doing this according to what ever script was washed into his head especially with the sign being apparently half baked in appearance.

The third serious problem? As of 10 PM CST, absolutely nothing about this has been released on anything other than twitter. Nada on Drudge, CNN or anywhere else. Only Australian papers have anything up and all they are doing is following tweets because tweets are all there is at this point. So they could be doing toe dips with a load of bunk and seeing where it goes. HOWEVER, Lindt Chocolate company has shut all other stores, that is for certain so even if it is all tweets at this point, something of substance has happened as a result.

This story may well be so fresh that no one has caught on yet in the MSM? Let’s see what posts on the 15th in the U.S., certainly if this is “their” next pet project they will do all they can to make hay with it.


The Jewish Press has come right out and said it is ISIS doing this. Perhaps a setup or wishful thinking? Awful quick to the draw with this when all they are doing is following tweets as well, but interesting perspective here.


All Jewish synagogues and organizations are on lockdown in Australia already. That does it for me! That was TOO FAST to get that done, it happened WAY TOO FAST, THEY DID THIS, the extremely rapid lockdown response proves foreknowledge. They just got the word GO. All a show!


The location and timing appears to be too perfect to be real. Take a look at this photo – The location was obviously selected for huge media coverage with a perfect view of the hostage taking scene. The fact this was launched early morning on Monday gives them a full day of media coverage (just like 911) and a whole week to make hay. The ISIS sign was placed perfectly between “Lindt” and Merry Christmas” on the windows, perhaps a back stab because the Swiss asked for their gold back?

Update: Drudge still does not have anything up about this along with CNN and all others, why the delay in the American press? 5 hours into this now . . . . .

Update: Snipers on scene, perfectly clear shots of police pointing guns at news cameras, 3 hostages “escaped” or released, depending upon which report, AND, you do not get perfectly clear shots of police pointing guns directly at news cameras unless it is all set up to be that way for propaganda psy op purposes, this one is tough to believe. What on earth could that cop possibly be pointing his gun at other than a news camera to make a big show? What is between the cameraman and that cop that needs a gun pointed at it? So called “hostage” or escapee looking right at the news camera just like the cop is, WHY? Because it makes a great photo!

UPDATE: Confirmed: Over five hours into this, there is a complete blackout in the American media as confirmed by readers on the Forum, and I would like to know why. This was well underway a full hour before the nightly news on the East coast, yet hours later it was still not on the nightly news on the West coast. ABC news is doing a livestream of this from Australia, why did ABC news not have it on the nightly news in America then? This livestream proves the American press is not in the dark about this, why nothing on the nightly news?


ANSWER: Because they know that the ISIS ruse is a risky fraud to uphold, and they are afraid of putting it up in front of Americans en masse before they know if it is going to actually fly in Australia. That is the only possible answer for this blackout in the American press. They have a few more hours for the toe dip in the truther piranha tank to prove itself out in Australia while people sleep in America before deciding whether or not to dip America in that tank as well. Obviously if it flops before evening in Australia, they will retire it where it sits.

UPDATE: They are testing the waters with various stories. For example, the unintelligible message about all of this being done for Mohammed has been replaced with “it was the Shadaha” which is too big of a leap for any real story. They are simply testing new things until they find a load of crap most intellectual carp will suck on and enjoy.

HA! Here’s a good one! Among their demands was that they be brought an Isis flag! If that is not a laugh I don’t know what is, YOU MEAN ISIS SHOWED UP WITHOUT A FLAG? NOT EVEN A LASER PRINTED ONE? Come on now, 11X17 laser print available at Kinkos would work JUST FINE! No flag??!!?? what a joke! That demand was apparently made at the request of a few intellectual carp who will believe said demand “proves” it has to be ISIS!

Obviously they are working out the bugs in their presentation before manure forking it over to the American side of the Pacific! GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, THE FRESH B.S. IS PRICELESS.

Update: Now there are four bombs in this story.

Update: Now the guy is a Muslim cleric! Here is a nice little tidbit regarding that subject – anyone can call themselves a “cleric” in Islam. However, ALL the real ones have at least a master’s degree in Islamic studies and if they do not, they are just nutters claiming to be clerics! What does this guy have? A mop? If you forgot to bring your flag to an ISIS event you would have to be restricted to pushing a mop in real life, “cleric” my *ss!

UPDATE: The four bombs are real, but Bnai Brit synagogue is having a hard time planting them with all the bomb sniffing dogs around . . . .

Obviously they are working out the bugs in their presentation before manure forking it over to the American side of the Pacific! GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD, THE FRESH B.S. IS PRICELESS.

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The Sydney Lindt Attack

Reposted from: https://therebel.org

To understand today’s ISIS attack on the Sydney Lindt Chocolate Café on Martins Place, right in the heart of the city, you got to know Sydney. The Lindt Chocolate Café is the main competitor of the Mossad owned Max Brenner Café chain. The Lindt Café targeted in today’s attack is just across the road from Sydney’s biggest Max Brenner Café.
ISIS is – as we all know – a Mossad operation. Mossad wants to get Australia involved in a revamped ‘coalition of the willing’, this time not to fight Al-Qaeda, ISIS’ CIA-run sister organisation. For this purpose, Australia’s Israhell-loving media and churches have worked very hard in recent months to point out ISIS atrocities against Christians in Syria and Iraq. They didn’t waste a tear on all the Muslims killed by ISIS. Muslims killing Muslims, that’s their business. But if they kill Christians, something needs to be done.isis killing non muslims

When the Mossad plans anyone of its terrorists operations, it always makes sure to kill three or four birds with one stone. 9/11 is a good example for that approach. In this case, one of the ‘benefits’ of choosing the Lindt Chocolate Café is obviously that it hurts a competitor of a Mossad investment, Max Brenner. Officially, Max Brenner is owned by a retired Israeli intelligence officer. It would be extremely naïve to believe that he does more than managing the joint for his old employer.

Max Brenner demo Australia Sep 2011

Mossad is the world’s third biggest franchisee of the Windsor-Rothschild crime family’s illegal narcotics empire, working very hard to overtake the British MI5/MI6 duo and the CIA. Ligit investments like the Max Brenner Café chain fulfil a dual purpose: money laundering and reinvestment of drug profits. Lindt Chocolate Café’s mistake was to get in the way of that scam.

But let’s revisit the main intention of this false flag terrorist attack. It’s all about getting Australia’s “public opinion” to support an Aussie intervention against Mossad-run “ISIS”. The whole purpose of ISIS is to one way or another create a “New Middle East”. That term is just a code word for Eretz Yisrael, which is Hebrew for “Greater Israel”. The Zionist movement has dreamed right from its start of the creation of a “Jewish State” from the Euphrates Rivers to the river Nile.

The “Islamic State” ISIS is apparently aiming to create – not quite coincidentally – has the same outline. ISIS’ job is to conquer as much as possible of that territory, only to be conquered back by us stupid Goyim. From the supremacist Jewish point of view, Jewish soldiers are too valuable to sacrifice in combat. Their job is solely to commit genocide on women, children and other defenceless civilians making the mistake of getting in the way of the ambitious Zionist plans.

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Who Am I?

Seems I have to eat my words. As I announced in my last post In Conclusion I intended not to continue with this blog but I realize  now that I can’t just withdraw from the fight. For what it is worth – I am back.

The following text is by CITIZENFITZ, a commenter on  http://www.realjewnews.com

   Found in the post “Who Is The True Israel”  by Bro. Nathanael Kapner.

Who am I?

I am behind communism

I am behind radical feminism

I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”

I am behind multiculturalism

I am behind anti-Christianity

I am behind a one world government

I am the “divider and conquerer”

I am the race baiter and the slave trader

I am censorship

I am anti-gun

I am open borders

I am eminent domain

I am against English as the official language of the government

I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation

I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.

I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money


I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography

I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

I am the nation’s high end drug dealer

I am the re-writer of history to my advantage

I am the military industrial complex

I am an unregulated nuclear state

I am an international terrorist

I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident

I am “war by way of deception”

I am the aggressor – yet always the victim

I am the eternal radical

I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence

I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution

I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated

I succeed when you fail

I have killed more innocents than any others

I am your last, your current, and your next war

Who am I?

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In Conclusion

This post will be my last and in it I hope to be able to show you who is really responsible for the nightmare we find ourselves in.

The blog will be left to remain as is; however, no new articles will be added nor will there be updates to existing ones. I may – from time to time – add new links or remove broken ones, however.

Having spent more years of my life than I care to remember and far too much of my energy on things Jewish I felt the need to cleanse myself of the accumulated dross and the stench imparted by the Yid: the ideas expressed on this blog are my catharsis! I think I have said everything I wanted and needed to say on Jews and Judaism, Zionism and Israel. It is time to wrap things up and move on.

If you find my language a bit strong or even offensive I offer no apologies. I cannot think of polite ways to deal with these thoroughly unpleasant topics: Jewish hubris, duplicity and lies, Jewish xenophobia, rabid anti-Gentile hate-mongering and vindictiveness, Jewish parasitism, racketeering and thievery, Jewish genocidal war-mongering,  Jewish …… do I really need to go on?

“Die Juden sind unser Unglueck” (The Jews are our misfortune) was the anti-Semitic battle-cry of National Socialist Germany. Many of you will assert that this is still as true today as it was then. But is it?

If you want to know who the real culprit is I suggest you take to heart the words of V, the hero in the movie V For Vendetta!


Here goes:

“Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.”

In a nutshell: Wir sind unser Unglueck! (We are our misfortune!)

We and nobody else!

Not the Jew and his whores in politics or his ass-kissing shabbes goyim! Not the international banksters and criminal corporations!  Not Bill Gates or George Soros or any of their ilk! Not the Vatican and/or the Black Pope! Not the Neo-Nazis or the Queen of England! Not the Freemasons or Illuminati! These are all – to varying degrees – culpable – YES! And they will get their just desserts! But they are not the real enemy!


Here is your real enemy. Have a good look!



Yes – you!

We were endowed by God or – if you prefer – by Nature with reason and free will. Unfortunately, most people, it seems, have given away their sovereignty and have outsourced their thinking and decision-making to a host of self-appointed experts.

Exercise your free will and assert your inalienable rights. Use your reason and think for yourself! If you don’t take charge of your life don’t be surprised and don’t complain if somebody else does it for you!

Take back your sovereignty. You are the only one with supreme authority over your life, your body, your mind!  No man or group of men, no man-made institution, be it secular or religious, has authority and jurisdiction over you unless you grant them out of ignorance or fear.

Our abdication of responsibility is the only reason why the Yid is such a successful parasite.

I have some good news for you, though: there is no need to be afraid of the system. The so-called elite isn’t anywhere near as intelligent and as powerful as they fancy themselves to be and as they would have everybody believe. Their schemes to deceive and mislead us no longer work as they did in the past. They have been exposed! As for power: they have only as much as we grant them. They certainly know it and fervently hope we do not wake up to that.

Fact is: they are more afraid of us than we are of them. Why do you think they need to operate in the dark by hiding their nefarious agendas behind false-flag attacks? Why do you think they want our guns or anything else we could use to defend ourselves? Why do they want to censor the Internet if not to stop the free exchange of information between people? Why did they hijack and stealthily and incrementally subvert and pervert the real law, Common Law? Why would they militarize police if not in fear of the public? We outnumber the psychopaths: for every one of them there are close to a hundred of us. Their house of cards is coming down around them. They are desperate!

Their days are numbered and they know it!


For those of you who are either new to the subject or want more info here are – in no particular order – the links to my favourite sites:




















www.cais-soas.com/index.htm    On the Pharisees and Their Connection to Zoroastrianism

www.come-and-hear.com            On the Talmud and its Teachings



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