Entheogens and Judaism

Upon request I repost here an old article which I first published more than a year ago and had since removed. For the beautiful illustrations and some of the links in the text my thanks go to Eric Dubay of www.atlanteanconspiracy.com

The idea that religions originated with the ritual use of visionary, i.e. psychoactive, plants is not a new one. This has been demonstrated  in many cultures. The use of peyote (a cactus), psilocybin mushrooms or DMT-containing plants is wide-spread in the Americas. Hindu texts describe “soma”, a plant-based entheogenic drink. Some African tribes employ the roots of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub. And the blue lotus, depicted in ancient Egyptian wall paintings, has been proved to be psychoactive and I am sure it was used for spiritual purposes.

In his book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross: A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East”, John Allegro, one of the translators of the scrolls found at Qumran, advanced the thesis that the religions of the Middle East were ultimately based on shamanic practices, utilizing plants as a source of communion with God. Publication of such a controversial thesis in the 70s was a courageous act. He brought upon himself the ire of every insufferable know-it-all scholar and every insufferable Bible-thumping ignoramus. He paid a high price: it ended his career.

At the heart of Allegro’s thesis is the fly-agaric mushroom (Amanita muscaria). I do not think it very likely that this species of mushroom would have played a significant role seeing that its natural habitat is circumpolar and that it is almost always associated with pine trees: it would therefore have been rather bare in the Middle East. There were then and are now more likely candidates; all of them widely available in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Near East and I will look at just a very small selection.


Solanaceae:  Let us start with the episode of the “burning bush”. In the Midrash (a collection of Jewish legends) the burning bush was identified as a rose bush. The significance of this reference is supposed to be that while the Jewish people may be as difficult as thorns, there nevertheless are “roses” among them. Fanciful nonsense! There is a much simpler explanation. When Moses saw the “burning bush” he was quite possibly under the influence of a visionary substance. There is one widely distributed plant that fits the bill: Datura stramonium or “thorn apple”! It will produce splendid visions, yes, but also lead to hot, dry skin while at the same time the ability to sweat is reduced.  Voila, you have a build-up of inner heat experienced as the sensation of burning. Perhaps it was Moses that was burning and not the bush??? The plant thrives in the arid conditions of the Near East and while herding sheep for his Midianite father-in-law he would no doubt have come across it and would have been familiar with its visionary properties.

Datura:  The datura is a member of the solanaceae (nightshade) plant family to which various species of henbane and mandrake also belong. Both henbane and mandrake have the same constituents as datura, albeit in different proportions; they are less toxic but have the same effects as the datura. The mandrake is mentioned twice in the Bible (cf. Genesis 30:14). The traditional view is that mandrakes were an ancient folk remedy to help barren women conceive. While mandrakes do not contain to our knowledge any fertility-enhancing  constituents they do have, if used judiciously, aphrodisiac, euphoriant and relaxant effects that can aid in conceiving as barrenness is frequently a result of psychosexual factors.  Song of Songs 7:12-13:  The ‘Song of Songs” is a sensuous love poem and the connection with the mandrake is impossible to miss:

Let us go early to the vineyards
To see if the vines have budded
If their blossoms have opened,
And if the pomegranates are in bloom
There I will give you my love.
The mandrakes send out their fragrance
And at our door is every delicacy
Both new and old
That I have stored up for you, my beloved.


Even such an unlikely place as the Western Wall in Jerusalem is home to a variety of flora. You will find there Ephedra, which produces ephedrine, a stimulant, and the golden henbane, compared by the Jewish historian Josephus to the head-gear of the high priest. Why would the tiara of the High Priest be designed to look like the seed capsule of the henbane? Accident? I do not think so.

DMT and Peganum harmala (also known as Syrian rue)Benny Shanon, Professor of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has written an article for “Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture” in which he speculates on the use of DMT-containing species of acacia in combination with Peganum harmala to yield the equivalent of the Amazonion “magic potion” ayahuasca, a drink that will produce truly awe-inspiring visions. The acacia is frequently mentioned in the Bible. Shanon’s thesis is that Moses had knowledge of its psychoactivity and made use of it.

It is beyond the scope of this article to go into the details of chemistry. I’ll leave it to the interested reader to pursue this further. Suffice it to say that for oral administration to work it is absolutely essential that two ingredients be present: a) DMT, supplied by the acacia although it also is present in many other plants and b) a MAO inhibitor, supplied by the Peganum harmala.  Even if Moses did not know that both ingredients had to be present for oral ingestion this does not rule out DMT as the source of visions. It is quite effective on its own if the material that contains it is smoked. Peganum harmala, too, can work either smoked – in fact it is used as an incense – or brewed into a tea. 

Frankincense and Myrrh:  Frankincense and myrrh were both used in all ancient civilisations as a perfume, incense and in medicine. Frankincense and myrrh were precious; they were gifts fit for a king!  Think of the gifts offered to baby Jesus! Furthermore, a convict led to execution was given frankincense or myrrh mixed into a cup of wine, numbing his senses so as not to suffer pain. The women of Jerusalem donated the frankincense, myrrh and wine to the court. When they were not donated, they were purchased from public funds (Sanhedrin 43a). Think of the cup that was offered to Jesus (although he refused to accept it)!  Modern science shows us that frankincense has the ability to increase oxygen around the pineal gland, thereby stimulating the pineal gland through which we communicate spiritually.  A recent study conducted at Hebrew University noted frankincense smoke contained the psychoactive substance incensole acetate that relieved depression and anxiety (Moussaieff et al., 2008).  Myrrh, taken internally – if you can stomach the extremely bitter taste –  has  very strong narcotic properties. It induces a state of consciousness which partakes of both wakefulness and dreaming.  You are here and at the same time you are …. well, somewhere else. I can personally vouch for its efficacy as an aid in meditation and a tool for consciousness and dream enhancement.

In Conclusion:  The fact is: humans are hard-wired to seek altered states of consciousness.  We have a hunger for them. For that reason alone the “War on Drugs” is unwinnable. Consider the length to which some will go to attain such states: long periods of fasting or sleep deprivation, retreating for years into deserts or mountains to meditate, breathing techniques that border on asphyxiation, flagellation or other pain-producing techniques, extreme physical exercises and so on and so forth. Such techniques have been practiced since time immemorial. Often they require years of strenuous and focused effort and you have no guarantee that you will succeed. Furthermore, they are not without risk to life and limb or health! Psychedelics, on the other hand, if used wisely, will yield results in a much shorter time and without having to push body and mind to punishing and dangerous extremes.
It was Timothy Leary who coined the slogan: Turn On – Tune In – Drop Out. Turn on means: take a psychedelic. Tune In means: look inward and rediscover your true self. Drop Out means: abandon your submission to reality as defined for you by others – stay tuned in! It does not mean to drop out of life and society!
We know that the Ancients had knowledge of and access to the plant material described above and a lot more besides. They certainly made use of most of them for medicinal purposes. Did they also use them for their psychotropic effects? Why would we think that they were different from us?  Why would we think that they did not use nature’s gifts? Only modern man is at war with the natural world.
Of course, the notion that Moses might have been a shaman is anathema to the traditionalists. In their view this reduces the perceived “greatness” of their prophet and the “glory and splendour” of their god to the level of a mere hallucination, created by none other than Satan to mislead man. That’s why consciousnes-expanding visionary substances are demonized and outlawed. Naturally, the mind controllers that presume to rule us are quite happy to allow a dangerous drug like alcohol. Why? Because it does not open the mind – quite the contrary! Therefore it presents absolutely no challenge and poses no threat to the consensus reality they have imposed upon us. To those nay-sayers who preach against the evils of “drugs” I say this: you need to distinguish drugs from visionary substances. Opium, for instance, is a medicine and a visionary substance – heroin is a drug! Coca is an essential medicine in the mountains of the Andes! But cocaine is a drug!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Unless you have experienced an altered state of consciousness, brought about by a visionary substance, ingested in a safe setting conducive to meditation, with the proper intent and, ideally, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you do not know what you are talking about, no matter what you think your qualifications are. What you really need to do is to Shut Up – Turn On – Tune In - Drop Out! Then we can talk! You have the right to your own opinions but you have no right to impose your benighted views on anyone!
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Anti-Semitism In Australia

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Children, sensitive Jewish writers and fluffy kittens are advised strong language emanates from this audio broadcast 


Alice Nelson
The above garbage newspaper article was published on Tuesday, 12th August 2014. Its a “guest” piece by Alice Nelson, a Western Australian writer – and “Jewish”
The conflict in Gaza has fanned the flames of old prejudices and invective, writes Alice Nelson

Yes of course. Yet again “Jews” are victims. Persecuted. Innocent. Making mistakes but being unfairly singled out.“When will the sufferink end!” I barfed at this point but I struggled on…

The labyrinthine complex of sophisticated tunnels snaking from the Gaza Strip into Israel has not been the only terrifying discovery of the current conflict. Perhaps just as chilling as the elaborate tunnels with their stashes of weapons, Israel Defence Forces uniforms and motorcycles, is the widespread global eruption of flagrant anti-Semitism, the reanimation of age-old prejudices and racist invective.
Sophisticated “Goat Tunnel”

Those tunnels are indeed frightening – to an Israeli State bent on the utter destruction of Palestinian Muslims and the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. What! With those tunnels Muslims might fight back! Kidnap a soldier or shoot dead an Israeli shooting dead their kids. Victims of Israeli/Jewish aggression fighting back is always a frightening proposition for “Jews” who simply cannot understand why people resist their delusions of world take over – starting in Palestine.

The “sophisticated tunnels” are not new. They have been used for years to bypass the blockade of Gaza by the Israeli State. Everything from goats to medical supplies to Brides to Kentucky Fried Chicken comes through those tunnels. In fact, the lifting of the blockade has been the prime reason for Hamas firing those rockets out of Gaza – especially when the Israeli State provokes Hamas by bombing Gaza first.


Note Alice Nelson is extremely concerned about stashes of weapons – did’nt anyone tell Hamas? Muslims are not allowed to defend themselves from psycho-pathic “Jews”. Is Alice Nelson serious or is she just willfully ignorant about the conditions in Gaza? There is something far more complex than just “willful ignorence” or outright “propaganda” spewing forth from her fingertips tapping away on her Mac Book Pro (Jews always use Apple). It’s something I’ve noticed for years – they really, really, really, really believe all that bullshit shoved into their brains from birth – “you are an eternal victim.” This is why I constantly carp that “Jews” need sympathy, cuddles and intensive psychotherapy rather than a rampaging mob. But I’ll leave that up to “Jews” to decide – how they want this game to end that is.

To be clear from the outset: of course Israel is not and should not be immune from criticism, of course the vicious circle of violence and counter-violence is heartbreaking, every death in Gaza and in Israel horrifying. Criticism of Israel – the policies, decisions and actions of its government and army – is not anti-Semitism and should not be invoked to stifle legitimate debate.

I note the use of the term “of course”, as in it is obvious the Israeli JEWISH State should not be immune from criticism. When did Alice work this out? If you have to say it – what does it reveal about the quality of the discourse so far? For years we have been unable to so much as infer Israel might be going a bit over board in its response to Muslims shaking an angry fist at a check point with out getting down on our knees and starting with the sentence…“I’m not an anti-Semite but…” BUT Alice Nelson seems to infer we’ve had this freedom from day dot? When did Alice come to the party and to be honest, why is she even here? Shulamit Aloni said it best “Anti-Semitism, it’s a trick, we always use it.”

And what to her is “legitimate debate”? What is it? Was it legitimate debate when Stanley Elliot Keyser came to a ‘Friends Of Palestine’ Rally and agitated, took peoples photo’s and then lost an argument on camera? I received one years jail for calling him a “racist Jew” with a religion of “racism, hate homicide and ethnic cleansing”. All of it entirely based in easily verifiable facts. He was the head of the radical Zionist Socialist Youth Group ‘Habonim Dror'; president of the WA chapter of the Union of Jewish Students and a “BIG FAN” [Quote] of racist lunatics number one Chabad Lubavitch. But calling him what he “is” did not factor as “legitimate debate” according to the State of Western Australia. Making these statements according to the State of Western Australia is NOT “legitimate debate”. These cost me two years on top of the one -

1,500 Gazan’s are dead, one million plus Iraqi’s. We can only hope and pray that the international community strikes hard and makes sure that gaggle of Satan’s children in occupied Palestine are brought to justice.”
Transcript Page 626
Fairly soon Jews will realise that people are thoroughly sick of them, their whining, their perpetual victimhood and their demands for people to bow down and worship their dodgy religion of Holocaustianity.”
Transcript Page 630
The Jew community could of at least made their lies and slander half believable, but I guess after years of inventive and over the top Holocaust memoirs they’ve gotten lazy.”
Transcript Page 632
Former Ku Klux Clown lectures Aussies to stamp out racism. Unfortunately our former clown has never read the Talmud, so he forgot to mention Jews as the biggest racists of all.”
Transcript p.633

Above is another two years jail. Is Alice Nelson sure about what “legitimate debate” is?  Does it have to be couched in the “appropriate language” lest sensitive Jewish feelings are tweaked?

But all over the world there has been an overwhelming conflation of the state of Israel and the ideology of political Zionism with the Jewish people as a whole. Alarmingly, criticism of Israel’s actions in Operation Protective Edge has helped to breathe frightening new life into dark ancient prejudices and legitimise them in the fashionable name of obsessive anti-Israel sentiment.
Just like anti-Israel sentiment

Apparently it is “fashionable” to espouse “anti-Israel sentiment”. Its not like the mass murder of Palestinian Muslims by an out of control racist apartheid state is anything really worth getting angry about. We’re all just bored apparently and – like knee high boots – into the current “fashion”. I’d really like to smash Alice Nelson in the mouth right now. That sleasy little spoilt brat that has never worked a day in her life nor suffered so much as going without sweets after dinner is going to lecture us all on our “fashionable obsession”. Raised in the high end of suburb of Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia, our ‘little Miss’ might need some extra history lessons on Jewish Power and the psychosis that is Jewish Religious Law and how it gets applied – unfettered – within Occupied Palestine.

As for this comment –  “But all over the world there has been an overwhelming conflation of the state of Israel and the ideology of political Zionism with the Jewish people as a whole.” I would like to (yet again) wax lyrical on the bullshit that there is a feather weight of difference between “Jews”-“Judaism”-“Zionism” and the constant chant that I must write a 900 page Noam Chomsky triatise with full referencing to tease out the simple truth that Judaism-Jews and Zionism are one in the same and inseperable. Please consider the words of British Jewish activist Paul Eisen. It’s a long quote, but it sums up the CENTRAL ISSUE -
The Jews”
The phrase is itself terrifying. because of its past association with discrimination and violence against Jews, but Jews themselves have no problem with it. The notion of a Jewish People is at the centre of Jewish Faith with Jews of all or no degrees of religious adherence over and over again affirming its existence. It is also at the heart of Zionism even in its most secular forms and is written into the foundational texts of the State of Israel. The concept even received international legal approval when the Jewish people were declared, by the West German state, to be the post war residual heirs of interstate Jews. And yet it is an absolute article of faith for everyone, including those in the solidarity movement, that while we may criticise and confront Israel and Israeli’s, we may not criticise and confront the Jewish people and Jews. Unlike Israel and any other state, the Jewish People has no common policy and any attack on the Jewish people is, therefore, aimed at what they are and not at what they do.
But is speaking of the Jews doing this or doing that any more or less acceptable than speaking of, say, the Americans? If the American military lays waste a third world country, it is done by order of the government (a small group) with the full support of the ruling elites (another small group), the tacit support of a substantial segment of the population (a larger group), the silent denial of probably the majority of the population (a very large group) and the opposition of a tiny minority (a small group). Is it all that different with Jews?
It may be. Unlike the United States, ‘the Jews’ do not constitute a legally constituted body and they do not have an obvious and defined common policy. ‘The Jews’ do not have an officially designated leadership, nor do they inhabit one area of land, nor do they speak a common language or even share a common culture. Theoretically at least there seem to be so many differences as to render any comparison untenable. In practice this may not be the whole story.
It is true that ‘the Jews’ do not constitute a legally recognized body, but Zionism, with its claim to represent all Jews, has increasingly confused the issue. It is also true that the Zionists do not represent all Jews but they do represent the views of very many Jews indeed, and certainly the most powerful and influential Jews. And there is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of organized Jews are fully behind the Zionist project. That ‘the Jews’ do not have a formerly designated leadership does not mean that they have no leadership – bodies again to which the overwhelming majority of organized owe allegiance: the Israeli Government, the World Zionist Organization; numerous large and powerful Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, The Simon Wiesenthal Centre; lesser bodies such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews and similar organizations in every country in which Jews reside. Then there is the extensive network of Jewish bodies often linked through synagogues to the whole spectrum of mainstream Jewish religious and community life. All these bodies with their vast and interconnected network do provide leadership; they do have clearly defined policies and they are all four-square behind Zionism and Israel in its assault on the Palestinians.
Does this constitute a definable Jewish collective engaged in advancing Jewish interests? Officially, perhaps not, but, effectively, when one notes the remarkable unanimity of intent of all these bodies, the answer may well be yes. They do not of course represent all Jews nor are all individual Jews responsible for their actions, but nonetheless ‘the Jews’ – organized, active and effective Jews – are as responsible for the pursuit of Jewish interests in Palestine and elsewhere as ‘the Americans’ in Vietnam, ‘the French’ in Algeria, and ‘the British’ in India.
So why should our response be different? Why should ‘the Jews’ not be as accountable as ‘the Americans’ and even ordinary Jews as accountable as ordinary Americans? Why do we not picket the offices of the Anti-Defamation League or the Conference of Presidents or the offices or even the homes of Abe Foxman, Edgar Bronfman and Mort Zuckerman in the U.S and Neville Nagler in the U.K? Why do we not heckle Alan Dershowitz in the U.S and Melanie Phillips in the U.K? What about the U.K Chief Rabbi who in his time has had lots to say about Israel and Palestine? Why do we not take the struggle to every synagogue and Jewish community centre in the world? After all, every Shabbat a prayer is said for the state of Israel in every mainstream synagogue in the land, most of which are focal points for Zionist propagandizing and fundraising, so why should these Jews who choose to combine their prayers and their politics be immune while at prayer from our legitimate protests at their politics? And for those few Jews who are really prepared to stand up and be counted for their solidarity with Palestinians, why can we not still give to them due honour and regard as we did to those few Americans who opposed American imperialism and those white South Africans who opposed apartheid?
The answer is that we are frightened. Even knowing that Jews are responsible and should be held accountable, still we are frightened. We are frightened because criticism of Jews with its woeful history of violence and discrimination seems just too dangerous a position to take – it may open the flood-gates to a burst of Jew hatred. We are frightened that if we were to discuss the role of Jews in this conflict and in other areas and begin to hold Jews accountable, we might be labelled anti-Semites and lose support.And, perhaps most of all, we are frightened of the conflicted inner passions that confound us all whenever we come to look at these things.1
Does speaking the truth about Jewish identity, power and history lead to Jews being led to concentration camps and ovens? Of course it doesn’t! It is hatred, fear and the suppression of free thought and speech which leads to these things – whether the hatred, fear and suppression is directed against Jews orby Jews. Anyway, despite efforts to convince us to the contrary, we do not live in the thirteenth century. Californian’s are unlikely to pour out of their cinemas showing Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion’ chanting “Death to the Jews!” And at a time when Jews in Israel/Palestine, overwhelmingly backed by Jewish organizations in the west, are desecrating Churches and Mosques wholesale and brutally oppressing entire Christian and Muslim populations, we may be forgiven for finding it hard to get excited about graffiti daubed on some synagogue somewhere.
If we were to begin to engage with the role of Jews in this conflict, we may well be labelled anti-Semites and we may well, initially at least, lose support. The anti-Semite curse has long served as a frightener to silence all criticism of Jews, Israel and Zionism, and undoubtedly will be used to discredit our cause. But so what? They call us anti-Semites anyway so what’s to lose? Edward Said spent a lifetime picking his way through the Israel/Zionism/Judaism minefield and never once criticised Jews, and he was called an anti-Semite his whole life, right up to and even after his death. As a movement we have probably spent as much time being nice to Jews as we have speaking up for Palestinians, and for what? Where has it got us? We are not racists and we are not anti-Semites, so let them do their worst. We shall speak our minds.
For so long now Jews have told the world that black is white and not only that, but also if anyone should dare to deny that black is white they will be denounced as anti-Semites with all the attendant penalties. We are held in a moral and intellectual lock, the intention of which has been to silence all criticism of Israeli and Jewish power. In saying the unsayable we may set ourselves and others free. And think how it will feel the next time you are called an anti-Semite to say, “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do have some very strong but legitimate criticisms to make of Jews and the way they are behaving…and I intend to speak out”?
And you never know; we may be pleasantly surprised. Israel Shamir, who has no trouble whatsoever in calling a Jew a Jew, was cheered spontaneously recently when he introduced himself from the floor at a London solidarity meeting. I saw it with my own eyes. His first English-language book has just been published; he corresponds freely and reciprocally with many highly respected figures and is on the boards of advisers of ‘The Association for One Democratic State in Palestine’ and of ‘Dier Yassin Remembered’. Perhaps it’s all just a case of the Emperor’s new clothes. Perhaps we’re all just waiting for some innocent child to blow the whistle.
The situation facing the Palestinian people is truly terrible. Old political strategies have got us nowhere.We need a new and widened debate. It may be that a new and credible discourse which puts Jews and Jewishness at the critical centre of our discussions is part of that.

I’m sorry. I know I keep kissing Eisens arse but I cant help it. Back to prissy Miss Alice Nelson from Cottesloe –  

Last month in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, a frenzied mob fire bombed a synagogue and crowds bearing banners proclaiming :Death to Jews” and “Slit Jews’ Throats” attacked and looted a kosher supermarket. In Germany, Palestinian supporters lobbed Molotov cocktails into the Bergische synagogue in Wuppertal, a synagogue that was previously burnt to the ground in another anti-Semitic frenzy on Kristallnacht in 1938. At a protest in Boston, Israel supporters had to be extracted by police from an angry mob shouting “Drop dead, you Zionazi whores”.
In Belgium a doctor refused to treat a Jewish woman with a fractured rib and a clothing store announced to a customer that Jewish people could not be served there because of the current situation in Israel.
There are hundreds more examples. From Paris to Perth, at nearly every pro-Palestinian event frightening anti-Jewish has spewed forth – from rhetoric likening the current incursion to the Holocaust and Gaza to a concentration camp to calls for the obliteration of the state of Israel to the chants for the destruction of all Jews everywhere. There’s a certain irony about seeing people allegedly concerned about the deaths of Palestinian children chanting “Jews to the gas” and “Death to Jews”, a profound but resigned sadness to the fact so many people on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian abyss have become so staunchly entrenched in their positions.

Yes, thats what happens when un-restrained Jewish Power laughs and jokes as children are dismembered in an 8km by 20km cage. People tend to get angry. Especially if they have relatives in Gaza, or Iraq, or southern Lebanon, or Afghanistan who have felt the full brunt of a Jewish Power’s foreign and domestic policy whether applied by the Israeli State or the Jewish controlled American Empire.

Setting aside professional agitators working for the synagogue, “Jews” being targeted is no surprise. People have had enough. Enough lies. Enough cover up. Enough propaganda. “Jews” who wish to see an end to this behavior should insist the MSM report the Truth about Jewish Power and seek an end to the Israeli State – then you will walk the streets in safety. It really is that simple. Really…it is that freakin simple but it appears you collectively do not see it. Sweet Alice from Cottesloe continues -

In Australia, a deep thread of anxiety stretches through Jewish communities, a pervasive unease about what might erupt next. All over the nation, Jewish schools and synagogues have stepped up security in the wake of the incident in Bondi this month where a gang of young men stormed a bus carrying Jewish schoolchildren, calling out “Heil Hitler” and “Death to Jews” and threatening to slit the terrified children’s throats. My Jewish friends have spoken about their reluctance to use their credit cards in shops for fear of revealing their Jewish names, their concerns about wearing yarmulkes and Stars of David in public, their anxiety about engaging in discussions of Israel that so often lead to the usual unhelpful rhetoric.

Excellent. I’m glad a”a deep thread of anxiety stretches through Jewish communities” and I hope that translates into an understanding that if you do not wake up and smell the roses – if you continue to call people pointing out Jewish Powerand its danger as “anti-Semites” – if you continue to allow YOUR Jewish organizations to end careers, terrorize, assault, stalk and threaten people then YES! You should be very fucking nervous.

I like this bit – “their anxiety about engaging in discussions of Israel that so often lead to the usual unhelpful rhetoric.”The “usual” unhelpful rhetoric? What is that sweetie? What? The fact that you refuse to admit even the most basic facts about Jewish Power and excess? The fact that you profess membership to a “club” that has been thrown out of more countries than you can poke a stick at and all because you are so utterly wonderful? Is that “un-helpful rhetoric”?

“I am a innocent man! Picked on!”

If I was a rental agent and a well dressed man and his family came to my door and professed they have been thrown out of 400 houses but it’s not their fault – people just irrationally hate them – would I be an “anti-Semite” if I did a ring around to get the owner of the house’s story?

Of course anti-Semitism is nothing novel to Jews, even here on the relatively tolerant and multicultural shores of Australia, far from the dark history of Europe. Jews are used to the slurs and cartoons, the same tired old tropes; userers, penny-pinchers, controllers of the global media, cowards. But this sort of clichéd and thoughtless rhetoric seems positively benign in the face of today’s frightening invective and violence.

I’m not sure what to say about the above statement by Alice Nelson of Cottesloe. She just made some basic statements of “fact” but calls them “tired old tropes” and “slurs”. In the history of this planet there has never been a simple debate between a Rabbi and a non-Jew about “tired old tropes” and “slurs” because if a Jewish Community anywhere tried to refute these “tired old tropes” they would lose. Thats why Jews NEVER “dialogue” – the jig will be up.

When I went to court the judge was NEVER going to allow me to present evidence to make known to the jury that my comments about Jewish Power were matters of fact – in the public interest. Instead, the jury made a judgment based on the Jewish controlled MSM’s complete cover up of Jewish Power which Judge John Wisbey ably assisted.

“The real enemy is not the Palestinian or the Israeli, but the extremist and the fanatic on either side,” wrote the Israeli novelist David Grossman. Sadly, the forces of extremism and the lessons of history are all to plain for today’s Jews to see.

But this is the issue – “extremist/fanatic”. Jews are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever shown on the MSM to be “extremists” nor “fanatics”. In fact, this Jewish MAINSTREAM behavior is routinely covered up. When Jewish Extremism (dismembering a Palestinian child) causes Hamas to fire a rocket (which scratches the paint on a car), we only hear about Hamas firing a rocket with the appropriate image of a Palestinian shouting Allah Akbar.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

The Jewish EXTREMIST Rabbi Ovadia Yosef “sounds” extreme. In fact he sounds like a fucking lunatic – sociopathic child murdering piece of shit. But he is not yelling his message from a mud hut in the Negev desert to an audience of three equally lunatic followers and a goat. He is the most revered holy man in Israel where 1000,000 (million) followers poured out onto the streets to weep and mourn his (fortunate) passing.

1 million Israeli Jewish extremists mourn their god-man Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef heads the Shas Party which boats 8 members in the Israeli parliament. The Foreign Minister of Israel is a member – Avigdor Lieberman, a Russian Jew and lunatic. Does this sound like a MARGINALIZED EXTREMIST to you?

Avigdor Lieberman and Benji Netanyahu
Extremsist Ovadia Yosef looking VERY marginalized
“Extremist” Ovadia Yosef looking VERY marginalised

Below are a few more examples of their MARGINALISED EXTREMISTS -


Well informed writer

I hope by now you realise “extremism” is the normal mode of operation for Israeli Jews where they can let it ALL hang out. After all, their brothers controlling the MSM are never going to allow the Goyim to know what they really think. Thats the job of obscure anti-Semites like me and you and “self hating” Jews like Paul EisenGilad Atzmon andIsrael Shamir and Max Blumenthal.
The next question begs – will prissy little Ms Alice Nelson express her outrage at JEWISH EXTREMISM? Or will we get more of this bullshit oozing from her Mac Book Pro (Iris?) laptop? The last paragraph if you can stand it. I’m sorry but I think you will have to prepare yourself for this one – 

As Hamas threatens an escalation in rocket strikes unless Israel bows to its demands, extremists of every stripe call for the destruction of the Jewish state and sickening anti-Semitism erupts on the streets of Western nations, Jews all over the world are reminded why they need a secure homeland. The anti-Jewish backlash, full of hatred and prejudice does not help Palestinians, does not facilitate justice. All it does is serve to reinforce the belief that Israel is the only true guardian of the post-Holocaust promise of “never again”.

And there you have it -

To pull apart that last statement would merely give it some form of legitimacy in the time space continuum.

I am aghast that “Jews” the world over still don’t get “it”. Your very lives are in danger. If you think “round up’s” could not occur in a city of your choice you are dreaming. If economic chaos strikes, God help you. 

The Israeli State – like South African apartheid, can be dismantled. The worst brought before international criminal courts and that includes the Western and Middle Eastern leaders who have supported Jewish Power in the Middle East.

Arab hospitality is legendary when dignity and respect reign. The majority Arab Muslim population of Palestine will rule over one state – Palestine. “Jews” of good will, will be allowed to stay. Jews, Christians and Muslims from around the world who wish to come in peace and sit in olive groves and visit and revere holy sites will find a place of peace. If Alice Nelson wakes up.

Children, sensitive Jewish writers and fluffy kittens are advised strong language emanates from this audio broadcast


Yes, it is anti-Semitism

Everyone’s saying there’s a rise in anti-Semitism in the UK and throughout the western world. They’re right – and the material below is strong evidence of this.
As usual, the protesters are saying that it’s not anti-Semitism and, also as usual, the Jews are saying that it’s not justified
Both are lying. It is anti-Semitism and it is justified.
This is not just a protest against Israel. It’s not even  just a protest against Jewish support for Israel. This is a protest against years and years of Jews telling everyone that black is white and, far worse, telling everyone that they’d better believe that black is white – or else.
For myself, I’ll carry on hoping that this legitimate opposition to Jewish power be conducted intelligently, peacefully and compassionately

Source: isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.com.au

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Zionist Thought Police in Australia

By Michael Hoffman

Sydney Morning Herald, July 26, 2014
An Israeli wearing a kippah (yarmulke) watches the Israeli attack on Gaza, July 19, 2014
Zionist Thought Cops Reduce Australian Newspaper to Quivering Bowl of Jelly 
Sydney Morning Herald can’t apologize enough for editorial cartoon and accompanying column
“We apologize unreservedly for this lapse and the anguish and distress that has been caused….It was wrong to publish the cartoon in its original form.”
The fact-based cartoon has been retracted 

Sydney, Australia — An influential Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, has retracted and said it was “wrong” to publish a July 26 cartoon about Gaza that ignited howls of outrage from Zionists. In an August 3 editorial, the Herald denounced its own cartoon, saying that it “invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment.” The cartoon, by Glen Le Lievre, depicted “an elderly man, with a large nose, sitting alone, with a remote control device in his hand, overseeing explosions in Gaza,” according to the newspaper.  His armchair had a Star of David on it, “and the man was wearing a kippah, a religious skullcap.”

Initially, the newspaper defended the cartoon, explaining that Le Lievre’s drawing was inspired by “news photographs of men seated in chairs and lounges, observing the shelling of Gaza.”

The Herald’s initial defense was correct. As Harriet Sherwood reports (below), Israelis did indeed gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as their military dropped bombs on Gaza: “Israelis drank, snacked and posed for selfies” against a background of explosions in civilian areas.

Kippah-wearing Israelis occupy front row seats on a hill in Sderot as they enjoy the bombing of Gaza
Israelis lounge and drink as they watch Gaza being devastated by their nation’s military
Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza
By Harriet Sherwood in The Guardian (UK) July 20, 2014 (Excerpt)
People drink, snack and pose for selfies against a background of explosions as Palestinian death toll mounts in ongoing offensive.
As the sun begins to sink over the Mediterranean, groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops close to the Gaza border to cheer, whoop and whistle as bombs rain down on people in a hellish warzone a few miles away.
Old sofas, garden chairs, battered car seats and upturned crates provide seating for the spectators. On one hilltop, a swing has been attached to the branches of a pine tree, allowing its occupant to sway gently in the breeze. Some bring bottles of beer or soft drinks and snacks.
On Saturday, a group of men huddle around a shisha pipe. Nearly all hold up smartphones to record the explosions or to pose grinning, perhaps with thumbs up, for selfies against a backdrop of black smoke.
Despite reports that millions of Israelis are living in terror of Hamas rockets, they don’t deter these hilltop war watchers whose proximity to Gaza puts them within range of the most rudimentary missiles. Some bring their children.
In the border town of Sderot, which has been struck by countless missiles from the Gaza Strip in recent years, one family gathers on a top-floor balcony, draped with an Israeli flag and banner of the army’s legendary Golani Brigade. A house with a war view may even command a premium price these days.
An atmosphere of anticipatory excitement grows as dusk falls, in the expectation that Hamas militants will increase rocket fire after breaking their Ramadan fast, and the Israeli military will respond with force.
The thud of shellfire, flash of an explosion and pall of smoke are greeted with exclamations of approval. “What a beauty,” says one appreciative spectator.
Shimrit Peretz, 19, has come with her off-duty soldier boyfriend, Raz Sason, whose army-issue assault rifle is slung across his shoulders. “We come to look at the bombing,” Peretz says, adding that this is their fourth visit to the hilltop. They plan to stay several hours: “It’s interesting.” The pair have brought a backpack filled with bottles of water and bags of crisps… (end quote from Harriet Sherwood, The Guardian).

Why is it wrong to satirize, in a cartoon, an actual occurrence that is now part of the history of the Gaza war — the heartless contempt which many Israelis have exhibited for the lives of Palestinian civilians? This is reality. Why can’t Israeli partisans stomach reality? Why must the supposedly secular and independent media of Australia bow to the demands of nationalist and religious-fanatic reality-deniers, who find truth highly offensive to their tender sensibilities and raging egotism? 

The Sydney Morning Herald‘s editor, Darren Goodsir, told the Guardian Australia that he decided to apologize “after a long 10 days of serious thinking, and reflection.” What he actually means to say is, ten long days of constant pressure and hectoring from the Zionist lobby.

The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies complained to the Herald about the cartoon as follows: “In our view this is racial vilification, not only in the sense of offending, insulting, humiliating and intimidating Jews as a group, but also in the sense of inciting third parties to hatred of Jews,” according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Dear “Jewish Board of Deputies”—  if you feel “humiliated,” perhaps it’s because what your fellow tribesmen in the Israeli state did is indeed shameful and disgraceful. Rather than trying to censor reality, why not change your ways and become better persons, by moderating your hatred and contempt for Arab goyim? Everyone benefits from the self-reflection that comes from truth-based criticism.

Mr. Le Lievre’s cartoon was accompanied by an editorial by veteran Herald columnist Mike Carlton, which promptly came under verbal bombardment from the Zionist community. Australia’s “Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai B’rith,” headed by Mr. Dvir Abramovich, termed Mr. Carlton’s column, “venomous propaganda.”

The Australian Jewish News  even took offense that the columnist had praised Judaic culture as liberal and scholarly, while invoking the “Six Million Holocaust.” Australian Jewish News wrote,”Not only were we treated to baseless accusations of ‘genocide’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ on Israel’s part, but then there was a subtle shift. These were crimes being committed by ‘a people with a proud liberal tradition of scholarship and culture, who hold the Warsaw Ghetto and the six million dead of the Holocaust at the centre of their race memory.’ “This column was no longer about a country, this was about a people and a race – a people and a race who should know better because of what they themselves went through. In short, you Jews are the same as the Nazis, worse perhaps because you choose to ignore the lessons of your own history.”

“…a people and a race who should know better because of what they themselves went through.” Exactly!


Mike Carlton, former columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald

Carlton stood by his column and wrote about the attack on and his family on Twitter. The lives of Carlton’s children were threatened and he was eventually suspended by the Sydney Morning Herald. Mr. Carlton has since resigned from the paper (see the story here). His e-mail account has been hacked. You can reach him via Twitter: @MikeCarlton01 Here is Carlton’s offending column:

Israel’s rank and rotten fruit is being called fascism
By Mike Carlton
Sydney Morning Herald • July 26, 2014

The images from Gaza are searing, a gallery of death and horror. A dishevelled Palestinian man cries out in agony, his blood-soaked little brother dead in his arms. On a filthy hospital bed a boy of perhaps five or six screams for his father, his head and body lacerated by shrapnel. A teenage girl lies on a torn stretcher, her limbs awry, her face and torso blackened like a burnt steak. Mourners weep over a family of 18 men, women and children laid side by side in bloodied shrouds. Four boys of a fishing family named Bakr, all less than 12 years old, are killed on a beach by rockets from Israeli aircraft.

As I write, after just over a week of this invasion, the death toll of Palestinians is climbing towards 1000. Most are civilians, many are children. Assaulting Gaza by land, air and sea, Israel has destroyed homes and reduced entire city blocks to rubble. It has attacked schools, mosques and hospitals. Tens of thousands of people have fled, although there is nowhere safe for them to go in this wretched strip of land just 40 kilometres long and about 10 kilometres wide. There are desperate shortages of food and water, of medical and surgical supplies.

In an open letter to US President Barack Obama, Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian surgeon working at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, writes of “the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. Humans!

“Ashy grey faces – Oh no! Not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding. We still have lakes of blood on the floor in the emergency room, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out … the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shovelling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes, cannulas – the leftovers from death – all taken away… to be prepared again, to be repeated all over.”

The onslaught is indiscriminate and unrelenting, with but one possible conclusion: Israel is not fighting the terrorists of Hamas. In defiance of the laws of war and the norms of civilised behaviour, it is waging its own war of terror on the entire Gaza population of about 1.7 million people. Call it genocide, call it ethnic cleansing: the aim is to kill Arabs.

As none other than Malcolm Fraser tweeted this week: “If any other country went to war killing as many civilians, women and children, it would be named a war crime.” But it is not, although the UN is asking the question of both sides.

Yes, Hamas is also trying to kill Israeli civilians, with a barrage of rockets and guerilla border attacks. It, too, is guilty of terror and grave war crimes. But Israeli citizens and their homes and towns have been effectively shielded by the nation’s Iron Dome defencs system, and so far only three of its civilians have died in this latest conflict. The Israeli response has been out of all proportion, a monstrous distortion of the much-vaunted right of self defense.

It is a breathtaking irony that these atrocities can be committed by a people with a proud liberal tradition of scholarship and culture, who hold the Warsaw Ghetto and the six million dead of the Holocaust at the centre of their race memory. But this is a new and brutal Israel dominated by the hardline, right-wing Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition.

As one observer puts it: “All the seeds of the incitement of the past few years, all the nationalistic, racist legislation and the incendiary propaganda, the scare campaigns and the subversion of democracy by the right-wing camp – all these have borne fruit, and that fruit is rank and rotten. The nationalist right has now sunk to a new level, with almost the whole country following in its wake. The word ‘fascism’, which I try to use as little as possible, finally has its deserved place in the Israeli political discourse.”

Fascism in Israel? At this point the Australian Likudniks, as Bob Carr calls them, will be lunging for their keyboards. There will be the customary torrent of abusive emails calling me a Nazi, an anti-Semite, a Holocaust denier, an ignoramus.  As usual they will demand my resignation, my sacking. As it’s been before, some of this will be pornographic or threatening violence.

In fact, that paragraph within the quotation marks was written by an Israeli. Gideon Levy is a columnist and editorial board member of the daily newspaper Ha’aretz. Born in Tel Aviv to parents who fled the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, he despairs of what his country has become and the catastrophe its armed forces are visiting upon Gaza. After a recent column calling on Israeli pilots to stop bombing and rocketing civilians, his life was threatened and he now has a bodyguard day and night. It has come to that. In the worst insult of all, Levy is branded “a self-hating Jew”.

Israeli propaganda is subtle and skillfully put. “If Israel were to lay down its arms tomorrow, she would be destroyed; but if Hamas were to lay down their arms, there would be peace,” goes the line, parroted endlessly.

But in all these long and agonising decades, Israel has never offered the Palestinians a just and equitable peace. They would have only a splintered, vassal state, their polity and economy and even their borders and freedom of travel and trade managed and determined by Israel. The occupation of Palestinian lands would remain with the relentless expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan and the Dead Sea.

As the Palestine Liberation Organisation official Hanan Ashrawi put it this week in a television interview with the Australian journalist Hamish Macdonald: “No nation can accept being imprisoned, being besieged by land, by air, by sea and deprived of the most basic requirements of a decent life: freedom of movement, clean water. For seven years they have been under a brutal and lethal Israeli siege … You shell them and you bomb them; you destroy homes, you destroy whole neighborhoods. You obliterate, annihilate, whole families, and then you come and say that this is self defense?”
That is why the killing and the dying goes on. Ad nauseam, ad infinitum. And the rest of the world, not caring, looks away. (End quote).

EDITORIAL (Sydney Morning Herald – Excerpt) Aug. 3 2014

There has been widespread reader and community reaction during the past 10 days over a cartoon that was used to illustrate an opinion piece by columnist Mike Carlton on the conflict in Gaza.

Much of that concern was borne out publicly on our letters pages – and there has continued to be commentary and correspondence that has sought to make sense of the conflict. The Herald has drawn opinions from a wide variety of sources to help readers to understand the causes of, and the possible ways to end, the war between Hamas and Israel. Deeply critical exchanges have taken place over the opinions expressed in Mr Carlton’s column, and properly so, as we invite debate over any column we publish.  But the Herald has also fielded a number of accusations of racism over the cartoon.

The Herald deeply regretted the upset the image had caused, but felt – not least because the cartoonist lacked any intent and that actual photographs influenced the setting and physical depiction of the character in the cartoonthat no racial vilification had occurred.

However, this newspaper accepts that this position was too simplistic and ignored the use of religious symbols. The Herald now appreciates that, in using the Star of David and the kippah in the cartoon, the newspaper invoked an inappropriate element of religion, rather than nationhood, and made a serious error of judgment. It was wrong to publish the cartoon in its original form. We apologize unreservedly for this lapse, and the anguish and distress that has been caused. Our commitment remains to reporting in a fair and balanced way on the appalling events in Israel and Gaza, where our correspondent, Ruth Pollard, is currently based, witnessing daily the horrors of war….
(End quote; emphasis supplied).

In other words, God forbid that anyone should reach conclusions about fundamentalist Judaism which reporters, academics and pundits regularly draw about fundamentalist Islam. There is one religion on earth that must not, and indeed, in the old media, cannot be criticized, or exposed for fostering barbarism and racism. It has been said before, but it bears repeating —  find out who you can’t criticize and you will know who it is that rules over you.

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On Jewish Courage And Bravery

Throughout history mankind has seen many barbarian conquerors come and go. The Huns come to mind and the Mongols of Ghengis Khan. As appalling as their brutality was, there is, strange as that may sound, one positive thing that must be said in their defence: they always waged their own wars and battled armies of equal or even superior strength – with ferocity, yes – but also with admirable courage.

Not so the Jew!

“The Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They have now gained control of the most powerful countries … this tiny community has become a world power

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

Almost all of the wars and bloody revolutions of the last two or three centuries were instigated by Jews, for their own benefit, while it was the Gentiles who did the nitty-gritty work of fighting – and the messy dying, of course.

“Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.”

Rabbi Reichom (at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah in 1869)

There you have it! Let us read the key words again:

“Wars are the Jew’s harvest … and the end is not yet!”

The Islamic armies under Saladdin, fighting the invading crusaders, displayed chivalry not seen in their Christian opponents. The Cathars, few in number, bravely battled the combined might of the King of France and the Pope. The White Russian army, loyal to the Tsar, valiantly opposed the Jewish Bolshevik thugs that had murdered the imperial family and were busy murdering the Russian people for no reason other than that they were Christians. Enough said! Scour history and you are bound to come across many more such examples of heroic warriors.

A warrior kills, yes, but he does not do so gratuitously. He is bound to a code of honour: he neither maims nor kills unarmed non-combatants, he does not shoot a fleeing opponent in the back or kill an enemy who has yielded, he does not lure children into range of his gun nor does he shoot a youngster because he throws stones. He does not leave his “calling card” in the form of urine/feces in a civilian’s home and he does not trash belongings.

The members of the IDF do all of these things. Soldiers they may be. Warriors they are not  – not by any stretch of the imagination!!!

The Jew does not fight his own wars if he can help it. Nor is he capable of genuine courage and chivalry. In keeping with his cowardly and psychopathic nature he is ready, at the drop of a hat, to unleash his aggression against weak or helpless foes – as his egregious conduct in Occupied Palestine in general and Gaza in particular amply proves. Whatever you want to call the conflict in Gaza: a war it is not!

He cannot and will not confront anybody who has the will and the means to fight back. He views Iran, for instance, as a threat to his survival – and what does he do about it? He tries to manipulate the West into attacking Iran on his behalf! He only feels strong vis-a-vis Palestinian women and children.

The Yid is either at your throat, strangling you if you are weak, or, if you are strong, he is at your feet, grovelling!

He cowardly uses blind-folded captives as human shields. He deliberately targets women (“They bear our future foes!”) and children (“They throw stones and already are our foes!”). The “brave soldier” of the IDF, the “most moral army in the world”, routinely fires at unarmed fleeing people!

“Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest – the sniper’s wound…Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat.”

(British Medical Journal 10/16/04)

Chris Hedges, one of America’s most respected journalists, wrote in Harper’s magazine (October 2001) that he had been in several war zones, but he had never seen soldiers luring children within range of their guns, then shooting them for sport, until he saw Israeli soldiers doing just that in the Occupied Territories.

This is heroism Israeli style! The soldier who shoots children for sport is not a warrior but a bloody psychopath and so are most Israelis; almost all have been in the army themselves and are most likely in the reserves. Such cowardly acts are never prosecuted and poll after poll shows that consistently more than 90% of Israeli Jews approve of the murderous vicious activities of their government and the IDF.

And then the Jew has the incredible effrontery to blame the victims and to peddle his atrocities as legitimate self-defence.

The moneyed Jewish elite is insane, for sure; the insatiable lust for wealth and power would seem to be their most important driving force. However, the rank and file member of the tribe has no share now – nor has he ever had a share – in the fantastic wealth and power of his rulers and leaders. So, what then makes him tick? What makes him act so viciously?

Jews Are Mentally Sick

Let us not mince words! The Jew is mentally sick! Mr Average Jew really believes, without the slightest doubt, that he is now and has always been the innocent victim of anti-Semites. It never occurs to him to examine his own role in his misfortunes. Cunning he is! Yes! But not intelligent, let alone wise! With very few exceptions he is incapable of introspection and honest self-appraisal.  He never learns anything from his history!

It never occurs to him that it is his anti-Gentilism , his hubris, his contempt for and hatred of everything that is not Jewish, his exploitation of the non-Jew and his obnoxious conduct in almost every area of life, that precedes anti-Semitism and forces non-Jews into defending themselves!

Poisoned by the teachings of his “Holy Books”, the Torah and Talmud, and mind-controlled and zombified by his criminally insane religious and secular leaders, he views absolutely everything he does, no matter how atrocious or cowardly, as fully justified acts of self-defence! Always and everywhere!

Wait a minute!” – you may say – “The Jew is not a coward!”

“Didn’t he make a heroic stand at Massada against the Romans?

“Didn’t he make a heroic stand against the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto?

No! He didn’t and he didn’t! These are just fairy tales he tells himself and his children so that he does not have to face the ugly truth about himself.


About Massada

 Massada – the symbol of Jewish resolve never to yield the Land of Israel to anyone again:

“Massada Shall Not Fall Again”


Massada – the mountain fortress where, two thousand years ago, a remnant of heroic Jewish resistance fighters chose death rather than yield to the Romans besieging them! Or so the Zionist mythmakers would have everybody believe.

In 1995, Professor Nachman Ben-Yehuda, published the book “The Massada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel” which shatters the jingoistic Massada mythology. The Massada myth is based on the writings of Josephus Flavius, a Jewish author of antiquity. He is the main, and in most respects the only, source for the events that allegedly transpired at Massada.

The official version is at odds with the account of Josephus Flavius and with archaeological evidence. Some very relevant facts, no doubt intentionally ignored or glossed over by the Zionist mythmakers, are:

a) The identity and nature of the “rebels” on Massada is not revealed. They were, in fact, Sicarii, a group of thieves and assassins who killed and robbed ….. other Jews! Nice folks, indeed! They are euphemistically described as “defenders of Massada” “fighters of Massada” and, most frequently “zealots”.

b) The Roman siege of Massada was most likely somewhere between six weeks to possibly four months although it is usually described as having “taken years” (between 1 and 3 years). A 3-year long stand against the might of Rome? Wow! That sure sounds a lot more impressive, doesn’t it?

c) Excavations have failed to provide evidence of battles; skirmishes there may have been, but no real battles or sorties as you would expect in a protracted siege.

The conclusion would seem to be inescapable: the Massada “defenders” were not freedom fighters but criminals. They are known to have raided Ein Geddi, a nearby settlement, and to have killed its inhabitants! The siege was not a glorious act of heroism but something far more prosaic: a Roman “police” action against a horde of robbers and murderers!

But never allow the truth to spoil a good story! Zionists wanted to be seen as a new type of Jew. After the establishment of the state of Israel Jews felt the need to present themselves to the world, and above all, to the Palestinians, as a people who were determined to fight and, if necessary, die for “their country”. They needed a few heroic tales to create a new Jewish consciousness and “Blut und Boden” identity and to counteract the traditional image of the Jew as a non-heroic figure. Massada was made to fit the bill. Like the holocaust narrative the Massada narrative is a hoax!


About The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Eli Gat, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and author of the book ‘Not Just Another Holocaust’ published in 2009, states that around 700 armed rebels in the ghetto were responsible for the death of 50,000 Jews - NOT the German soldiers.

Below are some excerpts (all emphases mine – BJW) from the article New Year, New History. Israel: “Warsaw Ghetto a Myth” as found on http://www.roitov.com/index.htm

“Around 50,000 people were left in the ghetto; they were spared death at the time because they were skilled professionals who worked in German factories both inside and outside the ghetto. These people never thought about revolt, they thought about survival”.

Only a small group of young people revolted, whose size and efforts were inflated to mythic proportions in Israel after the state was established in 1948. More importantly, the uprising, which started on April 19, 1943, contradicted the survival strategy of the masses of Jews who remained in the ghetto”.

“The uprising was also inflated by a blurring of the numbers: the number of German casualties, the number of ghetto fighters and the length of the uprising. In the first works after the Holocaust, writers talked about hundreds of Germans killed. But the daily reports sent out by the commander who destroyed the ghetto later came to light. Based on these reports from SS Gen. Jurgen Stroop, which no one questions, 16 Germans were killed in the fighting. After these reports came to light, the original writings on the uprising were filed away and never mentioned”.

A second murky figure is the number of people who took part in the uprising, … Prof. Israel Gutman, who took part in the uprising and wrote a book after doing separate research, put the number at only 350″.

The uprising was certainly real! Were the fighters brave? I do not know and will not guess. One thing I do know, though:  the official story, as touted by Zionists, turns out to be nothing more than another propaganda coup, another exercise in self-aggrandizement, another hoax.

In Conclusion:

Nobody does as brilliant a job of exposing and highlighting the Jew’s psychopathy, his overweening pride, his lies and anti-human activities as the Jew himself does through his conduct.

The Law of Karma (You reap what you sow!) will catch up with him. As sure as God made little green apples, Massada will fall again! Let’s ensure that it will rise no more!



Bibliography On The Massada Myth

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Zerubavel, Yael. 1995. Recovered Roots: Collective Memory And The Making Of Israeli National Tradition, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.


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Zionist Cowards

Reposted from: www.therebel.org

Zionist Cowards Revealed

The cowardly, vile Zionist Jews are revealed for what they are: useless in the battlefield. By no means is the Israeli Army a legitimate force.

Comment by Bernard Weckmann: When I lived in Israel I was forced to serve in the IDF. Since I was already 35 years old at the time I immigrated I was not required to do more than serving in the reserves (miluim). But what I saw of the IDF definitely confirms the above: they are fucking cowards, capable only of picking on the weak and helpless. At the end of my basic training I refused to swear the oath of allegiance. I wanted nothing to do with this army of bullies.



Look at these cowards. Eternally corrupt, they could never win even the most modest battle. Contrast these criminal minds to real bravery and heroism, the bravery of a middle-aged woman risking her life in the line of fire:

Palestinian woman rescues boyPalestinian woman rescues boy

The smoke from the bombs is still in the air; the live fire is continuously coming in. Yet, she risks her life to help this man, helping to move him out of danger. If there are tears to be shed, it is the tears arising from the depths of the heart at the sight of her incredible heroism.

Then, as this woman is so heroic, so brave, so fearless, what, then, about these men?

How can the hedonistic, wretched Zionist Jews, mere bullies, stand up against such a fighting force?

The feeble Zionists can never withstand a pitched battle and are blown away to smithereens.

Hamas fighters kill 5 Israeli troopers in cross-border attack

A few rarely if ever fatal missiles cause these weaklings to cower in fear:

Why don’t they go out and face the enemy, like the Palestinian woman did, instead of hiding, mortified, under picnic tables?

Could anyone be more cowardly, more useless, than these? Look at this cowardly fool. Is it not incredible?


Or, is it all a mere show, to gain sympathy from the world? In either case it is eternally corrupt for a soldier to be caught in such a pose. No wonder they assassinated Gen. Patton. He would have purged their wretched souls from their hide-outs and enclaves. It was Patton that had it right, not Hitler, whom they let live.

Knowing that they were under fire from resistance fighters, what do the Zionists do? They use human shields in the form of blindfolded youths. This never happens with the resistance: never. There is no a single comparative picture in existence showing Palestinian people doing this to their fellows:

In this most current aggression the Zionists have been caught doing the same, which is using ‘captured’ people as shields so they will not be engaged by the resistance.

This arch-Zionist coward is one of the terrorists who was subdued on the Mavi Marmara. Could there be anyone more evidently in fear, more cowardly and useless, as this supposed IDF soldier?

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.43.19 AM

“All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns.” These are the words of Ken O’Keefe, a former US Marine who was just deported from Israel after surviving the Mavi Marmara massacre.

It was the brave ex-Marien O’Keefe who subdued him.

Clearly, then, there is no such thing as a Jewish soldier. They do not have the capacity to fight. A mere street gang with guns, all they can do is attack and destroy people who have no means of defense. Unless they can operate through treachery the Zionists simply do not have the backbone to fight their own battles. By nature Jews are cowards and in his regard completely spineless, as is clearly demonstrated by the photography.

This is what the Jew can do, which is to attack and brutalize women:

Real tough-guys, aren’t they, as the  put strangleholds on women, pull on their hair, and push them to the ground. This is the real nature of the so-called Israeli Army. Too,. they do known how to rape the women of Palestine while also attacking pregnant women, even cutting open their wombs and murdering their fetuses.

The Jew cowards come in all forms and ages, like this little skull-capped Jewish bully boy and the filthy arch-Zionist woman.



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What Is Good For The Goose … !

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The Book that the Jews Fear By Arthur Topham



The Book that the Jews Fear
By Arthur Topham

May 27, 2011

Author’s Preface:

What is contained herein is but a synopsis and partial review of the verbatim text of an actual book first published in the USA back in early 1941 when America was still a neutral country. That book, Germany Must Perish! was written by a Jewish writer by the name of Theodore N. Kaufman. Its exact proposals are those contained herein.

It is assumed that the reader will already be fully cognizant of the Zionist agenda for global governance that is a given in today’s political reality, especially within the alternative media and on the Internet where Zionist “hate” laws are still not fully in place to restrict the natural flow of ideas and opinions that proceed from historical research and experience.

In 1941 Kaufman’s book was a brilliant piece of Zionist Jew propaganda designed to stir up anti-German hatred in America. Some say that it formed the basis of the infamous “Morgenthau Plan” that was later signed in Quebec, Canada by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill; one designed to dismember Germany after its defeat and reduce it to the status of “a goat pasture.” It was, and probably remains to this day, the foremost example of hate literature ever to have been published and dispensed to the general public.

As the reader will surmise from viewing the image of the back page of Kaufman’s book some of America’s most prestigious newspapers and magazines were in full support of the objectives set down in this classic book of Jewish hate literature. Again, the reader is cautioned to bear in mind that I have changed the word “Nazi” to “Jew” in the quote from the Philadelphia Record as I have changed all the other words “German” and “Nazi” to “Jew” and “Zionist,” etc.

The striking thing about the vileness of the text is how, today, it seems to roll off the mind’s tongue as if it were as truthful and factual as the rising sun. As such I firmly believe that all of what the Zionist Jews write about others is actually but a reflection of their own inner, perverse, dislocated self. By projecting outward on to others their innate paranoid and deep-seated hatred for the rest of the world they’re able to meet the requirements of the Israeli state’s motto which reads, “By Way of Deception Though Shalt Cause War” and feel a sense of superiority and self-righteousness in doing so.

I would humbly ask the reader to be aware of these features as they read both the text and the context in which it was first written. I have, as the saying goes, only changed the names to protect the innocent. As for any further extrapolation I will leave that up to the reader.


ISRAEL MUST PERISH! The Book that the Jews Fear By Roy Arthur Topham

Beginning with the Table of Contents page Topham makes this dramatic initial statement:

“This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the Jewish nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people.”

How do you like those apples so far? Talk about cutting to the chase!

from Chapter One: About This Book

“Today’s wars are not wars against Netanyahu.

Nor are they wars against the Zionists…

Netanyahu is no more to be blamed for these Israeli wars than was Sharon for the last one. Nor Begin before. These men did not originate or wage Israel’s wars against the world. They were merely the mirrors reflecting centuries-old inbred lust of the Jewish nation for conquest and mass murder.

These wars are being waged by the Jewish people. It is they who are responsible. It is they who must be made to pay for the wars.

…This time Israel has forced a TOTAL WAR upon the world.

As a result, she must be prepared to pay a TOTAL PENALTY.

And there is one, and only one, such Total Penalty:

Israel must perish forever!

In fact – not in fancy!”


“For quite patently, to fight once more in democratic defense against Israel with any goal in view save that country’s extinction constitutes, even though it lose the war, a Jewish victory. To fight, to win, and not this time to end Jewish Zionism forever by exterminating completely those people who spread its doctrine is to herald the outbreak of another Jewish war within a generation.”

When this day of reckoning with Israel comes, as come it will, there will be only one obvious answer. No statesman or politician or leader responsible for post-war settlements will have the right to indulge in the personal luxury of false sentiment and specious sanctimony and declare that Israel, misled by her leaders, shall deserve the right of resurrection!

… the beast that is Israel shall never roam the earth again!

It is a definite obligation which the world owes to those who struggled and died against the Jews…to make certain that the vicious fangs of the Jewish serpent shall never strike again. And since the venom of those fangs derives its fatal poison not from within the body, but from the war-soul of the Jews, nothing else would assure humanity safety and security but that that war-soul be forever expunged, and the diseased carcass which harbors it be forever removed from this world. There is no longer any alternative:

Israel Must Perish!

… And so it is with the people of Israel. They may respond for a while to civilizing forces; they may seemingly adopt the superficial mannerisms and exterior behaviorisms of civilized peoples but all the while there remains ever present within them that war-soul which eventually drives them, as it drives the tiger, to kill. And no amount of conditioning, or reasoning, or civilizing – past, present or future – will ever be able to change this basic nature. For if no impress has been made upon this war-soul over the period of some two thousand years is it to be expected that of a sudden, on the morrow, this miracle will occur?

This analogous linking of the people of Israel with a savage beast is no vulgar comparison. I feel no more personal hatred for these people than I might feel for a herd of wild animals or a cluster of poisonous reptiles. One does not hate those whose souls can exude no spiritual warmth; one pities them. If the Jewish people wish to live by themselves, in darkness, it would be strictly their own affair. But when they make constant attempts to enshroud the souls of other people in those fetid wrappings which cloak their own, it becomes time to remove them from the realm of civilized mankind among which they can have no place or right to existence.

We need not condemn the Jews. They stand self-condemned. For it suffices us to read and hear those words written and spoken only by Jews; to observe deeds performed solely by Jews; to endure sufferings and dislocations caused solely by the Jewish people in pursuit of their megalomaniacal ideals and daemonic aspirations to realize that it is the Jews themselves who decree, almost demand, their ostracism from their fellow man. They have lost the wish to be human beings. They are but beasts; they must be dealt with as such.

This is an objective viewpoint, carefully considered and factually sustained. It is the viewpoint taken of them in this book.

War must be fought … with penalties infinitely more frightful and hazardous than war itself.

This book sincerely believes that it has found such a penalty; and by its imposition upon the people of Israel, this book believes that not only would a great scourge be removed from the world, but a great good born to it.”

from Chapter Two: Background of Jewish Zionism

“Jews are an execrable people! They think and dream of nothing but chicanery. Their great joy consists in fault-finding, shrieking and threats. They brandish arms which are like barbed clubs; from their mouths instead of ordinary human speech, issue the rumbling of artillery and the clash of steel; their life is one of perpetual explosion. The Jew does not live on the heights; he avoids light, and from his hiding place he picks to pieces treaties, exercises his malign influence on newspaper articles, pores over maps, measures angles, and traces with gloating eagerness the lines of frontiers. To love their country is for them to despise, flout and insult every other country. They are capable of little else but cheating and lying, even to themselves. They meddle in everyone else’s affairs, poking their nose into matters that do not concern them, criticizing everything, bossing everything, lowering and distorting everything. What a pity that twenty-three centuries after Socrates and Plato, two thousand years after Christ, the voice of men like these should still be heard in the world, worse still that they should be listened to, and worst of all that any one should believe them! Country for them is an isolated organism and they admit it is possible for them to live and breathe in an atmosphere of haughty contempt for their neighbors. They conceive their country as a permanent element of dissolution like a devouring and insatiable monster, a beast of prey, whose one function is to plunder. All that it does not possess it has been robbed of. The universe belongs to it by right. Whoever attempts to escape from its tyranny is a rebel. This jingo country, this bloodthirsty fetish of which they are the champions, they endow, with the capriciousness of potentates, when it suits their purpose, with every marvelous and charming attribute. Whoever does not at once agree with their extravagances is a barbarian. You must love their country in full armor, with dervish-like celebrations and howls, eyes shut and body trembling with ecstasy; a deaf ear must be turned to the rest of the world on its failings. Everything that is not Jewish must be hated. Hate is sacred. Love and hate are in connection with your country two terms proceeding from one condition of mind. For them Industrial progress is not a happy sign of national prosperity but a means of domination. Geography is not the science of the earth, but a mere revelation of the boundaries between which are elaborated strategical schemes of conquest. Every neighbor is of necessity a jealous one, and the enemy who is vigilant is jealous too. The world is populated by hyenas crouching on the plots of earth from which they ought to be dislodged.

The Jew has decided that his race has been elected by God to order the modern world. Anyone who resists him will be an arrogant usurper, who ought to be crushed. The Jew professes to want peace, but it must be his own sort of peace, after the pattern of the Persian satrap’s who, out of love for peace and concord, throws everyone to the lions who dares dispute him. His voice is raucous and resounding; he does not argue but makes sweeping assertions and lays down the law. At the first sign of resistance he grows crimson in the face, and has recourse to thunder and lightning. He holds forth on the authority of a sacred categorical imperative which stands in the stead of truth and order; he respects nothing and no one. Should he find himself confronted by the law, he says that it needs reforming. Ministers are mere clerks to be used as pawns in his maneuvering. He is exacting and cantankerous; whoever undertakes to shout with him never shouts loud enough. To give in to him means becoming enlisted as his civil agent. He is an agitator and swashbuckler. He dips his pen in gall and he sets in motion with his antics the marionettes which appeal to the nation and may come to conquer it. The fundamental superiority of the Jewish race, the necessity of expanding Jewish prestige in all quarters of the globe, of protecting the Jew wherever he may be found, no matter what he may be, because he bears within him a residuum of the race; that is what the educators of youth coming down the years in disciplined array like battalions crossing the maneuver fields, have never ceased to drum into the popular understanding and the flame of victory rising to the sky will be the signal for it to boil over.

…Time cannot change the infernal breed, whatever its label. Time merely enlarges the field in which the Jew can, with ever-increasing intensity and thoroughness, practice those monstrous acts which his fevered, war-intoxicated brain dictates, and his vile instincts and barbaric, savage soul prompts. If today the urge of his war-soul can prompt the Jew to murder innocent hostages imagine, if you can, how that same soul will express itself through the thousandfold-more-fanatic Jew of tomorrow?

…Make no mistake about it; world-dominion is not a mirage to the Jew; it never was, and so long as Israel exists as a nation, it never will be. A belief to the contrary, if too-long sustained, may well result in the world’s enslavement by the Jew.

As fantastic and as cyclonic as Zionist “accomplishments” might seem, it is still more fantastic to note as a fact that in the entire annals of history no doctrine ever existed which has all its major beliefs so clearly defined, its methods so concisely detailed, and its aims so vividly, comprehensively, and boldly stated beforehand. It is in every respect a deliberate, ruthlessly calculated plot to rule the world or, failing that, to annihilate it! And so long as the Jewish nation exists it intends, in one form or another, now or later, to bring about just such a catastrophe.

…The poisonous wine of destruction has long before been distilled; Netanyahu is merely the agent decanting the poisonous fluid from its bottle, which is the Jewish war-soul, into the jug that is world humanity. In detailing those ingredients which combine to constitute the toxic formula of Jewish Zionism the author shall quote, wherever confirmation of his statements may be deemed advisable, principally from Jewish sources. For after all no one can explain the Jew so well as he himself. He has made no secret of his character, his ambitions and his intentions. By his acts he has himself bared his heart and soul; by his words, by his own hand he will someday come to dig his own grave.

It is not to be wondered at that the nations of the Western world regard the avowed program of the Zionist Jew for world conquest and dominion with a great deal of amazement and incredulity. For such an idea is entirely alien to those basic principles and instincts of the western civilization which, painfully and gradually, arose out of the chaos of the past thousands of years. Such civilized nations regard individual rights, the sacredness of human life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the virtues of mankind and itself, the individual States, as guarantor of those rights. And though, at one time or another during their existence nations may have sought political and economic adjustments, even territorial aggrandizement through force of arms, it must be noted that no Western nation has ever made such a religion of war, such idolatry of armaments, and such a cult of mass murder and destruction as has Israel and her peoples.

According to her own writers, teachers and statesmen Israel has but one great reason for existing; that of achieving world-dominion! Since that is its highest aim, therefore, Israel constantly claims that it has every right to make free and liberal use of chicanery, deceit, intolerance, lust, persecution and oppression, in order to achieve that goal. Consequently such a perverted nation, such a State of human negation, views its vice as being the only true virtue in life, whereas to the Jews the virtues as they are known and may be practiced by the rest of the world are merely vices due to the latter’s decay and degeneration! As though there exists anywhere in the world a nation which can boast of degeneration in the same degree as Israel!

The primary reason which stirs Jewish lust for world dominion was best summarized by a Jewish professor who declared that since Israel will never be able to understand the world, the latter must be conquered and reformed so that it will be able to conform to Jewish thought!

It is just such mass megalomania, crass egoism and intellectual aberrancy which stirred the demented brain of the Jew of yesterday to foment his wars; which animates the insane Zionist today in continuing those wars and which will, if the schizophrenic Ashkenazim continue to exist, direct the policies and actions of any party in control of Israel in the future. For, to reiterate, the Jewish idea of world-dominion and enslavement of its peoples is no political belief: it is a fierce and burning gospel of hate and intolerance, of murder and destruction and the unloosing of a sadistic blood lust. It is, in every literal sense, a savage and pagan religion which incites its worshippers first to a barbaric frenzy and then prompts them to vent their animal ferocity in the practice of every horrible, ruthless and unmentionable atrocity upon innocent men, women and children. Such are the true Jewish virtues! And the world will feel their sting so long as they continue to tolerate Israel and her peoples on the earth, for those Jewish traits are the same as those which, emanating from the Jewish soul, animated the Jewish tribes of yore. We have but to examine the development of those tribes to perceive just to what extent within the Jewish soul, the Jewish ideal of world conquest and dominion really lies.

… Such is the ” Chosen Master-Race” of the world!

from Chapter 3. Organized Jewish Zionism

…Zionism — the theory of a master race of Jews destined to enslave a weak world by force and brutality — had been an unvoiced doctrine of Jewish belief since tribal days until the latter part of the last century when it reached its maturity by becoming fashioned into a vast and well-organized movement [World Zionist Organization. A.T.]. Its astounding and ambitious program amalgamated all the major doctrines and beliefs of such Jewish teachers, writers, statesmen and philosophers as Rabbi Yehudah Akalai, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer, Moses Hess, Eliezer Ben-Yehudah, Moshe Leib Lilienblum, Leo Pinsker, Theodor Herzl, Max Nordau, Ahad Ha-am aka Asher Zvi Ginsberg, Hayyim Nahman Bialik, Jacob Klatzkin, Nahman Syrkin, Rabbi Samuel Mohilever, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Martin Buber, Bernard Lazare, Solomon Schecter, Nahum Sokolow, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Mordecai Menahem Kaplan, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Chaim Weizmann and David Ben-Gurion. And because the doctrine which it preached touched upon the very roots of the Jewish soul, and embraced the fundamental tenets of the Jewish intellect, the movement met with immediate and tremendously popular response. In fact its program was so popular with the Jews that within ten years after its inception its malignant dogma was already spread throughout the entire world.

…The World Zionist Organization combined various doctrines into a program of action and issued, among its statutes, four main principles which lay down broadly its chief objectives. They were:

1. To watch over and support all Jewish national movements in all countries where Jews have to sustain a struggle in support of Zionism with the object of embracing and uniting all Jews on the globe.

2. To promote an active Jewish policy in interests in Europe and across the seas and especially to further all colonial movements for practical purposes.

3. To treat and solve all questions bearing upon the bringing up of children and higher education in the Jewish sense.

4. To quicken patriotic self-consciousness of Jews, and to offer opposition to all movements antagonistic to Israeli national development.

…Branches of the World Zionist Organization (now working covertly under the name B’nai Brith International) sprang up in major cities of the world…. With the spread of its propaganda, B’nai Brith International Israel’s Mossad scattered a large number of secret agents throughout the world for the purpose of supplying it with confidential reports relating to the gospel of Zionism. These agents were the forerunners of the present day fifth-columnists [working within the Zionist media and on the Internet. A.T.]; it was their work which started the compilation of the notorious Jewish “scrap-book” in which the Israeli government listed all its enemies, and enemies to the idea of a Jewish-dominated world. To a nation such as Israel blackmail pales in insignificance to its other crimes. And so, with every passing hour, the members of B’nai Brith International continued with their nefarious work which, teaching and enforcing the great common Zionist Jew ideal of world-enslavement, quickly became an integral part of the average Jew’s life and dreams…. The vicious virus of Zionism had been injected into the life stream of the public, and the Jews awaited the epidemic which they felt must sooner or later infest the world.

As a matter of fact, the work and program as well as the propaganda which they spread had reached such a pitch that as far back as 1897 various Jewish writers were already busy prophesying how and when the ideological goal of Zionist world-dominion would be attained! These prophets were by no means few in number; there exists a large number of serious works by Jewish authors in which the destiny of Israel is elaborately worked out in full detail and the deification of Zionism and the Holocaust Myth as a world religion depicted.

from Chapter 4. Jewish Zionism Abroad

…The task of spreading the heathenish cult of Zionism in foreign lands was delegated to the World Zionist Organization, an organization maintained by the Rothschilds and B’nai Brith International. Beginning its operations in 1897 that association was the first to prepare the ground and develop and test the tactics which are being used today by all Zionist Jew fifth-columnists.

…True Zionism, being as it is a purely primitive paganism with some modern “refinements” finds that it can express itself best by committing truly barbaric and bestial acts of violence against innocent civilized peoples [such as the Palestinians. A.T.] Thus, if Zionism were ever to prevail upon this earth, we can be sure that every step would be taken — though few indeed are these steps which the Jews have not already taken! — to reawaken every dormant animal instinct and vicious trait in man.

Thus it has been a chief aim of the Jew to eradicate each and every one of the three principal religions from the earth. However, the Jew was practical enough to realize that he could not successfully combat all these religions at one time with any hope of emerging supreme. But since their extinction was absolutely necessary to the propagation of the Zionist dogma of hate and destruction, the Jews conceived their now infamous and oft-tried trick of pitting first the believers in one religion against those of another until, at a single coup, they could deliver the final knock-out blow against the single remaining adversary.

…Zionism was born ages ago, its growth has been proceeding for centuries, and it has now reached an advanced stage of flowering. Netanyahu is but a bud indicative of what kind of “flower” when it comes to full bloom, the world may expect to see!

Because she made no effort thousands of years ago, to become civilized as did her neighbors, Israel today is an outsider among all civilized nations. The processes which it has taken other nations thousands of years to absorb, cannot be suddenly absorbed by Israel overnight. Consequently, the continued existence of Israel among them becomes increasingly inimical to the best interests of civilized nations.

The deliberate and perverse distortions of what should have been a sane and normal course of development — as in other nations — now gives to Israel and her people a capacity unexcelled by any other peoples on earth, for fostering and propagating every indecent and inhuman precept of life. And as she seeks to distribute her own poisonous brew she has herself become so intoxicated by its ingredients that she can no longer escape the ever-constant desire, the urgent compulsion and the burning lust which it incites in her to extinguish any and all signs of good which she sees developed or practiced in other lands. Thus in self-justification Israel would excuse her own unnatural and perverse life by polluting others with her malignant infection. Israel is now well beyond all saving. The world had best look to its own preservation and welfare, lest some of those Jewish poisons run through her system also and come to destroy it!

With each succeeding world war which she plans, plots and starts Zionism comes ever closer and closer to her goal of world-dominion. At the present time Netanyahu, who has merely striven to remedy mistakes which previous Jewish leaders made in attempts at world-subjection, may bring the Jewish people very close to realizing their goal. And Netanyahu is not the last of the Jewish leaders!

How much misery, suffering, death and destruction are needed before it becomes apparent to the world that any compromise with Zionism will, of itself, be a certain guarantee that soon thereafter, Israel must again embark upon her unholy crusade to dominate it. How many more chances will be vouchsafed it to beat back Zionism? Suppose there comes a time when Israel can not be halted? Dare we risk waiting? One never knows the exact hour one is scheduled to die; can we, with any more certitude and assurance tell which opportunity shall be our last? It may well be that this is our last chance. Suppose we pass it by; look ahead. Next time, the so-called elder generation of Israel will be the Mossad-trained youth of today, and this elder generation, now mothers and fathers, will already have instilled and encouraged their children with the idea of world-dominion. Thus the next Israeli leader may come to lead a nation of born fanatics! As a consequence of this there may come to be welded a machine so gigantic in proportions, so overwhelming in destructive power, that it may well overcome every possible obstacle in its path. For assuredly the Israeli youth of the next generation — today schooled in Talmudic Zionist schools — will find a leader, as past generations of Jewish youth have always found a leader, to incarnate and personify the body and soul of that nation and dominate its collective Will.

A leader who will feed that Israeli body and soul the only food upon which it can subsist: War!

from Chapter 6. A Middle Road?

…With Zionism shown thus to be the very soul of conquest and world-dominion, may we not then pose this question: Is it possible for the world, in any manner, to find some compromise that will allow both it and Israel to exist side by side in peace and justice? In concrete terms, were peace declared tomorrow to Israel’s apparent satisfaction, could this nation born and bred on blood, be expected to be appeased for more than the immediate future?

We should like to hope so; but the history of that nation cuts the hope out of our heart.

…What then of a democratic Israel?

Democracy for a people who believe only in superiority, not equality?

…Israel already has given us her answer:

“Israel does not want a share of anything. She wants, she demands, all or nothing.

…A final solution: Let Israel be policed forever by an international armed force?

Even if such a huge undertaking were feasible life itself would not have it so. As war begets war, suppression begets rebellion. Undreamed horrors would unfold.

Thus we find that there is no middle course; no act of mediation, no compromise to be compounded, no political or economic sharing to be considered. There is, in fine, no other solution except one: That Israel must perish forever from this earth!

And, fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.

from 7. Death to Israel

…When an Individual commits premeditated murder, he must be prepared to forfeit his own life in consequence. When a nation commits premeditated murder upon its fellow nations, it must be prepared to forfeit its own national life.

On that point the laws of man and God are explicit:

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life.”

But what is the law of man or God to Israel? Nothing.

She recognizes only Jewish law; so be it.

It must then be Jewish law, if such a law there be, which decrees her penalty — the penalty of death.

And there is such a Jewish law which decrees that death to her:

As in all human affairs, there must also be in every system of punishment a last limit, a ne plus ultra that no punishment can overstep. Thus even from the point of view of pure theory the necessity of the depth-penalty is postulated; it is, as the ultimate punishment on earth, the indispensable keystone of every ordered system of criminal law. No apparent reasons which are alleged against it can withstand any serious criticism. The State, which has the right to sacrifice for its own protection the flower of its youth, is to feel so nice a regard for the life of a murderer? We much rather allow to the State the right to make away with men who are undoubtedly injurious to the common weal. That the powers that be must bear the sword is an expression which runs deep in the blood of the honest man; if this truth is to be banished out of the world, great wrong is done to the simple moral feeling of the people. The ultimate problems of the moral life are to be solved in the domain of the practical, not of the theoretical, reason. The conscience of every earnest man demands that blood be atoned by blood, and the common man must simply grow doubtful of the existence of justice on earth, of this last and highest punishment is not inflicted. The State makes itself ridiculous and contemptible if it cannot finally dispose of a criminal. There must be a limit for mercy and indulgence, as for the law, a last limit at which the State says: “This is the end, humanity is not longer possible here.” It must be possible to inflict at last a punishment beyond which there is nothing, and that is the punishment of death.

Let Jewish Will be done!

There remains now but to determine the best way, the most practical and expeditious manner in which the ultimate penalty must be levied upon the Israeli nation. Quite naturally, massacre and wholesale execution must be ruled out. In addition to being impractical when applied to a population of some five million, such methods are inconsistent with the moral obligations and ethical practices of civilization. There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forces of Zionism — and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Israel from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal.

Sterilization is not to be confused with castration. It is a safe and simple operation, quite harmless and painless, neither mutilating nor unsexing the patient. Its effects are most often less distressing than vaccination and not more serious than a tooth extraction. Too, the operation is extremely rapid requiring no more than ten minutes to complete. The patient may resume his work immediately afterwards. Even in the case of the female the operation, though taking longer to perform, is as safe and simple. Performed thousands of times, no records indicate cases of complication or death. When one realizes that such health measures as vaccination and serum treatments are considered as direct benefits to the community, certainly sterilization of the Jewish people cannot but be considered a great health measure promoted by humanity to immunize itself forever against the virus of Zionism.

…Concerning the males subject to sterilization the army groups, as organized units, would be the easiest and quickest to deal with. Taking 2,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization. Naturally the more doctors available, and many more than the 2,000 we mention would be available considering all the nations to be drawn upon, the less time would be required. The balance of the male civilian population of Israel could be treated within three months. Inasmuch as sterilization of women needs somewhat more time, it may be computed that the entire female population of Israel could be sterilized within a period of a year or less. Complete sterilization of both sexes, and not only one, is to be considered necessary in view of the present Jewish doctrine that so much as one drop of true Jewish blood constitutes a Jew.

Of course, after complete sterilization, there will cease to be a birth rate in Israel. At the normal death rate of 2 per cent per annum, Jewish life will diminish considerably. Accordingly in the span of two generations that which cost millions of lives and centuries of useless effort, namely, the elimination of Zionism and its carriers, will have been an accomplished fact. By virtue of its loss of self-perpetuation Israel will have atrophied and Jewish power reduced to negligible importance.

Reviewing the foregoing case of sterilization we find that several factors resulting from it firmly establish its advocacy.

Firstly, no physical pain will be imposed upon the inhabitants of Israel through its application, a decidedly more humane treatment than they will have deserved.

Secondly, execution of the plan would in no way disorganize the present population nor would it cause any sudden mass upheavals and dislocations. The consequent gradual disappearance of the Jews from Arab territory will leave no more negative effect upon that continent than did the gradual disappearance of the Indians upon this.

…A detailed program of the manner in which the outraged victims of the Zionism onslaught might make certain that Israel leave no gap might be put hypothetically:

Israel has lost its war. She sues for peace. The imperative demands of the victor people that Israel must perish forever makes it obligatory for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Jews as the best means of wiping them out permanently. They proceed to:

1.  Immediately and completely disarm the Israeli army and have all armaments removed from Israeli territory.

2.  Place all Israeli utility and heavy industrial plants under heavy guard, and replace Jewish workers by those of Allied nationality.

3.  Segregate the Israeli army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them.

4.  Organize the civilian population, both male and female, within territorial sectors, and effect their sterilization.

5.  Divide the Israeli army (after its sterilization has been completed) into labor battalions, and allocate their services toward the rebuilding of those cities which they ruined.

6.  Partition Israel and apportion its lands to the existing Arab population.

7.  Restrict all Jewish civilian travel beyond established borders until all sterilization has been completed.

8.  Compel the Jewish population of the apportioned territories to learn the language of its area, and within one year to cease the publication of all books, newspapers and notices in the Hebrew language, as well as to restrict Hebrew-language broadcasts and discontinue the maintenance of Hebrew-language schools.

9. Make one exception to an otherwise severely strict enforcement of total sterilization, by exempting from such treatment only those Jews whose relatives, being citizens of various victor nations, assume financial responsibility for their actions. Thus, into an oblivion which she would have visited upon the world, exits Israel.

from 8. ‘Lest We Forget …’

Perhaps in the Future …

United States has entered the war. The struggle is long and bitter but at last the Allies forge ahead. Their armies surround Israel.

Israel realizes that she has lost. She does not want invasions. She fears the vengeance long overdue her. So she sues for peace. Comes the Armistice!

And immediately thereafter, as once before, Israel finds that the words “Humanity” — which she has debased; “Justice” — which she has distorted; and “God” whom she has profaned, have an irresistible sales appeal to Allied Statesmen.

Israel puts her Zionist propaganda machine to work.

Soon men in the victor nations are urging:

“Peace with Honor!” — “Justice without Rancor!” — “God and Mercy!”, and all those other weak, sticky phrases which befuddle the weary minds and exhausted emotions of the long-suffering people of the war-decimated democracies.

Forgotten in the sudden lush of a peace that is no peace, are all the brave sons who were sacrificed to the monster Israhell: forgotten is the plight of the countries whose resources were drained, and whose energies were sapped in stemming the Talmudic onslaught. Forgotten, too, is the duty owed to generations yet to be born.

Yes: all forgotten because the Allies cannot resist such an appeal. And so, even though a hundred years and a hundred instances have shown the hypocrisy of a Jewish promise, the Allies fall once again its victim.

They forget that the struggle they waged was not a sport’s contest: that their adversary was a beast, not a human being! And so, filled to overflowing with the infectious germ of sentiment, they stretch out their hand to their fallen opponent and help him arise. They pat him on the back with a hearty “No hard feelings, old man!” and, happy that the war is now over and done with, return to their homes.

Believing, sincerely, that Jewish war will not come again.

Believing that somehow, in some inexplicable manner, Israel has accepted Christ.

A decade passes. A decade of hard work and many sacrifices.

A decade of much sweat and little pleasure.

But the democratic peoples do not mind. They are building a better world for their children.

So they think.

Meanwhile Israel grows strong and robust.

Her army is larger and more powerful than ever before; she has developed new weapons whose frightfulness surpass all imagination. She had found a new leader. And her war-souled people are bent once again upon conquering the world. Once more the earth trembles beneath the depleted uranium missiles of the Jewish defense forces.

Like a cobra Israel is poised:

She strikes!

The people of the civilized nations are stunned.

They exclaim, “But it cannot be again!”

But it is.

And this time it is Too Late!

For Israel wins. She is master of the world.

…and so a thousand years of peace was sold to the Devil for a moment’s respite! And only because men tried to placate the body, instead of expunging forever the bestial war-soul, of the Jew!

The sun now shivers as it rises upon a Dark world.

For slaves to the Jews are children once free.

Civilization is no more. Perversity is raged rampant.

Even the moon shudders as it wanes in a frightening chill.

This is, finally the, “New World Order!”

Shall it be so?

Our choice lies still before us:

False sentiment or courageous decision –

Which shall it be?

The End

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Treat Jews Equally


In the exact same way they treat the Palestinians and everyone else

The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals. The time has come for all the non Jewish people of the world to respond to Jews’ barbaric and psychopathological behavior in kind, that is to say, to treat Jews the same way Jews treat everyone else — with ruthless efficiency, to terminate them all where they stand with extreme prejudice, which is the same way Jews treat the rest of the world.

To put it in a simpler way, the Jewish holy book, called the Talmud, insists Jews may kill non Jews with no penalty, which they do by the thousands every single day. It’s time to reverse this directive, and eliminate all penalties for the killing of Jews by non Jews. Only in this way can the world escape the tyranny of a prison planet ruled by the Jews.

This harsh realization only reflects what is happening in the real world, as Jews, through their demented control of money, media and politics throughout the world, are basically in the process of strangling the life out of all those who are not Jewish. Jews have already gained control of all the world’s governments, educational institutions, public media, medical facilities, police agencies and military forces. Only a concerted effort by all those who are not Jews to eliminate Jews from the planet will prevent human civilization from being turned into a giant prison camp, which today it practically already is, thanks to the Department of Homeland Security and other totalitarian agencies run by Jews for Jews.

This extremely necessary practice applies not only to Jews themselves but also to those non Jews who aid Jews in their homicidal mania, and applies particularly to United States officials who through bribery and coercion assist the Jews in their destruction of existing governmental structures and the elimination of freedom and self determination for each and every person on this planet.

The current massacres of innocent people in Gaza, the false flag operations in Ukraine that have left the world teetering on the brink of World War 3, the unleashing of diseased undocumented aliens throughout the United States, and the deliberate release of the Ebola virus throughout the world prove beyond doubt that the Jews have declared themselves to be criminal pariahs on every level and in all circumstances who need to be prevented from every activity they undertake because of the clear and present danger and profound harm they cause to all the non Jews of the world.

The fact that through their control of media and creation of demented, insanity producing entertainment that has infected the entire population with a variety of self-destructive behaviors proves that Jews cannot be talked out of their harmful strategies, and their warped viewpoints and subtle techniques have shown beyond doubt that they cannot be reasoned with from the perspective of any kind of perception of compassionate human understanding.

Just ask the dead children of Gaza and their grieving parents if they would agree with this, and then ask members of the U.S. Congress who have near-unanimously approved of the Jewish mass murder of innocent Palestinians how they would like to be executed for voting the way they did.

Israel has outkilled Hamas 1410 to 59 in its latest invasion, according to the Huffington Post, all because of three Israeli teenagers who were probably killed by an Israeli to precipitate this latest slaughter. And every elected official in America applauds this kind of mass murder in order to keep their corrupt jobs.

The ruse that Hamas has antagonized Israel with its harmless firecracker missiles is just more evidence that it is a group created by Israel and still controlled by Israel for the purpose of providing a continuing excuse for the barbarian Israeli Jews to continue their extermination of the powerless and trapped Palestinians.

The fact that Jews entirely control the law enforcement apparatuses of most countries makes the undertaking of trying to eliminate them from the human equation an extremely hazardous task, and yet, failure to do so will result — and in fact has resulted — in the mental, social, political and physical castration of anyone who fails to see the effect Jewish pathological behaviors have inflicted upon the world.

False sciences, poison medicines, corrupt politicians, bogus economic strategies and deliberately perverse entertainment perverting our youth and poisoning our babies are just a few of the sadistic legacies warped Jews used to poison the minds of people everywhere.

The fact that Jews have totally captured all the major political structures of the United States through their time-tested formula of bribery, blackmail and murder means that all Americans who do not oppose this sabotage of Constitutional protections by the Jewish undermining of the U.S. government are now themselves liable to the same penalties that are certain to accrue to the Jews once the world figures out what they have done to take control of, plunder and enslave every country and every person on this planet.

Failure to follow this course of action will result in the loss of all your property, your freedom and your life in the very near future, much sooner than you can possibly imagine.

The fact that you have waited this long to take action against a concerted force that has plotted against your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors for hundreds of years means that the odds of your regaining the free society you always hoped to live in are very long indeed.

But the alternative choice of doing nothing and letting the present growing tyranny take its course means that you have no future at all, only a denatured and impotent passing of days in which you will have absolutely no say at all about how you will live your life, and no right to protest how short that remaining life will likely be.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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